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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Moon11wolf,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9nFFB(9nFFB)Adult (f)3,4998002
A0cVd(A0cVd)Adult (f)3,7348311
Lu1FCShooting Star WingAdult (m)3,6648882
6oAYiSalty KaienAdult (f)4,0868455
zLCzKOcean KaienAdult (f)3,0934497
19MH1Salty FlakesAdult (m)3,7368171
uOz65Salty TricksAdult (f)4,6879273
eA9QaKing of Salty SeasAdult (m)4,7997142
IPqNI(IPqNI)Adult (f)7,4591,0123
3CnTx(3CnTx)Adult (m)3,0976454
2apmJ(2apmJ)Adult (f)2,8962804
rGJBm(rGJBm)Adult (f)6,9291,1492
5UXlnMurder during the Blood MoonAdult (m)1,9823063
nffgVMurder under a Blood MoonAdult (f)1,8323654
RcsudChi HakariAdult (m)1,9585207
Sadp0Tsukiakari YuragiAdult (f)4,0759483
uQregBlood for the Moon GodsAdult (m)5,1881,0051
oaZTb(oaZTb)Adult (m)6,7781,0732
Pl5jL(Pl5jL)Adult (f)5,4359134
gGNLn(gGNLn)Adult (m)5,2859702
mC4f0(mC4f0)Adult (m)2,8522643
eqto3(eqto3)Adult (m)2,2513081
vItQR(vItQR)Adult (f)3,1757481
jXTO3Blue-Banded DandyAdult (f)2,3302733
49fV1Blue-Striped BabeAdult (f)2,0902842
q0KvXDandy BluesterAdult (m)6,7001,0832
smhSy(smhSy)Adult (m)5,9999601
5YjRx(5YjRx)Adult (m)6,2739852
BPaPnBlue-Winged DraggyAdult (f)5,5138528
tgHOQCheyenne CatAdult (f)3,9529524
KfuC6TraggyAdult (m)4,0019622
LvOx9Cryaotic the LunastraAdult (m)3,6969924
M1xwNBlue Scaled LunastraAdult (f)2,5898076
AVsm3OTP the LunastraAdult (f)4,7361,0602
c2pwkRuss Mo the LunastraAdult (f)4,1988701
O7A0NScaled Blue CopperAdult (m)4,2858703
pTJ8ACopper LunastraAdult (f)5,1049662
GHPrOQueen of Hellfire BoltsAdult (f)2,9176641
hT0tWKing of Hellfire BoltsAdult (m)2,8336690
ZWX6VThe One-Eyed King RisesAdult (m)2,8696663
AyJ6QPraise Previous King ArimaAdult (m)2,8816710
TZr4jPraise Previous King EtoAdult (f)4,2977933
471c3Queen of Stunning BeautyAdult (f)4,3808590
O8ul8Queen of Startling BeautyAdult (f)4,2888781
dHdHkKing of Startling BeautyAdult (m)5,1499110
iYnwEKing of Stunning BeautyAdult (m)5,2548790
IdvXH(IdvXH)Adult (f)3,4338181
0Lxdl(0Lxdl)Adult (f)3,7989662
wrOtN(wrOtN)Adult (f)5,1738374
nMWSG(nMWSG)Adult (m)3,3698563
4FrKG(4FrKG)Adult (f)4,7118233
XZAzD(XZAzD)Adult (f)4,7678700
n9tvE(n9tvE)Adult (m)4,8938831
N4yqk(N4yqk)Adult (f)4,5068441
3BgwD(3BgwD)Adult (m)4,3258381
cshAQ(cshAQ)Adult (m)5,0199523
Pgpmi(Pgpmi)Adult (f)5,0979620
rVh5T(rVh5T)Adult (m)4,2286702
FtIKE(FtIKE)Adult (f)3,9639050
p3HglRed Breasted QurupecoAdult (m)2,02954810
HZqOALovely Qurupeco KingAdult (m)1,9422941
od091Redd DoodgerAdult (m)4,6089080
nTd8EKing Peco - PeterAdult (m)5,1237984
BOfbxBright-Breasted Queen MillyAdult (f)4,1797951
lKyKsLovely Qurupeco QueenAdult (f)5,4737742
1Ktx2Queen of QuruAdult (f)6,3959882
qjEiE(qjEiE)Adult (m)6,1119792
Cf7CH(Cf7CH)Adult (m)5,0487592
lO4Az(lO4Az)Adult (m)3,4106850
lpx6O(lpx6O)Adult (m)3,6876431
v2BhQ(v2BhQ)Adult (f)6,0791,0373
MERhlBrimming with Heartfelt LiesAdult (f)4,4923646
1jV0lJundius ScottiusAdult (m)3,4703868
T0Fb1Brimstone TricksAdult (f)3,5068792
bXI5BKusatta TamagoAdult (m)4,4838795
ZVlbdBrimstone ScottiusAdult (f)5,6561,1813
nlAXkQueen of Terrible SmellsAdult (f)5,6228044
Lwphd(Lwphd)Adult (m)5,7509643
i6UYl(i6UYl)Adult (f)5,2699291
igXy2(igXy2)Adult (m)4,4059420
DiK19(DiK19)Adult (f)3,3398802
bwvDV(bwvDV)Adult (m)3,6608420
Cj0A9(Cj0A9)Adult (f)3,5287951
wt3jFBrutality in a Dragon's FormAdult (f)1,9313542
4JDJNBrutal Dragon ForceAdult (m)1,7743444
IpCOvRomulus BrutusAdult (m)4,3241,0414
stEkgBurutouinguAdult (f)4,0718384
kPJZZEt Tu HayesAdult (m)2,3666542
lWNNw(lWNNw)Adult (m)6,2979893
vUtfq(vUtfq)Adult (f)4,3558234
1XqMbSkeletal NightmaresAdult (f)3,3569651
Q6JekSpooky Scary DragonsAdult (f)3,4319781
9vZkxSkelebro SansAdult (m)3,4169902
d48LgSkelebro PapyrusAdult (m)3,4541,0033
YuOlSSkeletal Princess - BelloraAdult (f)1,9476062
nUVQsPrincess of Skeletal WarriorsAdult (f)1,9076023
rkVyjKing of SkeletonsAdult (m)4,3448921
BEvsaQueen of SkeletonsAdult (f)4,3459552
hx5DMPrincess of the CadaversAdult (m)3,3507331
gUNXoKing of the CandelebrasAdult (m)4,6217884
QWJ7VKing of Candle-Lit NightsAdult (m)4,4456264
yKeOjQueen of the HanukkiyahAdult (f)4,2568851
SfWbZQueen of Will-O-CandlesAdult (f)4,7478860
tHlH4King of the HanukkiyahAdult (m)3,3176302
3CEnW(3CEnW)Adult (f)2,1093212
MYnfaKing of the Rainbow JunglesAdult (m)3,03349815
CR56OQurupeco FlierAdult (m)3,5597984
5KJlEEaglosia RainbowAdult (m)4,7431,0083
8nXh2Baron of the Rainbow TreesAdult (m)4,5517923
RpTwQLord of the CanopysAdult (m)4,1727804
1YsptKing of Treetop CanopysAdult (m)3,2656482
BIm3qFreeflying KingAdult (m)6,9408462
fcCQ3(fcCQ3)Adult (m)5,2707932
QQTkb(QQTkb)Adult (m)7,7251,0572
aHvcu(aHvcu)Adult (f)5,3349851
NXWJN(NXWJN)Adult (f)3,7256532
t0RKvLuna - Luminary of the StarsAdult (f)3,6127690
vg9vOPluto - Luminary of the StarsAdult (m)3,6418081
MLRwhPrincess of HomeDawgBreadSliceAdult (f)3,6347675
j04NcViktor - Light of the StarsAdult (m)3,6157624
ODyfsYuuri - Dark of the NightAdult (m)4,6236814
4vF8PDuke of HomeDawgBreadSliceAdult (f)4,8656732
dO9QuPrincess of AriesAdult (f)5,0506933
KEPqsPrince of AriesAdult (m)6,7708031
D0PsTPrince of the HomeDawgBreadSliceAdult (m)7,5457443
WuMSUFight or Flight - Mostly FlightAdult (f)2,1422922
CWyRvPink FlighterAdult (m)3,1768043
FghDAKasidy FlitterAdult (m)4,2349204
HVNQzCarmine  CassidyAdult (m)3,6398903
3EKkRBraviary - Dragon FormAdult (m)2,0353085
TPtGBCassrieAdult (m)2,5922284
oAhT8Cassie RathiasAdult (m)1,9803045
HonUXChase MelodyAdult (m)4,2509774
YoO93Chasity CoppinAdult (m)5,7171,1362
9sjH1(9sjH1)Adult (m)5,5769891
v1qzRCave-Dwelling MonsterAdult (f)1,6523981
qTBwlTwisted GoblinAdult (m)1,5923329
zbDL7Araneo LurkAdult (f)4,0401,0016
n9JfuTwisted Cavern LurkerAdult (m)3,4058011
P9DhcDark Cavern DwellerAdult (f)2,0696391
2fIlvKing of Cavern MonstersAdult (m)4,2019202
GPnXYKing of Twisted CavernsAdult (m)4,4731,0091
bQsAKPrince of TenebraeAdult (m)10,3991,5622
iigNjPrincess of TenebraeAdult (f)3,2827912
khTfFPrincess of Dark RitesAdult (f)3,3257893
3Gocy(3Gocy)Adult (f)3,0289981
69rhxQueen of the Celestial SkiesAdult (f)4,0737846
RA2zBKing of the Celestial SkiesAdult (m)4,1158223
FnovuGuardian of the Celestial KingAdult (m)4,1688214
tnX7cPrincess of the Celestial PlaneAdult (f)4,5678444
i4rqmKing's Guardian CodeAdult (m)2,5585030
EacGDKing's Guardian ColtonAdult (m)4,2397291
tCd2YQueen of the Skies EtoAdult (f)4,3687861
G8MFRDragul MajorAdult (m)3,2846281
UFlYbPrince of DragulAdult (f)3,4197136
PsArKCelestial King - KanekiAdult (m)3,7256813
Zy85hCelestial King - YuuriAdult (m)2,7075752
8Bl5iKing of Ophiuchus' StarsAdult (m)4,5358401
yZVQ4(yZVQ4)Adult (f)6,1289682
i2dgn(i2dgn)Adult (f)4,6247072
99JKK(99JKK)Adult (m)4,0198630
4Q5n4Work of Delicious ArtAdult5,9329688
KPFgmKing of Cheese ArimaAdult4,2367944
3aDcuMozzarella Cheese SticksAdult2,0876555
NuuHStolen Streams of Heaven's WaterAdult (f)3,15655920
IlGjJStolen Waters of HeavenAdult (f)2,1207335
ovdJsRunning Along Coastal WatersAdult (m)4,0769203
WTVkfPrincess of Coastal WatersAdult (m)3,2516762
elB4hQueen of Riding the CoastAdult (f)2,9497171
uW65VKing of Riding the CoastAdult (m)3,2206903
at2ok(at2ok)Adult (m)5,2469681
xbSUe(xbSUe)Adult (f)5,2599920
AdwPw(AdwPw)Adult (m)3,8029732
I6mc0(I6mc0)Adult (f)4,3586610
41DFg(41DFg)Adult (m)2,2032870
HRUNa(HRUNa)Adult (f)3,3918111
emo4B(emo4B)Adult (f)2,1584501
hLM6Orange Flames of RevivalAdult (m)3,06157511
LKwnwOrenji HonoAdult (f)1,7322836
0wC11Cute Orange BurstAdult (f)4,1349618
dA4ALCrusher-PygmyAdult (f)2,8436111
9aVZuQueen of the CommonersAdult (f)3,9147440
dAjMSQueen of Smol PygmysAdult (f)3,6807680
w4Zay(w4Zay)Adult (m)3,0327961
wxRjN(wxRjN)Adult (f)4,3558320
Waa7QTarnished Brown CopperAdult (m)4,07396013
zS0bmPluton the Copper GodAdult (m)2,9579025
EvVZPHigh Smithy JasonAdult (m)3,6976680
10RbtMistletoe CoppersAdult (m)5,4469255
yBWeK(yBWeK)Adult (m)3,9938872
IcHwQHephaestus the SmithyAdult (m)5,1208408
Qj5XCCoppery WondersAdult (f)3,8128512
prs8XPrince of WealthAdult (m)4,1618990
QmlqPBlue Copper GodAdult (m)4,1129062
Lri4J(Lri4J)Adult (m)3,2618321
i5V3BFlames of Female SinsAdult (f)2,7022877
SAKkJFlares of Crimson FlamesAdult (m)2,8742456
PhbRXFlares of Blazing FlamesAdult (m)1,9804206
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