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You pick up the scroll labeled “BloodWings,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
FCGSY(FCGSY)Adult (m)3,7967100
gVe1D(gVe1D)Adult (m)4,4674391
HEaHFThe Crimson CourtAdult (m)3,0508683
JHHOaBlush of CrimsonAdult (m)4,1984121
bn75rA Stain of CrimsonAdult (f)4,1184311
9x3o9In the Arms of the Crimson KingAdult (f)3,0438222
BmomnIn the Arms of the Crimson QueenAdult (m)3,6738312
FLtG5To The Crimson Prince the SpoilsAdult (m)5,2888301
yHo5oCaptain of the Crimson GuardAdult (m)5,4018231
arq0XThe Crimson DukeAdult (m)4,1646451
E9sBPThe Crimson EarlAdult (m)5,3769693
N0kIpCry Me a River of CrimsonAdult (m)2,7307902
5hynxThat First Drop of CrimsonAdult (f)2,6328310
hBi3aStained in CrimsonAdult (m)1,7126392
sWwxvDreams of CrimsonAdult (m)1,9745325
r3QA9Crimson CoatAdult (m)4,4201,0361
bAraCThe Crimson Princess Will ReignAdult (f)3,9921,0135
nnPIEThe Crimson ExecutionerAdult (m)5,2358501
ajD7nCheeks of CrimsonAdult (f)4,8019281
VN223(VN223)Adult (f)3,42155427
aHxg6(aHxg6)Adult (m)3,50655327
KEs5g(KEs5g)Adult (m)3,6746804
47YbC(47YbC)Adult (f)3,9316974
gGp7I(gGp7I)Adult (m)3,9106674
09rZY(09rZY)Adult (m)3,8116662
Uk0iX(Uk0iX)Adult (m)3,8126323
menan(menan)Adult (m)3,8736943
sW8Q7(sW8Q7)Adult (m)3,2746254
jfXKgBathed in CrimsonAdult (f)4,5451,0071
0IMudSilken CrimsonAdult (f)5,3038321
5hgOAThe Crimson CountessAdult (f)5,6148181
eWlNIThe Crimson ViscountAdult (m)4,5989372
ovfgJCrimson Vlad TepesAdult (m)4,9389794
eRzuHCrimson DraculAdult (m)4,2049463
xS5MiCrimson ElizabetaAdult (f)5,9068666
8hQAbA Drop of CrimsonHatchling (F)1,8652751
S45UVBW SoulpeaceAdult (m)2,7627073
BKLeB(BKLeB)Adult (m)4,4434331
4zkhe(4zkhe)Adult (f)2,6018961
2EEXY(2EEXY)Adult (m)2,6429001
k5fe6(k5fe6)Adult (m)2,8427152
5y6ZZ(5y6ZZ)Adult (f)3,6305451
ofrp4(ofrp4)Adult (f)2,2038041
hS4UPJane's BFFAdult (f)4,2684132
dgLTJ(dgLTJ)Adult (f)3,7946776
tf8OvAmora's BFFAdult (f)3,8464515
JD8sJBanner's BFFAdult (m)4,3044723
MMtIFDarcy's BFFAdult (f)4,0515082
PpShHTony's BFFAdult (m)3,2024703
K2EXpThor's BFFAdult (m)2,3684855
bpUT3Pepper's BFFAdult (f)4,1214742
aO1otSteve's BFFAdult (m)3,3144691
ljFa2Natasha's BFFAdult (f)2,7561,0296
0YcB5Wanda's BFFAdult (f)3,0296254
wDpONSharon's BFFAdult (f)2,2813037
t6uq0Pietro's BFFAdult (m)2,56031710
cinEFBlack Widow's BFFAdult (f)3,7842824
5QMgrStorm's BFFAdult (f)3,2242735
5u31aFury's BFFAdult (m)3,5332594
TjIEuPhil's BFFAdult (m)3,5442673
uboLBWasp's BFFAdult (f)2,7853419
F965MBucky's BFFAdult (m)3,3222696
K0wgwVision's BFFAdult (m)3,6012744
sQkbwJessica Jones's BFFAdult (f)2,72533711
yMK5wJarvis's BFFAdult (m)2,56031210
vqoZySpider-Woman's BFFAdult (f)4,0512775
zzbeDAnt-Man's BFFAdult (m)3,9352665
Q3ROlHawkeye's BFFAdult (m)3,7897140
yckB5Maria Hill's BFFAdult (f)1,7776662
IRYNFTiniest AvengerHatchling (F)2,7282154
dKMZ0Hellfyre and BrimstoneAdult (f)4,7097273
lLGP1The Smell of BrimstoneAdult (m)4,7007522
RJtodBurn by the BrimstoneAdult (f)6,0309452
ovOOV(ovOOV)Adult (m)6,8325111
hJWfP(hJWfP)Adult (m)8,1915471
bgnTE(bgnTE)Adult (f)2,6355857
j9kqk(j9kqk)Adult (m)5,8425611
DL25l(DL25l)Adult (f)8,1115413
mbhot(mbhot)Adult (f)7,6815133
q5E42(q5E42)Adult (f)6,3695491
e5kJn(e5kJn)Hatchling (f, F)5,7784451
Ec5og(Ec5og)Adult (m)6,9404832
AAf4z(AAf4z)Adult (f)7,8485241
qPWc4(qPWc4)Adult (f)3,8718982
s6rbh(s6rbh)Adult (f)5,3619043
ecmQGBW Imperial FleshcrowneAdult (f)1,2865573
NrIPS(NrIPS)Adult (m)2,4585921
34AwC(34AwC)Adult (m)5,9058111
Oy77T(Oy77T)Adult (f)2,2376931
M9RLi(M9RLi)Adult (m)3,6888981
v0vRv(v0vRv)Adult (f)2,7559491
tKR3H(tKR3H)Hatchling (F)1,4683611
rDfPUBW Blusang LindwurmAdult (m)4,0527054
0JEGR(0JEGR)Adult (m)4,7158864
kWYjg(kWYjg)Adult (m)3,9159356
smeVj(smeVj)Adult (f)3,9567143
JXBqM(JXBqM)Adult (f)5,7426814
aEwQX(aEwQX)Hatchling (m, F)1,5937051
PS6qNKalamata OlyveAdult (f)4,1075972
481utItalian OlyveAdult (m)5,1388694
LmcXPBlack OlyveAdult (f)3,9827694
oPjTdGreen OlyveAdult (f)5,2558251
cqqVfCerignola OlyveAdult (m)3,9364983
VHxwaMission OlyveAdult (f)5,4268241
kcVSKCastelvetrano OlyveAdult (m)3,2158412
v9OaONyon OlyveAdult (f)5,2449431
o0WQSLeetle Olyve OylAdult (f)4,0017501
qZT5DNicoise OlyveAdult (f)3,7657171
BQjVWGaeta OlyveAdult (m)1,9177321
hPYbyLiguria OlyveAdult (f)2,6066001
sEKpIPicholine OlyveAdult (f)2,4345702
7n321Gordal OlyveAdult (m)2,4185712
F7yYIAlfonso OlyveAdult (f)2,5886071
s9XkZManzanilla OlyveAdult (f)2,6686141
4LmuCBeldi OlyveAdult (f)3,9039000
dvZuxAmfissa OlyveAdult (f)3,0128682
AtxaOTaggiasca OlyveAdult (f)5,2818380
tgz0mSaracena OlyveAdult (m)5,1348803
TDwnEBaresane OlyveAdult (m)6,0208251
IBUkNTsakistes OlyveAdult (f)4,3876651
M7hiOBW UltravioletAdult (f)4,4737893
HSUpb(HSUpb)Adult (m)4,7667857
eOnee(eOnee)Adult (f)4,4844264
YFvE8(YFvE8)Adult (f)4,1028433
ukLLtLuminous StrutAdult (m)4,64888710
alQ2ELuminous JaggerAdult (m)6,5757827
1I7VLLuminous NarcissismAdult (f)6,5638622
ufkfQLuminous VanityAdult (f)4,66489511
S1FQGLuminous EgoAdult (m)6,6476146
5SFLk(5SFLk)Adult (m)4,8767292
3LV5i(3LV5i)Adult (f)2,7181,3541
NH7w0(NH7w0)Adult (f)4,5897894
ZG0zA(ZG0zA)Adult (f)6,1419221
V6OHz(V6OHz)Adult (f)5,0207423
gOkqz(gOkqz)Adult (f)6,1839022
SFMWALittle LuminosityHatchling (f, F)2,62457811
fnEWuOleoresin TurpAdult (m)92663812
QotYMLarch Venice TurpAdult (f)3,2416151
I3EUcTerebinth TurpAdult (f)3,4424134
FIKSJAlpha-Pinene TurpAdult (m)3,5158728
8HNrfBeta-Pinene TurpAdult (f)6,4961,5843
gHbYgMineral TurpAdult (m)3,5795825
X7jCGMethylene Chloride TurpAdult (f)4,3364693
38W7XLimonene TurpAdult (m)5,6797612
Gtf8V(Gtf8V)Adult (m)5,3263671
VU45K(VU45K)Adult (m)3,4896851
4dYqf(4dYqf)Adult (m)4,0233565
ZYcnYBW Tsunami WyvernAdult (f)7,3568917
QQuZX(QQuZX)Adult (f)1,6906261
KUG1C(KUG1C)Adult (f)3,4924615
5egRB(5egRB)Adult (f)5,9336975
Yj8YI(Yj8YI)Adult (m)6,1038086
rYv5r(rYv5r)Adult (f)6,5899219
2iBXQ(2iBXQ)Adult (f)4,7931,2254
84r4Q(84r4Q)Adult (m)6,1628643
YnNT3(YnNT3)Adult (m)3,7968042
gVMfh(gVMfh)Adult (f)4,3537871
eih8O(eih8O)Adult (m)4,2437440
xLWyx(xLWyx)Hatchling (F)1,4503912
m7oimJourdemayne GWAdult (f)2,6625022
RZT9qMariana GWAdult (f)2,5615783
xH7fpMarcus Antonius GWAdult (m)2,2154262
IVWq3Juliet GWAdult (f)4,0259616
DF2GZRomeo GWAdult (m)3,8844264
p40AkHelena GWAdult (f)3,7214063
63vKSEmilia GWAdult (f)3,8622834
Npk4FZeus GWAdult (m)3,5563761
8WDAfVirgilia GWAdult (f)5,5878728
GOEOoPetruchio GWAdult (m)3,9717273
LBlfMArtemidorus GWAdult (m)3,47375612
HCPJCRosaline GWAdult (f)3,6636779
v6BC4Lady Macbeth GWAdult (f)3,2004976
8mea7Saterninus GWAdult (m)4,9929621
cKmaAProspero GWAdult (m)5,0299621
M71LZHippolyta GWAdult (f)3,3416586
VUDncPericles GWAdult (m)5,0199514
WLi8ZThaisa GWAdult (f)4,8565672
PYAPmRoderigo GWAdult (m)3,5927743
uLDmALeticia GWAdult (f)4,1948777
mNRNmUlysses GWAdult (m)4,05766110
OE0ppQuintus GWAdult (m)2,4476205
LAPguDiogenes GWAdult (m)3,3387407
LsNB3Polonius GWAdult (m)4,7626049
ADO8cOedipus GWAdult (m)2,9686277
FVS9cAphrodite GWAdult (f)4,0867943
rYs3BChryseis GWAdult (f)3,7397653
ELimZIdomeneus  GWAdult (m)6,0041,2424
a1rq6Pallas Athene GWAdult (f)3,8897653
Ola5fMachaon GWAdult (m)3,0946583
CNULvIsmene GWAdult (f)3,6897613
NHcTiKtime GWAdult (f)2,7735734
o3kJjTelamonian Aias GWAdult (m)5,5319682
ZA7TINausicaa GWAdult (f)3,7108176
rIUcYLaodamas GWAdult (m)3,7097834
2DnWtAnticlea GWAdult (f)5,3701,4688
GNVD5Achilles GWAdult (m)3,2016045
fQnrWAthena GWAdult (f)2,7476075
rDVrZPoseidon GWAdult (m)2,7136373
n7pU8Penelope GWAdult (f)1,7887283
hr0GbOdysseus GWAdult (m)4,0404824
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