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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “afie,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
rNtgRholin FarseerAdult (m)1,84355511
qPTW6Magic's DeceptionAdult (m)4,8863962
LmEbmMagic's PuppetAdult (f)4,8187061
spbvpWhite LegacyAdult (f)3,3501,1482
1jFjUAlbino RedeyeAdult (m)4,7168390
Va7XRishin'da ShiroiAdult (f)1,36451118
Ykq8BRed-Eyed LordAdult (m)7,6081,3392
AOLdIshin'da ShiroiAdult (f)2,3921,38439
D0Jg1Transparent WishesAdult (m)4,1508770
XBnc7Whitethroat KnightAdult (f)5,1167852
HVmpaPure BlindnessAdult (f)3,8018530
EPNym(EPNym)Adult (f)5,5658220
pMicy(pMicy)Adult (m)5,2249210
dFTAB(dFTAB)Adult (m)5,3829210
s9bep(s9bep)Adult (m)5,0659110
Q2vEH(Q2vEH)Adult (f)5,8287633
PeykF(PeykF)Adult (f)5,7797822
pccz2(pccz2)Adult (f)4,8208722
DoWNR(DoWNR)Adult (m)5,0886840
6PdM8(6PdM8)Hatchling (F)2,6563181
7XD0Genius is born- not paidAdult (f)4,7211,2107
YULLEPIC Transparent WishesAdult (m)4,5541,1142
XJe4Sir EPIC RedeyeAdult (m)4,5029353
77s4EPICly RefusedAdult (m)8,6291,1354
CipmSir EPIC Squeeful ReddotAdult (m)7,7771,2153
NcGLPAlluring Scent's CarressAdult (f)4,9701,0261
UH8YZapping ReleaseAdult (f)2,1363979
CF0HElectric DreamAdult (f)2,4314439
T2Z8Harsh StormAdult (m)3,1675868
MIODInspiring ShockAdult (m)2,5814969
DTJpThunderous RageAdult (m)2,4685025
2E6UWonderous LightningAdult (f)2,25833414
tEurDelicate LightningAdult (f)3,3445957
kiHvoExplosive ThunderAdult (m)5,2441,2122
qYuZ5Bursting LightningAdult (f)4,3959200
TPZkvRadiant ThunderAdult (m)4,2603792
NsQPy(NsQPy)Adult (m)5,6429140
6Ao5KEthereal SprinterAdult (m)5,0777392
0a3MIndigo RunnerAdult (f)2,49294241
7nADDark BolterAdult (m)2,21558035
47qsNightsky RunnerAdult (f)2,01340114
KgOfRunning Night SkyAdult (m)2,17355032
YsirLilac RunnerAdult (f)5,0655712
SneApBluemaned RunnerAdult (m)2,9608753
kQMsLavender RunnerAdult (f)3,5049361
DQ9uJRedeyed RunnerAdult (m)4,2161,0911
WfIBPurple SprinterAdult (f)1,15466217
4H77kMalevolent RunnerAdult (m)3,7491,0390
PdEBbMidnight RunnerAdult (f)2,9969010
VBclZTailclipped RunnerAdult (m)4,1676472
K0jC1Horned RunnerAdult (f)4,3761,0070
fsc9mMajestic RunnerAdult (m)3,1368582
sAJsDNavy RunnerAdult (f)2,8088262
LPzI9Liserian TripperAdult (m)2,2748052
QXB9DPurpur StalkerAdult (f)4,6739919
RaxIEOrchid DasherAdult (m)2,4648300
Y3cvHMauve SprinterAdult (f)3,4077342
gS3zjHeliotrope SoarerAdult (m)2,3908053
Eb6IHThistle StalkerAdult (f)2,3067222
u0wupPhlox ChaserAdult (m)2,2098093
OskOmPurpureus HunterAdult (f)3,0046682
VGHRfFocused DasherAdult (m)1,7467500
q8WAKMidnight ManeAdult (f)3,3288662
JBm3fGlorious SprinterAdult (m)3,2671,0622
260ssThrasher's SprintAdult (f)2,5629101
60U2GPrideful SauntererAdult (m)2,5919834
OGuSrGalopping DevilAdult (f)2,5829693
O6mzaPrestigeous RunnerAdult (m)1,8127770
TXUu4(TXUu4)Adult (f)6,6686574
JpE1GJaunting DemonAdult (m)2,6369752
jL9vtConfused CantererAdult (m)2,6849562
SbGmH(SbGmH)Adult (m)5,5476560
a7vjD(a7vjD)Adult (m)3,7871,0490
PfTcECrimson's Gleaming ShineAdult (m)5,2409412
apUmgGlowing Crimson's FlashAdult (m)4,1359822
5Q6MBlazing Crimson's ShineAdult (m)4,7761,0005
bkRW0Gleaming Crimson's FlareAdult (f)3,4407152
u9gjLady Crimson BlazeAdult (f)1,7677453
ZMAtLord Crimson BlazeAdult (m)3,2368742
nZD1Blazing SonAdult (m)4,3001,0301
XgQJLady Crimson ShineAdult (f)4,5561,11121
2srQLord Crimson ShineAdult (m)5,6941,0984
DVmEShining DaughterAdult (f)4,4321,0602
o85cLady Crimson FlareAdult (f)3,62176716
G9q3Lord Crimson FlareAdult (m)2,25270910
jT7XFlaring SonAdult (m)5,7521,3926
69k4Lady Crimson GleamAdult (f)5,9729554
h4Y6Lord Crimson GleamAdult (m)5,4721,0082
fX6aGleaming DaughterAdult (f)6,4361,1735
ttutLady Crimson GlowAdult (f)8,8209454
RiLCLord Crimson GlowAdult (m)5,5198763
XshrRGlowing SonAdult (m)4,7581,0483
PVbojLady Crimson FlashAdult (f)3,9317300
Yoe3ULord Crimson FlashAdult (m)3,7987432
Mra0WFlashing DaughterAdult (f)5,0529432
05BDtLady Crimson GlareAdult (f)4,3237761
R2osOLord Crimson GlareAdult (m)4,2887981
0ajLmGlaring SonAdult (m)3,7739992
auRRdLady Crimson BurnAdult (f)4,3047792
gJ4EbLord Crimson BurnAdult (m)4,4681,1282
OgNSlBurning DaughterAdult (f)5,1199310
LH5RULady Crimson SearAdult (f)4,2238460
CroEjLord Crimson SearAdult (m)6,0051,0992
baGqoLady Crimson ShimmerAdult (f)4,5349732
fS1ebLord Crimson ShimmerAdult (m)6,1041,2944
Wn97WLady Crimson GlintAdult (f)4,1227520
KA9fnLord Crimson GlintAdult (m)4,5815585
pGCXiLady Crimson KindleAdult (f)3,2158190
G15mELord Crimson KindleAdult (m)5,5407022
j28mQLady Crimson FumeAdult (f)4,2821,1070
SDt0gLord Crimson FumeAdult (m)4,0128162
WGvYGLady Crimson GlitterAdult (f)6,3051,1461
TI06mLord Crimson GlitterAdult (m)4,4538212
qP99iLady Crimson RadianceAdult (f)6,7661,0714
UDDseLord Crimson RadianceAdult (m)6,6639030
lCxFQLord Crimson LusterAdult (m)3,3779582
lJKlDLady Crimson LusterAdult (f)6,7361,3389
2eNRFLord Crimson HonourAdult (m)2,4785960
GBMu3Lady Crimson HonourAdult (f)4,0826612
bwlS0Lord Crimson PrideAdult (m)3,8589630
cIIO4Lady Crimson PrideAdult (f)7,4321,5190
qQxBALord Crimson GloryAdult (m)6,3479561
GE3QcLady Crimson GloryAdult (f)3,9136322
YdqYTLord Crimson PrestigeAdult (m)5,7566490
dIsscLady Crimson PrestigeAdult (f)2,9897522
MMyTyLord Crimson AdulationAdult (m)5,6438982
nWkCyLady Crimson AdulationAdult (f)3,5111,0240
2NxBjLord Crimson DignityAdult (m)4,4401,0870
qwsWCLady Crimson DignityAdult (f)4,0581,0160
0N8nBLady Crimson FawningAdult (f)6,2338180
lPDtoLady Crimson FlatteryAdult (f)6,4057470
f1GDHLady Crimson WorshipAdult (f)4,7388890
aqMpv(aqMpv)Adult (f)4,0006912
xrVP1(xrVP1)Adult (m)5,0596830
JGmLKCrimson UpstartAdult (f)7,0051,5535
PLEGK(PLEGK)Adult (m)3,0717070
uFUhMCrimson InterloperAdult (m)3,6566892
j38TSCrimson UsurperAdult (f)4,6399642
EOiHQCrimson InterceptorAdult (m)3,3686762
b4jr3Crimson OppressorAdult (f)4,2941,0942
oq8HXCrimson ParvenuAdult (m)3,1217570
VNiA9Nameless ContenderAdult (f)3,4396212
MAOXkGilded Crimson GehaAdult (m)3,7938152
XhKJrCrimson ScentAdult (f)4,6751,0252
m4t8NCelestial RomanceAdult (m)5,6766821
S8apEDivine RomanceAdult (f)4,0457862
BtpuAValentine's Crimson CherriesAdult (m)5,1099502
EXrDpBittersweet HearthfireAdult (m)2,8096673
1Yq04Shimmering AdventAdult (f)6,8331,1732
A6dCBKindling AdventAdult (f)8,3411,6654
XmUrUSearing AdventAdult (f)3,8211,0982
eJlLWGlittering AdventAdult (f)6,3421,2512
WlgUUTsavorite AdventAdult (f)4,8919130
Fy68YNephrite AdventAdult (f)5,1207142
9s0jTRefused Alexandrite Advent IIAdult (f)6,4817530
P7C5ZRefused Alexandrite AdventAdult (f)5,3987030
Esmh1Tsavorite Advent JollyAdult (f)5,0179280
aPpabAdvent JollyAdult (f)5,0847552
Qde4Reddorim MightAdult (m)2,12466614
44b8Ryuuichirou A'KaiAdult (m)2,10666529
t7SSA(t7SSA)Adult (m)3,7877023
22lVmDrab stripesAdult (f)5,3579236
trDKcBland StripeAdult (m)4,2209550
QkXeFlavourful StripeAdult (f)3,9951,07111
XcbTRTasteless StripeAdult (m)4,0658832
9l0RjNeutral StripeAdult (f)3,9948811
XepXZ(XepXZ)Adult (m)5,9501,0066
GK7yQ(GK7yQ)Adult (f)4,1577492
cXnu6(cXnu6)Adult (m)4,6099023
21vPb(21vPb)Adult (f)4,7029302
6Sci7(6Sci7)Adult (m)2,6818984
uxA9J(uxA9J)Adult (f)1,9978110
oIpjL(oIpjL)Adult (m)2,2288652
DPXuf(DPXuf)Adult (f)2,2138442
18t1P(18t1P)Adult (m)3,0749452
iQQIO(iQQIO)Adult (f)2,5299132
AN77m(AN77m)Adult (m)3,2391,0062
iSS7V(iSS7V)Adult (f)2,5841,0092
r2q10(r2q10)Adult (m)2,9991,0212
pEulX(pEulX)Adult (f)2,9399903
cY7Ju(cY7Ju)Adult (m)3,3129813
4UN7z(4UN7z)Adult (f)2,7318682
ACm1l(ACm1l)Adult (m)3,8981,2480
vBmWN(vBmWN)Adult (f)3,1891,0562
pwkpT(pwkpT)Adult (m)3,8291,2112
lwnNe(lwnNe)Adult (f)2,6538401
nVg2L(nVg2L)Adult (m)5,2451,3250
ITehG(ITehG)Adult (f)4,9151,3012
zXiwJ(zXiwJ)Adult (m)4,6531,1894
ddzzy(ddzzy)Adult (f)5,0471,2752
9H2YO(9H2YO)Adult (m)4,3988083
EVBTH(EVBTH)Adult (f)4,9468663
tyQIE(tyQIE)Adult (m)3,4478092
jzOlX(jzOlX)Adult (f)4,5751,1632
Ece5m(Ece5m)Adult (m)3,9508800
fSAdS(fSAdS)Adult (f)4,7821,2472
sgfYO(sgfYO)Adult (m)3,6377053
FbLHK(FbLHK)Adult (f)4,2851,1082
SAOof(SAOof)Adult (f)5,8248340
tfo9e(tfo9e)Adult (f)6,1836402
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