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You pick up the scroll labeled “BloodWings,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
snXiT(snXiT)Adult (f)4,0197344
DtX7m(DtX7m)Adult (m)3,9737432
8JKxU(8JKxU)Adult (m)2,7245612
0SzhM(0SzhM)Adult (f)3,6507423
dm4MFrozen DaquiriHatchling (f, F)1,33259513
GK5d9(GK5d9)Hatchling (F)8502781
pkyRV(pkyRV)Adult (f)4,1402856
vlXLB(vlXLB)Adult (m)2,6295882
j67qv(j67qv)Adult (f)3,7462688
p0Xiw(p0Xiw)Adult (f)4,0012854
fcSVPeewee HermanAdult (m)2,4331,11632
fOOQFierce PixiefootAdult (f)3,0951,06719
UzezPeewee PygmieAdult (f)1,51070813
nd9jTopo GigioAdult (f)1,72465413
8qVoDottie the SweetheartAdult (f)1,3555204
EXoFLorenzo of LilliputHatchling (f, F)1,8722848
4BeX(4BeX)Adult (f)1,7804163
sS15L(sS15L)Hatchling (m, F)5,4987301
oFtVo(oFtVo)Adult (f)3,1944242
Hp6WK(Hp6WK)Adult (m)4,3556493
vOFCP(vOFCP)Adult (f)5,6937132
aEEeN(aEEeN)Adult (m)5,6477530
pYsLZPaul RubensAdult (m)4,5913853
GcmHG(GcmHG)Adult (f)4,1074701
oq6JO(oq6JO)Adult (m)4,0743922
fC8h1(fC8h1)Adult (m)3,9927112
NjdFF(NjdFF)Adult (m)4,5394674
RNdPM(RNdPM)Adult (f)4,1144044
MTgop(MTgop)Adult (f)2,4177033
NGsnE(NGsnE)Adult (f)5,1054182
8CAo7(8CAo7)Adult (m)3,3284301
vhqgW(vhqgW)Adult (f)5,2155922
KS73a(KS73a)Adult (m)4,0327124
i2BGQ(i2BGQ)Adult (m)4,0717093
Adr8t(Adr8t)Adult (f)4,0127292
mdO7W(mdO7W)Adult (f)2,7159491
FQ7yz(FQ7yz)Adult (m)5,5357530
fGcal(fGcal)Adult (f)3,8193854
H9Qmi(H9Qmi)Adult (m)2,2866803
dacHf(dacHf)Adult (f)4,0427122
CUoPe(CUoPe)Adult (f)3,3557704
WBzvzZefania the GoldAdult (f)3,6946266
ugy2Golden RexAdult (m)4,511810107
pg1kKiralyAdult (m)4,021700101
OZpGDrajiAdult (f)3,41281661
9OPUPersephone the DarkAdult (f)3,6201,19940
oVZ2Don Juan DeMarcoAdult (m)2,8351,07932
hJu4Proserpina the Dark - IBAdult (f)3,9431,45423
2ydIWrath the KingAdult (m)3,9592,01031
zurHBeth the Queen - IBAdult (f)5,3151,718100
0Jn4BW's Birthday BoyAdult (m)1,97093518
XxutDemeter the Desolate - IBAdult (f)8926748
zKaSAllinizia of the Lost ThuwedsAdult (f)2,4271,25845
zINIResurrection MaryAdult (f)1,53465614
HraeGoldkinderAdult (f)2,10955816
QLteFraulein GolddracheAdult (f)2,6641,13215
FQirFlugel von GolddracheAdult (m)2,50651917
k9ItAdala von GolddracheAdult (f)4,23546610
0KKXJurian von GolddracheAdult (m)1,75877715
9c4RUlfric von GolddracheAdult (m)1,64071812
9iub(9iub)Adult (m)2,2475097
wxDkT(wxDkT)Adult (m)5,8328433
m5Gph(m5Gph)Adult (m)6,1014282
bwies(bwies)Adult (f)5,7613953
l4ErM(l4ErM)Adult (f)3,5466064
QQxjr(QQxjr)Adult (m)2,5996902
41Uud(41Uud)Adult (f)4,3841,2952
WrmBi(WrmBi)Adult (m)4,8031,2143
TkNBFrozen AlchemyHatchling (f, F)1,62167218
ClqmCosmic Ray SpallationAdult (m)1,76462711
7dLsThe Tin ManAdult (m)4,2771,231171
cM3PThe ScarecrowAdult (m)4,223794112
UnQwThe Wizard of Oz - IBAdult (m)2,13299927
1mlJThe Cowardly Lion - IBAdult (m)3,0861,19031
67pqAuntie EmAdult (f)3,89367159
vo4MDorothy Gale of KansasAdult (f)3,5031,74142
AfqEWicked Witch of the WestAdult (f)3,0501,20056
cB8KGlenda the Good WitchAdult (f)3,84387879
QVNTSilver FallsAdult (m)3,50966884
IIG3Lassiter The FallenAdult (m)4,7892,28927
09yi5(09yi5)Adult (f)8,5928468
eZN5R(eZN5R)Adult (f)11,5631,1066
TlAZMary - Rhage's ShellanAdult (f)4,50395921
gYFSTechnetium EnthalpyAdult (f)1,55448313
4Qr5g(4Qr5g)Adult (m)2,1676942
pQgKj(pQgKj)Adult (f)5,7234403
ehjQA(ehjQA)Adult (m)6,1708035
OMmPv(OMmPv)Adult (m)4,7728857
SMFEK(SMFEK)Adult (f)7,6831,0104
cC3If(cC3If)Adult (m)4,8138293
J6GRSilver Frost in the MorningHatchling (f, F)8444059
r1AGJI Can't WaitAdult (m)3,8126078
tb4HWaiting For Him to ChangeAdult (f)2,0326659
sg99(sg99)Adult (m)1,9266944
SY9oTrust UndyingAdult (f)2,7704519
g304She Waits For HimAdult (f)1,8141,37027
tQjiWait Until DarkAdult (f)1,09454921
e0N0He Waits For HerAdult (m)94954011
QJ4YWait 'Til Your Father Gets HomeAdult (f)1,9771,07113
DB45Don't Wait Too LongAdult (f)83750213
ILffPatiently WaitingAdult (m)1,88365610
8EdlWait For ItAdult (f)85450618
685N(685N)Adult (m)2,2155017
d48RA(d48RA)Adult (f)2,2315439
lHljo(lHljo)Adult (f)4,8186691
xcsFc(xcsFc)Adult (m)3,3396180
19jGD(19jGD)Adult (f)2,2216082
cKAKl(cKAKl)Adult (f)3,7855474
pjbH1(pjbH1)Adult (f)4,4743811
Q366Z(Q366Z)Adult (m)4,1259403
cLKpS(cLKpS)Adult (f)2,7536561
FkQD2(FkQD2)Adult (m)2,2687872
jDtmG(jDtmG)Adult (f)3,9056752
APS8V(APS8V)Adult (f)2,5186152
OXzCW(OXzCW)Adult (f)4,6487923
p7xME(p7xME)Adult (f)5,1628192
bq2Le(bq2Le)Adult (m)5,1618602
Q8yR1(Q8yR1)Adult (f)5,6578793
CiEnP(CiEnP)Adult (f)5,8381,0983
7yLbm(7yLbm)Adult (f)5,0717036
JvaZG(JvaZG)Adult (m)5,8718343
h5eXWaiting No LongerHatchling (f, F)8914916
uclHNo Waiting - This Way to MuditaAdult (m)2,4351,08530
IO4nBW's Holly JoyAdult (f)2,34279013
yhD5I'll Wait For YouAdult (f)1,03653354
RXj5Don't Wait UpAdult (f)2,0547837
t4mYu(t4mYu)Adult (f)3,2018022
toA2h(toA2h)Adult (m)3,7716790
NT2bh(NT2bh)Adult (m)5,0777304
sxAh1(sxAh1)Adult (f)4,4437871
tHVVO(tHVVO)Hatchling (m, F)5,3757543
mptlI(mptlI)Adult (f)4,0685346
YiG97(YiG97)Adult (f)2,8645724
jpWhS(jpWhS)Adult (f)5,3481,28811
1cyZV(1cyZV)Adult (f)9,9018353
QBPuP(QBPuP)Hatchling (F)1,7051291
uPgdFeelin' BlueAdult (m)1,9261,12726
z1tIz(z1tIz)Adult (m)4,6047675
n1rnBlue Moon BoogieAdult (m)1,13365422
fegpBolt Out of the BlueAdult (m)1,8617068
brJnTalking a Blue StreakAdult (m)1,7996889
lnTln(lnTln)Adult (f)3,4935343
hHQ86(hHQ86)Adult (m)5,9977229
2T9pu(2T9pu)Adult (f)3,1544852
rynxZ(rynxZ)Hatchling (F)1,0673114
IYnEk(IYnEk)Adult (f)5,3097857
A4gA3(A4gA3)Adult (f)3,7576583
eZo1Worth the WaitAdult (m)95559113
gmLFWorth Every PennyAdult (m)1,16374616
0jBoNot Worth the TroubleAdult (m)2,0496148
xzMAWorth My Weight in GoldAdult (f)2,9601,30429
W5SFWorth the EffortAdult (m)2,02170010
XDN4D(XDN4D)Adult (f)5,4978103
kVjDi(kVjDi)Adult (f)2,4205822
KmFIf(KmFIf)Adult (f)3,1355405
2DnJz(2DnJz)Hatchling (F)1,1133222
hndEJema ShawAdult (f)2,5141,04614
00uaJayrAdult (f)1,8551,08711
BlMoAlexandra KellerAdult (f)1,86895711
ZIJSMichael CyprienAdult (m)2,4071,23713
7qOwSamantha BrownAdult (f)2,69040023
5uOMAedan Mac ByrneAdult (m)1,83795615
ZH8cNicola JeffersonAdult (f)1,52144031
SlV5Christina RenshawAdult (f)75650713
zhGxLiling HarperAdult (f)2,1841,17616
NtIbThierry DurandAdult (m)2,2101,18018
z5CNGabriel SeranAdult (m)83646914
VU7ELynn ViehlAdult (f)96956811
A6OHValentin JausAdult (m)97457412
QDTkRobin-of-LocksleyAdult (m)10,81672612
3guELucan of the DarkynAdult (m)2,4951,33411
E0lcDarkyn AngelAdult (f)1,9891,00612
YAfFInizio de InvernoAdult (m)2,8721,42040
DfjfRagazzo di InvernoAdult (m)5,0521,50327
n474Amante di InvernoAdult (f)2,50998211
yA0jInnamorata di InvernoAdult (f)2,6671,07217
k2X3Thermal SpringAdult (m)1,3076046
qSOJFountainhead SpringAdult (f)1,95370511
jDHqArtesian SpringAdult (m)2,54958520
YETQqNora Vinnie2Adult (f)3,8467021
bhIsSNora VinnieAdult (m)2,4436471
yEPwYBW's Flawless SpringAdult (m)3,8577703
fFJGLG3 Spring FeverAdult (m)1,6785275
01CxyCory AlyAdult (f)2,7536991
jUZoPBW's Eternal SpringAdult (f)4,8699194
jrcXQAly Corrie 2Adult (m)3,7026762
XrdKxSpring SprintAdult (f)2,5916891
0HrRPBW's Purely SpringAdult (f)2,6867462
OzvokBW's Start of SpringAdult (m)5,1031,0111
5bnfThe Turning of the SeasonsAdult (f)1,57758513
mvSvmStairway to SeasonalsAdult (m)5,7137510
DlZ1sWhat Happens in Fight ClubAdult (m)4,5979281
HZgdOhrmazd MazdaAdult (m)1,96255310
K5uHSmart AleckAdult (m)1,34234811
4RCkPerky GirlAdult (f)1,8247196
4LVMImpudentAdult (m)1,0345657
Y5pKCheeky OneAdult (f)1,2895985
jUmNImpertinentAdult (m)1,7698497
b908Ahriman MazdaAdult (m)1,42269314
JfFFHolidays of SummerAdult (m)1,7996967
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