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You pick up the scroll labeled “BloodWings,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
wfu05SK - The Green MileAdult (f)2,2376011
6STOHSK - The StandAdult (m)2,0085302
kCH8zSK - Silver BulletAdult (m)1,9686452
MbFjgSK - Maximum OverdriveAdult (f)1,9806183
KAexgSK - Children of the CornAdult (m)2,0466684
9lwNHSK - The Dead ZoneAdult (f)2,0476491
xgMDdSK - ChristineAdult (f)2,2666603
JbjMQSK - Pet SemataryAdult (m)2,0956412
VoPbISK - CreepshowAdult (m)1,9866252
ORcwZ(ORcwZ)Adult (m)2,4805281
48fJcSK - The LangoliersHatchling (f, F)2,0586281
9wUQj(9wUQj)Adult (m)1,8015172
4pjAh(4pjAh)Adult (m)2,0405213
tQywY(tQywY)Adult (f)2,6957863
BbYgh(BbYgh)Adult (f)2,1085350
TH6m6(TH6m6)Adult (m)3,5013613
6my8uSK - Graveyard ShiftHatchling (m, F)1,7605863
BcYAP(BcYAP)Hatchling (f, F)1,9695022
H7qzTSK - Stand By MeHatchling (F)1,3975352
hXk0lHawkeye - aka Clint BartonAdult (m)3,6908955
R2858Jane Foster - aka Thor's ChickAdult (f)2,4871,0085
QphG1Black Widow - aka NatashaAdult (f)1,7521,1476
FgHBUScarlet Witch - aka WandaAdult (f)2,3038105
QUltSLaura Barton-aka Hawkeye's WifeAdult (f)2,3018070
nqwt4Iron Man - aka Tony StarkAdult (m)3,3448695
AHYkpDarcy Lewis - aka The InternAdult (f)3,3128595
yfMl4Virginia Potts - aka PepperAdult (f)3,4931,0538
oIHBvBucky Barnes - aka WinterSoldierAdult (m)2,3707461
FV1zQSam Wilson - aka FalconAdult (m)2,2917391
kBEg4T'Challa - aka Black PantherAdult (m)2,8215947
usji8(usji8)Adult (m)4,1161,0152
2qM8l(2qM8l)Hatchling (f, F)2,0644284
2DR9b(2DR9b)Hatchling (m, F)3,1353807
RMWpa(RMWpa)Hatchling (m, F)3,4085433
5DZOh(5DZOh)Hatchling (F)2,3887335
LZN9YBW WitchlightAdult (f)2,2516530
C4TVS(C4TVS)Adult (f)1,8215930
WKQ8R(WKQ8R)Adult (f)1,7506600
jQU7p(jQU7p)Adult (m)1,6206570
XATOk(XATOk)Adult (m)2,0406310
il3oe(il3oe)Adult (m)2,4035972
w9j1z(w9j1z)Adult (f)2,0355751
EvrbI(EvrbI)Adult (m)2,0936140
FIJSz(FIJSz)Adult (f)1,6975680
Uauzj(Uauzj)Adult (m)2,3186050
is5Hi(is5Hi)Adult (f)1,9145840
ierb1(ierb1)Adult (f)2,0946451
ixzNR(ixzNR)Adult (m)2,3646530
L3lWW(L3lWW)Adult (f)2,1825810
VR5Us(VR5Us)Hatchling (F)1,7853682
400tp(400tp)Hatchling (m, F)1,6245251
64gsp(64gsp)Hatchling (f, F)1,6245731
xTPNL(xTPNL)Adult (f)4,9441,0391
OpM1y(OpM1y)Adult (m)5,0291,0623
t3HiO(t3HiO)Hatchling (f, F)3,3878232
fW869(fW869)Adult (f)6,0851,1833
PUDsj(PUDsj)Adult (m)6,0381,1721
IWIJg(IWIJg)Hatchling (m, F)3,5038261
VxMc1(VxMc1)Adult (f)6,1571,1844
vw4nv(vw4nv)Adult (m)4,1759140
49dNe(49dNe)Adult (m)4,1408900
3vWKw(3vWKw)Adult (f)5,0891,0560
EE3x5(EE3x5)Adult (m)4,6458871
bdjLH(bdjLH)Adult (f)5,1591,0311
wNoiC(wNoiC)Adult (m)3,2558380
LSaTX(LSaTX)Adult (f)3,4008621
LB4GW(LB4GW)Adult (f)3,1848360
Is550(Is550)Adult (f)3,4358710
8Y8wV(8Y8wV)Adult (f)4,9899010
e5gD2(e5gD2)Adult (f)3,1958561
vPKMa(vPKMa)Adult (m)3,2088662
WXe0y(WXe0y)Hatchling (F)3,0647131
FJD2(FJD2)Adult (m)1,4487723
BZbeB(BZbeB)Adult (f)6,6868464
mBp0(mBp0)Adult (f)1,5798937
ZJ37(ZJ37)Adult (f)2,01494212
5B1Jb(5B1Jb)Adult (m)3,6605561
3S2BI(3S2BI)Hatchling (f, F)4,4005901
VWhgj(VWhgj)Hatchling (F)8974145
qRDNG(qRDNG)Adult (f)2,6987282
kXyWz(kXyWz)Adult (f)2,5665364
0eAHM(0eAHM)Adult (f)7,5758337
InGaKarner BlueAdult (f)1,5267873
I6tVMourning  CloakAdult (m)1,5817494
nbBCQueen Alexandra's BirdwingAdult (f)1,5697486
uFDtP(uFDtP)Adult (f)3,1774161
SaKYc(SaKYc)Adult (f)6,1767342
3D2ho(3D2ho)Adult (m)4,9225664
KR6GK(KR6GK)Adult (f)2,8546021
gLeuN(gLeuN)Adult (m)4,2483742
vjVTn(vjVTn)Adult (f)4,1643470
Vr3ko(Vr3ko)Adult (m)1,5895624
hq6YFiretip SkipperAdult (f)1,1675718
9e7IBecker's WhiteAdult (m)5,7291,1377
37p8K(37p8K)Adult (m)3,2888445
5J5lD(5J5lD)Adult (m)4,5388013
UbMfb(UbMfb)Adult (m)3,8637092
NqKel(NqKel)Adult (f)3,6225535
kWLJStella OrangetipHatchling (f, F)9025135
ZDNZBlut des DrachenAdult (f)1,69045917
HhijSergei AzazelAdult (m)1,98630113
g2JBElizabeta  BathoryAdult (f)2,0108859
sPEUVlad MikaelAdult (m)1,60640916
J8qkAphrodite of the UnderworldAdult (f)1,37252518
dSofVrykolakas VampirAdult (m)3,9011,05790
LVBZPam FangtasiaAdult (f)1,49170915
05nK(05nK)Adult (m)1,6337067
q0BPY(q0BPY)Adult (m)3,3677683
eE1F3(eE1F3)Adult (m)2,6044744
WjteMalsvir DarastrixAdult (f)1,44972216
La7rg(La7rg)Adult (m)4,1161,0543
j7IAE(j7IAE)Adult (m)2,4666220
wPYYP(wPYYP)Adult (f)3,1457472
SUNno(SUNno)Adult (m)4,5467585
EXKqa(EXKqa)Adult (f)4,3809364
UyZ3e(UyZ3e)Adult (m)8,7641,0103
dA8Xs(dA8Xs)Adult (m)4,2567401
GuYNAMina Murray HarkerAdult (f)3,3739494
B0qei(B0qei)Hatchling (m, F)2,8526013
kzczJ(kzczJ)Adult (f)4,1138024
wbeAb(wbeAb)Hatchling (f, F)2,9198241
MUcKk(MUcKk)Hatchling (m, F)3,4697183
YQPme(YQPme)Hatchling (f, F)1,8705751
DZMEy(DZMEy)Hatchling (F)1,7041521
MFUu5(MFUu5)Adult (f)5,2855641
UCVI(UCVI)Adult (m)1,58771713
c0RI(c0RI)Adult (f)1,96483212
0o0b(0o0b)Adult (m)1,8186959
73hxB(73hxB)Adult (m)5,6231,1034
bPSa3(bPSa3)Adult (m)5,8971,1344
8Ms3o(8Ms3o)Adult (m)5,2425881
SZa9l(SZa9l)Adult (m)5,4626060
9UsmQ(9UsmQ)Adult (f)5,9385761
exqdh(exqdh)Adult (f)5,6037510
Lp5e6(Lp5e6)Adult (m)3,8295504
t3QaU(t3QaU)Adult (f)3,7645282
h4faJ(h4faJ)Adult (f)3,8065231
OSmc7(OSmc7)Adult (m)2,5285171
Q1FGn(Q1FGn)Adult (m)5,4675891
jcURQ(jcURQ)Adult (m)4,1867202
8UK0q(8UK0q)Hatchling (m, F)4,4465802
n64M(n64M)Adult (m)1,88393911
n7sWm(n7sWm)Adult (f)4,8438702
2707(2707)Adult (f)1,42660811
TU9W(TU9W)Adult (m)1,2465248
IfHeS(IfHeS)Adult (m)3,6918053
f805(f805)Adult (f)2,29791310
9Qdi(9Qdi)Adult (m)1,5357894
PiAG(PiAG)Adult (f)1,5976798
Dsun(Dsun)Adult (m)2,1477666
ohLw0(ohLw0)Hatchling (F)9262442
V3TRPF Vincent VegaAdult (m)1,54063111
Y4t7PF Mia WallaceAdult (f)1,15560811
z5JIP(z5JIP)Adult (f)2,8776712
rOVHCPF Jules WinnfieldAdult (m)4,4217954
JJbs0PF The WolfAdult (m)5,6998266
lmQ8YPF Hunny BunnyAdult (f)7,0001,2355
5PWANPF Jimmie DimmickAdult (m)4,3753923
ALu2E(ALu2E)Adult (f)2,7746432
c7dp(c7dp)Hatchling (F)1,2892087
8KJDCerulean SinAdult (m)7915569
q74jCerulean WhisperAdult (f)2,9013058
j8I6PCerulean FaithAdult (f)2,3006532
TlRQqPoseidon's Perfect BoyAdult (m)6,3557976
ejkLAPoseidon's AngelAdult (f)3,6207082
nYGnaPoseidon's NightmareAdult (m)5,6327676
XpjbEPoseidon's DepthsAdult (m)3,6097161
nGRAAPoseidon's RestAdult (f)4,2215623
i8HsXPoseidon's QueenAdult (f)3,9578391
i1GCCPoseidon's SurpriseHatchling (m, F)4,5767702
2bCaMalus SargentiiAdult (m)4,9835018
hoJ2Sambucus CanadesisAdult (f)1,5274017
24e5Quercus VelutinaAdult (m)86351110
BJfZLiriodendraAdult (f)8554877
CmuAk(CmuAk)Adult (f)4,0342844
Pe5E8(Pe5E8)Adult (f)2,5125963
XgC3CSpinach Salad with PancettaHatchling (f, F)4,2994522
sRUqb(sRUqb)Adult (m)5,8098722
ZBU1Spinach Salad with BaconHatchling (F)1,0081436
giY6BW's Lady MarmaladeAdult (f)9595468
DXKOBW's Butternut SquashAdult (m)9515436
iFuZBW's Butterbean SquashAdult (f)1,1496356
RAAEBW's Pumpkin SquashAdult (m)1,3676915
kTHOBW's Butterfinger SquashAdult (f)9445419
ZFrWBW's Orange MarmaladeAdult (m)1,3636886
NAVdjBW's Pumpkin PieAdult (m)1,8085833
CLl9BW's Carrot CakeAdult (m)2,61464211
ddZFBW's Pumpkin SpiceAdult (m)3,4321,0018
d15vBW's Sweet Potatoe PieAdult (m)2,9521,1758
8h04EBW's Acorn SquashAdult (f)5,7381,0332
GL94BW's Tangerine MarmaladeAdult (f)2,9891,1506
nZPrBW's Goblin PumpkinAdult (f)1,72682610
0bZmBW's ButterballAdult (m)2,4806709
jdbAWBW's Pumpkin SeedAdult (f)5,7261,0424
OatmBW's Sugar PieAdult (m)2,11372210
voWZx(voWZx)Adult (m)3,8515992
3l3U5(3l3U5)Adult (f)3,8259663
nOgk9(nOgk9)Adult (m)3,9226083
DPA3W(DPA3W)Adult (f)3,8379483
sNM6LBW's Cinderella's CoachAdult (f)2,5376761
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