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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “afie,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
exa0FCultivated FuryAdult (f)5,5595752
zQ7aFCultivated RageAdult (m)3,8617100
M6O5nCultivated FearAdult (f)4,1916400
wKHwvCultivated TrustAdult (m)5,8708960
2xCZ7Cultivated RegretAdult (f)4,2646320
1X9RYCultivated HopeAdult (m)6,6699332
TxS2zCultivated WantAdult (f)4,4351,2825
1WUrcCultivated IndecisionAdult (m)7,3505112
Relp8Cultivated LustAdult (f)8,1945493
9TujNCultivated DreadAdult (m)4,4821,2824
nyAm6Cultivated RevulsionAdult (f)6,6037522
o0LoXCultivated YearningAdult (m)6,6656002
whiLOCultivated WillAdult (f)5,9636738
cyKmdCultivated ConfusionAdult (m)8,5915823
wITpkCultivated AcceptanceAdult (f)5,6645370
hwFFvCultivated SulkAdult (m)7,7555472
IHIgiTango CountAdult (m)2,5777131
bkYRGSwervy FrostAdult (f)2,7467033
hqOIAColourful RecuperationAdult (m)2,6197020
3f1WJRushed CulminationAdult (f)2,8217022
oHfoxWilted CulmintationAdult (m)2,7477100
3WZ44Purebred HibernusAdult (m)5,9013995
4VHCBRefined ConfusionAdult (f)2,9687012
78CALRefined SulkAdult (m)3,1097031
PlfbmRefined LustAdult (f)2,8097020
FgQTDRefined FearAdult (m)2,5497020
IZJJ2Refined YearningAdult (f)2,7017050
mNseARefined RegretAdult (m)2,7617022
mUwMfRefined DesireAdult (f)7,5575672
mAnKWRefined WantAdult (m)2,6267090
xWDz8Refused ColourAdult (m)2,5677021
mVnm8Frosted TrustAdult (f)4,4018044
zDlg2Frosted ConfidenceAdult (m)3,4956582
Lc0XgFrosted GuiltAdult (f)6,5276942
K08mBFrosted WantAdult (m)4,7267242
8lUnoFrosted TimidnessAdult (f)2,6817032
8UJEzFrosted ImpatienceAdult (m)4,7327032
KwBVnFrosted ExpectancyAdult (f)6,5076582
Kv5epFrosted SuspicionAdult (m)2,5527063
blsOMFrosted WillAdult (f)2,3857042
cLGAUFrosted YieldAdult (m)2,6117050
UzNsgFrosted ScepticismAdult (f)6,5561,0604
KhLD4Frosted UrgencyAdult (m)2,4024331
jKQGAFrosted AnticipationAdult (f)3,4414222
i1AZYFrosted DejectionAdult (m)7,0925010
BZonTFrosted AmbiguityAdult (f)5,9317490
0V5ogFrosted IncredulityAdult (m)4,3016152
BX8zcFrosted ReluctanceAdult (f)3,7837030
WzQZ0Frosted HesitancyAdult (m)11,8501,30321
ozsmtFrosted MiseryAdult (f)3,6566523
w7OiBFrosted GriefAdult (m)3,6007120
EZbmnFrosted SentimentAdult (f)6,6421,0542
uUKV7Frosted InfatuationAdult (m)3,6346740
e2pgiFrosted IdolizationAdult (f)5,1001,0230
Wc31hFrosted ReverenceAdult (m)3,0857050
GvgjyFrosted EarnestnessAdult (f)3,0387396
vvMnOFrosted LethargyAdult (m)7,1841,1453
dMFzdFrosted GleeAdult (f)3,6197010
z1J5GFrosted RelishAdult (m)2,6077072
7avYzFrosted KeennessAdult (f)3,7547042
KDv3OFrosted ArdorAdult (m)3,3227010
pg6BzFrosted PiousnessAdult (f)2,7787050
As1EPFrosted HeresyAdult (m)2,6757070
7b5FR(7b5FR)Adult (f)3,7387022
uoXVoRushed PeakAdult (f)2,5627020
vXTI3Honed YearningAdult (f)3,7037062
Xwjc5Honed LustAdult (m)2,7727040
5fdIEHoned DesireAdult (f)2,7577020
DleoEHoned WantAdult (m)2,5897050
z95nN(z95nN)Adult (f)6,2385210
NtxruMelted ImpatienceAdult (f)2,5177032
P1ZY9Melted SuspicionAdult (m)2,7077050
2f5buMelted DejectionAdult (f)2,5397080
WcGhdMelted TrustAdult (m)2,3807010
Zm4bQMelted GriefAdult (f)2,4657020
yivTAMelted GuiltAdult (m)3,8157042
0HcLUMelted GleeAdult (f)2,4527040
kiM1AMelted WillAdult (m)3,7097072
xNjEfMelted HeresyAdult (f)2,4727030
WSx9RMelted AmbiguityAdult (m)3,6187092
h9s2zMelted ReluctanceAdult (f)3,5787053
WRXY1Melted ScepticismAdult (m)3,7797052
WmH2yMelted ReverenceAdult (f)3,0807052
TnaJCMelted LethargyAdult (m)2,8227050
4ViP4Melted ArdorAdult (f)2,6277070
4yCrEMelted InfatuationAdult (m)3,1287022
EfEXC(EfEXC)Adult (m)4,2046992
i2tfFDoubles SulkAdult (m)3,8647070
SjtbpFetid ThawAdult (m)3,0637030
hHPDWFetid BudAdult (f)3,3156300
uDca3Refused FrostAdult (m)5,0697010
hLHR1Wronggendered HeresyAdult (m)3,0107032
sD1Q3Wronggendered ChillAdult (m)5,0436741
EQptKGreedy VerdureAdult (f)4,6156720
L1RWzGenerous VerdureAdult (m)3,9479332
DFvMuYearning VerdureAdult (f)5,2466672
4nIFQApathetic VerdureAdult (m)3,5586940
Vq2pTContemplating VerdureAdult (f)6,8436060
VA6c3Neglected VerdureAdult (m)3,3587100
1A7IGUnconcerned VerdureAdult (f)3,2097062
ujpjKAbandoned VerdureAdult (m)3,4017060
9Dy2HThoughtful VerdureAdult (f)3,2436782
MzEaUConfused VerdureAdult (m)5,1681,1649
YSmrIReleased VerdureAdult (f)3,3187083
dW0H2Relishing VerdureAdult (m)3,1877093
DKEXFConfined VerdureAdult (f)3,0016490
eoJi4Escaped VerdureAdult (m)1,5287254
0tPyOTroubled VerdureAdult (f)2,9657080
KvvcVWithered VerdureAdult (m)4,5719273
U4ApdPiercing LustAdult (f)3,2937051
RBZM3Piercing DesireAdult (m)3,1407012
biftcGrowing ReverenceAdult (m)2,7547040
OWHEEGrowing TrustAdult (f)2,9907042
BRC2GGrowing SuspicionAdult (m)3,2567140
EElriGrowing GuiltAdult (f)2,9287040
dqC45Growing GleeAdult (m)3,4167100
uwdCrGrowing AmbiguityAdult (f)3,1627090
eGXi6(eGXi6)Adult (f)2,5228020
8vNSi(8vNSi)Adult (f)3,2027090
xV7coUnconcerned GreeneryAdult (m)2,7387962
4y5xQGreedy GreeneryAdult (f)2,3537020
yoomETroubled GreeneryAdult (m)2,5907840
uUHXkYearning GreeneryAdult (f)2,4417072
VYaEoRelishing GreeneryAdult (m)2,5237043
ozPKdNeglected GreeneryAdult (f)2,6827053
iyU4pConfined GreeneryAdult (m)2,3257014
z1YpeConfused GreeneryAdult (f)2,4577082
OWytFWilted HopeAdult (m)5,0096490
XXkWYWilted DreamsAdult (f)5,5885850
RVSGoWilted ThoughtAdult (m)4,4317320
MTvR6Wilted IllusionAdult (f)4,87989412
1cWNDWilted PhantasmAdult (m)5,7606050
VvoKVWilted MirageAdult (f)2,3438020
DzGsuWilted ShadeAdult (m)2,6338032
sVlkHWilted SpeculationAdult (f)3,8048752
oqaD3Wilted ReverieAdult (m)2,8317102
nX555Wilted DelusionAdult (f)2,5078020
FPveYWilted NightmareAdult (m)2,4727060
eUNqtWilted IdeaAdult (f)3,4337012
PTMhHWilted ApparitionAdult (m)2,3467090
qJdsBWilted ChicaneryAdult (f)3,9957090
nnI5VWilted FantasyAdult (m)4,5247062
CS5SNWilted FancyAdult (f)2,8157493
fkJRi(fkJRi)Adult (f)2,6228072
d7TGc(d7TGc)Adult (f)2,6728032
ouYSmShriveled FantasyAdult (f)2,1317110
BodeXShriveled ShadeAdult (m)2,5917122
tMI6RShriveled MirageAdult (f)2,4617532
M7nJWShriveled ApparitionAdult (m)2,1187112
6pCH1Greedy CrunchiesAdult (m)2,3797752
YWDp1Confused CrunchiesAdult (f)2,3287603
gsWCuYearning CrunchiesAdult (m)2,4687782
p3YODWithered AmbiguityAdult (f)2,3107872
walQIWithered GuiltAdult (m)2,3447692
xcAK8Neglected CrunchiesAdult (f)2,5077772
QSYMUShriveled ReverieAdult (m)2,5307350
V2bNcShriveled ThoughtAdult (f)2,3767580
ZeaoSShriveled DreamsAdult (m)5,7826560
xkrogShriveled NightmareAdult (f)2,1177191
Q6bMEZeblej LudenAdult (f)3,6726802
xMqmDDazzling AutumnAdult (m)6,6909940
fVyCEMagnificent AutumnAdult (f)2,9868063
SSVVZResplended AutumnAdult (m)2,8177043
Ik2uAImposing AutumnAdult (f)2,7296633
elwSARegal AutumnAdult (m)2,3557830
UGuNRSovereign AutumnAdult (f)9,0281,43311
5Hpi5Monarchial AutumnAdult (m)3,8058012
5UKjPStately AutumnAdult (f)3,2905832
Mmt5zAristocratic AutumnAdult (m)3,2038132
VxvRTParamount AutumnAdult (f)2,9616233
krbvePrincipal AutumnAdult (m)2,6257863
UooZ3Ruling AutumnAdult (f)2,9906153
4IutcLofty AutumnAdult (m)2,7848110
6pINVImperial AutumnAdult (f)2,8426472
k8hWMCommanding AutumnAdult (f)3,57085922
QvKqjRegnant AutumnAdult (m)2,2965506
S4m9h(S4m9h)Adult (m)1,8336272
buUfBGreedy RimeAdult (m)1,8196490
MyB84Yearning RimeAdult (f)1,8366771
ViEHNDormant ShadeAdult (m)1,7796414
tUGQODormant ApparitionAdult (f)1,8226303
iftkVDormant NightmareAdult (m)2,8347730
wiHJ8Dormant ReverieAdult (f)2,1526242
qaP9SLofty WinterAdult (f)1,9096100
NBwKGMonarchial WinterAdult (m)2,9007770
165qVAristocratic WinterAdult (m)2,8167960
yOnBjDazzling WinterAdult (f)2,2627532
hjQqWPrincipal WinterAdult (m)2,7757830
OK3gBSovereign WinterAdult (f)2,1467473
DjpYeRegnant WinterAdult (m)2,7797970
0txCbResplended WinterAdult (f)2,1987440
SelD6Rime TsarAdult (m)3,1956695
YenxQRime TsaritsaAdult (f)2,7118022
u6goMRime KingAdult (m)2,5497930
Y1kUiRime QueenAdult (f)10,4151,57211
8xQBWRime LordAdult (m)2,5406303
68s6nRime LadyAdult (f)2,8888073
mJ2rpRime EmperorAdult (m)3,0097172
AY2KpRime EmpressAdult (f)3,6644972
Yq3ThRime CountAdult (m)3,1937090
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