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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “1996Ladybug,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
4oFOCsmol leetle treeEgg (F)
kQdis(kQdis)Hatchling (f)9,2121,44822
qQzdj(qQzdj)Hatchling (f)5,6071,0231
8bLIe(8bLIe)Hatchling (f)5,6541,0260
3Lu3A(3Lu3A)Hatchling (f)5,6219872
967FL(967FL)Hatchling (f)6,0551,0311
qfPhN(qfPhN)Hatchling (m)6,0691,0571
gOcT8(gOcT8)Hatchling (f)5,9311,0221
zgsAS(zgsAS)Hatchling (f)6,1221,0181
Q0fiBlack GazeAdult (m)1,57374817
ufA9Rush of RapidsAdult (m)1,5161,0019
amZjSinging SpringAdult (f)2,5325317
pWPCFlight in FireAdult (m)3,6041,1465
mjLkRainforest HueAdult (f)2,12865711
78pZCloud GlimmerAdult (m)2,1839005
vrhUFrills of SunlightAdult (m)2,51433313
vfa5Day's WisdomAdult (m)1,7767165
LhFdShadow in TwilightAdult (f)1,52269431
VLJ3Dipping into DreamsAdult (m)1,6748165
K8fpDawn's MelodiesAdult (f)3,8661,55419
o16DSoul of FlowersAdult (f)4,10069915
MoSSMoss in SunlightAdult (f)2,0155876
StpANight's SecretsAdult (m)1,4036507
cQnaMoon MysteriesAdult (f)3,4499205
B109Sweet Green LeavesAdult (f)2,26644448
HWjHDepths of Dark SeaAdult (f)4,1164617
KemGCold Fire LightAdult (f)2,5431,0064
H4ooWet WandererAdult (m)2,82964014
Y0bfFirst Snow FallAdult (m)3,8987539
6jfsSoul of SunbeamsAdult (f)4,8684962
VfINTide's FallAdult (m)3,8847875
09FOShower of SilverAdult (f)4,5154684
Oh1FMidnight's WindsAdult (f)4,8845927
ZgBFDark Before DayAdult (f)1,3136798
Qai0Shades of IvoryAdult (m)3,6984838
n3lrFall of LightAdult (f)9886485
YZt7Blanc d'HiverAdult (f)3,14934319
HGpBYearning for DayAdult (f)1,0855576
t30ADay's ColorAdult (m)3,7477774
SisnTides of SapphireAdult (f)2,2601,3327
78DMSoul of SummersAdult (m)1,7493953
Aer6Colors of FlightAdult (m)2,5965535
uJXLStartling ScarsAdult (m)8,3051,2847
SkoaFierce EnergyAdult (m)2,26053613
6mnkBloodthirsty StareAdult (m)2,27663913
d98RWaves that SplashAdult (m)1,4085314
Z6duSoul of BreezesAdult (f)2,6843783
mpALFlower of Shining SilverAdult (f)1,2986307
GiAqEmerals EarthquakeAdult (m)4,1448269
UMC0Serene JasmineAdult (f)2,8815193
WnfHWhite Stained RedAdult (f)4,6181,1338
1vtIWarm SapphireAdult (f)1,9808865
MhREMercy TwiceAdult (f)3,23050618
qFekThrone of FrostAdult (m)6,8971,63918
14PYDistant BattlesAdult (m)1,4926827
ZQQPJolie EtoileAdult (f)9665694
XuQmLegends of PeaceAdult (f)2,4254758
70f3Bleu de MerAdult (f)1,7496656
mbeqRainy ReedAdult (m)1,7217477
EBZpMorning MossAdult (f)1,8515137
tXrNTommy AsparagusAdult1,9564905
rj7SIvoire d'HiverAdult (f)2,8989004
0dpfNew Rays of LightAdult (m)1,2335762
FgbtCrystalline DanceAdult (f)2,2145388
juPGFlowing FreeAdult (f)1,67849812
VEd8Jolie TulipeAdult (f)1,3135518
rBYWSilent SandsAdult (f)2,2053801
IcT3Soaring HillsAdult (f)1,9377864
blbRFound in FlightAdult (f)4,7071,1285
Z8b2Racing FlightAdult (m)1,5175826
PYQCWildflower BloomAdult (f)1,3015602
1rJ7Swims in ShallowsAdult (m)2,54338710
B0jNFlight of AdventureAdult (m)1,2875472
3DsNSnapping LeavesAdult (m)1,3605357
F5AMBelle PenseeAdult (f)1,4525765
cKbnMountains DanceAdult (m)1,4085785
b0bhSoul of HarvestsAdult (m)2,0844495
VIHbBetween the LeavesAdult (m)1,7125592
8aIcMorning DesertAdult (f)1,5395091
CmJvOver DunesAdult (m)1,1425401
RTVESoul of EveningAdult (m)9544761
7o7AHeat of StormsAdult (m)1,1784959
kE8gFete d'AutomneAdult (m)1,5125433
JsdQLumiere BleuAdult (m)1,3456239
E6DRLumiere IvoireAdult (f)1,4805328
YXhPRecolte d'AutomneAdult (m)1,5835813
FAdPSunlight WarmthAdult (f)8985002
E2n4Awakening DayAdult (f)2,4977412
aIvURainforest ShadeAdult (m)1,7305692
ALLKReaching VineAdult (m)1,6905646
PkCYSoul of LeavesAdult (f)1,3295124
Vk48Icy BrookAdult (f)2,5107804
r5LCHidden FlamesAdult (f)2,05748214
5gg3Season's StripesAdult (m)1,4307596
uvBBLove GivenAdult (f)1,4634954
bF5VLove CelebratedAdult (f)4,8339677
onvKPrancing DaysAdult (f)1,4406567
GuFgFlying ByAdult (f)2,7345046
5TJcClouds ForgottenAdult (f)1,7034504
o9LtAwakening TwilightAdult (f)1,7094494
9MpsFirelight SpellAdult (f)1,0255432
a9ZaSoul of GlaciersAdult (m)1,0745351
CO95Lumiere BlancAdult (m)1,1015623
LSPtSweet SplashesAdult (f)1,1075621
ji2oSpark in AshesAdult (m)1,5175492
fl2rDances in the StarsAdult (m)9885343
301NBeau DanseurAdult (m)3,47740816
eM7oChases the WindAdult (m)1,6228463
QBAZJoy in the StarsAdult (f)9095333
0C9KLumiere ClaireAdult (f)1,0506065
dB7SSoul of SnowflakesAdult (f)1,0295962
P6ErLumiere RoyaleAdult (m)1,0986241
fqUXShadowed HuntressAdult (f)5,53167718
HKHUSmallest SongAdult (f)1,8034374
ai3hSky IgnitingAdult (f)2,4017703
RIlQSoft ComforterAdult (m)1,8345348
TXglDew on GrassAdult (f)1,8714473
3DFTHidden in the DeepAdult (m)3,9405227
KUDRBright EveningAdult (f)1,57535510
d0P8Legends of WarAdult (m)3,5006646
MOUhaSmallest EmbersAdult (f)2,3344751
t4AiTSmallest SplashAdult (f)2,4705220
phZ01Ocean DivesAdult (m)2,3104840
OlgjRSparks in FlightAdult (f)2,3164770
JBhYtShy MorningAdult (f)2,3306952
h4gDMNight SymphoniesAdult (f)3,7226694
D3XT7Lady of SunlightAdult (f)3,9156834
aMuCZShores of SandAdult (f)5,0225192
vJ5pMNight's TempestAdult (m)4,5135502
ydhmqQuiet CavernsAdult (m)4,3227324
8TVEhWinter StoriesAdult (f)4,1887195
HUwAWStarlit WinterAdult (m)4,7557246
RvgcJEsprit de MagiqueAdult (m)3,4816535
QJ1o1Exploring ForestsAdult (m)5,1798683
hXNoERiver's StoneAdult (m)5,3779052
YSjR7Precious FlamesAdult (m)4,7528296
RLtxPBronze DesertAdult (m)6,6479492
YsbTOTwilight FlowersAdult (f)5,3498214
glCeWRacing RapidsAdult (f)5,7418452
QbqwmSmallest TreasureAdult (f)5,5368233
bGZIxWild CavernsAdult (m)7,4401,0405
PKO2XJewel in the DarkAdult (f)7,2171,0354
I2VjFIcy ProtectressAdult (f)6,0168116
aeycmMoonlit HollowAdult (m)6,2079524
kk8DVMidnight HowlsAdult (m)6,4979336
86XsMWindblown FlowersAdult (f)5,5716317
JcutERetreatsAdult (f)7,9231,1103
KlrPDGilded ShimmersAdult (m)7,8189016
ygBANEsprit de FeuAdult (f)6,2229304
GeVW6Stealing AwayAdult (m)5,3987509
GjZVVLucky SpellsAdult (f)5,6988166
AoGElRiver ReflectingAdult (m)3,1935365
wnCsnEsprit d'EclairAdult (f)5,0277783
hSpBRWinding BreezeAdult (m)5,6117113
YWEqEDesert SpiderAdult (m)4,9906704
8Xxk5Fluttering MintAdult (m)4,9186534
09yRkShine of StarlightAdult (f)4,7807323
tbmRoShining BerylAdult (f)5,5958443
DeHYdStartling FireAdult (m)7,3131,0173
1DKmhShowers of LightAdult (f)7,1909803
0YbuSLumiere VertAdult (m)7,0579961
PwrMCFlames IgniteAdult (m)7,1449357
7CPEiEvening StormsAdult (f)6,6479072
ySUsNMidnight MossAdult (m)5,9821,0433
Plm9xGleaming HillsAdult (m)5,5547993
xNePhGarnet LightAdult (m)6,2208973
D9DAqGarland of GoldAdult (m)7,6531,0414
DyXeZJeweled WisdomAdult (f)5,5378474
gLOjPSunlit CrystalAdult (m)5,6249014
nK4E8Warm TwilightAdult (f)3,2205166
U6xpwLake ShoresAdult (f)3,4356546
4qBacAmber FirelightAdult (f)5,3838765
9S5OSTarnished TrustAdult (f)4,4228322
BVKQ6Oceans DanceAdult (m)4,4586972
Ram0uTwilight's MelodiesAdult (f)4,7247156
s2ilnFolded FlightAdult7,0461,0906
HLTBlBeau ReveurAdult (m)4,4357523
MMdggNight's WarriorAdult (m)4,3417233
qdx5ALumiere NoireAdult (f)4,4607390
0sbvCLumiere BordeauxAdult (f)4,5057271
EBDc2Majestic StonesAdult (m)6,0529533
AJkwpDawn's CloudsAdult (f)6,3099264
dkiSgPurple HillsAdult (f)4,9928044
0JtdGForest CreekAdult (f)3,7543784
L7M8WFloating SkiesAdult (m)4,6597792
VnecTPrancing FireAdult (m)7,0901,0172
sqbmRThrone of SnowAdult (f)7,4921,0602
svDGpFierce ShineAdult (f)3,8905612
popBISong of Shining SilverAdult (f)4,4836224
dldBjDesert WebAdult (f)5,7359507
1Nf3uFlaming RuinsAdult (m)3,9375254
TQz6QBlue FirelightAdult (f)5,8281,0255
Fpb4RChases the MoonAdult (m)6,0097854
TRSUbPurple FirelightAdult (f)5,0867465
ZBig1Dazzling ScaleAdult (f)6,5078376
thnpGPetit SerpentAdult (m)9,3061,2096
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