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You pick up the scroll labeled “BloodWings,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
VU5aBThe Lame Will WalkAdult (f)2,7675451
AfWAb(AfWAb)Adult (f)6,4428728
m4FkS(m4FkS)Adult (f)6,3397966
lIrrr(lIrrr)Adult (f)3,2887415
jy8rm(jy8rm)Adult (m)2,5156931
Fdhrh(Fdhrh)Adult (m)4,1416679
QvPK3(QvPK3)Adult (m)6,5958626
vsa2T(vsa2T)Adult (m)6,4688684
Hm5EA(Hm5EA)Adult (m)6,4598883
p7XFX(p7XFX)Adult (f)5,8166153
R23a9(R23a9)Adult (m)4,1874435
KRGAb(KRGAb)Adult (f)5,4178071
ueBfi(ueBfi)Adult (m)4,7653622
EqK9(EqK9)Hatchling (m, F)1,6946496
oZhFPurple ProseAdult (f)4,16269949
DQN2Piccolo ViolaAdult (f)3,324631141
WtysHannahMontanaAdult (f)4,19982380
u4WPMileyCyrusAdult (f)4,0011,49032
4U9K8(4U9K8)Adult (f)3,5515963
YZ5Kl(YZ5Kl)Adult (f)3,5927914
MCtNs(MCtNs)Adult (f)5,6017031
anN9n(anN9n)Adult (f)3,3177405
MbUnR(MbUnR)Adult (f)5,1327225
VSP1a(VSP1a)Adult (f)4,5863960
By9p0(By9p0)Adult (f)5,5488071
opWek(opWek)Adult (f)4,1997623
ElwPe(ElwPe)Adult (f)3,6607705
gmPZ(gmPZ)Adult (f)2,27960012
V7Yfg(V7Yfg)Adult (f)4,0635072
AWAax(AWAax)Adult (f)3,6887071
Gnb8P(Gnb8P)Adult (f)8,5068271
KMMZM(KMMZM)Adult (f)4,0565412
vdIPw(vdIPw)Adult (f)4,2257554
zUSZ6(zUSZ6)Adult (f)4,2257663
eQIBV(eQIBV)Adult (f)6,6768761
e98MP(e98MP)Adult (f)4,1831,0272
hDNJL(hDNJL)Adult (m)5,3556483
wvtN8(wvtN8)Adult (m)2,5202619
v8lCKorth DarastrixAdult (m)1,57675924
zceUT(zceUT)Adult (f)3,6227195
Hzi3H(Hzi3H)Adult (m)4,5166892
E3XHv(E3XHv)Adult (m)5,6117032
jgIOf(jgIOf)Adult (m)3,1857222
HujwF(HujwF)Adult (m)7,0808911
jwh7g(jwh7g)Adult (m)4,0955242
X0wsv(X0wsv)Adult (m)3,4738203
E0KHE(E0KHE)Adult (m)3,7537102
4sjiw(4sjiw)Adult (m)4,2157603
IjxQo(IjxQo)Adult (m)7,7581,0635
aE8DL(aE8DL)Adult (m)3,7407174
mELuw(mELuw)Adult (m)3,7847072
IQcMi(IQcMi)Adult (m)4,2537622
pjeLm(pjeLm)Adult (m)3,7177081
gOTBi(gOTBi)Adult (m)4,0637713
JHmBGideon the AscenderAdult (m)1,41344523
Wk0JGideon's TrumpetAdult (m)1,18976610
h8r6Gideon's VengeanceAdult (m)2,44127616
v21kGideon's RetributionAdult (m)1,21344011
rX1CGideon's GauntletAdult (m)76837112
s4CN4Gideon's BetrayalAdult (m)3,8398525
SNe5zGideon's LashAdult (m)4,7194091
5E3ynGideon's TaskAdult (m)2,0476681
4ibdI(4ibdI)Adult (m)4,3587366
7RVh2(7RVh2)Adult (m)4,4967391
frgtk(frgtk)Adult (m)3,6597153
eo3ueGideon's RageAdult (m)5,9147925
9ljaFGideon's PriceAdult (m)4,2184576
TqNONGideon's FuryAdult (m)3,6037332
gDOEa(gDOEa)Adult (m)4,6377281
sAzt9(sAzt9)Adult (f)3,9024959
9nuBGideon's DesireAdult (f)1,18153625
89Wgx(89Wgx)Adult (f)3,6767115
KaMNGideon's DreamerAdult (f)3,0481,34913
2QoTGideon's HeartAdult (f)2,5121,09011
K9QrGideon's DownfallAdult (f)1,0345477
2RBTGideon's TemptationAdult (f)1,0565495
pJ95WCan't Get Any Pinker Than MeAdult (f)2,4276357
mmrLj(mmrLj)Adult (f)9,7278246
Rw9EJ(Rw9EJ)Adult (f)8,5828368
jbEvnGideon's SoulAdult (f)1,2405943
iUPQvGideon's JoyAdult (f)4,3489304
N3I08(N3I08)Adult (f)4,4787390
NXbg(NXbg)Hatchling (m, F)1,7276916
X1YoDragut FataAdult (f)3,1881,23625
QOteDragut BaiatAdult (m)1,84085111
lNkuL(lNkuL)Adult (m)4,61195010
261SE(261SE)Adult (f)2,6946679
Mr9PL(Mr9PL)Adult (f)4,0857031
dxyX3(dxyX3)Adult (m)2,3705761
rtkf9(rtkf9)Adult (f)3,1287572
OOoRM(OOoRM)Hatchling (m, F)4,4745851
fq7b(fq7b)Hatchling (m, F)1,8214379
oDKrRed SebastianAdult (m)4,945708214
gBaRRed ScarletteAdult (f)4,176990128
GET3Fyre-Ball - IBAdult (f)4,13873277
2q3zRhage's BeastAdult (m)5,1142,00253
tpV1XhexAdult (f)2,79878157
6zYWRehvenge aka The ReverendAdult (m)4,7751,78357
XxanRhage - Son of TohrtureAdult (m)4,6401,923101
TEg9Smokin' Hot MamaAdult (f)3,01639114
pqsXLick of FireAdult (f)1,6704447
lFP0Bittersweet BlushAdult (f)2,24142725
S2NfBlushing LobsterAdult (f)2,8753497
4lLV(4lLV)Adult (m)2,0607107
k7Ok(k7Ok)Adult (f)2,74855112
XOxyP(XOxyP)Adult (f)6,1828046
DfEl(DfEl)Adult (m)2,9573678
avv8E(avv8E)Adult (m)6,0418252
5JepnLittleRed CorvetteAdult (m)3,4387641
iPA4s(iPA4s)Adult (f)3,1496262
nbNa6(nbNa6)Adult (f)6,1308194
RYi86(RYi86)Adult (m)7,7211,0144
QqoMy(QqoMy)Adult (m)2,7596681
cLj3G(cLj3G)Adult (f)5,7297147
p7OyM(p7OyM)Adult (f)3,5537291
cAV0E(cAV0E)Adult (f)3,9388453
YmhRB(YmhRB)Adult (m)6,1997984
g7dKr(g7dKr)Adult (m)6,2688035
qnlJK(qnlJK)Adult (m)6,1948085
pX0pU(pX0pU)Adult (f)6,7277702
mbYWG(mbYWG)Adult (f)4,8383842
dNOML(dNOML)Adult (m)2,8877150
pocBM(pocBM)Adult (f)4,1814031
FZcVk(FZcVk)Adult (m)1,6905981
CFYWv(CFYWv)Adult (f)5,8478642
5nT5B(5nT5B)Adult (m)2,3895024
P3R7I(P3R7I)Adult (f)2,3624821
I24HF(I24HF)Adult (f)5,6719583
DrUuP(DrUuP)Adult (f)3,2698225
WJsh8(WJsh8)Adult (m)6,3491,1865
hgI8y(hgI8y)Adult (m)6,2761,1953
j0gtV(j0gtV)Adult (f)5,2559493
5PPZk(5PPZk)Adult (m)5,7049542
RLVYc(RLVYc)Adult (f)4,1387484
h9iba(h9iba)Adult (m)5,8339464
L75B1(L75B1)Adult (m)5,9829422
cizsI(cizsI)Adult (m)5,8419543
9uLao(9uLao)Adult (f)5,7409504
yKf6R(yKf6R)Adult (m)4,2377633
dzzDT(dzzDT)Adult (m)3,6817122
FwMnH(FwMnH)Adult (f)3,6747121
NDcTh(NDcTh)Adult (m)6,3058762
4qlnt(4qlnt)Adult (m)6,8828751
umlV9(umlV9)Adult (f)4,0858942
5fV9Y(5fV9Y)Adult (f)2,8967010
GK86H(GK86H)Adult (m)2,0027411
Alczf(Alczf)Adult (f)2,8485232
PAHlQ(PAHlQ)Adult (f)2,8763390
flvXI(flvXI)Adult (m)4,7959171
zsbNy(zsbNy)Adult (m)2,3922921
5ek7J(5ek7J)Adult (f)1,5643791
0YWNJ(0YWNJ)Adult (m)5,5197681
ied9q(ied9q)Adult (m)4,3887282
i0ic(i0ic)Hatchling (m, F)1,05045035
yk8RSnake PlisskenAdult (m)4,240740252
EZVYAngus McGuardianAdult (f)4,812771196
7PsQr(7PsQr)Adult (m)2,3006341
etEu5(etEu5)Adult (f)2,4996882
tuOLs(tuOLs)Adult (f)4,45856219
5aO7V(5aO7V)Adult (m)2,7567223
qmRmF(qmRmF)Adult (f)3,1577051
VCAZ2(VCAZ2)Adult (f)2,7506711
r1ego(r1ego)Adult (m)3,5051,0652
3hl4Guardian of the LostHatchling (F)1,4122706
qTUHBlue BayouAdult (m)4,443706116
dXy4Butch - The DhestroyerAdult (m)3,39687327
lyZOMarissa - Butch's ShellanAdult (f)3,6731,61126
CHtaOcean's SapphireAdult (m)5,122795215
wrlfBlue Suede BootsieAdult (f)5,8231,64749
t9HSButchAdult (m)3,4261,15635
uNVQTainted Blue - IBAdult (m)2,04793214
b9qWSapphire WatersAdult (f)1,36239514
Ar9qLittle Boy BlartAdult (m)2,06353917
Wt7BUltramarine WatersAdult (m)1,6445289
jjZ9Waters of IndigoAdult (m)1,57554913
UdQvRoyal Blue WatersAdult (m)1,87059415
PlgJCobalt  WatersAdult (m)2,4265779
rg9VPeriwinkle WatersAdult (m)2,46345010
K35ITurquoise  WatersAdult (f)2,8015979
XesqMazarine BlueAdult (m)1,8566089
6SicChalybeous WatersAdult (m)2,1357077
PhCMWater Teal 2 2GAdult (f)1,6266338
nZ6FWater Ice 5 3GAdult (f)2,5015919
1ZbKYWater Ice 4 2GAdult (f)5,1517541
756NWater Ice 5 2GAdult (m)1,9255855
6emeWater Ice 6 2GAdult (f)2,0386047
6c9gWater Magi 2 2GAdult (f)1,39659113
f2H6Water Magi 3 2GAdult (f)2,6017278
C8X4Water Magi 4 2GAdult (m)2,08747110
B1foWater Magi 3G stairstepAdult (m)2,0065396
fZrjWater Ice 3G EGAdult (m)2,1235194
Jq8YOWater Ice 7 2GAdult (m)5,0544321
vHDcWater Ice 8 2GAdult (f)2,1004897
FSicAll Water 2GAdult (m)2,7855589
drL9Water Magi 5 2GAdult (f)1,58444810
f7PQnWater Magi 1 2GAdult (m)4,7798032
GsIenWater Teal 2GAdult (f)5,8467862
DvH0SIce Blue 4 wGAdult (m)3,5504722
AsLBQIce Blue 3 2GAdult (f)3,2664761
k4B5eIce water 2 2GAdult (f)4,5794924
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