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You pick up the scroll labeled “BloodWings,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
uO1YX(uO1YX)Adult (m)3,9817794
w1AqqMarama ParauriAdult (m)5,2797491
plffmMarama TarakonaAdult (f)6,3646830
A40dTMarama RakauAdult (f)3,9399031
Nr61ZMarama AhiAdult (f)4,0728640
ZPjwrMarama TonuAdult (m)4,1148992
cXWR0(cXWR0)Adult (m)2,7137712
CQGSu(CQGSu)Hatchling (f, F)4,7447773
TUz22Marama LotoHatchling (F)1,1143382
0cG8jMarama RereAdult (m)4,3318042
pEcMWMarama TiraAdult (f)4,4878153
51Lvg(51Lvg)Adult (f)5,8796806
HVrWMMarama KapuaAdult (m)3,7227522
SzjAuMarama RangiAdult (f)4,9868470
Tt0aYMarama EmeraraAdult (m)5,0458411
VZTxnMarama MaikukuAdult (f)2,2916972
yQZu2Marama KoiAdult (m)1,7415760
gOoFgMarama WaiAdult (m)2,3756491
bGJ26Marama KonukawataAdult (m)5,6287321
a26lfMarama HauAdult (m)4,6888200
1sYG1Marama WhakarewaAdult (f)1,8895800
Qm6jOMarama WhakaponoAdult (f)2,3556010
awzNgMarama KaunenehuAdult (f)3,7797633
ZbXFOMarama ManaiaHatchling (F)1,1853051
WagIdMarama KouraAdult (m)5,1098240
40VyUMarama KowhaiAdult (m)3,1576524
wv73SMarama ParahiAdult (m)6,8287360
9cEw6Marama PiataataAdult (f)6,9857512
TaQaWMarama WhitiAdult (m)5,0948222
x01cn(x01cn)Adult (f)4,1407691
BwvGu(BwvGu)Adult (m)5,9071,0594
EwzDaMarama TeuilaAdult (f)2,2354955
5eQEOMarama NatiaHatchling (F)1,9144560
jE8RZMarama PeruAdult (m)3,6427410
BpQTsMarama PakekeAdult (m)3,0335382
2Wizj(2Wizj)Adult (m)2,9759215
YQRNHMarama MataAdult (f)3,6197450
o9sujMarama RauAdult (f)2,9495573
Agj0aMarama MaripiAdult (m)3,6917340
oBfUWMarama HoariAdult (f)3,5967520
nYQ18Marama MaungaAdult (f)3,1855401
UbogZMarama TokaAdult (f)3,8987270
ZOOHIMarama KohatuAdult (m)3,6717421
ygf3u(ygf3u)Hatchling (F)1,5292942
CcL7hThe Ryver StyxAdult (m)5,1921,0051
IIDFNThe Ryver NileAdult (m)4,9991,0120
Lh9ivThe River GangesAdult (f)5,1958180
kWU54The River DanubeAdult (m)5,0018663
vr8dfThe River NigerAdult (m)4,1958572
YItnYThe River CongoAdult (f)6,0128041
qFeysWhat A Colossal DragonAdult (f)4,4549522
5BPQHWhat A Colossal FailureAdult (f)4,5181,1420
KLiGz(KLiGz)Adult (f)5,7319152
FTuBlWhat A Colossal DisappointmentAdult (f)6,4948071
0C1S4What a Colossal ClusterAdult (f)2,9807952
zNVVKWhat A Colossal BoondoggleAdult (f)6,0588503
Scau0What A Colossal MistakeAdult (m)6,6167822
UTyHCWhat A Colossal DisasterAdult (f)5,1161,0111
jneux(jneux)Adult (m)3,9987640
1Wkw3What A Colossal MessAdult (m)4,5461,1420
3ET5ZChartreuse CobaltAdult (f)2,2915863
OsEFKChartreuse with MittensAdult (f)4,3157263
mkmUHChartreuse LimeAdult (f)4,5209240
xSstCChartreuse GarnetAdult (m)4,4166822
qt8gUChartreuse CoralAdult (m)4,2978951
R1fn6Chartreuse CrimsonAdult (m)4,4066941
MTPXfChartreuse CitrineAdult (m)2,2066620
u9PpHChartreuse ScarletAdult (m)4,6379362
GIpJ0Charteuse CarmineAdult (m)4,2877211
6r8R0Chartreuse PineAdult (m)4,6929902
l1Ez6Chartreuse PeachesAdult (m)4,6189841
hEeb2Hook or By CrookAdult (m)6,3927160
TKQKVShe's HookedAdult (f)5,6487303
4dildWe're All HookedAdult (m)4,9387203
8QiZSHe's HookedAdult (m)6,4577281
rONrBYou're HookedAdult (m)5,1948841
TBTqsI'm HookedAdult (f)4,9848421
swGJ0Can You Hook Me UpAdult (m)4,7698280
wlrp0Hooked Up WithAdult (m)4,8248250
y8jiwOff The HookAdult (m)4,4018620
mEgIaFell For It Hook Line and SinkerAdult (m)5,6607205
xyWSpHook a RugAdult (m)2,7446162
YUaRaRing Off The HookAdult (f)4,3807831
FF2MpHooked on MusicAdult (f)3,4597211
zJm5FThis is JaneAdult (f)4,4737772
iBmVGSee Jane RunAdult (f)4,3437781
kBBf9See Dick RunAdult (m)4,9007211
qdcXpRun Dick RunAdult (m)5,6187275
dmUBIRun Jane RunAdult (m)5,6567283
QDq06See Spot SitAdult (f)6,4297301
Es2ruThis is SpotAdult (f)5,6117283
MatvOSee Funny SallyAdult (m)2,1074693
oVMOFThis is SallyAdult (f)2,3935133
uXWuESee Spot BarkAdult (m)3,1645562
PaCkp(PaCkp)Adult (m)4,5418222
kz7ctBW Magelite PygmyAdult (f)2,7677220
QkHpE(QkHpE)Adult (f)4,6807271
WZDV2(WZDV2)Adult (m)4,13575912
yYTLu(yYTLu)Adult (f)2,6725490
BsWgL(BsWgL)Adult (f)4,37877110
Wz4Th(Wz4Th)Adult (m)6,4077392
o0tgX(o0tgX)Adult (f)4,1428231
L03DP(L03DP)Adult (f)5,6637520
tC5DShe Who Watches The SkiesAdult (f)3,5001,03218
oLTCOHe Who Watches the SkiesAdult (m)6,9919649
pCr0aBW Avatar of CreationAdult (m)5,1999686
WbezL(WbezL)Adult (m)6,6368934
sv4Af(sv4Af)Adult (f)4,4329855
wk9CA(wk9CA)Adult (f)6,3521,1127
5CFOj(5CFOj)Adult (m)5,0879145
SzWOL(SzWOL)Adult (f)6,5718493
D61RiBW Avatar of ChangeAdult (f)4,5648435
cszrF(cszrF)Adult (f)5,0348958
IVe8J(IVe8J)Adult (m)8,23885911
A2Yxd(A2Yxd)Adult (f)7,4047427
I4TyS(I4TyS)Adult (m)7,6898725
SOnMR(SOnMR)Adult (f)6,7518154
SG6Mw(SG6Mw)Adult (m)7,4058985
YGq8S(YGq8S)Adult (f)7,7568875
BtByH(BtByH)Adult (m)7,4237844
8uppd(8uppd)Adult (m)7,76193116
N10qM(N10qM)Adult (f)7,6361,0746
zGDhW(zGDhW)Adult (f)6,1359812
Blx5LBW Avatar of DestructionAdult (f)5,3221,1753
OCxTJ(OCxTJ)Adult (m)6,75487912
tEz1B(tEz1B)Adult (f)6,1868248
NqTqN(NqTqN)Adult (f)5,7391,1496
W6VgG(W6VgG)Adult (m)9,4259039
UK2sw(UK2sw)Adult (m)7,6991,0592
BTznp(BTznp)Adult (f)9,4759265
wJy3ZBW PyralspiteAdult (f)3,2627983
1aXhH(1aXhH)Adult (m)2,6176727
QQbiS(QQbiS)Adult (f)5,7237275
1Zb6T(1Zb6T)Adult (m)5,6688366
N1dZW(N1dZW)Adult (m)9,4748055
2P2Y3(2P2Y3)Adult (f)3,3588893
s4Y8p(s4Y8p)Adult (f)4,4187661
0CQ9w(0CQ9w)Adult (f)4,9668102
F377F(F377F)Adult (f)3,7666504
5NOya(5NOya)Adult (f)4,3057873
lxYCD(lxYCD)Adult (f)3,7739092
i3ikE(i3ikE)Adult (m)3,2478661
CWipW(CWipW)Adult (f)7,3187193
gl10I(gl10I)Adult (f)7,3088714
8IRvE(8IRvE)Adult (m)5,3799822
dOzs9(dOzs9)Adult (m)5,9009395
RCnmg(RCnmg)Adult (m)5,2576752
DooTJ(DooTJ)Adult (m)6,2127278
rDBUq(rDBUq)Adult (m)5,7699521
9v4r9(9v4r9)Adult (f)5,7577493
5MG93(5MG93)Adult (m)4,9737113
IJyei(IJyei)Adult (m)5,8649491
QJpYg(QJpYg)Adult (f)2,9077762
Xgle7(Xgle7)Adult (m)3,4665582
X5lME(X5lME)Adult (f)5,4689339
JpFD7(JpFD7)Adult (f)5,4399347
zxUdY(zxUdY)Adult (m)5,2518702
IKm1G(IKm1G)Adult (f)5,6829812
LPHct(LPHct)Adult (f)3,8117553
T6FAs(T6FAs)Adult (m)3,0867483
aA5Nl(aA5Nl)Adult (m)2,3607803
VxY5A(VxY5A)Adult (m)5,7649681
ewUrW(ewUrW)Adult (m)5,0521,0143
PQAP6Tiny PyralHatchling (f, F)3,4496362
jhxmyBW Blue-BandedAdult (m)4,7277610
tdpzv(tdpzv)Adult (f)4,7607730
bAjQg(bAjQg)Adult (f)5,1138231
hwmsc(hwmsc)Adult (m)3,7696684
0EBq6(0EBq6)Adult (m)5,7837612
lz87A(lz87A)Adult (f)4,2419481
6QLus(6QLus)Adult (f)4,6757862
jvVjL(jvVjL)Adult (m)4,4858010
zzmXY(zzmXY)Adult (m)4,8867610
dsY9z(dsY9z)Adult (m)3,9368593
mz7y5(mz7y5)Adult (f)4,5819370
kfKbU(kfKbU)Adult (m)2,3084980
2DEcM(2DEcM)Adult (m)4,5909230
fYLStBW UndineAdult (m)4,4549290
5l2Wu(5l2Wu)Adult (m)2,4725617
JQMfo(JQMfo)Adult (f)2,1975432
nBbOX(nBbOX)Adult (m)2,5556522
8crId(8crId)Adult (f)7,1618434
vZXBl(vZXBl)Adult (f)6,9428496
swGYn(swGYn)Adult (m)2,8987465
oymjD(oymjD)Adult (m)7,0638444
o6AEe(o6AEe)Adult (m)7,1588384
aQbBA(aQbBA)Adult (m)5,7407583
6C2dk(6C2dk)Adult (m)4,0858323
P1Elx(P1Elx)Adult (m)6,39192210
plXCm(plXCm)Adult (f)4,1198523
aMY9R(aMY9R)Adult (m)4,1234673
yGbWm(yGbWm)Adult (f)4,1697685
dcTnk(dcTnk)Adult (f)2,1555414
SoXp5(SoXp5)Adult (m)5,74486010
vuThb(vuThb)Adult (m)4,6699721
moEbF(moEbF)Adult (f)4,0139471
GoygE(GoygE)Adult (f)2,7225581
PJyZT(PJyZT)Hatchling (F)1,5814073
Db0YZ(Db0YZ)Adult (m)3,8979560
aPCzU(aPCzU)Adult (f)4,4338081
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