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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “afie,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
MNaOG(MNaOG)Adult (m)2,0323413
wlyo9(wlyo9)Adult (f)1,8283342
rQWLW(rQWLW)Adult (m)4,7451,0093
kbFO4(kbFO4)Adult (f)3,8048025
k7mF4(k7mF4)Adult (f)2,0745792
RA6Z5(RA6Z5)Adult (f)2,1216112
2Ui19(2Ui19)Adult (f)3,2474421
cScOy(cScOy)Adult (f)2,9584380
TGxMS(TGxMS)Adult (m)1,8023293
ADJ5p(ADJ5p)Adult (f)3,9622932
budYr(budYr)Adult (f)3,0067692
aFGNi(aFGNi)Adult (m)1,8747205
LDBcC(LDBcC)Adult (f)2,2437282
XmIjd(XmIjd)Adult (f)3,4718062
aieQH(aieQH)Adult (f)3,7719929
FIgRF(FIgRF)Adult (f)4,1442882
Wr2Wp(Wr2Wp)Adult (m)2,7337680
ySqco(ySqco)Adult (m)2,8478430
yCbj4(yCbj4)Adult (f)1,5046610
Eq3ob(Eq3ob)Adult (f)4,3798825
eHotC(eHotC)Adult (m)3,0237010
7sbm(7sbm)Egg (F)
DVHwFcannonfodderIIAdult (m)2,6187024
m8bsg(m8bsg)Adult (f)3,7045603
Cqvpf(Cqvpf)Adult (m)5,5441,0205
XiE7z(XiE7z)Adult (m)3,7775532
30HHL(30HHL)Adult (f)2,96255912
JwhKw(JwhKw)Adult (f)2,7697360
Z8qaE(Z8qaE)Adult (f)2,3287740
vcgGdCannonfodderVAdult (m)3,0597012
ADzGm(ADzGm)Adult (f)2,5498070
tL3MU(tL3MU)Adult (m)2,5937020
89z38cannonfodderIIIAdult (f)5,4167850
NcFkFCannonfodderVIIAdult (m)3,4247022
pklj1CannonfodderVIIIAdult (m)3,5277030
U5ucECannonfodderIXAdult (m)3,3047060
W0qNBCannonfodderXAdult (m)3,5297022
3uGHtCannonfodderXIAdult (m)2,6217040
9gASpCannonfodderXIIAdult (m)2,5367070
SAs9QCannonfodderXIIIAdult (f)2,8716274
drcS3CannonfodderXIXAdult (f)3,2647010
aIKrzCannonfodderXXIAdult (m)2,8407030
O5U7HCannonfodderXXVAdult (m)5,0091,0162
bcsFA(bcsFA)Adult (f)2,1467282
nGXoD(nGXoD)Adult (f)3,2287014
XMKhu(XMKhu)Adult (f)2,2638041
JA5LL(JA5LL)Adult (m)2,6148042
CHOub(CHOub)Adult (f)2,5147930
Og1jB(Og1jB)Adult (m)2,0437231
i4qyV(i4qyV)Adult (f)2,4486000
6MGXu(6MGXu)Adult (f)2,2437210
e8fGl(e8fGl)Adult (m)1,9697110
RY1h4(RY1h4)Adult (f)2,4437702
wMbTh(wMbTh)Adult (f)2,1187620
3CXuW(3CXuW)Adult (m)2,4768010
23rF8(23rF8)Adult (f)2,4137710
9Q6C4(9Q6C4)Adult (m)2,8577152
Xtln2Shadow's DiseaseAdult (f)3,4821,1340
fRmfiShadow's CreeperAdult (f)3,6209310
6N7VIShadow's HunterAdult (m)4,6961,1713
CztNaShadow's ScourgeAdult (m)5,0399402
26We1Shadow's AfflictionAdult (f)5,3276092
boruQShadow's DeterminationAdult (m)6,2835348
I9tlAShadow's TrapperAdult (m)3,2347022
bw9yeShadow's ExecutionerAdult (m)2,8366323
K8KAiShadow's WormAdult (m)2,9006762
s7aEYSino DictatorAdult (f)
pS37cSino MasterAdult (m)
S1wq3(S1wq3)Adult (f)
5yFG5(5yFG5)Adult (m)
xbqav(xbqav)Adult (m)
pUGW6(pUGW6)Adult (f)
MsahWonders of LegendAdult (f)8,85859115
vhmqIDelights of LegendAdult (m)9,4771,06810
w1gHHUnexpected LegendAdult (f)6,7561,0042
rnspEDiaval AsanoAdult (m)5,5561,1412
2ZPxeFirey LegendAdult (f)7,2079460
koZPgGlorious VigilanceAdult (m)8,1839570
Yxa1rDelighted QueenAdult (f)6,3769085
FVSfqEterna XennonAdult (m)4,1211,1709
13VOmGleaming WondersAdult (m)7,1269212
9KYu8Frozen VigilantHatchling (F)4,1493310
LOYioHoraltiamoAdult (m)6,8699395
z9NyuFrozen VigilanceHatchling (m, F)6,4768866
f9QhqGleaming Wonders IIAdult (m)7,1738250
zmYhJKiesi GhoulAdult (f)7,5579042
8KCCASolstice LegendAdult (m)5,8841,0300
fY4joBetween Gold and GloryAdult (f)8,0538440
fyLJcRadiant LegendAdult (m)6,7049313
wcxfBFrozen Glorious LegendHatchling (f, F)6,6749812
T0sZPBetween Legend and RadianceAdult (f)6,2619046
td6lP(td6lP)Adult (f)6,9324710
LeJgbCelestial GleamAdult (m)6,6768072
EBDRxRadiant QueenAdult (f)2,4647582
hjueaLung John SilverAdult (m)6,4728584
pzwIuArgent RadianceAdult (f)6,0946510
y368HArgentum RadianceAdult (m)4,4407590
TE6BhArgent PoiseAdult (f)5,7285691
M7Av9Frozen mini ArgentHatchling (f, F)4,5416854
c8IpTTahny JinglesAdult (f)3,0517750
h1VPKYule SilvaAdult (f)3,1107095
DoWcAArgent Black AngelAdult (f)4,6528370
Emd0BSilver Glow CharmerAdult (m)4,1728516
vNSDDCelestial  SongAdult (m)4,9183710
50YLODreaded GleamAdult (m)5,7408893
6vIBiCordial CelestialAdult (m)3,9639690
pqhSsBurning QueenAdult (f)4,4407710
VZ6PYRadiant JudgementAdult (f)5,5918052
h6XCtSilver Radiant AngelAdult (f)5,3647656
PiuPgShining ClarityAdult (f)6,1658131
nAb28Freelance Devil QueenAdult (f)4,5349182
jSi37Brightest Silver LiningAdult (f)4,2471,0764
AA8YQFrozen Silver FurionHatchling (m, F)3,5881,0742
yVw4kFrozen ArgentumHatchling (F)5,3106342
DUqXyGrave ConceitAdult (f)6,0727383
3VGjqDread SilverAdult (m)5,1528712
9NIv1Cordial SilvaAdult (m)5,0518960
hvkryArgentum SwallowAdult (f)7,7059838
XWQ24Celeborn Pink SpellAdult (m)5,0747750
TPenWLalala JudgementAdult (f)2,4307073
bXuHLTyelperia IncanusAdult (f)6,20778211
6jfn0Arcane LiAdult (f)6,2048182
kpAWtHeartseeker d'HiverAdult (f)5,5877363
EBByPCelestial  GlowAdult (m)2,9428592
zJuP4Candied IomaAdult (f)5,8547050
TLk46Rose Sprinkled EleganceAdult (f)3,1131,22613
Aj1oNArgentum GleamAdult (m)3,6771,1720
XIhAtJumping RoseAdult (f)4,8669357
cqfGnWronged Argent AngelAdult (m)5,3367163
2JiV6Double Argentum GleamAdult (m)3,2915213
okRiPrecious Argentum LaceAdult (m)8,6041,44922
Pno9HFiendishly Laced ArgentumAdult (m)4,6103973
SZ03s(SZ03s)Adult (m)5,2986699
gaU2cFreelance Argentum DevilAdult (m)6,1308054
3emfYEvelyn's SongAdult (m)5,2508831
NnNgBAurum LordAdult (m)8,2401,05912
0F4HMGilded AuraAdult (f)3,0729599
qCMOOAurum WarningAdult (m)7,6055597
tYyxXVined AurumAdult (m)3,3221,0244
WvZdfAurum Midnight LordAdult (m)4,3281,0883
J6ELLGilded Thunderous AuraAdult (f)3,5791,2101
tmXWpSecond AurumAdult (m)5,5766353
SO6Y0Golden Lady YuletideAdult (f)4,8988784
cfNuUGilded Skull EmpressAdult (f)5,3211,00720
E2E3Auroth AustralisAdult (m)6,6971,00220
rCtmd(rCtmd)Adult (m)8,35858812
tdVJLHela NinjaAdult (m)7,4817654
35onxLunar DescendantAdult (m)4,0381,1764
CrQbkAurum Seol MenothAdult (f)7,9558575
FmlvWFrozen Gilded ShimmerHatchling (m, F)8,0597832
6GrNS(6GrNS)Adult (f)6,5111,0132
3X2RmRaph's DivaZAdult (f)5,2471,21413
SH8nzQuantum GarakAdult (m)7,4408442
0FTpPMhaia EchoesAdult (m)7,4858692
wu0DIFluff In All The MetallAdult (f)6,6597816
VGMQZMillenia SatanAdult (f)8,3737032
MvoJnFuzzy HuntressAdult (f)8,2417913
OcWq5Shimmering StrangehaxAdult (f)7,09682211
hlcm0Shimmering Diamond LadyAdult (f)6,8959743
QWMlFTonn RaffleAdult (m)6,3621,0825
n4Qb5Lucky Royal HuntressAdult (f)7,0538147
jMDeaFrozen Bleak HaxHatchling (f, F)6,9039925
rstRKSchimmernder ProwIAdult (m)8,6539672
NjOn4Huntress RadagastAdult (f)5,1621,2044
ztmyJDrunk FawnAdult (m)5,6698043
xCeRrCiel's Screaming ChocolateAdult (f)5,3701,1850
7lVEx(7lVEx)Hatchling (F)3,7424844
8w7wXTinsel DracosAdult (f)6,62586518
jGMNmCiel Chocolate ScreamingAdult (f)6,1801,0690
o3CLaLegacy of CAdult (f)6,99394512
ixdMUDark RosemerryAdult (f)6,9568173
MVCOoWaffle IcecreamAdult (f)7,7321,1717
qaOG4Hypnotising AesAdult (f)7,0861,2206
pEpHVSmirking WafflecrownAdult (f)10,9729975
2qOERNomlicious WaffleAdult (f)5,8611,0624
jeqgUAes the Reptile KingAdult (m)11,1681,1424
aU5muCopper Oxide HunterAdult (f)8,2349394
Et05JLaughing AesAdult (m)7,9131,0067
Xi0MHHeated AesAdult (f)6,8471,0203
JVaPdSpecial Cayvyn HappinessAdult (m)6,5801,0354
xTED7Galletian RiveraAdult (f)7,0271,0187
HBAnaWafflecrown Nom-NomerAdult (f)7,7391,0394
iksGXDark Alabaster RoseAdult (f)5,8268252
oOM1UCayvyn Pawz ThuwedAdult (m)7,0609872
dbg8wFrozen PenktonHatchling (F)5,4286438
hO1H8Dame of RivendellAdult (f)6,1021,1159
oZ2KXSilva PenkeltonAdult (f)7,8788873
Kqpd8Tan Medal's DawnAdult (m)6,8828666
K3TelShauborielAdult (f)6,4151,1483
tqdZKViolet Dizzy PrizeAdult (m)7,2239476
VOwQ6Remnants of Silver StripesAdult (f)6,1491,1314
XTNdYArgentum StellaAdult (m)7,2581,52415
I9vmnTinseled Silver LightAdult (m)7,5251,15210
YDKEMSilver Pants FiendAdult (m)8,4361,4127
lqDFFDevious Silver DarknessAdult (m)10,1231,5609
csYBXSeyana SilverAdult (f)6,9729905
Fm0T1Penk's EnterpiseAdult (f)5,2521,1081
SnLyeSnape's DiademAdult (m)5,7058162
Dy9qmFrozen Swift Gold deadlineHatchling (F)5,0735394
k49grSinful DescendantAdult (f)5,5551,0046
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