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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “afie,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
BirLTreeJumping LeafMuncherAdult (f)7,2741,71616
lnPsLTerrae Chewer of NomsAdult (m)5,5768830
1SYTSTerrae Gracious Om-NommerAdult (f)4,6941,1390
BaVeZChomping teh Noms of TerraesAdult (m)3,6841,1942
qX1lSNoms Terrae LeavesAdult (f)5,3539240
9PrJhTerrae ChompsAdult (m)4,0689300
59jt8Nommy Terrae LeafAdult (f)4,4098820
vkBSsChewy Noms of TerraeAdult (m)3,2839382
mhBusSprightly Nommer of NomsAdult (f)2,9428510
5cLjDNomlicious TerraeAdult (m)3,6631,0110
COtTN(COtTN)Adult (f)3,8441,2320
JnPL6(JnPL6)Adult (m)4,9978810
6dr6I(6dr6I)Adult (f)3,8191,0423
1t9je(1t9je)Adult (m)4,9669003
SmvnK(SmvnK)Adult (f)5,2669242
oFHFj(oFHFj)Adult (m)4,6409472
CD0mO(CD0mO)Adult (f)3,3379353
8BQWs(8BQWs)Adult (m)2,9818850
XUkNt(XUkNt)Adult (f)5,4458492
GuMhR(GuMhR)Adult (m)4,2329052
fjGjt(fjGjt)Adult (f)3,5079830
j3PVsTerrae Chomps of NomAdult (m)5,1899514
6m1WUTerrae Om-Nom GnawerAdult (f)5,5107680
XHjXiChwing Terraes NomNomsAdult (f)7,2618333
guCmGTerrae Bark NomsAdult (f)7,1071,2000
0CFqPNom-Noms of TerraesAdult (f)7,1128392
Db9PRTerrae Indigestion from NomsAdult (f)7,1911,4812
9J4cdTerrea TreeLeaf StomperAdult (f)5,1016610
I9kBNTerrealia GrowthchewerAdult (f)3,5971,0430
0HgR7Terraela the Leaf QueenAdult (f)6,3651,0240
YXaHHTerreamina SaplingstomperAdult (f)6,3131,1612
gxjARTerrae HollyAdult (f)3,9996903
YwnN1Terrae von HollyAdult (f)4,2187493
sF45lMonstrous Aurelix BambiAdult (f)5,5577041
JrljtOffspring of ZombiesAdult (f)7,5011,0020
ofQsSqueeful TerrEPICaAdult (f)6,8421,2088
MuTtCHarvested Wrath of the EPICsAdult (m)5,5991,0404
3i0RTEPIC Sweet Wrath of Zek S'aarAdult (f)5,3341,1582
smRBEPIC Emerald Squeejump Zek S'aarAdult (f)4,7671,0974
UtMiEPIC Emerald TreeMuncherAdult (f)3,9901,0644
FBUkbEPIC Emerald Sweet Zek S'aarAdult (m)4,8098151
TKkFTerrae TreeHuggerAdult (m)3,6761,1275
l6e9Infinite GreenLoverAdult (f)4,4051,4362
AXiFTerrae TreeMuncherAdult (m)4,2391,2647
UTFqForever TreeMuncherAdult (m)6,4081,2424
eZNJInfinite TreeMuncherAdult (m)6,2867465
H4YlForever GreenSeekerAdult (f)5,7581,2082
LYKdTerrae TreeStalkerAdult (m)3,8491,1465
h3HeInfinite TreeHuggerAdult (f)7,9109615
o9dcBud of the LeavesAdult (m)2,08763713
kIfTSpruce of the TreesAdult (m)1,9334819
7pi0Foilage of the TreesAdult (f)3,8793407
IUJnBark of the TreesAdult (m)5,97557613
NLEGWSap of the TreesAdult (f)6,2447442
LRmggSprout of the TreesAdult (m)4,4611,0890
RrjCuSapling of the TreesAdult (m)3,9688213
dlsPrSeed of the TreesAdult (f)4,4381,0770
dp0eiRoot of the TreesAdult (m)5,0831,1450
kcNuLSeedling of the TreesAdult (f)4,4801,1153
TB8eTCone of the treesAdult (m)4,5681,1732
ZDfgLeafette of the TreesAdult (f)4,52374517
q9uQLeafes of the TreesAdult (m)4,78375118
627TAutumn of the TreesAdult (m)2,1596016
Lq0qKCrest of The TreesAdult (m)3,2618511
P7mNKhoral E'meralAdult (f)2,15747514
qQ1nKhomak D'olgalAdult (m)3,3391,41339
4jBMEsmeralda L'acostAdult (f)3,2249866
1yWcJ(1yWcJ)Adult (m)3,0927940
3WtX8(3WtX8)Adult (f)4,3217390
LL40s(LL40s)Adult (m)4,0697480
ixCVz(ixCVz)Adult (f)3,1717832
mTyIr(mTyIr)Adult (m)4,1887250
5sqGg(5sqGg)Adult (f)4,2177310
bfkr7(bfkr7)Adult (m)4,1807350
HNkzO(HNkzO)Adult (f)3,9187410
65ZH3(65ZH3)Adult (m)3,5487640
9O2aE(9O2aE)Adult (f)4,5587360
I0Doa(I0Doa)Adult (m)4,6146440
zB33D(zB33D)Adult (f)5,1786510
PAIgx(PAIgx)Adult (m)4,5106581
NqFml(NqFml)Adult (f)5,4506890
K7PQi(K7PQi)Adult (m)5,5305980
5ZeYm(5ZeYm)Adult (f)5,2576880
b6JyY(b6JyY)Adult (m)5,1976900
kIrs4(kIrs4)Adult (f)5,4015360
TpJAI(TpJAI)Adult (m)5,4776880
PHjmw(PHjmw)Adult (m)5,4006700
FtfWDFrilled AurumAdult (f)5,3677066
Qt2KiSilver Faye FrillsAdult (f)5,1596944
d8gUTropical WhiskeyAdult (m)3,1191,36334
Q13vTropical MartiniAdult (f)5,2491,0522
XM5UTropical ScotchAdult (m)2,12154117
sQ94mTropical SakeAdult (f)4,3509333
JFshuTropical WineAdult (m)6,6521,0576
o5Q0vTropical TequilaAdult (f)4,2189580
LklseTropical RumAdult (m)6,4221,1302
r2nZUTropical CognacAdult (f)6,1908822
Uosj6Tropical VodkaAdult (m)6,5681,0354
7b88ITropical MargaritaAdult (f)5,2789670
fTFcATropical KahluaAdult (m)5,8741,1423
2dGFQTropical LiqueurAdult (f)5,0238771
45SdfTropical AmarettoAdult (m)6,7491,2082
7Z9NLTropical SchnappsAdult (f)6,0169092
fOobtTropical GinAdult (m)6,7341,1792
8mL89Tropical SherryAdult (f)6,8631,4370
RUKZfTropical Bailey'sAdult (m)4,2729490
38IDhTropical FrillsAdult (f)3,4991,2753
MRNFsGingerbread VodkaAdult (m)7,0291,2774
DZSr0Gingerbread WineAdult (m)6,9581,2232
GS8GIGingerbread KahluaAdult (m)7,7251,2552
KfaDkGingerbread GinAdult (m)6,1194993
ME6i1Grieving GingerbreadAdult (m)7,9811,6583
4FsLJFierce GingerbreadAdult (m)4,8771,1802
To3d4Bell's Fierce GingerbreadAdult (m)5,3299215
FC4zCNeon ZephyrAdult (f)5,9556761
f1YOVineHuggerAdult (f)10,3061,61528
m3vlGreen VineMakerAdult (m)3,95696814
9EVaLaboured VineMakerAdult (f)4,52088310
qnY8Stalking VineAdult (m)4,1211,01519
7Q41Creeping VineStalkerAdult (f)4,2191,0589
M1KFStretching VineClingerAdult (m)8,1341,24812
XrYMFlowered VineClutcherAdult (f)3,4301,15713
QepcBiting VineloverAdult (m)4,9999322
skiKBlossoming VineCrusherAdult (f)6,0027982
aahqFCoy VinefinderAdult (m)4,3717721
vKkgLovely VinecreeperAdult (f)5,3346172
2AUYgDelightful VinestranglerAdult (m)4,6671,1821
sevMqDelicate VineKillerAdult (f)5,4001,0392
uZCIpKilling VineblossomerAdult (m)6,3341,1692
jOGjiSuspicious VinekisserAdult (f)4,2801,0462
LBQd5Hopeful VinecatcherAdult (m)4,9219530
oCpW1Murdering VineslithererAdult (f)5,8931,1574
v09h0(v09h0)Adult (f)3,9028690
qksWP(qksWP)Adult (m)3,1688702
3BxGp(3BxGp)Adult (m)4,3127423
VVAopHanging VineAdult (f)4,2779562
jCBAS(jCBAS)Adult (m)4,3201,1222
jDXYF(jDXYF)Adult (f)5,0851,2833
DJzAn(DJzAn)Adult (f)4,1561,0386
ezlGVMurderous VineAdult (f)3,2141,0150
c059Frozen VinestalkerHatchling (F)2,2944591
9vqhrHolly TjenAdult (f)3,4487042
vungODelicate VineblossomAdult (m)4,5748503
kgQ6GGreen VineHuggerAdult (m)6,5411,3175
Wtm0MStalking VinemakerAdult (f)4,7881,1733
o72StFrozen MinivineHatchling (m, F)3,0438290
d8N81Stalking VinehuggerAdult (m)3,6381,0550
scYZlAlted Duleen YuleAdult (f)7,6156983
te6oFrozen VinecreeperHatchling (f, F)4,5717612
qBD5Frozen VineWisherHatchling (f, F)5,7609034
8U7COthiera UmbrieAdult (f)2,15566050
U6lmMolri EarthbreakerAdult (f)2,25674828
3bUcGrumbling EarthshriekerAdult (m)8,8811,4172
akuBRainbow's EarthquakeAdult (m)3,2408397
NGn6Earthianna EarthroarerAdult (f)2,4077429
ZIlaMilienha Eathshatterer DorkfaceAdult (f)2,23753814
J7pg6Shaking EarthmoverAdult (m)3,4899883
oHBbY(oHBbY)Adult (f)5,7498820
cMVhY(cMVhY)Adult (f)5,0705321
FBIz3(FBIz3)Adult (f)6,2872,2051
wue5I(wue5I)Adult (f)5,0186013
T79wv(T79wv)Adult (f)2,7916352
3t5Nb(3t5Nb)Adult (m)3,2077030
NSR4F(NSR4F)Adult (m)1,5606660
bXxM8(bXxM8)Adult (m)2,1596903
OJotfBreaking BellowsAdult (m)4,8717020
8FK1YGreenery's ShoutAdult (m)5,1297050
pomvUShattered RoarerAdult (m)6,2346322
XMmPuEarth PitcherAdult (m)3,2587040
PLh8QEarth ScreamerAdult (m)3,6417040
cVYD9Earth ChucklerAdult (m)3,2967013
7kR6r(7kR6r)Adult (f)4,6367360
Vf51E(Vf51E)Adult (m)4,7038080
QYbkU(QYbkU)Adult (f)5,0046892
53eG4(53eG4)Adult (m)4,6477660
6whoq(6whoq)Adult (f)4,4781,1190
8qNZD(8qNZD)Adult (m)4,5317710
8RUST(8RUST)Adult (f)5,5137520
NI71l(NI71l)Adult (m)4,5177640
0mmbH(0mmbH)Adult (f)5,0496640
zSM5L(zSM5L)Adult (m)5,8917100
bJKAL(bJKAL)Adult (f)4,3601,0510
4WMPe(4WMPe)Adult (m)5,9586920
CuTVt(CuTVt)Adult (f)5,6727700
gWwi3(gWwi3)Adult (m)5,9296890
DhQHS(DhQHS)Adult (f)5,7987692
s5AZe(s5AZe)Adult (m)5,9437142
MUrf8(MUrf8)Adult (f)5,5467510
3yQTA(3yQTA)Adult (m)7,1035960
5d69COminous LurkerAdult (m)4,4821,1324
j50c6EPIC Squeeing Fins HorrorAdult (m)5,1859270
HNrkdEPIC Magic Squeeing HorrorAdult (f)4,1087812
B9332UNEPIC Horror Squeeing KnightAdult (m)3,3349943
ijF7KnotEPIC Magic Squeeing HorrorAdult (m)4,8698313
O04oPMidnight's EPIC SilverAdult (f)4,7777496
lahYAEPIC Squeeful Silver HorrorAdult (m)4,2589912
6eXAREPIC Dream HorrorAdult (m)5,1288742
XZIKLUnepic Inbred HorrorHatchling (F)1,7034973
e0kNADreaming HorrorAdult (f)4,4571,2582
UhiiLiving HorrorAdult (m)1,7403868
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