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You pick up the scroll labeled “BloodWings,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
iVvPDamian's AllureAdult (f)1,4898359
qXhhDamian's DamnationAdult (m)1,6887767
GNTSDamian's RageAdult (m)1,7858776
AsLiDamian's FearAdult (m)1,3647085
illtDamian's RedemptionAdult (f)3,60970510
ITZoDamian's TearsAdult (f)1,5455114
nFQeDamian's VengeanceAdult (m)1,5678115
NZGqtMarianne's MagicAdult (f)6,6221,1293
GbPsBNarcissus's MasculinityAdult (m)3,1356594
bhht2Nathaniel's BruisesAdult (m)5,0615113
t1FTuCerulean SinsAdult (f)3,1646865
p20aGTruth's VengeanceAdult (f)2,3607102
dfJppRaphael's StrengthAdult (m)3,1447851
l3DZFRequiem's DownfallAdult (f)4,2404143
N9XDqJean-Claude's LiesAdult (m)5,1977672
AUK0Damian's SalvationAdult (f)2,6456256
3GpcDamian the RedAdult (m)2,1107434
fG04Damian's DespairAdult (f)2,2156963
7JroDamian's BloodAdult (m)1,2826567
j6i0Damian's DeliveranceAdult (f)1,5595102
C8zwcDamian's SorrowHatchling (f, F)4,5248283
RO7XDamian's UnbegottenHatchling (f, F)2,8102409
ZHfXsDamian's LossHatchling (m, F)4,2166423
s9fc1Damian's DrowningHatchling (m, F)2,1515183
u8WqiCool but not Damian'sAdult (f)7,2789842
070JfThe Flame BurnsAdult (m)7,3479941
MS0n7Messy not Damian'sAdult (m)7,2669783
K2voNCool2 but not Damian'sAdult (f)7,3821,0592
LBoUV4G SS not Damian'sAdult (m)5,4837693
0dnFtGalletian DisappointmentAdult (f)5,2506146
2i3pcEG3 not Damian'sAdult (m)7,3961,0492
gMPGSRequiem's Downfall 2Adult (f)4,0407971
4X9hEIce and HellfireAdult (m)4,1237203
HcXe6Hellfire and IceAdult (m)4,1977333
OZa0GHellenic BreezeAdult (f)5,1083821
u8ywqHell Sweetling 3GAdult (f)2,3185672
rB7saCB No kids 2Adult (f)4,0603461
0TChyCB No Kids 3Adult (f)3,9433381
uYDwYNot ABVH 6th genAdult (f)4,6581,0824
grWJO2G with Ember 2Adult (m)4,6894043
rhdf86G ABVH 2Adult (m)4,3309892
PqgMxRain of Silver HellfireAdult (f)2,8407161
4kGQM3G with EmberAdult (m)4,4223951
lsSJXCB 1 kid not mineAdult (f)3,4194231
2r8Nk2G with emberAdult (f)5,2124191
HscQ8(HscQ8)Adult (f)4,4577304
TD5hP(TD5hP)Adult (f)3,5717812
2lvpf(2lvpf)Adult (m)3,5397802
bS88C(bS88C)Adult (f)3,4537781
FAuxC(FAuxC)Adult (f)3,5357891
5AETo(5AETo)Adult (f)5,1797933
9L3CE(9L3CE)Adult (f)5,1586834
pvlG3(pvlG3)Adult (m)3,7476645
YGJ49CB No Kids 4Adult (m)5,5528013
XmNgX6G with BronzeAdult (m)2,5765661
P6kJv4G with ember wrong genderAdult (f)4,7904031
5AekDCB No Kids 5Adult (m)4,8083811
dTpNn3G wth ember wrong genderAdult (f)4,4443951
BJnS73G with ember okayAdult (m)5,0704202
iWilKDamian's FlameAdult (m)5,1464122
mIUzDCB 1 kid not mine 2Adult (m)4,2364181
1bRbZCB 1 Hellhorse kidAdult (f)2,0816342
ZwTUV3G PB HellfireAdult (f)1,8894433
BHRfvHelfyre Not ABVHAdult (m)2,5555684
xKRks3G PB Hellfire2Adult (f)1,7654212
VnxdbRaining Silver HellfireAdult (m)2,7086123
GAXn1Hellfire Leaves EmbersAdult (f)3,2066401
40zyM(40zyM)Adult (m)4,2857193
a3XHOrange Bomb PopAdult (m)1,7167679
8lRmPrimale MagiAdult (m)1,8397535
BDuUIan - aka Liam FlanneryAdult (m)1,3006947
15mUChlotichilda LiebchienAdult (f)1,7096456
PkRdPankraz MagiAdult (m)1,7546567
aGDHSmokin' LavaAdult (f)1,32158312
hnb6Pacaya MagiAdult (f)1,3285498
dh8mFlannbhui CroiceineAdult (m)1,49872410
3eiEMauna Loa MagiAdult (f)1,6066996
ZqsfMasaya MagiAdult (f)1,6326746
6X9uHeat of the VolcanoAdult (f)1,6857089
2HuRMencheresAdult (m)1,2526116
3vCMBaron Charles 'Spade' deMortimerAdult (m)1,6317369
SWJUDenise MacGregorAdult (f)1,65379410
vMFWSeti Alpha VAdult (m)4,9141,0878
OM9bZlotych MagiAdult (m)1,2025956
U1C7Cat CrawfieldAdult (f)1,5817227
VOdRCrispin 'Bones' RussellAdult (m)1,6477789
DRQPStrata MagiAdult (f)1,6396598
QlQKNarance PakaoAdult (f)1,4105967
bM8NFlashfire MajakAdult (m)1,88066613
vMA5Jelena MagiAdult (f)1,20661912
N4KoRegula IAdult (f)1,93693712
jItbLicorice SherbetAdult (m)1,1724728
MbHbValles Caldera MagiAdult (m)9465674
teg8Pure Orange JuiceAdult (f)2,37985910
c2hH3EG  Magi MagmaAdult (m)2,4359308
fEn3That's My BoyAdult (m)2,0277407
qvH05G SS Magi MagmaAdult (f)1,4594766
S9kZ2G Magi WaterAdult (f)2,37652210
2u7N4G SS Magi MagmaAdult (f)4,62633211
GilPn2nd gen Magi MagmaAdult (m)6,0178311
eqOEm2EG Magi magmaAdult (m)3,7641,2184
2Ecg33EG MencheresAdult (m)4,8649879
Nuqjt3EG of Magma-MagiAdult (f)5,6638974
OYsHhDreamsicle MagiAdult (m)4,7859787
M5ib9(M5ib9)Adult (f)4,1014211
Wy8MR(Wy8MR)Adult (f)2,1634901
ivSt2(ivSt2)Adult (f)5,5888216
rNq2b(rNq2b)Adult (f)2,4137521
DoeFg(DoeFg)Adult (f)2,3717481
NUFFe(NUFFe)Adult (m)2,7526450
R5vKt(R5vKt)Adult (m)2,3435003
wCmJo(wCmJo)Adult (m)2,6475303
T8GzV(T8GzV)Adult (m)2,1255781
UkpJA(UkpJA)Adult (m)2,6186231
Fwj39(Fwj39)Adult (f)3,8387231
IWSUu(IWSUu)Adult (m)3,7837261
ouLbR(ouLbR)Adult (m)3,9967262
LLcNU(LLcNU)Adult (m)3,9507263
Em0sA(Em0sA)Adult (m)4,0777333
9Uyho(9Uyho)Adult (m)3,9417741
zw4Y2(zw4Y2)Adult (f)3,9777601
xScvm(xScvm)Adult (f)3,8447712
rL6DJ(rL6DJ)Adult (m)3,8827662
V1C3g(V1C3g)Adult (m)3,8687873
R5icO(R5icO)Adult (m)3,8007872
ewJei(ewJei)Adult (f)3,8147952
ozkPn(ozkPn)Adult (f)6,8257236
OjYOF(OjYOF)Adult (f)3,7636822
sJmus(sJmus)Adult (f)3,2486365
EHEHM(EHEHM)Adult (f)2,4807471
ph6Gd(ph6Gd)Adult (m)2,0034952
poqtV(poqtV)Adult (m)1,9304630
4qGHP(4qGHP)Adult (f)2,3535362
mur37(mur37)Adult (m)2,3685991
DVsmH(DVsmH)Adult (m)2,6985632
VZ6cs(VZ6cs)Adult (f)2,4315603
g2uN8(g2uN8)Adult (m)2,3945321
VKFaI Used to be BlaylockAdult (m)2,95397742
KnCLI Used to be QhuinnAdult (m)3,8981,43832
4pbYTangelloAdult (m)4,26473747
9Tp6Sweet PeachesAdult (f)3,91160865
ci5lAppelsin DrakeAdult (m)2,8801,11830
jZ5Zw(jZ5Zw)Adult (m)6,8557575
0dNse(0dNse)Adult (m)7,2267552
ldQ8b(ldQ8b)Adult (m)7,2657504
bsM6o(bsM6o)Adult (f)5,5529601
aE1kP(aE1kP)Adult (m)7,0237453
gutiPretty in PeachAdult (f)2,06252215
2qZRDreamsicle SummerAdult (m)1,8748449
TObtJ(TObtJ)Adult (m)4,2127514
RmPw6(RmPw6)Adult (m)5,8131,0777
KBOGo(KBOGo)Adult (f)4,6107935
iFErj(iFErj)Adult (f)5,7391,0647
nP74M(nP74M)Adult (m)5,6981,0905
EZnve(EZnve)Adult (m)5,6731,0976
9Rplj(9Rplj)Adult (m)4,5187885
ycPko(ycPko)Adult (f)5,7541,1244
rpPms(rpPms)Adult (m)4,2717896
ec95T(ec95T)Adult (f)5,7541,1277
aBDx7(aBDx7)Adult (m)5,6501,0792
G42eK(G42eK)Adult (m)4,3347676
Z8DEM(Z8DEM)Adult (m)3,4317882
HkJBh(HkJBh)Adult (f)3,4807832
zx8jc(zx8jc)Adult (f)3,5297971
72JIx(72JIx)Adult (f)4,1787532
NtjxG(NtjxG)Adult (f)3,3098353
MnH6D(MnH6D)Adult (m)3,4127682
ijmFl(ijmFl)Adult (f)4,6498274
hYS4T(hYS4T)Adult (m)4,5769022
wYTXo(wYTXo)Adult (f)4,1487685
GqfL4(GqfL4)Adult (m)4,5328213
o40iFrozen Orange JuliusAdult (m)1,8678057
Qj43q(Qj43q)Adult (f)5,5039382
HSgLf(HSgLf)Adult (m)2,0844842
ykfBb(ykfBb)Adult (m)8,6108153
9do2D(9do2D)Adult (f)8,5978254
lcoTS(lcoTS)Adult (m)2,6337193
E2sLN(E2sLN)Hatchling (m, F)4,3297573
6Lon(6Lon)Hatchling (F)1,2581099
UtOYrMount NyiragongoAdult (m)5,7586265
Vm14Volcano in New YorkAdult (f)1,1285699
BUtBAsplodin' FireAdult (f)1,2695508
dbm9The Last Days of PompeiiAdult (m)1,7735419
thORDante's  PeakAdult (f)1,6176785
hM8KMt VesuviusAdult (m)1,39139715
bSvfTacana de GuatemalaAdult (m)2,1925509
lSP7ChicabalAdult (f)1,74663316
Ao1MPico TolimanAdult (m)3,52068411
fCidQuezaltepequeAdult (f)1,9207467
deCtSuchitanAdult (m)1,80269712
DjpVAcatenango de GuatemalaAdult (f)2,26670611
50X2JumaytepequeAdult (m)2,9521,13212
CYCFMonterricoAdult (m)7,6299386
GBVfTahualAdult (f)5,8471,11211
ipPsESantiaguito de GuatemalaAdult (m)4,1394014
13I5tQuiriguaAdult (m)3,1557902
A9iBgCuilapa-BarbarenaAdult (f)3,2235515
Cmg3jTecuamburroAdult (m)4,2555605
C7qlMAtitlan de GuatemalaAdult (m)3,8626726
tEl69Coxom de GuatemalaAdult (m)4,3574246
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