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You pick up the scroll labeled “BloodWings,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
uFAIyStarry Starry MoonTravelerAdult (m)3,5538371
a1mN3Starry Starry MoonDragonAdult (m)3,1829653
TarHkStarry Starry MoonLunaAdult (m)4,2827403
MBjmJStarry Starry MoonGliderAdult (m)2,2706556
Vb3eiStarry Starry MoonOrbiterAdult (m)2,6735723
N5aKb(N5aKb)Adult (m)3,0687284
0yvPB(0yvPB)Adult (m)3,1836427
UnGwO(UnGwO)Adult (m)3,2677205
Xf9KP(Xf9KP)Adult (m)5,1917931
JczcW(JczcW)Adult (m)8,3671,0399
BhXEqStarry Starry MoonGlintHatchling (m, F)3,9533372
QJao5Starry Starry SkyDiverAdult (f)2,2626418
TBMeStarry Starry SkyScraperAdult (f)1,4508489
MZTvStarry Starry SkyWalkerAdult (f)2,20790912
kv9dStarry Starry SkyDreamerAdult (f)9435496
4DS1EStarry Starry SkyClimberAdult (f)3,5363258
YUHJgStarry Starry SkyShinerAdult (f)4,4176452
Z4bi9Starry Starry SkySweeperAdult (f)1,8036092
Z3RJmStarry Starry SkyStreamerAdult (f)4,7628742
oE2CgStarry Starry StratosphereAdult (f)3,4217623
Ol21UStarry Starry SkyStretcherAdult (f)3,8704813
j3nlEStarry Starry SkyDiggerAdult (f)6,2221,62513
FqWdlStarry Starry SkyAdult (f)3,5097824
L0Ch9Starry Starry SkyRocketAdult (f)3,4227975
NPsEKStarry Starry SkyBenderAdult (f)4,6176225
bs1LWStarry Starry SkyWidowAdult (f)5,8627971
bkMaNStarry Starry SkyLineAdult (f)4,5269321
HEaK7(HEaK7)Adult (f)6,4248345
vaGHmStarry Starry SkyJacketAdult (f)2,3646013
hwhNYStarry Starry SkyBoarderAdult (f)3,7987291
tTRKEStarry Starry SkyKissAdult (f)2,7195781
GPuD1Starry Starry SkyBlindAdult (f)2,9095822
rmu0AStarry Starry SkyCapAdult (f)2,8415145
30cPM(30cPM)Adult (f)3,7194866
kksIQStarry Starry SkyPhosAdult (f)2,9985645
TX8R8Starry Starry SkyShardsAdult (f)2,7835305
7oMT1Starry Starry SkyTrailsAdult (f)3,2695703
Ark1jStarry Starry SkyTracerAdult (f)3,0496394
nyITy(nyITy)Adult (f)6,30792911
dU6Rb(dU6Rb)Adult (f)3,5326951
Dzwfq(Dzwfq)Adult (f)5,0487873
PmhaM(PmhaM)Adult (f)3,4756641
pMhaV(pMhaV)Adult (f)4,5497894
Hr80Z(Hr80Z)Adult (f)5,1327806
2yGd6(2yGd6)Adult (f)5,1387781
KBRzB(KBRzB)Adult (f)3,1277253
kt50l(kt50l)Adult (f)5,0947803
zM7Q8(zM7Q8)Adult (f)4,3027832
RZ5ZyStarry Starry SkyWriterAdult (f)2,2095582
qAfD6Starry Starry SkyKidHatchling (f, F)4,0294131
GVFGStarry Starry SkyRunnerAdult (m)1,4076457
pdd6Starry Starry SkyCrawlerAdult (m)2,02073410
tvbcWStarry Starry SkySkaterAdult (m)4,6855483
F8d4mStarry Starry SkyGliderAdult (m)4,5715461
LRFu8Starry Starry SkySlipperAdult (m)5,9128093
5iKXiStarry Starry SkyLightAdult (m)3,6678311
UrdvpStarry Starry SkyStreakerAdult (m)3,6668108
diOO2(diOO2)Adult (m)5,0247785
td5HStarry Starry SkyFlyerAdult (m)1,4538444
olEJ1(olEJ1)Adult (m)3,0877263
rzG3h(rzG3h)Adult (m)3,5667944
v3qyN(v3qyN)Adult (m)5,2607906
3YakNStarry Starry SkyAscenderAdult (m)2,5156119
UjXovStarry Starry SkyShooterAdult (m)4,5178115
XLveFStarry Starry SkyArcherAdult (m)1,8367051
Ua3HcStarry Starry SkyBlinderAdult (m)5,1468691
ElWkwStarry Starry SkyAngelAdult (m)4,3808042
XEoNkStarry Starry SkyDevilAdult (m)5,7167550
swobNStarry Starry SkyBloodAdult (m)2,2635781
vFaHwStarry Starry SkyBracerAdult (m)2,2916133
3smRnStarry Starry SkyBlueAdult (m)1,9655703
KYRSFStarry Starry SkyLarkAdult (m)3,1985775
RJYU1Starry Starry SkyHeartAdult (m)2,8295643
ns7SVStarry Starry SkyCrystalAdult (m)2,9765686
NuRJGStarry Starry SkyHorizonAdult (m)2,1516153
S9AJF(S9AJF)Adult (m)3,5357591
i2KyY(i2KyY)Adult (m)4,0318735
YpiVStarry Starry SkylingHatchling (m, F)1,0235886
I9pXChroococcidiopsisAdult (m)1,5527169
U9e3CyanobacteriannaAdult (f)1,45673110
rMV5CampylobacterAdult (m)3,5606989
6lGSBiotic NaniteAdult (f)5,9421,18310
j7FNLCephalosporinAdult (m)2,9419051
RRSqBeach WaveRunnerAdult (m)1,8709003
usTmPacific Ocean WaveRunnerAdult (m)2,3946738
CrwJf(CrwJf)Adult (f)3,5457731
0rfyf(0rfyf)Adult (m)3,5957911
boPC5(boPC5)Adult (f)3,5337822
Jzn0B(Jzn0B)Adult (m)2,8385911
T0Ykj(T0Ykj)Adult (f)3,2055870
5vDhM(5vDhM)Adult (f)2,7055842
0Xofd(0Xofd)Adult (f)2,3266264
eJC6Coast WaveRunnerAdult (m)1,3847153
04sCsCliff WaveRunnerAdult (f)6,6118721
7kjfuMaritime WaveRunnerAdult (m)4,8595173
ZiHaVMarine Biology WaveRunnerHatchling (m, F)4,5437372
f3ERBiology Major WaveRunnerHatchling (m, F)1,4747795
RccHEmbers AshAdult (f)1,6276509
QkLPEmbers CoalAdult (f)2,9215717
K4JuEmbers Burning BrightAdult (m)3,0296205
dYskEmbers SmokingAdult (f)1,1375205
3d0kEmbers BlazingAdult (m)1,8946869
5PlHFEmbers SmolderingAdult (f)6,4691,3795
bC6RfEmbers RoastingAdult (m)6,4857104
VZrilEmbers ScorchingAdult (m)3,1647961
i3JcSEmbers SizzlingAdult (m)4,2841,0585
A99mgEmbers BroilingAdult (m)3,6397701
qDlK5Embers and CindersAdult (f)3,4301,0595
S1BZAEmbers RuinsAdult (f)3,2937644
5uGeaEmbers CharringAdult (f)4,1674916
imBVJEmbers RagingAdult (m)3,9397142
mXdhNEmbers on FireAdult (m)3,6797904
QSjMoEmbers WarmingAdult (m)3,8067010
SY1QhEmbers BankingAdult (m)4,5123620
K71vpEmbers WaningAdult (f)3,9288251
nfc13Embers GlowingAdult (f)5,9711,2188
E0MEcEmbers FlamingAdult (f)4,2034121
reQGBEmbers DarkeningAdult (f)3,6237321
axAAYEmbers DancingAdult (f)5,9119702
pLHUJEmbers WaveringAdult (f)6,1757955
VfophEmbers TwistingAdult (m)4,2953701
eBoZDEmbers TurningAdult (f)2,8575372
UqJ7E(UqJ7E)Hatchling (m, F)3,5917374
EXHpBW HarvestAdult (f)1,6206399
CtIN(CtIN)Adult (m)1,5986568
Gg1d(Gg1d)Adult (m)1,6036356
DPZfQ(DPZfQ)Adult (m)4,4977605
OlL8t(OlL8t)Adult (f)1,9844692
mlUUC(mlUUC)Hatchling (m, F)3,7699701
PkRDPink SquirrelAdult (f)2,9671,04736
U6H2Pretty Pink LadyAdult (f)2,7361,00142
5a0NUPink PiggieAdult (f)5,3138322
4Ig5vPink Guinea PigAdult (f)1,9746145
g6TY6Pink ChipmunkAdult (f)3,4031,1752
EMptwPink  HamsterAdult (f)2,0165723
kg8Eo(kg8Eo)Adult (f)3,1366875
c4bfB(c4bfB)Adult (f)2,9796275
K3Q2X(K3Q2X)Adult (f)2,9116423
dN69n(dN69n)Adult (f)5,2909640
Q3Y1Y(Q3Y1Y)Adult (f)5,2249761
UtsGT(UtsGT)Adult (f)3,5137083
609F2(609F2)Adult (f)3,6747143
mgg5A(mgg5A)Adult (f)3,1855772
3GGmH(3GGmH)Adult (f)3,3226031
NQm3a(NQm3a)Adult (f)3,4025811
N4sSS(N4sSS)Adult (f)3,6606424
vl6gr(vl6gr)Adult (f)2,9336356
SGeTY(SGeTY)Adult (f)3,2016380
8u1RL(8u1RL)Adult (f)3,1506574
zOTSh(zOTSh)Adult (f)2,8636454
u1ZR0(u1ZR0)Adult (f)3,4056232
oWTGEPink  MouseAdult (f)3,1186692
p2e3CPink  RaccoonAdult (f)2,3676901
BoaEWLittle  Pink  SquirrelHatchling (F)1,1894451
HgZnBPink  PossumAdult (f)2,4516803
y8HtX(y8HtX)Adult (f)1,6876450
HHeTP(HHeTP)Adult (f)3,8997742
fQzdU(fQzdU)Adult (f)6,1479741
vLiv9Pink LilacsAdult (f)3,6641,0832
UpW8PPink RhodedendronAdult (f)6,1527896
iGxdV(iGxdV)Adult (f)2,1377262
BJbI1Chip n DaleHatchling (F)2,3048061
G87gZDale n ChipHatchling (F)8243491
cHZeIch Bin VerliebtAdult (m)9264968
W1t8Die Liebe Besiegt AllesAdult (m)1,3715068
H0vVVLiebe GeschichteAdult (m)4,5471,1021
lPT8yLiebe KatzchenAdult (m)3,6799434
cgGrcLied der LiebeAdult (m)5,5609345
nVsE9Liebe ist die DrogeAdult (m)3,6141,0842
Vnyx7Liebe MichAdult (m)6,3527762
KRSKqEndlose LiebeAdult (m)3,6651,0803
ndQOR(ndQOR)Adult (m)2,7565495
RsNII(RsNII)Adult (m)3,6456741
9J587(9J587)Adult (m)2,8906384
WvHiJ(WvHiJ)Adult (m)3,3346294
34D6WVon der Liebe GeschlagenAdult (m)3,8951,0246
cGJMRLiebhaber der TraumeAdult (m)3,2571,1642
TByHs(TByHs)Adult (m)1,7465552
pw0VuWenig LiebeHatchling (m, F)3,7429763
7nToc(7nToc)Hatchling (F)2,5167045
uLtHE(uLtHE)Adult (m)3,0865691
vNtCE(vNtCE)Adult (m)2,9155622
kmb6t(kmb6t)Adult (m)3,8847743
ubV8S(ubV8S)Adult (m)6,2049651
Ar6hc(Ar6hc)Adult (m)2,6528003
bCuVY(bCuVY)Adult (m)2,6697843
64RhT(64RhT)Adult (m)2,8837972
ijSAv(ijSAv)Adult (m)5,1909461
kKdUT(kKdUT)Adult (m)6,1421,0791
Rocwl(Rocwl)Adult (m)6,0261,0844
bPukb(bPukb)Adult (m)6,0451,0912
okVap(okVap)Adult (m)6,0061,0653
b3Lv1(b3Lv1)Adult (m)6,8099582
R825p(R825p)Hatchling (F)1,3584982
B9DlRose Champagne BelleAdult (f)2,0161,0478
KavvRose Chardonnet BelleAdult (f)1,8961,0128
0oleERose Riesling BelleAdult (f)5,1861,0361
laoxfRose Zinfandel BelleAdult (f)3,3801,1912
nLnoeRose Burgundy BelleAdult (f)5,4219510
nYMYhRose Shiraz BelleAdult (f)5,8387725
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