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You pick up the scroll labeled “BloodWings,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
4LVMImpudentAdult (m)1,0345657
Y5pKCheeky OneAdult (f)1,2895985
jUmNImpertinentAdult (m)1,7698497
b908Ahriman MazdaAdult (m)1,42269314
JfFFHolidays of SummerAdult (m)1,7996967
kbSUSummer SuntanAdult (m)75145612
0SslSummer VacationsAdult (m)8024569
4flVSummer SandstormsAdult (f)1,9707536
TiiYSummer's SolsticeAdult (m)1,6628475
95lRSummer BeachesAdult (f)6554487
19JjSummer Streaks of GoldAdult (m)2,6851,22166
dPddSoldato FeroceAdult (m)2,33583111
dp4aPiccola Signorina - BrokenAdult (f)2,85680013
BcSpCaramella del VeranoAdult (f)1,2097045
DSUZSignorina del VeranoAdult (f)1,4168139
1hjhBelleza del VeranoAdult (f)1,1066564
4thAGuerrero del VeranoAdult (m)1,6148697
jVIFPiccola DulcinaAdult (f)1,9307727
3fpGAmante del VeranoAdult (m)1,4317426
OXHrFuerza del VeranoAdult (m)9454697
95CkRaggaza TesoraAdult (f)1,7715396
p2WjRagazzo TempestoAdult (m)3,25992815
2DkiPiccolo SignorAdult (m)2,82268613
l1PEPiccolo AntoninoAdult (m)8144879
tEXSPiccolo Capo - BrokenAdult (m)2,57490915
jRc6Piccola DonnaAdult (f)2,32961810
PEISPiccola PolpettaAdult (f)1,35549011
GrdLPiccolo PaesanoAdult (m)4,6251,37320
G3WfPiccola PioggiaAdult (f)3,2211,01212
KE62Piccola AngelitaAdult (f)1,45947713
GkEVPiccola SolitariaAdult (f)91051611
XT90iSummer FireStarterAdult (m)3,3046662
d2knl(d2knl)Adult (m)3,5296883
b7j20Stays in Fight ClubAdult (f)2,1823394
KdVnhBWs Ultimate SummerAdult (f)3,6287710
oLQtQProfoundly VanillaAdult (m)4,2718021
Y8dPMaddox - Keeper of ViolenceAdult (m)98854710
HXmQKane - Keeper of DisasterAdult (m)2,19336822
5IG4Lucien - Keeper of DeathAdult (m)1,01855213
q72vAeron - Keeper of WrathAdult (m)1,59432015
MDC5Paris - Keeper of PromiscuityAdult (m)94554611
V4oYCameo - Keeper of MiseryAdult (f)1,0465127
JNHmBianka Skyhawk - BrokenAdult (f)5,28654314
bTJOAshlyn  DarrowAdult (f)1,23251610
XVVGSabin - Keeper of DoubtAdult (m)1,0794418
YFoaGideon - Keeper of LiesAdult (m)1,28853311
BVimAnya - Goddess of AnarchyAdult (f)1,0135697
oJcETorin - Keeper of DiseaseAdult (m)7434558
8LY8Kaia SkyhawkAdult (f)7914759
8iJGReyes - Keeper of PainAdult (m)5,07252612
SjaXDanika FordAdult (f)1,1544738
Ee71Copper DeirdreAdult (f)2,97278956
qXfgLyulf the BronzeAdult (m)2,87675357
WKLOFinn the DarkAdult (m)4,9961,68842
ZrnzDuanna the BrightAdult (f)3,6481,52752
WVR5Trystan the BoldAdult (m)3,2591,19136
SlIxViking Damian - IBAdult (m)4,3081,40432
9qenCopper Caelan - IBAdult (f)3,9761,24433
fuWeCopper MuireannAdult (f)5,1381,67234
Ik4VStarheart's FallenHatchling (m, F)1,66257610
UD21Heart of DamianAdult (f)1,6855795
a5YkDamian the BerserkerAdult (m)6,4611,2838
W6Y7Viking DamianAdult (m)1,87537712
5i52EveRayneAdult (f)2,4238569
V9LdBacktalkerAdult (m)1,6435824
auAsAutumn's Blazing GoldAdult (f)1,5535836
kAYQWalker in the WoodsAdult (f)1,6155778
1q0SDEvery FallAdult (f)5,4868142
hlpFeIdun AutumnAdult (f)6,3327315
SY4SMSkadi AutumnAdult (f)4,3207682
TAfV7Hodur AutumnAdult (m)4,2827743
slg8BW's Aloysius PendergastAdult (m)1,92229823
fLYLBW's Diogenes PendergastAdult (m)1,11848015
ThlABW's Vinnie D'AgostaAdult (m)1,0564948
AesaBW's Corrie SwansonAdult (f)1,7144849
WHeZBW's Nora Kelly SmithbackAdult (f)2,64585012
3nBQBW's Constance GreeneAdult (f)1,72241814
ue7eOh No She Didn'tAdult (f)1,76862713
oHNdOh No He Didn'tAdult (m)1,04259812
ufb1Breath of Frosty AirAdult (f)1,63967910
8uu1Winter's TrekAdult (m)1,63864817
SuJmWinter DreamsAdult (f)3,3861,22237
iOUyWinter WarlockAdult (m)2,76791829
FWzdWinter SnowfallAdult (f)3,0781,02631
rlbuWinter NightmaresAdult (m)2,7831,05733
eirsWinter Star FrostAdult (f)2,6771,01714
eOgXWinter SorcererAdult (m)3,5731,20423
Zny2Winter Snow FallingAdult (f)3,2871,22735
DggaWinter Ice CrystalAdult (f)3,0541,16537
aIJuWinter's BlanketAdult (f)9485233
EBqkWinter's WarlordAdult (m)3,5971,48838
BsSJBlue Ice WinterAdult (f)1,3545419
qYHBWhip of WinterAdult (m)1,8226616
FbdNPSnowing GraceAdult (f)3,5105802
GDPlYFall from GraceAdult (m)3,8105793
sQa3fWinter's IceBlueAdult (m)3,0645021
qwrVnWinter's DreamerAdult (f)3,2306744
YHvisWinter IcingAdult (m)5,1911,2773
cnmSKBorn of Winter IceAdult (f)3,7807302
2V7dkFifth of WinterAdult (m)4,5591,0071
MI8ZVFirst Blue WinterAdult (m)4,5807910
tB7u3Winter WenchAdult (m)4,5838334
WkrdnGheimhridh ThuwedAdult (f)2,9827231
BTgFEQuilted SnowAdult (f)6,0128524
wyF9yBlu du WinterAdult (f)4,4059343
2RZhTiny Ice CubeHatchling (f, F)2,1447969
BeYrRicky and LucyAdult (m)3,799765204
Tx5NPunkin' and PieAdult (f)4,4771,149111
d41fLestat and Louis - IBAdult (m)3,20060586
6IHmClaudia and Madeleine - IBAdult (f)4,23684997
A5WOMarius and Armand - IBAdult (m)4,6471,56645
p7W8David Talbot and Raglan JamesAdult (m)3,9301,52968
tQDyBella and CormiaAdult (f)4,57590129
SvLjAntonio and ArmandAdult (m)3,35563872
mp6hZsadist and PhuryAdult (m)4,7551,77655
aAhEAkasha and Mekare - IBAdult (f)2,4131,04527
C4MyBlueberry and BoysenberryAdult (f)5,0822,030103
b8c2Gabrielle and JesseAdult (f)2,8451,56215
6SAyPandora and BiancaAdult (f)1,96792025
u1DhMael and KhaymanAdult (m)2,6971,22224
CEtuCormia and BellaAdult (f)1,33173928
kojgAdam and SamuelAdult (m)1,67992111
CSbNMercy and JesseAdult (f)1,8671,0759
UeklWarren and BenAdult (m)1,1747409
cLPuShiny and NewAdult (m)1,27559216
cWG9Spot and LessAdult (m)5,2321,52212
EivKSqueaky and CleanAdult (f)1,71962017
wT7KKefalotyri and FetaAdult (m)1,25277814
4FBIHavarti and BleuAdult (f)2,16284814
BeHIEdam and GoudaAdult (f)3,03140414
ffKKdLingonberry and CranberryAdult (m)2,7836292
L2ELBocconcini and Scamorza-IBAdult (m)1,44153010
C8og9Feta and KalamataAdult (f)5,6904341
1MYbtAsiago and ProvoloneAdult (m)5,8248556
kF5FCheddar and MozzarellaAdult (m)2,0797285
568IKCotton Candy and Funnel CakesAdult (f)2,5686825
yEeyfMascarpone and EdamAdult (m)1,4725543
rDGR7Pecorino and RomanoAdult (m)4,8804193
82jOLemon Custard and Creme BruleeAdult (m)1,8456106
eZWGcPralines and CreamAdult (f)4,2977051
4Cg2WRaspberry and CranberryAdult (m)5,8984312
m7JT6Rocky Road and Moose TracksAdult (m)2,9555862
1BgUBStracciatella and SpumoniAdult (f)3,0006012
IFLFZCoconut and PistachioAdult (f)2,7625602
g1WDtButter Brickle and Butter PecanAdult (f)3,3346343
3922BBlue Moon and SupermanAdult (m)2,7615842
gzEeZIce Cream Bar and PopsicleAdult (m)4,6853901
ERtUVCookie Dough and Butter PecanAdult (f)6,0578291
nFbzfBoysenberry and BlueberryAdult (f)4,9841,0462
DPcZHSeaberry and MulberryAdult (m)4,2987451
TZ3aaStilton and RoquefortAdult (f)4,9234081
YZtbBrick and MuensterHatchling (f, F)1,96345313
7mIoQueso Blanco and Queso FrescoHatchling (f, F)1,7486408
kTChEStracchino and RicottaHatchling (F)1,1582582
yoPhTohrment - Son of HharmAdult (m)4,92276730
y5AiWellsieAdult (f)3,4411,09057
jnEXTehrrorAdult (m)3,99868376
mhKsTehrror's HeartAdult (f)4,281999126
yeUlSarelleAdult (f)4,7971,94487
FqYnMidori on the RocksAdult (f)2,6571,19511
Wnh7Midori LimeadeAdult (m)2,6861,24532
WyIvMidori MelonballAdult (m)3,0261,45838
x4A4Midori MargaritaAdult (f)3,1131,27915
eGqRMidori MojitoAdult (f)2,37133527
6agumMidori MarcasiteAdult (f)4,0824443
ANMSlMidori JadeAdult (m)3,6601,1515
urR2PMidori MarinaAdult (f)5,5857584
tPA84Midori SeaAdult (m)5,6837645
cIzI8Midori MajorAdult (m)5,5327672
fxHt3Midori JulepAdult (f)5,8377593
l5KAHMidori GlassAdult (m)5,8627702
doJmBMidori PurityAdult (m)6,4417654
GDcUBMidori HeatAdult (m)4,4963822
ulz1OMidori OliveAdult (m)7,4481,5435
TIZdLittle Boy LostHatchling (m, F)3,30399142
7ptSSunset SolsticeAdult (m)1,21457016
QJRcSunset TwilightAdult (f)1,18570410
FrHNStar-Crossed LoversAdult (f)1,4406239
5a3FQThe Milkman's DaughterAdult (f)2,5206016
nHPGCGalletian's GirlAdult (f)3,1909946
ist4NThe Sun Sets in SinAdult (f)6,3177632
RL4JThe Sun SetsHatchling (m, F)1,7096165
pssSLuminous SunriseAdult (m)1,5249607
grm8Luminous LavenderAdult (f)1,27534736
hIGpyLuminous ChansonAdult (m)3,0996064
HaoTrLittle LuminousHatchling (F)4,5956878
bCMmSAmethyst-Eyed FinnianAdult (m)4,5538834
80vEAAmethyst-Eyed SiobhanAdult (f)4,5347886
KTR7MAmethyst-Eyed MaureenAdult (f)4,3826953
MVLHQAmethyst-Eyed ReaganAdult (f)4,9396603
rd903Amethyst-Eyed SeamusAdult (m)3,9954862
PkZE1Amethyst-Eyed MaeveAdult (f)8,4609525
ioFBpAmethyst-Eyed DrustanAdult (m)6,8568772
hDxpAmethyst-Eyed AngelAdult (f)1,32074515
uexMAmethyst-Eyed WarriorAdult (m)1,62088714
bAp4Amethyst-Eyed DreamerAdult (f)1,7591,06414
5hJIAmethyst-Eyed SamuraiAdult (m)1,1575129
8buI1Amethyst-Eyed WhisperAdult (f)4,1268002
6UCvUAmethyst-Eyed ConnorAdult (m)4,5708905
CdUuuAmethyst-Eyed DillonAdult (m)6,2761,4706
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