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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “afie,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
IC7dWLeafy SlumpAdult (m)3,5124880
3MukqLeafy JumpsAdult (f)4,6518042
tnLHpLeafy PlopAdult (m)5,5259320
IjfGeLeafy VaultAdult (f)6,3257612
afZRLLeafy JoltAdult (m)5,4718612
dF90wLeafy DiveAdult (f)5,6871,2345
Moyd5Leafy DwindleAdult (m)6,1697830
xVv4qLeafy StrollAdult (f)5,6851,1474
hVm6yLeafy TripAdult (m)7,0856610
JErGrLeafy StutterAdult (f)6,0696702
Oa7KhLeafy SprintAdult (m)5,0279430
OEbGOLeafy SlideAdult (f)5,6926952
ohLQOLeafy DropAdult (m)7,1186472
SYSvnLeafy SlantAdult (f)7,1646630
nwpwcLeafy DroopAdult (m)6,3196510
vHkbcLeafy CascadeAdult (f)6,5446443
04TnLLeafy PlummetAdult (m)2,5384243
tgsp7Leafy SwerveAdult (f)5,5998093
yqhdgLeafy LurchAdult (m)6,5576583
lzhmXLeafy HopAdult (f)6,2657702
xzljcLeafy ShakeAdult (m)6,0996910
ovxRmLeafy LeapAdult (f)6,4567120
eRoBYLeafy RiseAdult (m)6,0078405
gdYveLeafy TrickleAdult (f)5,9457330
PWICfLeafy RollAdult (m)8,7527422
nuuDuCold HarbingerAdult (m)4,6581,1233
RvSlKCold CharlatanAdult (f)5,6828940
s2RSRDistinct RaptureAdult (m)4,9849092
s3PtaDistinct AcheAdult (f)5,3959020
c7xb4Hidden PrecisionAdult (m)5,6428992
K93ZlHidden ObstinacyAdult (f)5,3788952
FMA8cHidden AssuranceAdult (m)5,6518970
WYTK7Hidden BraveryAdult (f)5,6449000
ahZyrStuttered FrostAdult (m)6,0817600
wG1ZeTripped FrostAdult (f)4,7141,1380
qwLSPJumped FrostAdult (m)5,0229090
SZMgOHopped FrostAdult (f)5,9127700
ZKDRpVaulted FrostAdult (m)4,9909083
SsdNDSwerved FrostAdult (f)4,8979073
1TNDhCrashed FrostAdult (m)4,2231,0780
aZ74mLeaped FrostAdult (f)4,9499150
5QyGhSlanted FrostAdult (m)5,1148330
9sHVRTrickled FrostAdult (f)4,3641,0620
hyC1DTumbled FrostAdult (m)4,7639002
6eGXiDwindled FrostAdult (f)5,1738230
sYUDoPlunged FrostAdult (m)4,8498913
r4Ae1Dropped FrostAdult (f)5,1478280
CDEg5Dipped FrostAdult (m)4,8958900
yoiprCascading FrostAdult (f)5,1578292
vOWY4Frozen wronggendered winterHatchling (f, F)4,5807990
QTewNChilled MurmurAdult (m)3,3702265
HIuPLChilled WhisperAdult (f)5,7057690
WUdERChilled ShoutAdult (m)7,4056702
tEosYChilled CryAdult (f)6,0478494
8nQQEChilled SighAdult (m)5,1811,0032
SOSvqChilled HumAdult (f)5,6881,0745
VFerNChilled ThreatAdult (m)4,8567258
Ep8i7Chilled WarningAdult (f)6,7207143
pT4ROChilled AdmittanceAdult (m)7,3195083
Bc2TfChilled BluffAdult (f)4,8329412
tZ75JChilled GrumbleAdult (m)4,5761,0782
dfMEfChilled RumbleAdult (f)6,0209832
pqUdoChilled PurrAdult (m)9,4391,6009
MgGhrChilled MutterAdult (f)6,4067220
S4uErChilled RantAdult (m)5,5279290
CzIpDChilled SnarlAdult (f)5,0511,0350
o7mqNChilled SmileAdult (m)6,1088400
8OLfzChilled QuirkAdult (f)5,0789494
xMPAeChilled ResponseAdult (m)4,26493516
nH8Q4Chilled LeerAdult (f)5,4629460
sS5h8Chilled GrowlAdult (m)5,3831,0440
kvKivChillled RaspAdult (f)6,0791,03615
BrFAVChilled GossipAdult (m)4,29796221
cxq2JChilled HintAdult (f)5,3149380
lUVUKChilled ChatterAdult (m)4,2539650
2K6odChilled HuffAdult (f)4,2219690
YAc0gChilled RoarAdult (m)5,6799352
ddkoEChilled GruntAdult (f)5,3289510
XJLkKChilled PoutAdult (m)8,0567000
AYE6VChilled ScreamAdult (f)5,7338840
08gJ9Chilled ChuckleAdult (m)5,0408590
X1k25Chilled SmirkAdult (f)4,5829960
sYCEETepid HarbingerAdult (f)4,2029800
8MPQeAsserted AcheAdult (m)4,2769680
0Ev3oRaspberry DreamerAdult (f)5,8347040
EcH85Mami Aesti DracoAdult (m)7,2326467
tiA94Sprout TundraAdult (f)5,3087801
R0JWnSecluded ObstinacyAdult (f)4,2049760
tV32mSecluded AssuranceAdult (m)4,3179660
VxeZUTumbly FlowerAdult (f)5,0118743
tX6XnCascady FlowerAdult (m)5,1178791
7PFELPlungy FlowerAdult (f)5,1798821
5tephJumpy FlowerAdult (m)4,2369702
1tafsTrippy FlowerAdult (f)5,8538450
6CX79Swervy FlowerAdult (m)4,3209800
hzzE1Crashy FlowerAdult (f)5,7957780
CE07XTrickly FlowerAdult (m)5,8087730
yCVDyWarm SmileAdult (m)6,6387502
vgTy1Warm PoutAdult (f)5,9138470
KiENIWarm LeerAdult (m)5,3496930
qCz1BWarm HuffAdult (f)4,1888513
UAfkvWarm CryAdult (m)5,7757690
eD3jvWarm GrumbleAdult (f)5,1407790
Y5NjtWarm GossipAdult (m)4,1908262
CEFh7Warm PurrAdult (f)5,2168060
VS9MVWarm GruntAdult (m)4,1198382
W7oZjWarm WhisperAdult (f)5,3298811
BS4cYWarm BluffAdult (m)5,7727560
XmqsYWarm HumAdult (f)5,2738821
66fxkWarm SnarlAdult (m)5,0197753
5SOJ1Warm SmirkAdult (f)5,4687780
RjZ9bWarm ThreatAdult (m)5,4008851
GXDOtWarm GrowlAdult (f)6,2316810
kh69OFrozen Numbered SpringHatchling (m, F)5,4561,0262
zcznAElated SpringAdult (f)3,8019100
cnEFWJubilant SpringAdult (m)4,1359840
ydrnQContented SpringAdult (f)3,8029040
WMNVWLively SpringAdult (m)3,8051,0412
2QKVbExultant SpringAdult (f)4,2239750
FVphQExuberant SpringAdult (m)3,7871,0503
Tkt0GExcited SpringAdult (f)4,1309740
eRfHsEuphoric SpringAdult (m)4,1437270
QdSxZPleased SpringAdult (f)4,7579494
nGeIbGlad SpringAdult (m)5,8527480
NjbUsGleeful SpringAdult (f)6,1348180
z9SwVRhapsodic SpringAdult (m)5,1497495
XaJWvBeatific SpringAdult (f)4,3301,0043
45Zs1Rapturous SpringAdult (m)4,0598570
7vvtMEntranced SpringAdult (f)4,9171,1192
UkhitThrilled SpringAdult (m)4,9049164
1PjtSPerky SpringAdult (f)5,7477322
3BY2NJolly SpringAdult (m)5,1817853
nPdi5Delighted SpringAdult (f)6,1276503
bVur4Overjoyed SpringAdult (m)7,4926872
oL47DRejoicing SpringAdult (f)6,4171,1366
Ixj48Triumphant SpringAdult (m)6,3477800
kyL0lDreamy SpringAdult (f)7,4506342
ixeE6Fervent SpringAdult (m)6,9646824
JdkUvChipper SpringAdult (f)5,4869362
zW7C4Chirpy SpringAdult (m)5,9208770
sifQxSpellbound SpringAdult (f)5,2559273
m8EOQCaptivated SpringAdult (m)4,6271,1288
vRIOpCharmed SpringAdult (f)5,3797612
o5lopUpbeat SpringAdult (m)4,3461,1144
HuxMPFulfilled SpringAdult (f)5,8717622
96bzVTickled SpringAdult (m)4,2631,1063
WTho3Summer DracoAdult (f)4,7467710
Ohw7hBloom TundraAdult (f)4,6557620
AfoGxWronged AssuranceAdult (m)4,7107700
gscQORaspberry AcheAdult (f)4,7487532
O9jw2Secret ObstinacyAdult (f)4,7737542
KSt8cSunlit PlungeAdult (m)5,0548360
cjoojSunlit CascadeAdult (f)4,6737610
EVjYvSunlit SwerveAdult (m)5,2807130
8eNz8Sunlit CrashAdult (f)4,8307632
mTa5tHeated SmileAdult (m)4,9938450
4daP9Heated SmirkAdult (f)6,4886520
mzpxXHeated GruntAdult (m)6,8436460
WT7TrHeated PurrAdult (f)5,3967102
tUpGiHeated CryAdult (m)5,7126990
nKzegHeated LeerAdult (f)5,6996950
hkKXBHeated HumAdult (m)5,3437012
SDaMBHeated ThreatAdult (f)5,2037072
HevkCUpbeat SummerAdult (m)5,7307811
EaYvPFulfilled SummerAdult (f)5,8057820
7dInpJolly SummerAdult (m)4,6087833
6qGEuContended SummerAdult (f)4,4057862
ItCeJRapturous SummerAdult (m)5,5327730
2aZJBRejoicing SummerAdult (f)5,5667750
KyPw4Entranced SummerAdult (m)5,5687721
zM323Exuberant SummerAdult (f)5,2668170
hES38Overjoyed SummerAdult (m)5,5437680
xHcuSFervent SummerAdult (f)5,5117720
8wdtmPleased SummerAdult (m)5,1858280
9x6ohChirpy SummerAdult (f)4,4667872
Q2xXAElated SummerAdult (m)5,0298302
pNO96Excited SummerAdult (f)5,1368330
EpkhsCaptivated SummerAdult (m)6,5565900
2E1i1Rhapsodic SummerAdult (f)5,0748280
otHNPBoogie SunAdult (f)5,4176400
n5wlqPrance SunAdult (m)4,9858382
02ho8Hustle SunAdult (f)4,0048710
haJNDJig SunAdult (m)6,0296300
wX2JiStrut SunAdult (f)4,5017572
S4u1EShimmy SunAdult (m)5,9327132
rK7M3Fandango SunAdult (f)5,2466732
PFNOvDisco SunAdult (m)5,5806403
PYSIqConga SunAdult (f)5,3966470
rCRq3Waltz SunAdult (m)5,5487472
sbCklTwist SunAdult (f)5,6206780
VEIkwJive SunAdult (m)5,6976482
e7Y9gCareen SunAdult (f)7,2376410
MEkPXSway SunAdult (m)5,2827122
Jm1JSTango SunAdult (f)7,3386370
7LYE8Flamenco SunAdult (m)4,3739442
kBPKdMinuet SunAdult (f)6,5877460
SjTMcAllemande SunAdult (m)6,4609500
8ge2UPose SunAdult (f)6,5177640
n2gtPDance SunAdult (m)6,4209390
YhDBAMoshing SunAdult (f)6,6127480
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