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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “afie,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ARwPoSwervy LeafAdult (m)5,7626800
uYjjMCascady LeafAdult (f)6,0416870
xKT5pLeaf TundraAdult (m)5,5307210
SpzNyPleased AutumnAdult (f)6,6376300
HwFLJCool PurrAdult (f)5,6526180
xzmnOCool LeerAdult (m)5,6096230
zGfvTCool SmirkAdult (f)5,8136770
W4XN0Cool ThreatAdult (m)6,0906820
UBdpHElated AutumnAdult (f)6,4916920
RSFLcRhapsodic AutumnAdult (m)6,7465780
IylZjFulfilled AutumnAdult (f)6,0506950
kIa9RExuberant AutumnAdult (m)5,8816092
sotbcOverjoyed AutumnAdult (m)6,2266970
z5bSkRejoicing AutumnAdult (f)5,9956170
8Ygg6Contended AutumnAdult (m)6,6246320
hRgR3Jazz LeafAdult (m)5,8036270
IgtovSway LeafAdult (f)6,8125750
r9NkzMinuet LeafAdult (m)4,8187530
IShWpMoshing LeafAdult (f)4,7627412
7QHK8Moonwalk LeafAdult (m)5,4837620
YQXtuSamba LeafAdult (f)4,7097400
muyRnBallet LeafAdult (m)5,3667580
767I7Salsa LeafAdult (f)4,9557430
7wrfhBoogaloo LeafAdult (m)5,2167521
79mTjConga LeafAdult (f)5,3726330
b2QTIDance LeafAdult (m)6,8215840
TYy2tTango LeafAdult (f)5,1876322
FemfEFandango LeafAdult (m)5,3296320
AmnsDJig LeafAdult (f)6,6535790
xlDuzBoogie LeafAdult (m)6,7385950
xHnk1Shimmy LeafAdult (f)6,7215750
FCjfaColourful SproutAdult (f)5,2431,0873
vdfk0Colourful WaterAdult (m)6,7105980
ZqFbUColourful SleetAdult (f)7,0706040
No0hkColourful HayAdult (m)5,0566690
v4RmLColourful PumpkinAdult (f)5,0146700
wKQvyColourful SeedAdult (m)5,2947880
KXjrcColourful CloudAdult (f)5,2747310
PMYkpColourful BerriesAdult (m)5,6907270
XtVbBColourful CiderAdult (f)5,4111,1053
58uepColourful SoupAdult (m)5,2467940
9LOX7Colourful HarvestAdult (f)5,6837650
ksnY1Colourful ChocolateAdult (m)4,3097650
8EFV3Colourful NutsAdult (f)5,5487600
4oe7OColourful AppleAdult (m)4,3287570
ip7YrColourful FeastAdult (f)5,5867590
FtFI5Colourful MistAdult (m)5,1731,0862
1Kjm9Colourful HoarfrostAdult (f)7,3285770
iBID8Colourful EquinoxAdult (m)7,2375800
7RUeWColourful HailAdult (f)7,3366120
Eo0XgColourful RainAdult (m)7,7095720
oaBnZColourful ThicketAdult (f)6,2557340
mYGxcColourful HazleAdult (m)7,4985890
LqZWGColourful ChestnutAdult (f)6,4517060
YaI7SColourful BudsAdult (m)7,3705820
qiUxfColourful FieldsAdult (f)6,2936280
qiCayColourful FruitAdult (m)6,1097020
andKJColourful MushroomAdult (f)6,3456140
HXQrmColourful ColdAdult (m)7,2146150
vpL9FColourful Rose HipAdult (f)5,0817230
JzLSaColourful BrushAdult (m)6,3526110
8SVmzColourful BountyAdult (f)6,0638294
BVogPColourful OakAdult (m)5,1907250
ABGw5Colourful BlizzardAdult (f)4,3337580
1oDLeColourful GaleAdult (m)4,7426480
ZFQ25Colourful BlueberryAdult (f)5,9468376
EZRKfColourful LingonAdult (m)5,0725321
RRe0KBadMojoAdult (m)5,2617130
vHsYeIce SnuggleAdult (m)5,2616550
QpnBLRefused leafAdult (f)4,9156110
OowwXCold ThreatAdult (f)6,8175603
leutKCold LeerAdult (m)7,2055683
rsaHjElated WinterAdult (m)5,8416840
rPLSuFulfilled WinterAdult (f)4,8865980
rXa1bExuberant WinterAdult (m)5,4586190
ZOgQxContended WinterAdult (f)4,8817893
JEKNqSamba SnowAdult (m)5,1977940
mrRJETango SnowAdult (f)4,8256170
Tor9ESalsa SnowAdult (m)5,1547930
nNXckBoogie SnowAdult (f)4,9456132
LrSfeJazz SnowAdult (m)4,7287880
O6hVJConga SnowAdult (f)5,4527991
OGgHyFandango SnowAdult (m)5,7005922
XSL3nMinuet SnowAdult (f)6,7875770
X6IIj(X6IIj)Adult (f)6,1005921
t75nBWronged LeafAdult (m)5,2717932
A25lzColourful IcicleAdult (f)6,7155790
lBS6yColourful FlakesAdult (m)4,9657070
ukvA7Colourful FlurryAdult (f)7,1635600
wasl2Colourful SnowfallAdult (m)4,8707110
7cz0tColourful WhiteoutAdult (f)7,0205644
lpW0LColourful FlakeAdult (m)4,9177060
HZ8ynColourful SnowAdult (f)6,6187130
auF8cColourful RimfrostAdult (m)7,1365860
nWi3dColourful DraftAdult (f)6,9935770
qwuKyColourful GlacierAdult (m)4,8497080
W1UqTColourful IcecapAdult (f)6,7765570
0EpQMColourful SnowslideAdult (m)5,0027130
BVIVyColourful FloeAdult (f)6,8615562
5LsKfColourful SnowstormAdult (m)6,7587330
NZOaDColourful HailstoneAdult (f)6,7625550
mlvl3Colourful PermafrostAdult (m)6,8285590
aCh2DColourful IcecubeAdult (f)6,7535550
MYKS8Colourful SnowflakeAdult (m)4,9247030
VsoVvColourful SluiceAdult (f)6,7995713
efddYColourful SlushAdult (m)4,9127090
6wzkMWronged ColourAdult (m)6,5065910
r9gX3Wintery FuryAdult (m)7,1145290
TRWxMWintery AppetiteAdult (f)4,8438882
iHWmdFetid FrostAdult (m)4,9317173
ngEyRFetid ColdAdult (f)4,6847392
735mEFetid ChillAdult (m)5,8416120
WpGorFetid SnowAdult (f)5,5977580
SLzfKBlossom SnugglesAdult (f)5,0306960
B1WU9Refused SnugglesAdult (f)6,0748202
slEFJHot LeerAdult (m)5,3166740
6aGzWContended SpringtimeAdult (f)4,7378180
dOAZ0Exuberant SpringtimeAdult (m)4,9378160
eOb0uJazz PetalAdult (f)5,1018190
TRGzvTango PetalAdult (m)4,8956880
ZLCljSalsa PetalAdult (f)5,0876750
NXHuUFandango PetalAdult (m)4,3266700
VfGQ7Colourful DaffodilAdult (m)5,3716680
KtmK3Colourful CrocusAdult (f)4,9636850
8HQhmColourful DandelionAdult (m)5,0886800
75kIBColourful SnowdropAdult (m)4,9686901
d6ia7Colourful TulipAdult (f)5,8556222
2PMIiColourful SprigAdult (f)7,1206570
vDxArColourful StalkAdult (m)6,5615570
REosvColourful DasiyAdult (f)6,3246550
LSFRDColourful PetioleAdult (m)6,1526630
pylY7Colourful PetalAdult (f)6,3816610
7Ybg6Wilted BeginningAdult (f)6,0825000
3BpdaStruggling BeginningAdult (m)5,4466714
WHHPRRushed BeginningAdult (f)5,1426631
J7YohHurried BeginningAdult (m)5,1425880
gN842Exhausted BeginningAdult (f)6,1786920
wRU2AControlled BeginningAdult (m)5,6597465
pdQeeShrieking BeginningAdult (f)5,5006020
18VyDRoaring BeginningAdult (m)6,7015810
8M4x0Growing BeginningAdult (f)5,3638002
5B03PSprouting BeginningAdult (m)4,4136692
uLSKFExalted BeginningAdult (f)5,0006840
09rGGDelighted BeginningAdult (m)5,2527310
1bbBQCorralled BeginningAdult (f)4,8887142
5NPxRCollared BeginningAdult (m)5,2186060
bVlWzStressed BeginningAdult (f)4,1261,1723
28QlRCollected BeginningAdult (m)3,2081,0154
AWdoMwronggendered flowerAdult (m)6,4776601
cdDP4Wronggendered DancerAdult (f)6,5906690
kx8nJWrong Gendered Blossom MistressAdult (f)4,1227610
Xnnd5Master BlossomAdult (m)6,1845060
X3fZRLeering HarbingerAdult (f)4,3427631
4K8YiContented SummertimeAdult (m)4,1097650
NWNShFandango WarmthAdult (m)6,0075921
FTp6NTango WarmthAdult (f)4,4197712
u3SRDColourful SunlightAdult (m)5,8766332
nmdl8Colourful WarmthAdult (f)5,8075860
z3U5yColourful RelaxationAdult (f)5,9566250
jHH1gColourful RestAdult (m)6,5815850
ubgN7(ubgN7)Adult (m)5,3516400
8BVFeWilted InterludeAdult (f)4,8196214
3ZxbWGrowing InterludeAdult (m)4,7826251
N567zRoaring InterludeAdult (f)5,5686460
ZSOFBExhausted InterludeAdult (m)5,5746392
SDtAFExalted InterludeAdult (f)6,1366460
6LLstCollared InterludeAdult (m)5,6636420
ijUABRushed InterludeAdult (f)5,5415400
kog5wStressed InterludeAdult (m)2,6921,0542
3u7ITColourful RefusalAdult (m)5,6136390
J8W8CLeering MistressAdult (f)5,7566082
iVDz0Obstinate CountAdult (m)6,4536180
5xAmzRefused CountAdult (m)5,2776330
aiovMTango ChillAdult (f)6,7406140
utyQ0Rushed EventAdult (m)7,1766090
arcr5Exalted EventAdult (f)6,6606090
4zDloWilted EventAdult (m)6,6346060
tMg2HRoaring EventAdult (f)6,6066090
ZbWg4Colourful StressAdult (m)6,6406100
7s1w7Colourful UrgencyAdult (f)6,6156030
sZ9rC(sZ9rC)Adult (m)4,8289890
Ph1rgAutumn JiveAdult (f)6,9485710
VmTjKAutumn CrushAdult (m)3,5811,1033
esEVsCultivated DesireAdult (f)6,0816150
wz8uMCultivated HurtAdult (m)3,8607060
exa0FCultivated FuryAdult (f)5,5595752
zQ7aFCultivated RageAdult (m)3,8617100
M6O5nCultivated FearAdult (f)4,1916400
wKHwvCultivated TrustAdult (m)5,8708960
2xCZ7Cultivated RegretAdult (f)4,2646320
1X9RYCultivated HopeAdult (m)6,6699332
TxS2zCultivated WantAdult (f)4,4351,2825
1WUrcCultivated IndecisionAdult (m)7,3505112
Relp8Cultivated LustAdult (f)8,1945493
9TujNCultivated DreadAdult (m)4,4821,2824
nyAm6Cultivated RevulsionAdult (f)6,6037522
o0LoXCultivated YearningAdult (m)6,6656002
whiLOCultivated WillAdult (f)5,9636738
cyKmdCultivated ConfusionAdult (m)8,5915823
wITpkCultivated AcceptanceAdult (f)5,6645370
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