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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “FullOfGrace,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
8vBYFoG Love Letter In The ElementsAdult (f)7935444
OIwgFoG Elemental Season Of LoveAdult (m)2,51123919
Zbl7FoG Elemental Love Potion NineAdult (f)2,2841,19615
6FkNFoG Tainted Love In The ElementsAdult (m)7484575
IXxWFoG Elemental Spring Into LoveAdult (f)2,14033217
khDO(khDO)Adult (m)4,7713858
S59cFoG Element Of Springtime LoveAdult (f)9914388
HSXCOFoG Flowering FullCircle ElementAdult (m)1,3035351
Bg1YMFoG 5E Full Circle SpringsAdult (f)1,4006423
ho5SbFoG Libra's Seasoned ElementAdult (m)1,5123533
f2ch2FoG 5E Gratiae's Seasoned LibraAdult (f)1,8943784
QELBFoG Elemental Summer of '69Adult (m)1,1384104
9foJFoG Element Of Summertime BluesAdult (f)5,2811,14037
hdheFoG Element Of The Big EasyAdult (m)3,3982599
7QHlFoG Sunsational Zydeco ElementAdult (m)1,3446127
HUx3FoG Midsummer Night's ElementalAdult (f)1,0204273
gKHIFoG Elemental Carnival Of SummerAdult (m)2,6713589
LZadFoG Element Of Indian SummersAdult (f)2,63332210
ASFhFoG Elemental Taste Of SummerAdult (m)3,5232977
G2u3FoG Pool Party In The ElementsAdult (f)2,7831,10711
djYRFoG Element Of A Cruel SummerAdult (f)1,6823313
0qOtFoG Summer Lovin' ElementAdult (m)2,9341975
ahtlFoG Good Day Sunshine ElementalAdult (f)1,4023648
lqRSFoG Elemental Popsicle ManAdult (m)2,7232455
DATg(DATg)Adult (f)2,9122164
83LcFoG Elemental Dog Days Of SummerAdult (m)1,5653895
NiOBFoG Elemental Heart Of AcadianaAdult (f)2,2732904
PpZXFoG Element Of A Fallen LibraAdult (m)3,4113095
PChuFoG Pikachu's ElementAdult (m)3,1522316
X1HiFoG Element Of Sleeping SingleAdult (f)1,7736786
UAhqFoG Elemental Autumn LeavesAdult (m)2,3523187
oRUHFoG Autumn Breeze In Her ElementAdult (f)2,3644019
mbvhFoG Element Of An Autumn HarvestAdult (m)2,72130915
4tobFoG Dakota Autumn ElementalAdult (f)2,5514129
2SBbFoG Amber Waves In The ElementsAdult (m)3,6682574
Np54FoG Elemental Fields Of GoldAdult (f)3,1532216
NgkoFoG Forever Autumn ElementalAdult (m)2,8962576
sJL1(sJL1)Adult (f)3,0433901
EXRNFoG October's Libra ElementAdult (f)3,3623035
G9NtFoG What Color Is Your ElementAdult (f)5,0973877
2CHVQ(2CHVQ)Adult (f)2,5033675
8n4CFoG Element Of An Autumn LibraAdult (m)4,3404677
DUU6n(DUU6n)Adult (m)1,6897592
YzDpM(YzDpM)Adult (m)4,1191,29423
FGMdV(FGMdV)Adult (m)3,3111,0961
cIg3M(cIg3M)Adult (f)1,7918001
1goFc(1goFc)Adult (f)1,8677891
GOgtv(GOgtv)Adult (m)4,7647893
3Aqop(3Aqop)Adult (m)3,8637872
Adgyu(Adgyu)Adult (f)4,0207641
qLfWQ(qLfWQ)Adult (f)1,7668381
LH77e(LH77e)Adult (m)2,8361,2212
TlHXn(TlHXn)Adult (f)1,9208275
4z4I2(4z4I2)Adult (m)2,1098741
XCHRQ(XCHRQ)Adult (m)2,3389732
oREpD(oREpD)Adult (m)2,3929743
qPUPY(qPUPY)Adult (f)2,0718360
pHNGR(pHNGR)Adult (f)2,0868272
LlNis(LlNis)Adult (f)1,7778000
u2ZDFoG Element Of A Great PumpkinAdult (m)2,16128820
ktyri(ktyri)Adult (f)2,9048450
mdxND(mdxND)Adult (m)3,2188781
xaiRn(xaiRn)Adult (m)2,7018590
daxJK(daxJK)Adult (f)2,7058560
hxalt(hxalt)Adult (m)2,7408490
C0GHB(C0GHB)Adult (m)2,7488530
RifBu(RifBu)Adult (f)2,6668641
AmptJ(AmptJ)Adult (m)2,5978861
welMT(welMT)Adult (f)2,6458760
A5Czq(A5Czq)Adult (f)2,6138840
HVUJfprecog FAdult (f)2,4187931
iJMo3precog femAdult (f)2,3437901
P1dt4precog MAdult (m)2,3477941
w78kg(w78kg)Adult (m)3,6936360
x6o5A(x6o5A)Adult (m)3,8976460
JTg73(JTg73)Adult (f)4,0816500
Z9o8FoG Elemental Pumpkin CarvingAdult (m)3,20350915
OonHFoG Element Of A Cold HalloweenAdult (f)3,17749210
ciN6FoG Trick Or Treat ElementalAdult (f)3,7323998
c9aZFoG Element Of A Black BatAdult (m)4,27831710
Uqm1Z(Uqm1Z)Adult (f)3,6037200
4S8Xp(4S8Xp)Adult (f)3,9666670
cWLLZ(cWLLZ)Adult (m)3,6077310
K9xod(K9xod)Adult (m)2,8786971
Q3MF7(Q3MF7)Adult (f)2,9056991
mTSdT(mTSdT)Adult (f)2,9557102
eMaDu(eMaDu)Adult (m)2,5968553
wMVgEprecog-FAdult (f)2,4356224
lD5eb(lD5eb)Adult (m)2,2478056
WodJo(WodJo)Adult (m)5,3416581
0WBfrprecoggedMAdult (m)3,1127621
94myGprecoggedFAdult (f)3,4708301
E1XHx(E1XHx)Adult (f)6,8918558
DSsa5(DSsa5)Adult (m)6,6108426
vh807FoG FC Mysti Morning ElementAdult (m)1,8685482
Oc0RyFoG 5E Libra's Black BatAdult (m)2,7954625
gHTu3(gHTu3)Adult (m)1,3244235
9tCHk(9tCHk)Adult (m)1,7906275
1QUD2FoG 5E Libra's Black CatAdult (f)2,7725274
LDOtPFoG 5E Twokeen's Libra TreatAdult (f)2,0817132
MMh9V(MMh9V)Adult (f)1,8726912
9qCFBFoG 5E Full Circle In The MystAdult (f)9164622
I6FKkFoG Pod Clock's Elemental LibraAdult (m)2,2154491
OFeem(OFeem)Adult (m)1,8655162
661jG(661jG)Adult (m)2,0105232
IuC8S(IuC8S)Adult (f)2,1485653
M6I98(M6I98)Adult (f)1,9945302
oUfVI(oUfVI)Adult (m)3,3917244
Jycsh(Jycsh)Adult (f)3,1586002
nkVCI(nkVCI)Adult (m)1,6303735
qyLJEFoG Libra's Elemental WyrmAdult (m)2,7604085
UHUdVFoG 5E Waves Crashing FullCircleAdult (m)1,6366155
3kP9FFoG Element Of A Libra WyrmAdult (f)2,8685824
E3i2qFoG 5E Full Circle Beach BabyAdult (f)1,5495391
p4a4FoG Arrietty Clock's ElementAdult (f)4,4213214
gNiE4(gNiE4)Adult (m)3,1618323
AS6o9FoG Libra's Flocking ElementAdult (m)2,0913942
z4GMHFoG FullCircle's Curious ElementAdult (m)5,4138130
E0OpKFoG Lupy Harpsichord's ElementAdult (f)1,8807081
NB9yZFoG Loyal Full Circle ElementAdult (f)2,8125862
jl2ysFoG Full Circle's Mini ElementAdult (f)2,1165544
qRuvgFoG 5E Eggletina Clock's LibraAdult (f)1,8123870
5WGsJFoG Hendreary Clock's ElementAdult (m)1,9337311
cL2Mg(cL2Mg)Adult (m)1,3114374
Bwnh7FoG Element Of Christmas In JulyAdult (m)1,8646260
cw7b9FoG Libra's Hummingbird ElementAdult (m)3,4353370
5jJIPFoG 5E Third Full Circle FireAdult (m)1,8277062
QjWheFoG 5E Full Circle FireflyAdult (m)2,3103954
3aVTlFoG Mini Elemental ChristmasAdult (m)3,7491,0316
DvgbmFoG 5E Tiny Full CircleAdult (f)1,8665652
4DP1VFoG Element Of A Crimson GiftAdult (f)3,1011,0174
15u6hFoG Homily Clock's Libra ElementAdult (f)1,8843850
5EftUFoG Christmas Candle ElementalAdult (f)4,1291,1054
Jfgl(Jfgl)Adult (m)2,5533918
UvrJvFoG 5E Full Circle Of NacreAdult (m)1,9354902
PosidFoG 5E Libra's Stained GlassAdult (m)4,9513792
ArC5R(ArC5R)Adult (m)2,2687813
O9ir(O9ir)Adult (f)5,9229645
JYU1Z(JYU1Z)Adult (f)2,6212714
GvfGNFoG Tiffany's Libra ElementAdult (f)1,7724181
sgTZ9(sgTZ9)Adult (m)2,4618282
iwHxbFoG Element Of A Floating LibraAdult (m)3,1623725
EW2Kr(EW2Kr)Adult (f)2,2227972
YEdxCFoG Libra's Sunbathing ElementAdult (f)3,6787871
4B6xT(4B6xT)Adult (f)2,3726162
PHZs0(PHZs0)Adult (f)2,5026193
j1wAFoG Element of UmberAdult (m)1,0974065
PhbRFoG Sienna's ElementAdult (f)2,4553076
uHCQFoG Element Of A Fawn PlushieAdult (m)2,8173209
mwSRFoG Shasta Meadow Of ElementsAdult (f)1,1265117
SdQbFoG Wolfgang's Lascaux ElementalAdult (m)3,3303292
o8LhFoG Plumeria's Element Of RubraAdult (f)1,0423827
u7Jc(u7Jc)Adult (m)2,6074076
9fa2LFoG FC Flamboyant ElementalAdult (m)5,5518291
S02aFoG Sandcastle In The ElementsAdult (f)1,8632807
Xi4yFoG Frangipani Elemental TempleAdult (f)2,8653405
ZqheFoG 5E Full Circle Of DrakesAdult (f)5,0113357
luHba(luHba)Adult (f)2,2709873
cFY8G(cFY8G)Adult (m)2,0807111
5WadsFoG Libra's Elemental DrakeAdult (m)2,6018045
hjHYFoG Libra Drake ElementAdult (m)1,6253755
mlmAYFoG Drake's Elemental LibraAdult (f)2,0377193
pWF8MFoG FullCircle's Elemental NightAdult (m)1,3136292
XuehFoG NOPEAdult (m)2,3126599
aSlfr(aSlfr)Adult (m)2,4457062
RGfh(RGfh)Adult (m)2,77046415
I79T4FoG Jaded Full Circle ElementAdult (f)3,0063761
aBgRq(aBgRq)Adult (f)2,0063414
egX1nFoG FC Not A Day ElementAdult (f)1,4196563
XUTaFFoG Libra's Jade ElementAdult (f)3,0284534
Q9XI(Q9XI)Adult (f)1,4067439
DCerS(DCerS)Adult (f)3,0547337
6ZSKT(6ZSKT)Adult (m)2,0696149
njtlPFoG Element's Full Circle OpalAdult (m)3,5325092
etl1FFoG Libra's Elemental OpalAdult (m)1,3315462
AiACK(AiACK)Adult (m)2,55798614
8gJjEFoG FC Elemental LindwurmAdult (m)2,4503945
A01sm(A01sm)Adult (m)2,5715900
yR7p0(yR7p0)Adult (m)2,8206058
FEMFU(FEMFU)Adult (f)1,8066631
0YM3g(0YM3g)Adult (f)2,9197442
XgHfYFoG Libra's Opal ElementAdult (f)3,45243711
8xIi8(8xIi8)Adult (f)2,3725445
Bxu7eFoG 5E Nocturnal Full CircleAdult (f)3,0274352
a5ELy(a5ELy)Adult (f)2,0284492
1Fv53(1Fv53)Adult (m)1,9566356
AEDdk(AEDdk)Adult (m)3,1556081
Qzlwn(Qzlwn)Adult (m)2,7818576
RGE0M(RGE0M)Adult (m)3,2181,0016
DpMZEFoG Earthgirl's Elemental LibraAdult (m)2,1844444
f7skh(f7skh)Adult (f)2,3168374
5mo8y(5mo8y)Adult (f)2,2327314
7Iu3c(7Iu3c)Adult (f)2,1416333
uZmpn(uZmpn)Adult (f)1,5106064
VMr1q(VMr1q)Adult (m)3,5837467
p6nxyFoG Changing Moon ElementalAdult (m)6,14797618
T4aOxFoG Element Of A Rigid ChangeAdult (m)5,3899506
xsETj(xsETj)Adult (m)5,62797013
Tcd3FFoG Iced Elemental ChangeAdult (m)5,0391,0328
EOJJQFoG Loony Elemental ChangeAdult (m)5,3588909
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