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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Moon11wolf,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
m29Z9Queen YutyAdult (f)3,6877311
jvbaaKing YutyAdult (m)3,7896710
yg8oYQueen of YutyrannusAdult (f)5,0277393
jcOo1King of YutyrannusAdult (m)5,0567482
KzsbZ(KzsbZ)Adult (f)5,5248322
hKF5n(hKF5n)Adult (f)5,2609601
ezCFo(ezCFo)Adult (m)2,3756403
bM6cnQueen of the Sun AmaterasuAdult (f)2,8306673
LbBSxThe Sun XIX - HideyoshiAdult (m)2,8306720
iTl9jKing of the Sun RaAdult (m)4,5519562
RIoNyKing of Kings - YashiroAdult (m)3,7156442
0KzLtPrince of the Sun XIXAdult (m)2,1215160
O14V0Queen of Shining ScalesAdult (f)4,0587124
XLioLQueen of Golden SunscalesAdult (f)4,5478622
3UnTsKing of Golden SunscalesAdult (m)4,4447971
hsn1V(hsn1V)Adult (m)6,8331,0882
zC401(zC401)Adult (m)3,1623892
rAO8E(rAO8E)Adult (f)3,4541,1362
0bYhP(0bYhP)Adult (f)3,5361,1510
OToQ8(OToQ8)Adult (f)3,4101,1300
LYA2H(LYA2H)Adult (m)3,5091,1421
RfyGa(RfyGa)Adult (m)3,4231,0730
O4TOD(O4TOD)Adult (f)3,5181,1071
wqXyi(wqXyi)Adult (f)3,4681,1280
5VdQy(5VdQy)Adult (f)3,5801,1320
x5nNK(x5nNK)Adult (m)3,6829040
tdLLD(tdLLD)Adult (m)2,8687770
jUsPM(jUsPM)Adult (m)3,8179502
YfJxA(YfJxA)Adult (m)3,9048771
TXdGk(TXdGk)Adult (f)3,0628141
CUFnl(CUFnl)Adult (m)3,3596331
IuZJk(IuZJk)Adult (f)3,1106332
au15Y(au15Y)Adult (m)4,1156810
id6RMKing of Twisted BranchesAdult (m)2,7296560
gQPvsThe Twisted Branch GuardianAdult (m)3,0926482
fvwJMQueen of Will-O-WillsAdult (f)3,2027050
0ue1AQueen of Magick BranchesAdult (f)3,1336632
0crFeQueen of TreeclimbingAdult (f)4,3646161
O6Ry8King of Magick BranchesAdult (m)4,1547262
6k8W1King of TreeclimbingAdult (m)5,7759101
44Et4(44Et4)Adult (m)3,3046580
qNgr7(qNgr7)Adult (f)5,3919134
TIVZC(TIVZC)Adult (m)6,9231,1550
RH4uU(RH4uU)Adult (f)3,5749102
iyLyG(iyLyG)Adult (m)3,6249412
yhCKq(yhCKq)Adult (f)4,4051,0532
ohV8P(ohV8P)Adult (f)4,3831,0653
sGlAh(sGlAh)Adult (m)4,7089322
RlhXc(RlhXc)Adult (f)5,1519813
DBI5u(DBI5u)Adult (m)4,5238204
EN5F8(EN5F8)Adult (m)3,4416870
rujW6(rujW6)Adult (m)3,6779235
GC3xf(GC3xf)Adult (f)4,4941,0735
IzhOZ(IzhOZ)Adult (m)4,4781,0695
vXsfa(vXsfa)Adult (m)4,6639082
OjeUG(OjeUG)Adult (f)4,4988161
He3CB(He3CB)Adult (m)7,7011,0070
pldrL(pldrL)Adult (f)5,8148382
hencJ(hencJ)Adult (f)5,3809561
xT6fC(xT6fC)Adult (m)4,3019802
VD065(VD065)Adult (f)3,3928321
cMlQn(cMlQn)Adult (f)3,6168843
R2JR1(R2JR1)Adult (m)4,3949664
HJ8gcMoonlight TearsAdult (m)3,7053954
iLiImLuminescent MoonsAdult (m)3,26639614
8PV3nYorugami TsukiAdult (f)3,5775886
sMtAcMoonlit Despair - MemorialAdult (f)4,2038621
yfO7rLumo DragAdult (f)4,0539593
29drVKing of Lumina stufzAdult (m)4,0937810
eKVDrKing of Lumar CalendarAdult (m)3,8647202
wQTILQueen of Lumar StfzAdult (f)4,0167641
8gFZ9King of AllerginsAdult (m)5,5877193
sO6Jz(sO6Jz)Adult (m)5,0997910
tz62p(tz62p)Adult (f)5,2619320
51wnu(51wnu)Adult (f)3,9338763
4FT8p(4FT8p)Adult (f)4,2359280
i7uYT(i7uYT)Adult (f)3,3727572
Lt1Q3(Lt1Q3)Adult (f)5,6861,1581
ofx8ULow Gen Dark LunarAdult (f)6,1847265
zAgeVQueen of the Dark MoonAdult (f)3,5047274
E9izOQueen of Dark ScalesAdult (f)3,8947664
RzQIpKing of the Dark MoonAdult (m)4,0268004
CIY4IKing of Dark ScalesAdult (m)4,3167900
PUp00The world we live inAdult (m)4,4967914
DcjH6Oh darn what in the worldAdult (f)4,2577793
gzTS9King of Dark LuminariesAdult (m)5,3297414
Cv9Nv(Cv9Nv)Adult (f)3,1778723
8ZqqC(8ZqqC)Adult (m)3,1958546
RIjUa(RIjUa)Adult (m)3,1438572
2wY5E(2wY5E)Adult (m)3,2778833
QzeN6(QzeN6)Adult (m)2,5986294
0M5qi(0M5qi)Adult (f)2,3414115
yUYenIllusionary MemorandumAdult (f)8,5561,4412
JSInoShimmering Illusions of DespairAdult (m)8,3941,4162
w21AtIllusions in the MoonlightAdult (f)8,4691,4222
3wt7LIllusionary GlitterAdult (m)6,5251,1381
QhonTShimmer Gold DustAdult (f)5,8611,0893
cvt4xLunanescent GoldAdult (f)5,6011,0862
kS7ktKing of Gold IllusionsAdult (m)4,7408452
U4IgrLunar Wings of SilverAdult (m)4,5649231
aFE4FRemembering SilverAdult (f)4,5579192
Uq9RWNever Forget A Tragedy - SilvAdult (f)4,2369422
cMqOBSilvia LunarwingAdult (f)3,8788063
TF4QTAnniversary of DespairAdult (f)5,3598983
nqesnIllusions of a GraveAdult (m)4,2669192
cxsSpToo Much DespairAdult (f)6,1321,1232
sVdZDDark Side of the IllusionAdult (f)4,2418782
atghZMoon's Royal GuardianAdult (f)3,6536071
3tCxfKing of Dusky IllusionsAdult (m)4,7248593
jfqmTQueen of Dusky IllusionsAdult (f)5,8369244
SXAYMIllusions of Moonlit WaterAdult (f)3,8137762
d2l7xAzural DreamerAdult (m)4,7329171
Aq9rgBlue Side of the MoonAdult (m)4,8149561
4IyaGAzural DespairAdult (f)4,5938281
vnzFiIllustrious MoonAdult (f)4,5179962
LhyQI(LhyQI)Adult (f)4,2837410
9WFBN(9WFBN)Adult (f)4,1598842
4XtFAPygmy Dryad PrimroseAdult (m)3,0459732
rN7ntPygmy Wyvern CallistoAdult (m)2,9749270
deuduDwarf Pygmy MidoriiroAdult (m)3,4089640
smOjAMage King MajikkuAdult (m)4,0868822
YN3RjQueen HarukaAdult (f)3,2028492
TV7uwThe Mage is LitAdult (m)2,3286310
r5XFFlames of ThanatosAdult (m)2,01363616
lUD5VOrange Flames of SinAdult (f)3,30898610
udODfMagic Teleportation DeviceAdult (f)3,1341,0246
GEukqOji ArajinAdult (f)2,2444846
I0o79Orange Scaled MageAdult (m)8,4921,4273
gSG1JHigh Wizard AsgoreAdult (f)5,6831,0650
AH44tCool Waters of a MagiAdult (m)5,0169852
qeKm8The High Prince of WaterAdult (m)5,0819871
TZ9xcPrincess of OranjiAdult (f)4,8587911
dDpyIOrange Princess of MagikAdult (f)4,3908211
5iK3dQueen of Oranji MageAdult (f)4,2066772
hX9XCQueen of OrangeAdult (f)5,4847841
75Lnh(75Lnh)Adult (f)5,1928721
mI0sl(mI0sl)Adult (m)6,9421,1071
GNJ5a(GNJ5a)Adult (m)5,3381,0180
QfvIk(QfvIk)Adult (f)5,7511,0343
3YFwh(3YFwh)Adult (f)3,1064033
inazZ(inazZ)Adult (m)6,1211,0541
q60gq(q60gq)Adult (m)3,0958131
fVTbx(fVTbx)Adult (f)5,7391,1472
WLDAG(WLDAG)Adult (f)3,4927432
Zv4kyMagma's DesireAdult (m)1,5303128
aFP2CMolten DestroyerAdult (f)1,5923015
2nbqYMolten DrakonAdult (f)1,7392702
7agSNKing of Volcanic MagmaAdult (m)3,6256295
lilT0(lilT0)Adult (f)4,2658851
dB8K4(dB8K4)Adult (f)4,1298861
WdpZs(WdpZs)Adult (m)3,7698590
aPCMa(aPCMa)Adult (f)2,3425714
3ZiE3(3ZiE3)Adult (f)5,5691,1323
kDvuJ(kDvuJ)Adult (f)3,5749312
8o1nh(8o1nh)Adult (f)3,6479531
RJJ4K(RJJ4K)Adult (m)3,5859400
lTbqo(lTbqo)Adult (f)4,4781,0473
TXooc(TXooc)Adult (f)4,3328450
80aJT(80aJT)Adult (f)4,4767773
pDpOX(pDpOX)Adult (f)3,4359735
AhhKB(AhhKB)Adult (m)4,3959521
z1olb(z1olb)Adult (m)7,7481,1111
m0S4S(m0S4S)Adult (m)7,7961,0672
ORrqS(ORrqS)Adult (m)4,0968590
x1Cq9(x1Cq9)Adult (m)2,5513523
5L5tR(5L5tR)Adult (f)5,1639821
Sstf4(Sstf4)Adult (m)4,3408111
TX9Vc(TX9Vc)Adult (f)5,2219680
nCrLG(nCrLG)Adult (m)3,7456740
GQV7L(GQV7L)Adult (m)3,4518040
f3TBe(f3TBe)Adult (m)5,2888122
5Rnkc(5Rnkc)Adult (m)5,5921,1343
6XKINKing of The Great TreeAdult (m)2,0348546
9pM8XQueen of The Great TreeAdult (f)2,0777445
1ZMqSHeir to the Great Tree ThroneAdult (f)1,7223271
Jx6JRHiding Behind the GrassesAdult (m)1,5083186
dlfpKKing of Verdant ForestsAdult (m)3,6478062
IHoIiChild of Many BloodlinesAdult (f)4,6317752
dni5tKing of Green MintsAdult (m)5,4667041
dSwhV(dSwhV)Adult (m)4,9807200
35RBj(35RBj)Adult (f)3,7839370
tggrB(tggrB)Adult (m)2,4306661
VoTlMichevious DemonAdult (f)2,8426889
nJWmyOceanside SallyAdult (f)1,5822844
JQaFiGurin UzumakiAdult (f)2,0044553
HY5WQThe Misfit of TodayAdult (m)6,8631,0832
EHPtMKing of Not-Fitting-In-NessAdult (m)5,1951,0031
YVMfDQueen of Swirling MagicksAdult (f)4,0426630
welHaKing of Swirling MagicksAdult (m)4,0206551
MFOOFQueen of EccentricsAdult (f)4,2498441
zNpKrQueen of LosersAdult (f)5,7719112
hnsggQueen of OddballsAdult (f)5,0947430
aar9y(aar9y)Adult (f)5,9989543
BSo3T(BSo3T)Adult (f)4,1848575
Okmci(Okmci)Adult (m)4,4038481
fnVAG(fnVAG)Adult (m)5,4979814
KgP82King of Kings GilgameshAdult (m)3,0248252
pmqcDQueen of Queens HeraAdult (f)3,0277953
a8lLKKing of Dark MonarchyAdult (m)3,0696832
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