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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “afie,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
p01ttBurgeoning EmpressAdult (f)2,5597572
AOIi4Burgeoning CountessAdult (f)2,5457092
hz3WDBurgeoning DuchessAdult (f)2,5177073
XGzXzBurgeoning MargraveAdult (m)3,6301,0440
NZAMBBurgeoning BaronessAdult (f)3,7181,0350
zZ9wYBurgeoning TsarAdult (m)3,6391,0600
D6lz7Regnant SpringAdult (m)3,6641,0030
2YttMCherry CarouseAdult (f)2,8105859
Xp0i4Cherry RevelryAdult (m)2,7448050
v3yAbCherry AweAdult (f)3,0607872
kRqUKCherry JoltAdult (m)3,4145604
djQAsCherry CelebrationAdult (f)2,3756263
LVTBbCherry BashAdult (m)2,6556494
TCVk8Cherry WonderAdult (f)4,0707652
htwJXCherry AdmirationAdult (m)2,5428075
xiD89Cherry ReverenceAdult (f)3,0086810
Svr5JCherry EnlightenmentAdult (m)6,0481,0652
cunqYCherry AffectionAdult (f)2,9218020
b79XwCherry AdorationAdult (m)2,3778042
LYXjACherry RevelationAdult (f)2,6026841
CXKJHCherry KickAdult (m)2,2757582
vUuxNCherry CuriosityAdult (f)5,0909462
OCwjfCherry PuzzlementAdult (m)2,1007020
4ExFqCherry FeteAdult (f)2,2435632
Gk4NGCherry GalaAdult (m)4,2639752
0PAEtYearning RushAdult (f)1,9756570
4VXCi(4VXCi)Adult (m)1,9826750
T78aWMonarchial SummerAdult (m)2,2526532
9KznMRegnant SummerAdult (f)2,4016802
KYH0ZMature QueenAdult (f)2,5696852
6NlPOMature CountAdult (m)2,3056452
yUSV9Mature DukeAdult (m)2,2576592
sw19xMature TsaritsaAdult (f)2,6627062
s4BB8Mango ReverenceAdult (m)2,6336661
38Z15Mango CuriosityAdult (f)2,3346322
wvwgKMango AdorationAdult (m)2,5736800
rjQsPMango RevelryAdult (f)2,8455670
NaU7PMango CelebrationAdult (m)2,9856050
338FxMango AdmirationAdult (f)2,6686650
sMbEpMango GalaAdult (m)2,8417472
XtGj9Mango JoltAdult (f)2,7346530
WpSm7(WpSm7)Adult (m)2,4906532
h1AvmPlum ShakesAdult (f)1,7445783
un19VPlum RegretAdult (m)3,5664536
DcEX5(DcEX5)Adult (f)1,7786292
nAgXVPlum RavagerAdult (m)2,7206263
lYn40Plum StringsAdult (f)2,22950123
BzlNTPlum FuryAdult (m)2,2085682
Nq0uBPlum KickAdult (f)2,72561913
vmxvdPlum StrengthAdult (m)3,5727633
KTux3Plum HostageAdult (f)2,2515782
UCwuU(UCwuU)Adult (m)2,4215260
74L85(74L85)Adult (m)6,2761,2888
rEhND(rEhND)Adult (m)3,1817032
W0hP8(W0hP8)Adult (m)2,6718082
CkQN4(CkQN4)Adult (f)2,8746362
ZNuik(ZNuik)Adult (m)2,7486640
6eods(6eods)Adult (m)3,7137010
VVAdH(VVAdH)Adult (m)3,1287012
ZAvVs(ZAvVs)Adult (m)2,9337032
NM75BValentine's Love StoryAdult (m)4,5391,0102
BeK8lValentine's Ulthuan PixieAdult (m)4,9616722
9EFvFhorim LaguroAdult (m)1,86040413
j0cG6(j0cG6)Adult (f)4,9247850
wnGRgCowering CameoAdult (f)4,8241,1942
B9oRFabulous CoralAdult (f)5,75752217
1bNICarnation DanceAdult (f)5,1451,0564
0oqjGraceful AmaranthAdult (m)3,9871,0871
VYLjoMarvelous MauveAdult (m)3,4031,0265
oImYPoised CarmineAdult (m)4,8551,2416
LF0z7Thin ThistleAdult (f)6,3599590
t7OoEPerfect PeachAdult (f)6,5311,0902
NAt8hMini MauveAdult (f)5,8618550
KOJTWPrissy PrincessAdult (m)5,8008083
cYInm(cYInm)Adult (m)5,0906431
cxz30Valentine's IsisAdult (m)5,5317360
cBqYZThrilled ThulianAdult (m)4,7251,1350
W8NlAngelic CarmineAdult (f)8,2751,2925
0YzJIMacabre BrinkAdult (f)6,1548280
Su5BOSulking SalmonAdult (f)6,9541,0490
I0ZvPSnapping Bone MistressAdult (f)5,8856540
khbCc(khbCc)Adult (m)2,7076260
yKUUwRose PoiseAdult (m)6,0116870
6xcO9Shy Lost LoveAdult (m)5,3077960
QmfNTBumbly BlushAdult (f)4,5201,0790
7bNcbBrittle MistressAdult (f)3,0248422
aCtdqCheering CherryAdult (f)5,3599600
4W4r4Rumbling RubyAdult (f)2,9259522
sj8pkBrittle BrinkAdult (f)5,7638582
jhCTBFiendish AmaranthAdult (m)4,9469770
kg6GlFretful FandangoAdult (m)6,0231,3891
3nqKaDelicate RoseAdult (m)4,3757172
icqmcAffectionate ApricotAdult (f)4,8154370
ZuRR8Pouting PuceAdult (f)4,5997501
ttotvMournful MountbattenAdult (f)4,1511,0822
HTGTPink SwivelAdult (m)2,39673918
E6XLMNervous NadeshikoAdult (m)4,9969973
ed76Sparkling MagentaAdult (m)5,1584793
j4mVDancing FuschiaAdult (f)4,5371,27920
oiHFSwirling CeriseAdult (f)9,2851,49610
rxfUmCharming ChampagneAdult (f)4,6268642
HYLhDancing DipperAdult (m)2,06052615
UsQbJValentine's UlysokiAdult (m)4,2277572
pr0EmShy Valentine PixieAdult (m)4,2359240
RGPwq(RGPwq)Adult (m)3,2898211
FoX2M(FoX2M)Adult (f)4,1887270
3Sp9S(3Sp9S)Adult (m)3,7857420
QAqJ3(QAqJ3)Adult (f)4,0427370
PUOu8(PUOu8)Adult (m)3,9637202
aipyo(aipyo)Adult (f)4,0187350
aFnCJ(aFnCJ)Adult (m)4,3317412
dEAZH(dEAZH)Adult (f)3,5277740
IFMoE(IFMoE)Adult (m)4,1357430
fqa3L(fqa3L)Adult (f)3,7297060
Z70RO(Z70RO)Adult (m)3,8897300
O9hpy(O9hpy)Adult (f)5,6745630
jDhtp(jDhtp)Adult (m)3,8816970
p6h08(p6h08)Adult (f)5,2136270
0gjNI(0gjNI)Adult (m)4,2686561
JyoQi(JyoQi)Adult (f)5,0706610
7zMYW(7zMYW)Adult (m)5,5815850
FUfuv(FUfuv)Adult (f)5,2786810
1Gp68(1Gp68)Adult (m)5,5206620
1Jae0(1Jae0)Adult (f)5,1876840
sy1tW(sy1tW)Adult (f)5,3965340
v8Gaq(v8Gaq)Adult (f)1,9577110
qJnL4(qJnL4)Adult (m)1,9536860
q5n1r(q5n1r)Adult (f)1,4276290
NJbqN(NJbqN)Adult (m)1,9217680
kmIFk(kmIFk)Adult (f)2,2916600
rFTVK(rFTVK)Adult (m)1,9607730
4ocJQ(4ocJQ)Adult (f)2,3376820
J4cgZ(J4cgZ)Adult (m)1,9698040
2zLS3(2zLS3)Adult (f)2,3947592
uGrnn(uGrnn)Adult (m)2,7756560
ZTMVc(ZTMVc)Adult (f)2,3336750
F74vq(F74vq)Adult (m)2,9336800
TOAnB(TOAnB)Adult (f)2,3197380
Ml9Jl(Ml9Jl)Adult (m)2,8886630
8mIWp(8mIWp)Adult (f)2,8367010
6YkgH(6YkgH)Adult (f)2,1377170
otw55(otw55)Adult (f)2,2817070
jkhDh(jkhDh)Adult (m)1,9686660
VpEMR(VpEMR)Adult (m)2,5087340
P10UDancing WyrmAdult (m)5,7866531
YnSBTwirling WyrmAdult (f)5,8826592
UoPlPearl hunterAdult (m)5,0477181
U1ZYkPearl StalkerAdult (f)4,0075690
TArFOPearl FinderAdult (m)5,3208502
TXaAKPearl HoarderAdult (f)4,0096200
QGA7HPearl GathererAdult (m)4,9948121
VIYDkPearl ChaserAdult (f)8,3101,5112
k3WvuPearl ThieverAdult (m)4,7259213
Rc33ZPearl SeekerAdult (f)5,7021,1780
BoJpD(BoJpD)Adult (m)6,3191,3110
CGEWP(CGEWP)Adult (f)2,4098120
l2TYV(l2TYV)Adult (m)6,1591,2360
HkIbj(HkIbj)Adult (f)4,0811,0890
Tc9up(Tc9up)Adult (m)6,9761,1853
yWqdk(yWqdk)Adult (f)2,4417080
BTdH0(BTdH0)Adult (m)4,9267144
Iu2P0(Iu2P0)Adult (f)2,6897022
omAS8(omAS8)Adult (m)6,7981,2372
DYw3Z(DYw3Z)Adult (f)2,8267020
Gm5Dp(Gm5Dp)Adult (m)5,3236580
zhAks(zhAks)Adult (f)2,6327010
qKwXX(qKwXX)Adult (m)3,1887022
nruy2(nruy2)Adult (f)2,8937083
rcuWF(rcuWF)Adult (m)2,8637101
qu9vb(qu9vb)Adult (f)2,7427110
7famq(7famq)Adult (m)2,8567100
Bk7dW(Bk7dW)Adult (f)3,1787022
AJ5L4(AJ5L4)Adult (m)2,2397093
4tK5n(4tK5n)Adult (m)2,1677090
uF3ir(uF3ir)Adult (m)3,3197060
0LMgt(0LMgt)Adult (f)3,2517030
s0P4v(s0P4v)Adult (f)2,8757010
aStSb(aStSb)Adult (m)3,3136840
MzRNE(MzRNE)Adult (f)3,2707030
WzfcB(WzfcB)Adult (m)3,6336890
bS8Vy(bS8Vy)Adult (m)3,3776942
LJiVb(LJiVb)Adult (m)2,8387022
LWTPF(LWTPF)Adult (m)3,2986300
7Pl3b(7Pl3b)Adult (f)3,4676932
fgG50(fgG50)Adult (m)3,5207020
bC0Wu(bC0Wu)Adult (f)2,5737050
tzt7h(tzt7h)Adult (m)2,4146610
otHDK(otHDK)Adult (m)2,2197010
HPPLz(HPPLz)Adult (m)2,2327010
9NbFw(9NbFw)Adult (m)3,1476913
t9NCYDark ParagonAdult (m)4,5077180
JNrssDark PossessionAdult (f)4,6057812
B24h7Dark PrizeAdult (m)4,8887483
rd4RDark GemAdult (f)4,1786162
ehH6HDark AvariceAdult (m)4,4661,2413
KBcDhDark BoonAdult (f)2,3878130
M4OhoDark TributeAdult (m)6,2001,2320
UZd00Dark TokenAdult (f)3,7898980
J82VoDark FavourAdult (m)4,0865050
7qDOhDark RewardAdult (f)1,9198052
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