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You pick up the scroll labeled “BloodWings,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
2F348(2F348)Adult (m)3,0646962
xF45K(xF45K)Adult (m)6,1838560
NBBKP(NBBKP)Adult (m)3,1436345
qt6rZBW Two-Headed LindwurmAdult (f)2,1325444
wpdYp(wpdYp)Adult (f)2,4526991
NldxB(NldxB)Adult (f)6,6068404
p6ofx(p6ofx)Adult (f)2,4436851
3WV3W(3WV3W)Adult (f)3,7488174
Q8YWm(Q8YWm)Adult (m)6,6517023
xDHz8(xDHz8)Adult (m)4,1527883
XytVt(XytVt)Adult (m)4,1088625
aKasuBW CopperAdult (m)2,6291,2842
MnWE3(MnWE3)Adult (m)5,4068132
EogHK(EogHK)Adult (m)2,7665752
qo3Ys(qo3Ys)Adult (f)3,4068884
jUX0z(jUX0z)Adult (f)4,9276833
l94a8(l94a8)Adult (f)8,1198358
ERNxF(ERNxF)Adult (f)3,1277655
i85ND(i85ND)Adult (m)8,6601,0106
5Cxh3(5Cxh3)Adult (m)2,0415382
qcPie(qcPie)Adult (m)4,4009842
3sQKu(3sQKu)Adult (m)5,8698603
n1k26(n1k26)Adult (f)4,4461,4062
beNoJ(beNoJ)Adult (f)3,6077525
7GGOUBW SeragammaAdult (f)2,0555161
Z8Npb(Z8Npb)Adult (m)2,3186712
16ZT8(16ZT8)Adult (f)4,3315253
cFopp(cFopp)Adult (m)2,8927486
o5hq7(o5hq7)Adult (m)3,1087252
RJw3q(RJw3q)Adult (f)4,4261,0333
By0Lz(By0Lz)Adult (m)1,7137372
YAQ1g(YAQ1g)Adult (m)1,9547681
vkjKK(vkjKK)Adult (m)3,3149083
EAAF7(EAAF7)Adult (m)5,5288102
fFFAZBW Black Capped TeimarrAdult (f)3,2839892
oA45t(oA45t)Adult (f)2,4575502
PQgSB(PQgSB)Adult (m)1,9367622
NQHd0(NQHd0)Adult (m)4,6231,0844
O0GHz(O0GHz)Adult (f)3,5039710
buGpE(buGpE)Adult (m)2,8687512
c5ePP(c5ePP)Adult (m)4,4559004
xlmP2(xlmP2)Adult (f)6,7789341
wUZec(wUZec)Adult (m)3,3489581
J1CdWWD Sheriff RickAdult (m)3,3641,0211
mLKNrWD LorieAdult (f)3,3221,0322
rn3iKWD MaggieAdult (f)3,2931,0631
c8dOwWD CarolAdult (f)3,3231,0471
fOxqlWD MichonneAdult (f)3,3461,0181
jLBFS(jLBFS)Adult (m)9,9528222
SQ5kFWD AndreaAdult (f)3,3551,0270
TMpYlWD Daryl Dixon - The ArcherAdult (m)3,3301,0561
Oe7SLWD GlenAdult (m)3,2058053
J8KWCWD SophiaAdult (f)2,8218281
hVlvSWD HershelAdult (m)2,5628771
7j2MyWD Lil AsskickerAdult (f)2,8098231
hXnpfWD CarlAdult (m)2,8338411
eFvxDWD ShaneAdult (m)2,8018271
vS1NfWD BethAdult (f)2,0756673
Q0OOuWD SashaAdult (f)6,2958320
rRT1hWD MerleAdult (m)5,7657982
kCFmcWD RositaAdult (f)4,3499491
NvXtRWD TaraAdult (f)5,4937191
ho8yAWD DeannaAdult (f)2,6276014
U5zO0WD JesusAdult (m)5,3211,0292
NcRlO(NcRlO)Adult (f)3,5937560
NleWU(NleWU)Adult (m)4,6328077
ayOW5WD MikaHatchling (F)1,6254303
TD5YrWD LizzieHatchling (F)2,3275172
4G0UDBW Black TeaAdult (m)2,3099083
jZzE7(jZzE7)Adult (f)2,5068860
kTm9Y(kTm9Y)Adult (m)1,7706411
dc3Sy(dc3Sy)Adult (f)1,7036271
u17NW(u17NW)Adult (f)1,5855871
tlMiC(tlMiC)Adult (m)1,8196571
JzDIp(JzDIp)Adult (f)1,8936552
BXEgB(BXEgB)Adult (m)2,7697488
etFhp(etFhp)Adult (f)2,6435243
Ni2xN(Ni2xN)Adult (m)2,4571,2231
XwlGV(XwlGV)Adult (m)1,9567213
e9zkvBW Speckle-ThroatedAdult (m)2,0547182
VtJ7d(VtJ7d)Adult (f)2,6717431
MnRsL(MnRsL)Adult (f)1,8313276
z6WDV(z6WDV)Adult (m)2,7577112
by9Sm(by9Sm)Adult (m)2,8177372
ArXLPBW BlacktipAdult (m)5,0926572
AfWii(AfWii)Adult (m)4,9646751
o24uD(o24uD)Adult (f)7,4881,1162
E1v36(E1v36)Adult (f)2,8281,3961
kLDJJ(kLDJJ)Adult (f)2,8611,4272
7ecD0(7ecD0)Adult (m)2,8431,4161
bOZf6(bOZf6)Hatchling (F)1,4647731
5FhUd(5FhUd)Adult (m)2,7911,3831
nFQCz(nFQCz)Adult (f)5,0966581
hF88K(hF88K)Adult (f)2,8251,4111
Pnd9m(Pnd9m)Adult (f)2,8311,3931
10h3r(10h3r)Adult (m)5,1216451
rbKFv(rbKFv)Adult (m)2,8201,4111
jkHpaBW HellhorseAdult (m)2,9208531
uXrOr(uXrOr)Adult (m)2,7871,4171
a5MZq(a5MZq)Adult (f)5,5257602
XBEb8(XBEb8)Adult (f)3,2798600
CQRp5(CQRp5)Adult (m)3,2348502
BMEgG(BMEgG)Adult (f)2,8878571
1bFMg(1bFMg)Adult (m)2,7711,4221
6JYq5(6JYq5)Adult (m)2,9046285
P0sIJ(P0sIJ)Adult (m)4,6169104
T7hQv(T7hQv)Adult (m)4,3241,1922
akk1f(akk1f)Adult (m)4,78279611
5Yssr(5Yssr)Hatchling (m, F)2,0173714
2sMX1BW HorseAdult (f)4,7586613
mGhXa(mGhXa)Adult (m)3,9316743
WWkUi(WWkUi)Adult (f)3,8426981
FPOvp(FPOvp)Adult (f)3,8476930
yVVwm(yVVwm)Adult (m)3,7997010
7RtiH(7RtiH)Adult (f)3,3706673
cDEUx(cDEUx)Adult (f)2,7636660
bobR4(bobR4)Adult (f)3,5016680
mbjDL(mbjDL)Adult (m)3,7137210
ML7Tg(ML7Tg)Adult (m)3,4006750
lzJC5(lzJC5)Adult (f)2,8696571
mTj9V(mTj9V)Adult (f)4,0276840
FCGSY(FCGSY)Adult (m)3,7967100
gVe1D(gVe1D)Adult (m)4,4674391
HEaHFThe Crimson CourtAdult (m)3,0508683
JHHOaBlush of CrimsonAdult (m)4,1984121
bn75rA Stain of CrimsonAdult (f)4,1184311
9x3o9In the Arms of the Crimson KingAdult (f)3,0438222
BmomnIn the Arms of the Crimson QueenAdult (m)3,6738312
FLtG5To The Crimson Prince the SpoilsAdult (m)5,2888301
yHo5oCaptain of the Crimson GuardAdult (m)5,4018231
arq0XThe Crimson DukeAdult (m)4,1646451
E9sBPThe Crimson EarlAdult (m)5,3769693
N0kIpCry Me a River of CrimsonAdult (m)2,7307902
5hynxThat First Drop of CrimsonAdult (f)2,6328310
hBi3aStained in CrimsonAdult (m)1,7126392
sWwxvDreams of CrimsonAdult (m)1,9745325
r3QA9Crimson CoatAdult (m)4,4201,0361
bAraCThe Crimson Princess Will ReignAdult (f)3,9921,0135
nnPIEThe Crimson ExecutionerAdult (m)5,2358501
ajD7nCheeks of CrimsonAdult (f)4,8019281
VN223(VN223)Adult (f)3,42155427
aHxg6(aHxg6)Adult (m)3,50655327
ngiE2(ngiE2)Adult (m)2,46257618
KEs5g(KEs5g)Adult (m)3,6746804
47YbC(47YbC)Adult (f)3,9316974
gGp7I(gGp7I)Adult (m)3,9106674
09rZY(09rZY)Adult (m)3,8116662
Uk0iX(Uk0iX)Adult (m)3,8126323
menan(menan)Adult (m)3,8736943
sW8Q7(sW8Q7)Adult (m)3,2746254
jfXKgBathed in CrimsonAdult (f)4,5451,0071
0IMudSilken CrimsonAdult (f)5,3038321
5hgOAThe Crimson CountessAdult (f)5,6148181
eWlNIThe Crimson ViscountAdult (m)4,5989372
ovfgJCrimson Vlad TepesAdult (m)4,9389794
eRzuHCrimson DraculAdult (m)4,2049463
xS5MiCrimson ElizabetaAdult (f)5,9068666
8hQAbA Drop of CrimsonHatchling (F)1,8652751
S45UVBW SoulpeaceAdult (m)2,7627073
BKLeB(BKLeB)Adult (m)4,4434331
4zkhe(4zkhe)Adult (f)2,6018961
2EEXY(2EEXY)Adult (m)2,6429001
vdAKF(vdAKF)Adult (m)4,2237592
k5fe6(k5fe6)Adult (m)2,8427152
5y6ZZ(5y6ZZ)Adult (f)3,6305451
ofrp4(ofrp4)Adult (f)2,2038041
hS4UPJane's BFFAdult (f)4,2684132
dgLTJ(dgLTJ)Adult (f)3,7946776
tf8OvAmora's BFFAdult (f)3,8464515
JD8sJBanner's BFFAdult (m)4,3044723
MMtIFDarcy's BFFAdult (f)4,0515082
PpShHTony's BFFAdult (m)3,2024703
K2EXpThor's BFFAdult (m)2,3684855
bpUT3Pepper's BFFAdult (f)4,1214742
aO1otSteve's BFFAdult (m)3,3144691
ljFa2Natasha's BFFAdult (f)2,7561,0296
0YcB5Wanda's BFFAdult (f)3,0296254
wDpONSharon's BFFAdult (f)2,2813037
t6uq0Pietro's BFFAdult (m)2,56031710
cinEFBlack Widow's BFFAdult (f)3,7842824
5QMgrStorm's BFFAdult (f)3,2242735
5u31aFury's BFFAdult (m)3,5332594
TjIEuPhil's BFFAdult (m)3,5442673
uboLBWasp's BFFAdult (f)2,7853419
F965MBucky's BFFAdult (m)3,3222696
K0wgwVision's BFFAdult (m)3,6012744
sQkbwJessica Jones's BFFAdult (f)2,72533711
yMK5wJarvis's BFFAdult (m)2,56031210
vqoZySpider-Woman's BFFAdult (f)4,0512775
zzbeDAnt-Man's BFFAdult (m)3,9352665
idQEm(idQEm)Adult (m)3,9977571
19Zpr(19Zpr)Adult (m)4,3495201
XbC7H(XbC7H)Adult (m)4,0565291
fEi0A(fEi0A)Adult (f)5,8691,1134
8oKlb(8oKlb)Adult (f)5,5671,0856
Q3ROlHawkeye's BFFAdult (m)3,7897140
yckB5Maria Hill's BFFAdult (f)1,7776662
IRYNFTiniest AvengerHatchling (F)2,7282154
dKMZ0Hellfyre and BrimstoneAdult (f)4,7097273
lLGP1The Smell of BrimstoneAdult (m)4,7007522
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