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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “afie,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
HwozISprout StanceAdult (m)4,2108012
9oQ7oSprout SnuggleAdult (f)4,4501,0022
VvAgdSprout HugAdult (m)4,4241,1712
2YtxdSprout EmbraceAdult (f)3,9281,0532
MSsRCSprout NuzzleAdult (m)4,1126602
n9ImFSprout DraconisAdult (f)3,7201,0662
reuU6Sprout CuttingAdult (m)5,1768062
gyJ18Frozen Spring DisappointmentHatchling (m, F)1,9367862
sdaCiRhubarb LoverAdult (f)2,8258612
XpAv5Rhubarb PickerAdult (m)2,7628580
5ia9DRhubarb HaterAdult (f)4,7709914
lgidCRhubarb PlanterAdult (m)2,8918540
rLfWnRhubarb DiggerAdult (f)3,5791,0352
XkmSqRhubarb DreamerAdult (m)3,0417895
HNCzARhubarb YearnerAdult (f)5,0861,2640
YMQpLRhubarb PlannerAdult (m)3,1961,0662
noXxlRhubarb CutterAdult (f)4,6821,1963
XOrztRhubarb GrowerAdult (m)2,9039083
5aaXPRhubarb WanterAdult (f)4,5608112
g7Ws6Rhubarb WisherAdult (m)5,0831,2220
BTGhBRhubarb EaterAdult (f)4,6271,1613
gruj1Rhubarb BakerAdult (m)4,3758121
axgDGRhubarb WasherAdult (f)3,6281,1503
yVSZPRhubarb PeelerAdult (m)4,6888442
jgz0WFrozen unholy refused summersHatchling (F)1,3165522
yup6oGreen CountAdult (m)2,1998112
rNDJXPlum KhatunAdult (f)3,3216782
qiaXzPlum TsarAdult (m)2,2038102
R2mzuPurposeful SummerAdult (f)2,4545612
2jbmFCommited SummerAdult (m)2,2085522
0C3HESun MistressAdult (f)3,2811,0222
vL8H0Sun ChampionAdult (m)2,8029842
mgQiZSun ParamourAdult (f)2,9611,0064
yI8c6Sun SuitorAdult (m)2,9201,0162
wPR3lBloom AppreciationAdult (f)3,2691,0342
s2godBloom ExcitementAdult (m)3,1151,0002
YlVu6Bloom StanceAdult (f)3,0269763
LKOP7Bloom HuddleAdult (m)3,1591,0132
CQlf3Bloom NuzzleAdult (f)2,2666050
qvLOdBloom SnuggleAdult (m)2,6989562
TAcBEBloom DraconisAdult (f)2,2426140
1U4ykBloom ChillAdult (m)3,2219663
JLfwsStrawberry PlanterAdult (f)2,1945182
wJB7OStrawberry YearnerAdult (m)2,3396220
EcabaStrawberry WisherAdult (f)3,5217692
7o6tZStrawberry PickerAdult (m)2,0795282
zqcwbStrawberry WasherAdult (f)3,7081,2391
ZcTAMStrawberry DreamerAdult (m)2,2085302
6EdC5Strawberry EaterAdult (f)3,5077742
jbkLiStrawberry GrowerAdult (m)2,3415920
U5qglSummer CravingAdult (f)2,2976220
eVG8wSummer YearningAdult (m)2,0217580
qYRTVSummers wrong genderAdult (m)3,5811,2230
BNnwyDriven AutumnAdult (f)3,0677670
9oCw5Pomegranate TsarAdult (m)3,1348072
Va4uMLeaf MistressAdult (f)3,4727732
QfAlCLeaf SuitorAdult (m)2,2158322
2cdv5Pumpkin GrowerAdult (f)2,8589152
O06m2Pumpkin YearnerAdult (m)2,9268682
LRj9APumpkin DreamerAdult (f)4,0251,0802
2U1EbPumpkin WisherAdult (m)3,9589842
5XzKILeaf ExcitementAdult (m)3,3587500
XMKBVLeaf HuddleAdult (f)3,2027802
2htqrLeaf DraconisAdult (m)2,2008650
vaZlfLeaf SnuggleAdult (f)3,2867950
sNfobAutumn TsarAdult (m)4,9329480
NH4ThFrozen MistressAdult (f)5,0509470
0HBTgLettuce DreamerAdult (m)4,8658890
es7WhLettuce YearnerAdult (f)4,0359710
7h4ZUIce HuggiesAdult (m)6,2017540
lTR9nIce HuddleAdult (f)6,2067490
6QfYTFrozen Winter KateHatchling (F)3,2674513
AjllwFrozen ChampionAdult (m)4,7509170
EVSZKFrozen VictorAdult (f)6,2697160
zqTN4Frozen SoldierAdult (m)6,9894955
g0rOuFrozen VanquisherAdult (f)6,1937473
mqmMVFrozen ConquerorAdult (m)6,1678392
474DJFrozen ChallengerAdult (f)3,7889620
EBunjFrozen PaladinAdult (m)6,3278530
ucVrsFrozen HeroineAdult (f)5,4239710
F2LuQFrozen SupportAdult (m)5,7938760
BMpA9Frozen ContenderAdult (f)7,7326783
XNo8QFrozen RivalAdult (m)5,5767763
f2eFAFrozen AdversaryAdult (f)5,9977040
flSSxFrozen RaiderAdult (m)5,7241,1252
kAMkhFrozen ChargerAdult (f)6,2288910
AOvqkFrozen MilitiaAdult (m)4,5809834
vv3hDFrozen TrooperAdult (f)6,7549425
Ts7gdFrozen CharlatanAdult (m)5,4309143
FUYZAFrozen AdventurerAdult (f)5,1321,1693
AfGbAFrozen FoeAdult (m)6,7098355
4JthhFrozen EnemyAdult (f)5,0859520
qyfOlFrozen OpportunistAdult (m)6,3679632
2dKLyFrozen AspirantAdult (f)6,7637742
o5JBFrozen BuccaneerAdult (m)1,9374849
9TAQ9Frozen CorsairAdult (f)4,3381,0250
QyRAtFrozen ConscriptAdult (m)6,7317855
nP0iyFrozen OverseerAdult (f)6,0008201
0SphgFrozen BanditAdult (m)6,7977896
NS5RCFrozen BattlerAdult (f)3,8781,2814
QxzJ1Frozen OpposerAdult (m)5,2049336
DmrglFrozen ContestantAdult (f)6,5508213
NrE2bFrozen VillainAdult (m)5,3629843
WrJNNFrozen AllyAdult (f)5,5189434
7iaLvFrozen HarbingerAdult (m)4,9536660
ppi1KFrozen MarauderAdult (f)3,8211,2232
s18GTThawing MistressAdult (m)4,0178570
3OTsJBlossom HuggiesAdult (f)3,7388320
p6xqVForbidden LongingAdult (m)2,7708344
LJ20wForbidden YearningAdult (f)6,1077732
OyhXJForbidden WillAdult (m)5,1748960
Aj7hJForbidden WishAdult (f)5,4498150
n04xVForbidden AvidityAdult (m)4,6908467
X3JlqForbidden FawningAdult (f)5,9388653
o4lcKForbidden RaptureAdult (m)6,4676653
RIqiaForbidden WorshipAdult (f)5,6069052
1Mj1dForbidden SalacityAdult (m)1,99643216
PoGGPForbidden LustAdult (f)3,3139523
Lh6lAForbidden FervorAdult (m)5,5776753
a3XzpForbidden ArdorAdult (f)4,3417932
3vmfrForbidden UrgeAdult (m)5,1096710
8MWmgForbidden NeedAdult (f)4,3088122
90XHJForbidden FancyAdult (m)3,4397855
qpralForbidden AcheAdult (f)5,5556703
LcvMGForbidden PiningAdult (m)4,1728882
1bpdZForbidden WantAdult (f)3,7828782
jGvXMForbidden AppetiteAdult (m)6,0596580
3Qb29Forbidden HungerAdult (f)5,5037210
QfH3lMelting ChampionAdult (f)4,0158342
czo5OMelting PaladinAdult (m)4,8277740
VEuTgMelting VanquisherAdult (f)4,7347670
raaCIMelting AdversaryAdult (m)5,0168180
IwNs2Melting ConquerorAdult (f)4,6467903
can6UMelting ContenderAdult (m)4,7488080
BgAsHMelting FoeAdult (f)5,3717500
yUfFfMelting MilitiaAdult (m)5,3167850
ksuvcMelting ContestantAdult (f)5,0937790
FZ272Melting OpportunistAdult (m)5,2177640
3QsthMelting VillainAdult (f)5,3477800
SezONMelting BanditAdult (m)5,1577590
DgBrZMelting CharlatanAdult (f)4,5847670
sdXujMelting HarbingerAdult (m)3,9677220
pkq7SMelting OverseerAdult (f)3,3638500
eW2o0Melting RaiderAdult (m)4,6158762
UjhjkMelting CorsairAdult (m)3,4818712
QZNJ1Mistress SnuggleAdult (f)4,2109270
f9uHkShining BraveryAdult (f)3,7059080
rBsLnShining ResolveAdult (m)3,3788694
k6zWyShining DauntlessnessAdult (f)3,0024496
kdvnVShining ConstancyAdult (m)4,0608792
6rLHuShining BoldnessAdult (f)4,6179050
xzEbtShining ConvictionAdult (m)4,5849472
zDOwdShining TenacityAdult (f)4,0859710
BUoKWShining PrecisionAdult (m)4,4069476
hSKmbShining CertaintyAdult (f)4,4151,0281
kiDZCShining DriveAdult (m)5,2786500
ygppUShining PersistanceAdult (f)3,4541,0050
MDNk9Shining AssuranceAdult (m)4,0808822
eCl2RShining DeterminationAdult (f)5,0536970
Yfti5Shining FortitudeAdult (m)3,3289362
LxvvBShining ObstinacyAdult (f)4,3028380
Tb7NLShining PurposeAdult (m)3,9377132
fghdNTentative LongingAdult (f)4,1669280
CTtKsTentative AvidityAdult (m)5,5779110
NW4NATentative WishAdult (f)4,1439280
NEuORTentative LustAdult (m)5,4079041
s27c6Tentative RaptureAdult (f)5,4789040
0WbIwTentative ArdorAdult (m)5,6399031
iT6SfTentative AcheAdult (f)4,7829720
8ZyqaTentative NeedAdult (m)4,7779700
a7ts1Tentative HungerAdult (f)5,2099700
eZW4tTentative WantAdult (m)5,2899702
oublNSteaming HarbingerAdult (f)3,9501,0190
5ISDASteaming RaiderAdult (m)2,9001,0360
W6q5mSteaming FoeAdult (f)5,4269980
Wv7llSteaming CharlatanAdult (m)4,8981,0370
1h8AXSteaming VillainAdult (f)3,3689900
0BiJ8Steaming MilitiaAdult (m)3,2669840
UOewcSteaming AdversaryAdult (f)2,9341,0300
ozWXbSteaming VanquisherAdult (m)2,9221,0320
3CMhgWrong SummerAdult (m)5,5279930
HJzE1Purple Meows AutumnAdult (f)6,1251,2524
WPzu2Cooling CharlatanAdult (m)4,9269770
qNAQiCooling RaiderAdult (f)4,9479830
ypD37Cooling VanquisherAdult (m)7,4329240
bH4XrCooling HarbingerAdult (f)4,3141,0862
CzGvFTangible WantAdult (m)5,3257873
8zNqlTangible AcheAdult (f)4,9939810
GFkU1Tangible RaptureAdult (m)4,9029910
KVPJsTangible LustAdult (f)5,3107913
OuxChMurky AssuranceAdult (m)5,9218920
PuO0dMurky DeterminationAdult (f)6,0238890
ZSyA2Murky PrecisionAdult (m)4,7481,1200
Po6oqMurky BoldnessAdult (f)4,7441,1092
pstPTMurky DriveAdult (m)4,7531,1330
ZlqEcMurky BraveryAdult (f)4,6971,1192
a0hFhMurky ConstancyAdult (m)5,4137951
gjrwDMurky ObstinacyAdult (f)4,9229802
qgvSQRefused AutumnAdult (m)4,9539810
D5qPOFrozen MonstrosityHatchling (F)1,7511212
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