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You pick up the scroll labeled “BloodWings,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
HkJBh(HkJBh)Adult (f)3,4807832
zx8jc(zx8jc)Adult (f)3,5297971
72JIx(72JIx)Adult (f)4,1787532
NtjxG(NtjxG)Adult (f)3,3098353
MnH6D(MnH6D)Adult (m)3,4127682
ijmFl(ijmFl)Adult (f)4,6498274
hYS4T(hYS4T)Adult (m)4,5769022
YXl2D(YXl2D)Adult (m)3,3008561
4DjwH(4DjwH)Adult (f)4,7469123
BaEW6(BaEW6)Adult (m)4,6568392
JfXlj(JfXlj)Adult (m)4,3009484
bN5al(bN5al)Adult (f)4,3688732
LKp54(LKp54)Adult (f)3,2998115
wYTXo(wYTXo)Adult (f)4,1487685
GqfL4(GqfL4)Adult (m)4,5328213
o40iFrozen Orange JuliusAdult (m)1,8678057
Qj43q(Qj43q)Adult (f)5,5039382
HSgLf(HSgLf)Adult (m)2,0844842
ykfBb(ykfBb)Adult (m)8,6108153
9do2D(9do2D)Adult (f)8,5978254
lcoTS(lcoTS)Adult (m)2,6337193
E2sLN(E2sLN)Hatchling (m, F)4,3297573
6Lon(6Lon)Hatchling (F)1,2581099
UtOYrMount NyiragongoAdult (m)5,7586265
Vm14Volcano in New YorkAdult (f)1,1285699
BUtBAsplodin' FireAdult (f)1,2695508
dbm9The Last Days of PompeiiAdult (m)1,7735419
thORDante's  PeakAdult (f)1,6176785
hM8KMt VesuviusAdult (m)1,39139715
bSvfTacana de GuatemalaAdult (m)2,1925509
lSP7ChicabalAdult (f)1,74663316
Ao1MPico TolimanAdult (m)3,52068411
fCidQuezaltepequeAdult (f)1,9207467
deCtSuchitanAdult (m)1,80269712
DjpVAcatenango de GuatemalaAdult (f)2,26670611
50X2JumaytepequeAdult (m)2,9521,13212
CYCFMonterricoAdult (m)7,6299386
GBVfTahualAdult (f)5,8471,11211
ipPsESantiaguito de GuatemalaAdult (m)4,1394014
13I5tQuiriguaAdult (m)3,1557902
A9iBgCuilapa-BarbarenaAdult (f)3,2235515
Cmg3jTecuamburroAdult (m)4,2555605
C7qlMAtitlan de GuatemalaAdult (m)3,8626726
tEl69Coxom de GuatemalaAdult (m)4,3574246
3ZAmXTambora VolcanoAdult (m)4,6615376
CQ3k1Areno de VolcanoAdult (f)3,8727763
ErbCiPopocatepilAdult (m)2,7126597
FOR0M(FOR0M)Adult (m)4,25666210
eIfQcBW's SakurijimaAdult (m)7,7589886
KMkyp(KMkyp)Adult (f)2,0237221
CQoCX(CQoCX)Adult (m)4,4417643
1wQ6S(1wQ6S)Adult (m)3,8967524
qiBid(qiBid)Adult (m)4,0477586
0SiYIBW's PintatuboAdult (f)1,2618591
vVSzY(vVSzY)Adult (f)4,8879650
QuLXz(QuLXz)Adult (f)4,7309782
Il86T(Il86T)Adult (f)5,0951,0294
0Rtrq(0Rtrq)Adult (m)5,6278403
SWYJO(SWYJO)Hatchling (f, F)2,9206917
FqIH3(FqIH3)Hatchling (F)1,7895664
ueqBViolent KaleidoscopeAdult (f)4,4031,06911
TO925Kalicetrias KaleidoscopeAdult (f)2,5237242
lU09Dark KaleidoscopeAdult (m)2,88175813
djXqdStarburst KaleidoscopeAdult (f)3,6159093
etecI(etecI)Adult (f)3,7854682
9N7W5Spectrographic KaleidoscopeAdult (f)3,1857183
7Iq4J(7Iq4J)Adult (f)6,0331,0504
BTMNz(BTMNz)Adult (f)4,6978451
3FgVO(3FgVO)Adult (f)4,4368202
ghe1T(ghe1T)Adult (f)4,4783811
Xq1UFractal KaleidoscopeAdult (m)1,5656755
Td2lC(Td2lC)Adult (f)6,4286884
Dta2Spectrum KaleidoscopeAdult (m)1,7756158
InhLp(InhLp)Adult (f)3,8117340
TpQMrPsychedelic KaleidoscopeAdult (m)4,1111,0115
gn3Rn(gn3Rn)Adult (m)3,5737341
b5MtI(b5MtI)Adult (m)3,6755283
GiKWR(GiKWR)Adult (m)2,7217001
Vf6g4(Vf6g4)Adult (f)2,6285653
rfciF(rfciF)Adult (f)7,5771,0137
JF5VP(JF5VP)Adult (f)3,3127551
FavF8(FavF8)Adult (m)3,7973813
8iANW(8iANW)Adult (m)2,5916022
tAu6Reflection KaleidoscopeAdult (m)88555918
VBRzi(VBRzi)Adult (f)3,6829734
6UpvJ(6UpvJ)Adult (f)3,9658153
wfibG(wfibG)Adult (f)4,1224192
inPUShockwave KaleidoscopeAdult (f)1,7008016
G9CWY(G9CWY)Adult (f)5,3567557
7FkLF(7FkLF)Adult (f)3,8668932
amq69(amq69)Hatchling (m, F)3,8343422
Qi0pP(Qi0pP)Hatchling (f, F)3,8913412
j035H(j035H)Hatchling (m, F)4,8598223
NTEG6(NTEG6)Hatchling (F)1,5394522
LYIiVorel FlamingoAdult (f)1,1455736
fKhkKothar FlamingoAdult (m)1,0545936
PM97Kethend FlamingoAdult (f)1,0325656
vm27Malsvir FlamingoAdult (m)1,2376074
n7hvMaekrix FlamingoAdult (m)3,5994297
9dfTSjach FlamingoAdult (m)2,9414817
U8VlSRozsasin FlamingoAdult (f)3,8785002
TSaMtVaclav FlamingoAdult (m)4,3994671
9v2JC(9v2JC)Adult (m)2,6893876
OTRBDAnezka FlamingoAdult (f)4,4836982
j4gOdKrystof FlamingoAdult (m)4,0414745
5gTvRMarek FlamingoAdult (m)5,7656543
rZ76gZofie FlamingoAdult (f)5,5076812
nV1G9Vorsila FlamingoAdult (f)5,6966572
MjwvbSalomena FlamingoAdult (f)5,6786723
inWZGMagdalena FlamingoAdult (f)5,6316742
M2nqFStepan FlamingoAdult (m)4,9175501
2ZbjeMarjeta FlamingoAdult (f)3,4957231
bY4NkBlazej FlamingoAdult (m)5,5358931
L3W6DEliska DrakHatchling (f, F)3,7897712
gGlEKBartolomej DrakHatchling (m, F)4,6463883
KD4hBW SwallowtailAdult (f)1,4295745
qWDv(qWDv)Adult (m)1,9456352
G4WIi(G4WIi)Adult (f)3,6455232
GNjbk(GNjbk)Adult (m)4,4306343
l04Ge(l04Ge)Adult (f)3,3366360
WaCgQ(WaCgQ)Adult (m)3,2007232
NcEGt(NcEGt)Adult (f)4,0057262
2rJG2(2rJG2)Adult (f)5,4353951
uceKS(uceKS)Hatchling (f, F)4,7687313
AjVWF(AjVWF)Adult (m)2,0117133
aqtEL(aqtEL)Adult (m)7,5518463
WBoq8(WBoq8)Hatchling (m, F)2,9376121
TLoHPuffy the BossAdult (m)3,22193411
jR5hPuffy the MeekAdult (f)2,0066264
bD6DHPuffy the FierceAdult (m)3,3437693
sRiFsPuffy the SweetAdult (f)4,9355737
lIgvYPuffy the SlayerAdult (f)4,5925402
L433uPuffy the FluffedAdult (f)3,2196140
mZ1aaPuffy the StrongAdult (m)3,6613632
el73mPuffy the AngelicAdult (f)3,7544490
kgViGPuffy the ChilledHatchling (f, F)1,7575524
nmdr9Puffy the TameAdult (f)3,6557835
MkvRbPuffy the MellowAdult (f)3,1355003
LEAqjPuffy the MercifulAdult (f)1,8064723
ZBOfbPuffy the PleasedAdult (f)4,2237515
m3PNTPuffy the Majik DragonAdult (m)4,2987241
AcsvUPuffy the BraveAdult (m)6,2888047
Chea3Puffy the HoodAdult (m)5,4955496
nUgn6Puffy the RebelAdult (m)2,9487241
My28qPuffy the BronzeAdult (f)3,3944223
hHWfTPuffy the RestlessAdult (m)3,8373871
jFcQ6Puffy the ConquerorAdult (m)4,2739712
mVEDVPuffy the VanquisherAdult (m)4,2179791
qNJjZPuffy the ConsortAdult (f)4,3399992
qXtklPuffy the EmperorAdult (m)5,2288312
Mn2IfPuffy the PetiteHatchling (m, F)1,9582623
aak9UPuffy the Inbred to 13th PowerAdult (m)6,9337125
kJbKS(kJbKS)Adult (f)3,0278222
cQSI1Puffy the NakedHatchling (F)1,9275025
zpYX0Starry Starry MoonWinderAdult (f)1,6384122
WGu0SStarry Starry MoonRiderAdult (f)1,7665991
Wi0QMStarry Starry MoonWidowAdult (f)3,7414282
LUVLrStarry Starry MoonWalkerAdult (f)4,6535432
NFacJStarry Starry MoonDreamerAdult (f)5,8658822
mzLXPStarry Starry MoonBreakerAdult (f)4,3543761
TO9dKStarry Starry MoonLoverAdult (f)3,8497883
gwy1NStarry Starry MoonLightAdult (f)3,4605142
QD0F1Starry Starry MoonBlazerAdult (f)1,9675463
qru3KStarry Starry MoonWeaverAdult (f)1,9895664
Q7onuStarry Starry MoonRiserAdult (f)2,0005522
6W04tStarry Starry MoonBronzerAdult (f)3,5887515
QI0BO(QI0BO)Adult (f)5,2037944
c7rTH(c7rTH)Adult (f)4,4906823
jtZiN(jtZiN)Adult (f)3,0377242
eZhR2(eZhR2)Adult (f)4,6356953
SpLkoStarry Starry MoonStoneAdult (f)2,2945753
VN9j3Starry Starry MoonQuakeAdult (f)1,9495553
biPmx(biPmx)Adult (f)3,8524737
37ySh(37ySh)Adult (f)3,3444413
f3GtTStarry Starry MoonScapesAdult (f)1,8585372
Fk7JfStarry Starry MoonBlindAdult (f)2,8015404
5ytbuStarry Starry MoonCraterAdult (f)1,9056082
VxsddStarry Starry MoonRoofAdult (f)3,0276172
70U4JStarry Starry MoonBloodAdult (f)3,9275943
SLiTXStarry Starry MoonThuwedAdult (f)3,0625894
E2caiStarry Starry MoonDusterAdult (f)3,0015542
7XVc9Starry Starry MoonBabyHatchling (f, F)2,9474273
dpCnTDeep in the Heart of TexasAdult (m)3,2534723
7c7A7Starry Starry MoonScreamerAdult (m)2,5598398
swDCXStarry Starry MoonBatherAdult (m)2,7845004
zvp0bStarry Starry MoonSweeperAdult (m)2,6784745
A1yAEStarry Starry MoonLightningAdult (m)2,4356312
BnZM9Starry Starry MoonBeamsAdult (m)3,7518043
5Tjk9Starry Starry MoonRunnerAdult (m)4,3687004
KbbWuStarry Starry MoonSilverAdult (m)2,8243031
dOqYpStarry Starry MoonGalaxyAdult (m)4,5689362
y1KuqStarry Starry MoonGoldAdult (m)5,3468353
zjFr6Starry Starry MoonDustAdult (m)4,3929444
SFHaUStarry Starry MoonStruckAdult (m)2,6896963
cmKjIStarry Starry MoonDancerAdult (m)4,2888874
uFAIyStarry Starry MoonTravelerAdult (m)3,5538371
a1mN3Starry Starry MoonDragonAdult (m)3,1829653
TarHkStarry Starry MoonLunaAdult (m)4,2827403
MBjmJStarry Starry MoonGliderAdult (m)2,2706556
Vb3eiStarry Starry MoonOrbiterAdult (m)2,6735723
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