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You pick up the scroll labeled “BloodWings,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ubEFC(ubEFC)Adult (m)2,8574971
vcs2P(vcs2P)Adult (m)2,4806974
ASLVA(ASLVA)Adult (m)2,3226571
1vLw3(1vLw3)Adult (f)2,2836740
wQAhi(wQAhi)Adult (m)6,2227252
K8a3W(K8a3W)Hatchling (m, F)2,5525352
uGcMm(uGcMm)Hatchling (F)1,4032496
4OMhV(4OMhV)Adult (m)2,6767130
9VBIc(9VBIc)Adult (f)2,8427291
SWjGz(SWjGz)Adult (f)1,8923334
Rvm4ZBW Tarantula DrakeAdult (f)2,1396351
7OZh4(7OZh4)Adult (f)1,9496201
D9POi(D9POi)Adult (f)2,8906031
IqtnS(IqtnS)Adult (m)5,3877893
jS3IW(jS3IW)Adult (m)2,1235522
Beqoa(Beqoa)Adult (m)1,5706641
OTDwG(OTDwG)Adult (m)1,8565440
SqW9u(SqW9u)Adult (m)2,1495511
Dsm4z(Dsm4z)Adult (f)1,4226510
bmiLW(bmiLW)Adult (m)1,9166721
7638wBW CandelabraAdult (m)1,9926640
cwOPj(cwOPj)Adult (f)2,4585701
g2ej0(g2ej0)Adult (m)5,3717871
9Cvjj(9Cvjj)Adult (f)1,8586772
1GhQw(1GhQw)Adult (f)2,0445443
ft19o(ft19o)Adult (f)5,4347731
m9jHj(m9jHj)Adult (f)2,9726901
8GeWG(8GeWG)Adult (f)2,6455041
PWuPq(PWuPq)Adult (m)1,9445421
BQrhX(BQrhX)Hatchling (F)3,7304273
HFj26(HFj26)Hatchling (f, F)2,8395713
5HhHo(5HhHo)Adult (m)1,8235450
oxIVb(oxIVb)Adult (f)2,0035622
S10PI(S10PI)Adult (m)3,7607802
ciGQM(ciGQM)Adult (f)1,4595940
klpQW(klpQW)Adult (f)1,2996110
813yBBW SapphireAdult (f)2,0576090
eACSs(eACSs)Adult (m)2,3156490
rSyBN(rSyBN)Adult (m)3,1714880
UlLQ1(UlLQ1)Adult (m)2,5236821
jS9dl(jS9dl)Adult (m)2,1326340
ORj7w(ORj7w)Adult (m)5,7658264
CYuPy(CYuPy)Adult (f)3,0517200
6feRa(6feRa)Adult (f)2,8516012
ki8TN(ki8TN)Adult (m)2,2056191
1Vlj0(1Vlj0)Adult (m)3,9287074
w8v6m(w8v6m)Adult (m)3,8057777
i7NlC(i7NlC)Adult (m)3,7827723
tFmpV(tFmpV)Adult (m)2,8674631
6J1rV(6J1rV)Adult (m)2,2826330
XeXgl(XeXgl)Adult (m)1,7865721
8Econ(8Econ)Adult (m)1,9445801
929K1(929K1)Adult (m)1,9736631
TEnmM(TEnmM)Adult (m)2,0256870
7P78R(7P78R)Adult (f)1,7496911
1i1KR(1i1KR)Hatchling (f, F)3,3417375
essJ6BW NexusAdult (m)1,8187250
obmb5(obmb5)Hatchling (m, F)2,0216032
8F4AF(8F4AF)Adult (m)2,3644923
KHqI6(KHqI6)Adult (f)2,7876232
kgxbG(kgxbG)Adult (f)5,5287590
zo8mx(zo8mx)Adult (f)5,6827561
hVijf(hVijf)Adult (m)6,2497765
B0S8g(B0S8g)Adult (m)5,2298022
iHyBw(iHyBw)Adult (f)1,7966110
24CL6(24CL6)Adult (f)1,9806860
Ktu1Y(Ktu1Y)Adult (f)1,8787151
DuBGk(DuBGk)Adult (m)2,2415562
Qy9f3(Qy9f3)Adult (m)2,6205902
RaR6Y(RaR6Y)Adult (f)4,6047971
2qKo6(2qKo6)Adult (m)1,8366881
1I1lF(1I1lF)Adult (m)2,1385532
LOBMjBW CelestialAdult (f)1,9855650
JZCTU(JZCTU)Adult (f)3,9217230
1XnQB(1XnQB)Adult (m)2,3345535
6VUha(6VUha)Adult (m)2,3985963
oEpx5(oEpx5)Adult (f)2,8475575
5T81O(5T81O)Adult (m)2,1915973
Gy221(Gy221)Adult (f)2,73347714
80i61(80i61)Adult (m)3,9578113
Mh9cI(Mh9cI)Adult (f)7,1707681
Esp7u(Esp7u)Adult (m)2,85453413
52j93(52j93)Adult (m)2,3676554
sYKUI(sYKUI)Adult (m)2,3546571
YK8Bu(YK8Bu)Adult (m)2,3705781
6Nxg3(6Nxg3)Adult (m)2,9924972
IhuYD(IhuYD)Adult (m)2,0425462
ydYll(ydYll)Adult (m)1,8145402
k8a97(k8a97)Hatchling (F)1,5414093
Mr6TZBW's RubyAdult (f)4,7578861
bY7LzBW's RhodoliteAdult (m)2,5097232
4uQi6BW's GarnetAdult (m)4,9809371
n7FFwBW's PyropeAdult (f)1,9874792
qJXU7(qJXU7)Adult (f)4,0578073
5iw3KBW's SapphireAdult (f)4,8687632
EL63hBW's Blue TopazAdult (f)7,3206371
D5qcvBW's AquamarineAdult (f)2,7834892
gMUQZBW's AlexandriteAdult (f)2,6626413
Cisu9(Cisu9)Adult (f)8,2931,1688
NviWS(NviWS)Adult (f)5,05283110
LvVNqBW's TanzaniteAdult (f)4,1148774
KqMLp(KqMLp)Hatchling (F)2,5833285
gqtz9BW's Green Sea GlassAdult (m)5,0077701
ezqvn(ezqvn)Adult (f)4,0468632
nn0ndBW's TourmalineAdult (m)2,2107223
VVlxMBW's PeridotAdult (m)4,1861,0031
C4fmhBW's JadeAdult (m)3,8653694
q2fSjBW's Crystal GreenAdult (f)2,3148032
nJ7prAutumn SpyritAdult (m)2,92855413
zhQfSRain SpyritAdult (m)2,4486981
BLQ84Samhain SpyritAdult (m)3,2315352
TnLEMFire SpyritAdult (m)5,7557370
LtwYAWater SpyritAdult (f)4,3158610
yfSJ0Forest SpyritAdult (m)3,3796103
3wC1zEarth SpyritAdult (m)5,3607223
825CNAir SpyritAdult (m)4,6258533
JPk5QElemental SpyritAdult (f)2,7906091
EjnvmStorm SpyritAdult (m)2,7246752
nYSLQSky SpyritAdult (m)2,3506293
UIC37Spring SpyritAdult (m)4,3475632
U3JrBWinter SpyritAdult (m)2,3765665
HV18ySolstice SpyritAdult (m)1,9256070
9ED4N(9ED4N)Adult (m)3,3506641
IrjWd(IrjWd)Hatchling (m, F)1,6834543
h9uDd(h9uDd)Hatchling (F)9292325
AQlVD(AQlVD)Adult (m)2,9136244
4RMx8(4RMx8)Adult (m)3,0076123
LfTU3Poe's The Telltale HeartAdult (f)3,3497495
vZp3YPoe's Lair of the White WyrmAdult (m)4,0898902
L5PVNPoe's Tell-Tale HeartAdult (f)2,4485863
egKXuPoe's The Haunted PalaceAdult (f)3,1645332
1MVMfPoe's City of SinAdult (m)4,1027452
F5JATPoe's UlalumeAdult (f)4,6268932
N9s55Poe's TamerlaneAdult (m)4,8278181
lD8L9Poe's Bridal BalladAdult (f)4,6327806
I6ZI7(I6ZI7)Hatchling (F)3,4394915
ublWKPoe's City in the SeaAdult (m)4,2448472
vDaEVPoe's Dream Within a DreamAdult (m)7,12973411
PWco1Poe's Haunted PalaceAdult (m)3,4937207
wvdIcPoe's To The RiverAdult (m)5,9371,22216
j8OuVPoe's The BellsAdult (f)3,5638513
dMEbuPoe's Tales of TerrorAdult (m)4,0518698
JstDePoe's Evening StarAdult (m)4,3268432
FmtkU(FmtkU)Adult (m)3,9828543
3p3Vg(3p3Vg)Adult (m)5,9151,0074
EZ2bE(EZ2bE)Adult (f)3,5188433
JweSU(JweSU)Adult (f)3,2716953
OsAeU(OsAeU)Adult (f)6,90296713
dX9Bz(dX9Bz)Adult (f)6,4559089
80pJG(80pJG)Adult (f)2,4867073
ejBTA(ejBTA)Adult (f)3,8928542
VVSct(VVSct)Adult (m)3,6717775
uO1YX(uO1YX)Adult (m)3,9817794
8mnvi(8mnvi)Adult (f)4,57885312
i7XtP(i7XtP)Adult (m)4,5358714
j1F8E(j1F8E)Adult (m)4,5198724
26qkg(26qkg)Adult (m)3,4788381
MrsIs(MrsIs)Adult (f)3,6738453
hbt8M(hbt8M)Adult (f)3,6118451
f6OWI(f6OWI)Adult (m)3,5497195
emU6m(emU6m)Adult (m)3,7177243
VLXAW(VLXAW)Adult (m)4,2847773
njEYiPoe's Valley of UnrestAdult (m)3,9049414
tsk6SPoe's Spirits of the DeadAdult (m)5,7307452
FYVHAPoe's To One in ParadiseAdult (m)7,7121,1254
YTAgrPoe's SerenadeAdult (m)4,3188846
YAKwxPoe's The ColiseumAdult (m)3,8735317
LVErhPoe's EldoradoAdult (f)2,9085364
HgAq7Poe's An EnigmaAdult (f)5,0597553
TyhHNPoe's AloneAdult (f)3,6656696
pXogzPoe's IsrafelAdult (f)8,4501,1755
3J8LMPoe's ImitationAdult (f)2,4956283
1OZ5BPoe's For LenoreAdult (m)6,2901,0623
D79SfPoe's Pit and the PendulumAdult (m)2,1365185
fZD6TPoe's Masque of the Red DeathAdult (m)2,6516564
cIm19BW's Cask of AmontilladoAdult (f)2,4036204
WkLnVPoe's House of the Fall of UsherAdult (m)5,1487194
V2zvfPoe's EleonoraAdult (f)3,5295115
pFUdWPoe's Annabel LeeAdult (f)5,7547352
9PiFzPoe's Deep in EarthAdult (m)5,9111,0344
IGgUUPoe's MorellaAdult (f)6,5671,0515
GZJzZPoe's Conqueror WyrmAdult (m)4,0738703
uizTnPoe's Epigram for Wall StreetAdult (m)7,3851,0635
aOwG8Poe's EvangelineAdult (f)6,0851,0583
yyKMhPoe's Fairy-LandAdult (f)6,1751,0629
9XrCSPoe's For AnnieAdult (f)7,6477365
i1uVoPoe's FannyAdult (f)4,0698355
3GO07Poe's Roderick UsherAdult (m)8,1649903
6RahaPoe's Prince ProsperoAdult (m)4,0297942
BOnkdPoe's Lady RowenaAdult (f)4,0618073
YGkWYPoe's The Oblong BoxAdult (m)2,5846383
5kGF9Poe's MadelineAdult (f)7,1641,1344
A06n3Poe's The Black CatHatchling (F)1,4003852
ekTzYPoe's Mademoiselle VictorineAdult (f)8,0741,1395
x5Q7UPoe's Cask of AmontilladoAdult (f)5,9651,0573
cwDUdPoe's ValdemarAdult (m)7,4331,1243
7TiKEPoe's The Gold-BugAdult (m)6,5631,0795
A1qGiPoe's Spiritual SongAdult (m)7,4931,1145
gvPmRPoe's Line on AleAdult (f)7,1181,1003
q7mdJPoe's LigeiaAdult (f)1,72236614
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