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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Moon11wolf,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
HX6GAOne-Eyed Fall KingAdult (m)2,3796495
0OLAAKing of Fall HarvestsAdult (m)6,7368412
n5TpU(n5TpU)Adult (m)4,3598182
E7RKBlossoms of the SpringAdult (f)2,18353919
XifdtSpring's Unique BlossomsAdult (f)1,5622914
IY6mUSpring Dragon SakuraAdult (f)3,0607641
5fPCvLong Live Prince SpringAdult (m)4,2086141
sNfeKKing of Spring - DemetreAdult (m)4,8739013
oL3XtQueen of Spring - GaeaAdult (f)4,8259813
K5BF5Seasonal JoysAdult (f)1,8206827
lOs9PWilting Leaves of SummerAdult (f)1,6985168
pEIzNSeptember 19th - DespairAdult (m)3,9779472
zhVxTMemories of Sept 19th -15Adult (f)4,6709181
00eWHLong Live Prince SummerAdult (m)4,0686723
3IRuAPrince of the SummerAdult (m)4,0826742
n79uuLong Live Monarch SummerAdult (f)3,4656991
asZeKPrince of the Warm SummerAdult (m)4,4916423
rBfha(rBfha)Adult (f)5,0198972
0ZPMYWinter's Last BreathAdult (m)1,6242783
LiUUVWinter's Chill BiteAdult (f)3,4109325
1US4pPrincess of Winter - AlyssAdult (f)2,4447592
To2AFWinter's Bronze ScalesAdult (f)3,5105349
vc2aMKing of FrostbyteAdult (m)5,9999783
cELYkQueen of FrostbyteAdult (f)6,2111,0183
xFF5OPrincess of FrostbyteAdult (f)3,9506614
5kZWRath of the Green SeaAdult (f)2,71065012
ggQKISea NympthAdult (m)3,0597584
b1xS8King Seacil FilippAdult (f)6,7991,0672
YP44tWyrmm of the SeaAdult (f)4,1579806
tBlTBQueen of the SeawyrmsAdult (f)3,7566982
71u49Queendom of the SeawyrmsAdult (m)4,2846202
catsdwy disAdult (f)3,5866912
6ippGKing of Pygmy WyrmsAdult (m)2,9457511
5rfGRQueen of Pygmy WyrmsAdult (f)4,4017162
pyBT2Queen of the Sea WyrmsAdult (f)6,5028012
UwBro(UwBro)Adult (m)5,3079660
eOelT(eOelT)Adult (m)5,5419852
3KhD0(3KhD0)Adult (f)4,0768450
XPnla(XPnla)Adult (m)3,2577182
5tcsl(5tcsl)Adult (m)2,6206253
SnLmUHoping to Get a TreatAdult (f)1,9573205
8s07ESwirly BrownsAdult (f)3,9718844
YsWOMRaptor King of the MountainsAdult (m)3,7958096
owzeV(owzeV)Adult (m)7,1381,1705
68eJF(68eJF)Adult (f)4,7877252
7LmUg(7LmUg)Adult (f)3,9458750
myarQ(myarQ)Adult (f)3,8948882
adMO1Prince of the Sunset's SongAdult (m)5,6888962
RF57ePrince of Burgundy ScalesAdult (m)5,6368953
AXz4PPrincess of the Sunset's SongAdult (f)5,5558932
16l4iGhostly Halloween SpectreAdult (f)1,6633733
VZHaZRonan O' ConnerAdult (f)1,61433712
V7tbPGhostly ApparatusAdult (f)4,3751,0765
JGU4YHide do you believe in ghostsAdult (m)3,3688151
6KqW7Paranormal Ghost AdventuresAdult (m)3,2937970
SQHDdQueen of the ParanaturalAdult (f)2,1095931
DZfzQPrincess of Gray FogAdult (f)2,8667130
HQlziPrincess of FogAdult (f)2,9497271
ykM3NPrince of Gray FogAdult (m)3,3587982
KaX7bPrince of FogAdult (m)3,3177901
CTV9pKing of Ghostly FogAdult (m)7,0321,5041
cfQh1King of Forgotten GhostsAdult (m)6,8771,5151
V9CqUPrince of Gray MistAdult (m)4,2297522
y6FezPrincess of Gray MistAdult (f)4,1407272
FvFpc(FvFpc)Adult (f)2,9949720
cLCDa(cLCDa)Adult (f)3,9621,2342
4CCMcShallow Waters of JoyAdult (m)1,9122983
UXuThMajikku KoikinguAdult (f)3,7699033
daHm8Shy Goldfish CleopatraAdult (f)2,3777421
id2RoKing of the Shallow RiversAdult (m)3,6286972
6xVCiSilver Shades of ScalesAdult (m)1,57333015
pNXspDuchess of the Silver ScalesAdult (f)5,4618261
tIx2bQueen of SinsAdult (f)4,7897823
Bi2wDKing of SinsAdult (m)4,3087825
9JqMfQueen of KraiAdult (f)5,6128814
3Y0PDKing of KraiAdult (m)7,6811,1373
elRZS(elRZS)Adult (m)4,0528553
A7sJE(A7sJE)Adult (m)3,6696510
wStcs(wStcs)Adult (m)3,3389482
imSBZ(imSBZ)Adult (f)7,6441,1022
3ETHI(3ETHI)Adult (f)3,3064214
Qu3GV(Qu3GV)Adult (m)4,9398885
LhhaY(LhhaY)Adult (m)3,4188170
ffhtb(ffhtb)Adult (f)3,8659661
jPF71(jPF71)Adult (m)4,2186491
uqHVp(uqHVp)Adult (f)4,1369091
mzM9t(mzM9t)Adult (m)4,3778662
LqyUI(LqyUI)Adult (f)3,2597851
jag31(jag31)Adult (f)3,3058110
zzb5R(zzb5R)Adult (f)3,3107972
RRIpR(RRIpR)Adult (m)4,2959101
c9jsV(c9jsV)Adult (m)3,6216091
HDym4(HDym4)Adult (m)3,2286873
27a4Bleu Wings of the AngelAdult (m)1,9684826
NNtpBleu Wings of LuciferAdult (f)2,3035154
oWVyXAngel Bleu UndyneAdult (f)5,6881,0242
Nc459Queen of the Blue SkiesAdult (f)5,5009142
i3rTlPrince of Bleu SkysAdult (f)3,7045994
UCaKRCyan Wings of the SkyAdult (f)2,9746012
IiWZ4King of Blu SkiesAdult (m)6,8989804
5kzGoQueen of Blu SkiesAdult (f)4,7707932
p1RrBKing of MobilityAdult (m)2,5013331
14tH5Queen of MobilityAdult (f)4,4146962
eFpYM(eFpYM)Adult (f)5,4628150
XTQsw(XTQsw)Adult (m)6,1169822
X7Pon(X7Pon)Adult (m)4,4548970
6JJqV(6JJqV)Adult (f)5,1569626
ZVpG9(ZVpG9)Adult (m)5,7661,0614
SpxVu(SpxVu)Adult (f)2,9212843
0qQEx(0qQEx)Adult (m)6,7851,1143
sVQNs(sVQNs)Adult (f)3,9059034
kf7jM(kf7jM)Adult (f)2,6206120
HsnjJPiece of my Soul - HappinessAdult (m)1,3823363
RxpXxPiece of my Soul - HateAdult (f)1,5023258
9bH5NPiece of my Soul - LoveAdult (m)1,6623333
LpFLBPiece of My Soul - AsrielAdult (f)4,5909313
r4LIJPiece of My Soul - DespairAdult (f)5,3048883
ZsgfNPiece of My Soul - HideKaneAdult (m)4,50171210
A4b1nFragment of my Soul- BrokenHatchling (F)7392152
VLSUCPrincess of Small HeartsHatchling (f, F)5,4725712
PXcAFPrince of Small HeartsHatchling (m, F)5,5075822
p2PkyQueen of EmotionsAdult (f)2,5967304
8Y0nxQueen of FeelingsAdult (f)2,5407270
yv5RaSpeckled Pink LoveAdult (f)2,4585723
C7qQ9Speckle Throated WyvrenAdult (m)2,2513272
Ku4zVSpiral Speckle ThroatAdult (f)4,1309291
D5Fz0Speckle Throat ShyrienAdult (m)4,6838981
rwiYGDA SPECKLESAdult (f)4,1488930
6zjOe(6zjOe)Adult (f)4,7727243
GKtvgKing of Crimson ScalesAdult (m)4,7146172
i2DocKing of Ruby ScalesAdult (m)4,5826202
vOYIkQueen of Crimson ScalesAdult (f)4,8395981
oQfQuKing of TreasureAdult (m)4,7166143
7KHlJKing of ShinysAdult (m)4,6276093
OqSVqQueen of TreasureAdult (f)4,7676253
yeUPHQueen of ShinysAdult (f)5,6597194
FywdnQueen of Ruby ScalesAdult (f)5,7267382
FjBoB(FjBoB)Adult (f)5,2608773
wgG6l(wgG6l)Adult (m)5,2708253
TNdsk(TNdsk)Adult (f)4,0629310
4oVWxPrincess of Earthen ScalesAdult (f)6,4397432
4xWGXPrince of Terra ScalesAdult (m)6,6957863
1EIBt(1EIBt)Adult (f)5,5428410
LXved(LXved)Adult (f)5,3618142
t7dcj(t7dcj)Adult (m)4,8647371
S9it1(S9it1)Adult (f)4,9007382
hd0ZTJimmy WarderAdult (m)6,1711,2584
h2p9GQueen of Warding SpiritsAdult (f)6,1501,2550
kS3hWWarren SpiritessAdult (m)6,5991,0571
MDtATKing of Warding SpiritsAdult (m)6,5771,0582
FBTb2Edward SpiritessAdult (m)5,9681,0042
OrCYpSpirit Warding TalismanAdult (m)4,7301,0082
HHL2NStar Breaker RyanAdult (m)4,7148903
Y7e9HPrincess of Warding SpiritsAdult (f)1,6912923
uc8VaPrince of Protective SpiritsAdult (m)2,3053283
ssL5Hjust give up prineAdult (f)5,5588743
W12nfPrince of ZedAdult (m)4,4797221
J7Xtz(J7Xtz)Adult (f)5,3079202
W5OtQueen of Spitfires of HellAdult (f)3,8261,1059
jIRLhAn Avenging Angel of HellAdult (f)2,2125869
1PkE6King of the Blue SpitfiresAdult (m)3,4419679
jX8TGFire Burning to Spite DespairAdult (m)5,5949874
6b5WyBurning Rage after the TragityAdult (f)5,4539942
NSmLoWhat a SpitfireAdult (m)2,4327522
HElAbBetter Watch HimAdult (f)3,0987021
l8fnZBlazing Spit FiresAdult (f)6,4481,0413
IRmuTDashing Spitfire KingAdult (m)4,7718372
Aah75Little Spitfire - BabyAdult (m)3,3957061
RzHFj(RzHFj)Adult (f)3,0876303
dsF8T(dsF8T)Adult (m)3,5326753
IjkbG(IjkbG)Adult (m)3,3316742
6yM8M(6yM8M)Adult (m)4,3548820
hJYo4(hJYo4)Adult (m)4,1708282
LHYLU(LHYLU)Adult (m)5,1831,0132
pIlBn(pIlBn)Adult (m)4,8548532
oGupM(oGupM)Adult (f)5,4899174
wZkxD(wZkxD)Adult (f)2,9042791
g8uJ0(g8uJ0)Adult (f)6,1391,0542
UGOPK(UGOPK)Adult (f)3,3857761
J3YWz(J3YWz)Adult (m)3,5958742
cgzQw(cgzQw)Adult (f)4,1819211
94sIk(94sIk)Adult (m)3,7169630
4q2Ky(4q2Ky)Adult (m)3,7289203
fytnT(fytnT)Hatchling (f, F)3,6318310
ODBkbTwo-Sides of a CoinAdult (m)1,97534810
nmrshDouble Sides of FateAdult (m)2,3373326
eCWzZTwin Heads of Blue DragonAdult (f)2,2983197
J0xSvTwin-Headed KingAdult (f)3,3787022
rGbLVDuel SnaksAdult (m)7,8451,0972
HoNSpFallen Queen of Twin KnowledgeAdult (f)5,5096191
dGVn7(dGVn7)Adult (f)5,0869650
sbNFK(sbNFK)Adult (f)4,8877483
ZYZ6a(ZYZ6a)Adult (m)5,6131,0010
b5Pkd(b5Pkd)Adult (f)5,5361,1174
DgGm9Blue Speckled WonderAdult (f)3,2722935
agFphSpecklethroated Green DragonAdult (f)5,4701,0724
sGekZSpotted Wing Dragon Thing WhatevAdult (f)2,5716281
m0EXQGreen Spotted Spots of GreenAdult (m)2,6915961
VyQq0Speckle Throat QueenAdult (f)3,4355280
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