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You pick up the scroll labeled “BloodWings,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ZD3oBBW's CB9Adult (f)5,7597180
LmWuABW's CB11Adult (f)2,9185391
iNBi5BW's CB12Adult (f)3,0586252
tFVvXBW's CB13Adult (m)6,5948756
ua2hNAll Black Three FreakAdult (m)6,7618913
PpP3iBW's 3G Alllllll BlackAdult (f)7,6441,2873
Wozf3Black in ShadowAdult (m)7,9181,2844
rjaPlPB Black 2GAdult (f)6,8498195
a8fQNBW's CB14Adult (f)4,4219253
lbH9PBW's CB17Adult (m)4,0957980
PBWpdBW's CB15Adult (f)3,9278142
7dKiPBW's CB16Adult (f)4,0158303
R9OQqBW 2GBP 2Adult (f)3,62948110
ZhsHj(ZhsHj)Adult (f)8,6491,2793
KBzWy(KBzWy)Adult (m)4,7667323
jR2iv(jR2iv)Adult (f)3,8107091
7uhRY(7uhRY)Adult (m)2,7427013
NL0rs(NL0rs)Adult (m)7,4847204
W3w63(W3w63)Adult (m)4,2357074
xhAFt(xhAFt)Adult (f)4,2757093
znPS4(znPS4)Adult (f)5,2747523
p0Q2b(p0Q2b)Adult (f)3,3998073
Vwgu2BW 2GPBAdult (m)4,0234305
8jHIoBW's Grave Black 2GAdult (f)1,7994734
oEImSpiny IcicleHatchling (F)49325610
SNW3YCold-Hearted GirlHatchling (f, F)2,5414596
aQLc4Cold-Hearted BoyHatchling (m, F)2,4904877
abw1BloodWings the BlackAdult (m)3,7811,08431
8XsLBeloved of BloodWingsAdult (f)4,5461,87539
dIzxThe Omega - OBAdult (m)4,27748837
lebYLash - Son of the OmegaAdult (m)3,64499716
RUjk7BloodWings' Foxy AltAdult (f)5,9739375
GFORfMinty Black 4GAdult (m)3,6294775
IU3o7BloodWingw' Shadow AltAdult (m)3,7114883
Nc0UABloodWings' Messy AltAdult (m)3,3644893
uOgUBaby BloodWingsHatchling (m, F)3,7121,08210
ALIh4Big Brother BloodWingsHatchling (m, F)3,6976708
ovcMCastellanusAdult (f)4,262786284
2CkuFogbowAdult (m)3,456699132
111kdNoctilucent at DuskAdult (m)4,8666982
k8a38Altostratus FogAdult (f)3,4826952
AV3soStratocumulus FogAdult (f)3,8245901
HDE4lCumulonimbus FogAdult (f)2,7166202
fOb1NCirrus Radiatus FogAdult (f)3,6417623
1CG8RNimbostratus FogAdult (f)3,6057631
8EJaR(8EJaR)Adult (m)5,6557182
Le05M(Le05M)Adult (f)6,4247684
aOoRx(aOoRx)Adult (m)6,9691,0385
RUc6i(RUc6i)Adult (m)6,5247693
r37Gn(r37Gn)Adult (f)5,0203363
I8AcSquall of the CenturyHatchling (F)2,28917515
ymJ8ParchemontAdult (f)3,358667110
JwGdKongeAdult (m)3,131634122
1GSfPetite NotebookHatchling (F)1,2183425
YX3YHerger the JoyousAdult (m)3,0401,12843
rfA7Kjerstin the BelieverAdult (f)2,8961,21321
4LlgBuliwyfAdult (m)2,02877432
B7EgDagrun the Rune CasterAdult (f)2,5881,16519
AMOYTyra the ValkyrieAdult (f)2,33887917
vcNoJormund the SerpentAdult (m)2,36587914
pcyOGranito BluAdult (m)1,75094915
IZys1(IZys1)Adult (f)6,0278516
1goAMargit KirstenHatchling (f, F)2,53729918
Cs9U7(Cs9U7)Adult (m)2,4526291
P7IWDrakelyn WyvernAdult (f)4,375626140
icn5Istvan WyvernAdult (m)12,4071,569141
4YgS(4YgS)Adult (f)3,3361,02210
ZGIW(ZGIW)Adult (m)2,31057013
caG7O(caG7O)Adult (m)3,1266531
LH8tL(LH8tL)Adult (f)2,0486083
pHFdO(pHFdO)Adult (m)3,4127232
AI8Sp(AI8Sp)Adult (m)3,5706831
V4L3s(V4L3s)Adult (m)2,8246484
URANF(URANF)Adult (m)4,5613433
vo8p6(vo8p6)Adult (m)7,7971,18113
9SZh4(9SZh4)Adult (m)3,7034256
hJSWP(hJSWP)Adult (m)5,9277726
SvsGk(SvsGk)Adult (m)4,2487235
gjqqf(gjqqf)Adult (m)4,0966383
fyYN4(fyYN4)Adult (f)10,8271,2427
svdXD(svdXD)Adult (m)1,2794423
vYOYq(vYOYq)Adult (f)5,7967460
5pb01(5pb01)Adult (m)2,0856651
Aa7zn(Aa7zn)Adult (f)2,0465692
QCmo6(QCmo6)Adult (m)4,4394782
qlgK6I Hate KaleHatchling (m, F)3,7241,0328
maoALittle KohlrabiHatchling (F)8011969
JBtKFrom An Alternate Reality - IBAdult (f)2,9841,07922
8oEWDude From an Alternate RealityAdult (m)2,84995810
BoCdCrystalleAdult (f)4,557793285
gA88Snow-Ball - IBAdult (m)4,227994143
BT2QHand of VishousAdult (m)3,3031,07757
JuM7Doc - JaneAdult (f)4,0811,47270
nPAKThe Scribe VirginAdult (f)4,9411,85759
FENEVishous - IBAdult (m)3,2711,22144
hLrjCristal Rock Candy - LostAdult (f)2,35685610
jKk7Cristal Rock SaltAdult (m)3,96126814
h5lWBig Rock CandyAdult (m)1,69441510
n6iIWhite TrufflesAdult (m)1,2875309
Av4rCagney's White HeatAdult (f)9575159
ahRTIncandescent LightningAdult (m)1,1036537
HeqFHard as DiamondsAdult (m)2,26062011
YTc1Pearls of AlabasterAdult (f)1,4125349
4rBP8Blessed Are the Pure in HeartAdult (f)4,8398683
qL6dfAngels With Dirty FacesAdult (f)3,3916992
Hk2RoWhite Truffles in WinterAdult (m)3,3366921
366fAllheartAdult (f)2,81560713
mtVJBW's Black on White 2G3Adult (m)2,0355509
PuRKUPretty Much Useless BreederAdult (f)3,3135453
tWvBmBlessed Are the PeacemakersAdult (m)3,5958027
bjMDkFor They Shall See GodAdult (m)3,7078314
JTt27White IcicleAdult (f)3,2757095
5JR88BW's Hot White 3GAdult (f)3,7766806
9V5cYI'm a Big Bronze Failure TooAdult (m)6,5921,14211
kAHNuBW 2G PureWhiteAdult (f)6,2857915
2ViZXFrozen White HeatAdult (f)4,5533631
ehg7XPretty Cherry Red 3EGAdult (m)2,6355410
JiorPBW's CB White3Adult (f)4,5833682
017TvBW's White Dreamer3Adult (m)4,8343972
cXMmqBijelaAdult (m)5,0203793
e5R7GI'm a White by Bronze FailureAdult (m)6,3569338
cMq5ESnow DropsAdult (m)3,4444924
2RrXCBW's CB White2Adult (m)2,2405682
0QVAGBW's Hot Red WhiteAdult (m)3,1217592
a2ERwI'm a Shimmery White FailureAdult (m)2,4445611
JjR6Meringue DropHatchling (m, F)1,55453914
j6ZjEThe Bride in the Dusk AloneAdult (m)3,0374053
O2ZO4BW's Icy WhiteSpiralAdult (f)3,9587482
8hBeRThe Blind Shall SeeAdult (m)2,7585742
lhTRfBW's White Dreamer2Adult (m)4,0243722
naEcBWOW I'm a Pretty White SilverAdult (m)2,7465601
AR517BW's CB White1Adult (m)2,7961,3821
EDjUcBrokenhearted Thuwed-DorkfaceAdult (f)4,3833791
9gFH6BW's White DreamerAdult (m)2,6535641
rCM9eBW's Black on White 2G2Adult (f)8,2591,2911
aZ4IxBW's Black on White 2GAdult (m)7,8871,2843
RjYOvCrimson Blood on the SnowAdult (m)2,4117342
VWkKgBW's SnowDreamer2Adult (f)5,0908390
UpxIYBW's White Dreamer4Adult (f)5,1678370
E3hC7BW's CB2 WhiteAdult (m)5,4188400
KVdaYPure Icy White EGAdult (f)6,3317461
F34ViGuilderblancAdult (m)5,5407473
1O7gUGuilderblanc2Adult (f)4,2572927
FAY8oGuilderblanc3Adult (m)4,2172894
Mt23qGuilderblanc4Adult (f)4,1962943
QgBmkGuilderblanc5Adult (f)2,3242906
3gTyMGuilderblanc7 3EGAdult (m)2,41330610
GBfmjGuilderblanc6 3EGAdult (f)3,3772915
vCRFmBW's SnowDreamerAdult (f)5,4987951
sqqlyBW's Pure White Silver DreamAdult (f)3,6837302
5mqToBW's White Silver EvenGen3Adult (f)4,5249050
YMzxI(YMzxI)Adult (f)4,5309083
0tvshSnowBronzeAdult (m)5,7757541
bS9zLSnow Angel by White 3G StairstepAdult (f)6,2587441
KGEFTZircon BrilliantAdult (m)5,4808091
WnOCUBW's CB1 WhiteAdult (f)3,9821,0924
aY7sXPure as the Driven Snow HollyAdult (f)2,8775473
3zzO3(3zzO3)Adult (f)7,5277345
X2j8L(X2j8L)Adult (f)7,7527295
hymsChocolate WhipAdult (m)1,2857499
Q3nVMocha WhipAdult (f)1,5781,10116
zGnkFCocoa WhipAdult (f)4,0073921
75xhPCaramel WhipAdult (f)5,2723531
q9LVIButterscotch WhipAdult (m)3,3696620
4VBTICappucino WhipAdult (m)3,5136600
hO9rKMacchiato WhipAdult (m)3,3106661
h6XHLBrownie WhipAdult (m)3,7453701
OMOzVGingerbread WhipAdult (f)4,3193422
ETefFrozen Little WhipHatchling (f, F)1,7764365
Pza1Porky PigAdult (m)1,5321,04917
5JQDPetunia PigAdult (f)1,6388568
DR4hPinkie PigAdult (m)1,37138225
xo3q3Puffy PigAdult (m)2,8235412
Nhk0Porky PigletHatchling (f, F)7563947
Yy32Cheezus Is Just All RightAdult3,5611,51120
nbdRCheezus CripesAdult1,59669017
ekZpMCheezus Loves MeAdult4,4269081
KJvBgCheez 'n CrackersAdult2,9088912
TVMpeString CheezAdult4,0129184
oXk6BRock 'n Roll CheezusAdult2,3537135
UQLA1That's Gouda to HearAdult4,3168443
KG4lhMacaroni  and CheezeAdult3,9057052
bUzISGril'd CheezeAdult2,2615205
PjpZ1Dilophosaurus PrincesaAdult (f)1,8656690
JKilCFrilly Red 3G StairStepAdult (m)2,6935992
AwweTDilophosaurus PrincipeAdult (m)2,5725910
4J1LZDilophosaurus DamaAdult (f)2,4225842
1TeupDilophosaurus PresidenteAdult (m)3,4786923
mXggZDilophosaurus GuerreroAdult (f)2,5446180
DbgG4Dilophosaurus SuenoAdult (f)2,4085722
d92mDilophosaurus RexAdult (m)2,8221,04226
cFwlDilophosaurus ReinaAdult (f)3,1591,24729
JJFsGreen Light - RED LIGHTHatchling (m, F)2,93827411
UZwcI Can't See My FeetAdult (m)1,57752515
c7HhRDo I Even Have FeetAdult (m)3,6824552
sJOsI Can't See My Feet EitherAdult (f)3,2201,04218
cMWHoJeez I wish they'd quit whiningHatchling (f, F)4,3316201
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