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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Moon11wolf,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
J3YWz(J3YWz)Adult (m)3,5958742
cgzQw(cgzQw)Adult (f)4,1819211
94sIk(94sIk)Adult (m)3,7169630
4q2Ky(4q2Ky)Adult (m)3,7289203
fytnT(fytnT)Hatchling (f, F)3,6318310
ODBkbTwo-Sides of a CoinAdult (m)1,97534810
nmrshDouble Sides of FateAdult (m)2,3373326
eCWzZTwin Heads of Blue DragonAdult (f)2,2983197
J0xSvTwin-Headed KingAdult (f)3,3787022
rGbLVDuel SnaksAdult (m)7,8451,0972
HoNSpFallen Queen of Twin KnowledgeAdult (f)5,5096191
dGVn7(dGVn7)Adult (f)5,0869650
sbNFK(sbNFK)Adult (f)4,8877483
ZYZ6a(ZYZ6a)Adult (m)5,6131,0010
b5Pkd(b5Pkd)Adult (f)5,5361,1174
DgGm9Blue Speckled WonderAdult (f)3,2722935
agFphSpecklethroated Green DragonAdult (f)5,4701,0724
sGekZSpotted Wing Dragon Thing WhatevAdult (f)2,5716281
m0EXQGreen Spotted Spots of GreenAdult (m)2,6915961
VyQq0Speckle Throat QueenAdult (f)3,4355280
QNGqjSpeckle Throat KingAdult (m)4,5259082
OY6NtKing of Green SpeckesAdult (m)7,7241,1764
oLUZZ(oLUZZ)Adult (m)4,2396951
cVeU6(cVeU6)Adult (f)7,9589162
aqt0T(aqt0T)Adult (m)5,3399221
RNVWE(RNVWE)Adult (f)4,3018352
RxArk(RxArk)Adult (m)4,7939672
oDai2(oDai2)Adult (f)5,0838780
c2lur(c2lur)Adult (m)3,9408640
xNRSl(xNRSl)Adult (m)3,8026361
sVPOQStone God of DeathAdult (m)1,5796127
Kxi4yStone Cold HeartsAdult (m)1,6723635
FMpmgHeart of Solid StoneAdult (f)1,6823456
zf8viStone Hearted IshiAdult (f)2,4907373
aT2xsStony ScalesAdult (f)4,5699310
5yAQ6Feminine GargoyleAdult (f)5,3151,1362
izU51Lord GraviosAdult (m)4,5308751
o2srv(o2srv)Adult (f)8,0299351
8PydG(8PydG)Adult (f)3,4977723
yU4pW(yU4pW)Adult (f)3,9208532
vQaFv(vQaFv)Adult (m)4,3369320
o577p(o577p)Adult (f)3,1426780
KVRRQueen of the Castles of HellAdult (f)1,8484733
UlMmKing of the Castles of HellAdult (m)1,8844514
iBLSXGuardian of the Castles of HellAdult (m)3,4041,0118
zmsInHeart Under Stone ArmourAdult (m)1,5403482
coDj3Stormscale GreyusAdult (m)2,5795696
hjamdCrowned Prince of StormsAdult (m)3,7757232
NFxKuKing of Dark StoneAdult (m)4,7798426
jlP7dKing of Grey StoneAdult (m)5,7947261
9BlWU(9BlWU)Adult (m)4,4079121
tjJ9Y(tjJ9Y)Adult (m)2,8832770
rvOzN(rvOzN)Adult (m)3,7599580
2RPumDragon Frozen in StoneHatchling (m, F)4,9028921
AsymZ(AsymZ)Hatchling (m, F)3,6397880
HIyVHPrince of the Sky BoltsAdult (m)4,1036702
rGRbZPrince of Storm-RiderAdult (m)3,7026445
MdCZbPrincess of Storm-RidersAdult (f)4,7218692
37pUZSecond Prince of StormsAdult (m)4,6378811
GpT9CSecond Princess of StormsAdult (f)4,7438761
dcggP(dcggP)Adult (m)6,5587551
lOC1CSunlit SnowfallAdult (f)2,6562755
n0ilUStripes of Beautiful LightAdult (f)4,0719393
HvER6Startling Beauty TorielAdult (f)4,9949951
qgHxIKing of the ShironekisAdult (m)4,7408981
97c4vStripped of all colorsAdult (f)4,8139022
HRnXrStripped AlbinoAdult (f)4,3727133
mPaOxQueen of Clear ScalesAdult (f)6,5618564
ZZGgJ(ZZGgJ)Adult (f)3,2035863
p65rg(p65rg)Adult (f)5,5461,0031
mwfm7(mwfm7)Adult (m)3,7589561
WIpL8Blue Stripes Covered with YellowAdult (f)2,2023531
eMxtDStriped Crimson BeautyAdult (m)1,7643252
FmNwe(FmNwe)Adult (m)6,7598071
a5Ued(a5Ued)Adult (f)6,7017740
PDFJO(PDFJO)Adult (f)6,6377890
BpybVNight Stripped with StarsAdult (m)2,1944834
sLYJWStripy FlyerAdult (f)4,1048071
eIanYPrometheus the SleekAdult (m)2,5888186
UNnAUUranus the Sky GodAdult (f)2,7058404
jEefiSleek the SnakeAdult (m)3,7091,1884
wvzprSlippery HebiAdult (f)3,1308172
kV6phDoragon SenrenAdult (m)4,6331,0664
yFr24Haru DrakonAdult (f)6,1991,2432
Fvh8ESounds Like A Bad TimeAdult (m)5,1687743
Pt61W(Pt61W)Adult (f)5,1399482
zkmG4(zkmG4)Adult (m)3,8139630
4jA3r(4jA3r)Adult (f)4,5116570
CrVPz(CrVPz)Adult (m)2,9272521
HI0ISSunlight of DesiresAdult (m)4,3584739
yRMeYSunshine FlyerAdult (m)3,8107090
fXeMZSunrise WyerAdult (m)4,7619272
DGzQcSunrise HideAdult (f)3,9657272
83PUB(83PUB)Adult (f)2,3437241
eXTtN(eXTtN)Adult (f)3,0555961
V8Gla(V8Gla)Adult (f)6,5519800
bPT91(bPT91)Adult (m)5,0287030
Ks040Last Dying Rays of the SunAdult (f)1,83935813
dTPDeThe Evening Sun KanekiAdult (m)3,8537977
ARq2vLook the sun is goneAdult (f)3,0977573
xEOY0no you patoot its settingAdult (m)3,0887172
COJXTKing of Sunsets - KanekiAdult (m)3,9917071
VCQkI(VCQkI)Adult (f)2,2835482
YVWor(YVWor)Adult (f)3,0916480
GDXkP(GDXkP)Adult (f)3,0915542
Puz5gQueen of the Setting SunAdult (f)4,4458102
farrF(farrF)Adult (m)11,7589266
wVsXB(wVsXB)Adult (f)6,2439852
VbrJz(VbrJz)Adult (f)4,2738803
t96Tz(t96Tz)Adult (f)5,8728642
rbVvL(rbVvL)Adult (m)2,5846700
mKe3v(mKe3v)Adult (f)5,6301,1843
jylrxThe Sun's Song of the AngelsAdult (m)2,2323144
5eOoTSunny Side of HeavenAdult (m)1,6823399
EVYJXEnkei Kyogi-baAdult (f)6,7961,2683
zI8X6The Shinning Sun after the RainAdult (f)3,6457824
tBfwkQueen of the Sun's Songs - HideAdult (f)4,0916201
IpbkPTimid Sun KanekiAdult (m)2,8606960
NrG1LShining Sun HideAdult (m)4,61871810
xSZfMBrilliant Sunshine - HideAdult (f)3,3427322
ecsBUKing of the Brilliant SunAdult (m)2,9657442
2UX1YKing of the Sun's SongAdult (m)3,0116183
7aShO(7aShO)Adult (f)7,3797412
pgkeM(pgkeM)Adult (m)5,2139292
8UgeS(8UgeS)Adult (f)4,1218943
itBhpDaughter of HeliosAdult (f)3,41397911
6GWb5Sun of the GodsAdult (m)3,3889797
z97DiSan HakariAdult (f)3,4367892
hCuFrAmplified SunlightAdult (f)4,2139861
WRnVBKing of the Sun - HideAdult (m)2,8166300
uxPaSQueen of Ruby StonesAdult (f)3,1146553
QQrhcKing of Ruby StonesAdult (m)4,4645913
txptF(txptF)Adult (f)4,6908201
5bNQ2King of Brilliant SunstonesAdult (f)6,7747973
UStRX(UStRX)Adult (f)4,9177512
ap4I9(ap4I9)Adult (m)5,3057791
8JnRB(8JnRB)Adult (f)2,2262804
c0L5B(c0L5B)Adult (m)3,3178100
6D5ANRiding the BlueAdult (f)2,1177748
1iI9MRainbow DustAdult (m)1,86134714
T6IUZSuwaro UinguAdult (f)4,5441,0814
nugpEsink or swallowAdult (f)3,1766814
8TdQg(8TdQg)Adult (f)5,4466923
qya6V(qya6V)Adult (m)4,6557831
Az62j(Az62j)Adult (m)4,5517854
842vn(842vn)Adult (m)6,4198710
sOb7N(sOb7N)Adult (f)5,4179241
QqaI5(QqaI5)Adult (m)4,4099211
4NtRM(4NtRM)Adult (f)4,7869932
U2c0w(U2c0w)Adult (f)7,9901,1341
VhsHd(VhsHd)Adult (m)3,0063883
8axe5(8axe5)Adult (f)5,2678202
ZcjEe(ZcjEe)Adult (m)2,3042831
7F6VL(7F6VL)Adult (m)6,2621,0443
732LK(732LK)Hatchling (f, F)3,5118281
xyeNmDoux DrakonAdult (m)3,4951,0933
OWqIMMon Cherie AmourAdult (m)3,3789754
2h6fXSalty Sweetling MewAdult (m)3,2588803
Urjsv(Urjsv)Adult (m)5,6961,0901
vIr8y(vIr8y)Adult (m)5,6671,0650
rGVhA(rGVhA)Adult (m)5,3281,1212
4BWBR(4BWBR)Adult (m)5,2731,0791
5vvcUKing of the Desert TarantulasAdult (m)4,1259502
Z8k6AKing of the Desert HawksAdult (m)4,1119161
bOtCcKing's Guardian TerranceAdult (m)2,6935261
6p4RdKing's Guardian HollandAdult (m)4,5407933
nfCY7King's Colonel SteveAdult (m)4,7978203
W3d8BQueen of the Desert TarantulasAdult (f)5,5689015
bSaTHQueen of the Desert HawksAdult (f)5,5409032
MQfhr(MQfhr)Adult (m)3,4456670
4OotO(4OotO)Adult (f)3,8279331
HMuGw(HMuGw)Adult (f)2,2473041
AeVUK(AeVUK)Adult (m)4,7138924
5lAzl(5lAzl)Adult (m)4,7388821
BfFOQ(BfFOQ)Adult (m)3,2818510
aPhzl(aPhzl)Adult (f)3,2518241
MKwJ8(MKwJ8)Adult (f)3,1828501
xENvt(xENvt)Adult (f)3,2566301
HjHoq(HjHoq)Adult (m)3,0376533
De81l(De81l)Adult (m)4,1186982
MvsA1Lady of the PlainsAdult (f)2,1907608
q72qrKing of the PlainsAdult (m)1,9217507
KL3opMidori no ChikeiAdult (f)5,5061,1683
oPKa4Queen of the PlainsAdult (f)6,3051,2443
MWjSGQueen of Forest WalksAdult (f)3,7156914
4giJPQueen of Vital ForestsAdult (f)6,9659640
xseTdQueen of Fertile WoodsAdult (f)4,3807843
W8h5D(W8h5D)Adult (m)3,0673291
mQcBX(mQcBX)Adult (m)4,1478281
WfqeU(WfqeU)Adult (f)3,3064902
hdmFnTerry EarthAdult (m)5,1451,0113
MTPTw(MTPTw)Adult (m)5,2128901
skX5u(skX5u)Adult (m)4,2308465
TgN7w(TgN7w)Adult (m)3,2368381
zI9Jd(zI9Jd)Adult (m)7,7461,0213
m8d3m(m8d3m)Adult (f)3,9854833
uivqtKing of TetrisAdult (m)4,0357794
QA5YGQueen of TetrisAdult (f)3,7307602
N7VJPQueen of Complementary ColorsAdult (f)3,8937890
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