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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Moon11wolf,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Eg3FuCrimson Flare KillAdult (f)3,7526652
D1P2IKing of Firework FlaresAdult (m)3,9256752
SqrRFKing of FlareburstsAdult (m)5,9911,0274
1jW0V(1jW0V)Adult (f)4,9517563
oWLhL(oWLhL)Adult (m)1,9242931
Zl8qI(Zl8qI)Adult (f)5,2759783
XbzCa(XbzCa)Adult (m)5,3218270
Km5Mf(Km5Mf)Adult (f)3,7929231
1sK9jSerperior DragonAdult (f)2,0342994
hUHBjTsuru TorappuAdult (m)3,9708152
GlL4RDark Carnivorous FlowersAdult (f)3,9758124
TZhJiRose my DarlingAdult (f)3,9508291
yYMLkQueen's Royal RosesAdult (f)5,0118753
61DtxQueen of the Royal GardensAdult (f)3,6797040
2Jj9CSerpentine FlowerbedAdult (m)4,2827991
448bkCB SerperiorAdult (m)5,0887722
eZvLC(eZvLC)Adult (f)3,9538051
6NnlTAlternate RosesAdult (m)3,7359772
fOKhATsumaruuuuuuuAdult (m)4,0728931
1mQ6Gatherer of the DarknessAdult (f)2,89064712
AUp8Dark Mists of LuciferAdult (m)9,9811,55212
iftKrShrowds of DeathAdult (m)2,1487568
nP7pFDarkest Mists of HellAdult (m)2,2863056
1P35aShadour Kokorone IIAdult (m)1,9475185
oZbYVKing of the Dark MystsAdult (m)4,6097741
MCYwUKing of the Shadow MystsAdult (m)3,1465671
wQ1vmQueen of the Shadow MystsAdult (f)3,3406510
wHBez(wHBez)Adult (f)2,9787741
TqNbQ(TqNbQ)Adult (m)3,8158612
Hr3LPrince of Blue WindsAdult (m)2,42952610
gbqU1Queen of the Blue WindsAdult (f)4,8698946
Ouo94Distraction by BeautyAdult (m)1,2933303
nGllWTsubasa o YumemiruAdult (m)4,0509682
ywnVEPrincess of Daydreams - HeraAdult (f)4,5961,0656
XFGpyKing of Day CloudsAdult (m)8,3401,4172
Ea1eIEalelAdult (m)4,7181,0380
LZrBoDream Goddess MorpheusAdult (f)5,5931,0612
b06mZQueen of the Dream CloudsAdult (f)4,6728390
WwaoNSecond Prince of DaydreamsAdult (m)3,7386212
QzOzgA Prince of NightmaresAdult (m)3,5877102
VxvhUDream King YurioAdult (m)4,1497151
TadA2Dream King OtabekAdult (m)3,0665696
xXzGKDream Queen YukoAdult (f)3,2836410
HBK5OKing of Dreamy DaysAdult (m)7,8851,1440
auH27Queen of Pleasant DreamsAdult (f)5,9201,0152
RjfAc(RjfAc)Adult (m)7,2807331
YJ4Jr(YJ4Jr)Adult (m)4,2808782
NU2LY(NU2LY)Adult (f)2,7663635
CmBYd(CmBYd)Adult (f)5,9239931
iQ2le(iQ2le)Adult (m)5,0348753
H1Tpm(H1Tpm)Adult (m)2,7782401
o3aFV(o3aFV)Adult (f)3,2537760
l1gVN(l1gVN)Adult (f)4,2458761
PbUM9(PbUM9)Adult (f)3,2747203
VxhiRSwimming with the AngelsAdult (f)2,1323504
2kfTLPoseidon's Sea WyvernAdult (f)1,7393382
fFTDZNurunuru WaibanAdult (m)4,3948492
nJ4sIBubbling FaithAdult (m)4,5319183
UOT9yKing of Poseidon's WyvernsAdult (m)4,5108764
Nf1b9Bard for PoseidonAdult (m)4,6978525
JYNasKing of the Mariana TrenchAdult (m)4,2116313
uqKSCKing of NemidsAdult (m)3,1036332
9hG6wQueen of NemidsAdult (f)2,9616741
vkL5WPrince Wyrm of waterAdult (f)3,6137812
odgI7Deep Sea Grill GeorgeAdult (f)3,6556572
DRqngKing of the Dark AbyssAdult (m)3,0047683
Y1pCzQueen of the Dark AbyssAdult (f)2,5155761
EGzCv(EGzCv)Adult (f)5,9469511
ai8Y8(ai8Y8)Adult (f)7,4951,1945
qD8nZ(qD8nZ)Adult (m)4,3878900
QjIyh(QjIyh)Adult (m)4,3799262
WcV3h(WcV3h)Adult (f)2,5523043
ClDWN(ClDWN)Adult (f)5,1631,0163
9l4Bi(9l4Bi)Adult (m)7,6891,0952
9jlIf(9jlIf)Adult (m)4,6178112
rTYrG(rTYrG)Adult (f)3,7009470
clcoi(clcoi)Adult (m)5,5661,0432
cKfAh(cKfAh)Adult (m)3,3967521
IQ7eWDespair and HatredAdult (m)4,1591,0146
qe720Hatred and DespairAdult (f)4,1269915
0tYZDSulfurous DespiarAdult (m)3,0219311
me9SSPrincess of Wrath - DarthyAdult (f)1,9836410
SbxktPrince of Despair - JJAdult (m)1,9526050
DpMNwKing of Halloween DespairAdult (m)4,3549152
auVQ9Queen of Halloween DespairAdult (f)4,3599501
NfgJ5Prince of AngerAdult (m)3,1966652
C41qrPrincess of AngerAdult (f)4,1127263
D2n2SPrincess of WrathAdult (f)4,1177043
2q9QA(2q9QA)Adult (f)2,8619454
cC71z(cC71z)Adult (f)4,0391,2181
QWUmj(QWUmj)Adult (m)4,0781,2220
QeKkkKing of Diamondwings DameonAdult (m)2,9387921
ZSyVJDiamondwing BeautyAdult (m)2,9017911
O6hVbQueen of Diamondwinds QuintaAdult (f)3,1218412
4W9EnGentle ButterwingAdult (f)3,0236732
44hqXGlittering MineralsAdult (m)2,9976881
mzRyQDiamond Wing King - YuuriAdult (m)3,9767011
U9LYGDiamond Wing Queen - ViktorAdult (f)4,9868865
raIxqQueen of DiamondshineAdult (f)3,1275521
2dWs4Queen of Shimmering DiamondsAdult (f)3,6326003
oKELy(oKELy)Adult (f)5,1307552
kpvlg(kpvlg)Adult (f)5,0537441
9efHm(9efHm)Adult (f)3,6286261
UrlhBlack Snake GuardianAdult (f)2,74858220
9AvAPurple Wings of an Angel's LoveAdult (f)1,8424538
F3la0Purple Fins of a MermaidAdult (f)2,1827248
XWp0YTricked on HalloweenAdult (m)1,9912825
4jwViPapuru FinsAdult (f)3,3667691
JVmZUKing of Extravagant DorsalsAdult (m)5,4088234
KWeflDorsal Dog DragonAdult (f)4,71374711
ug6iY(ug6iY)Adult (m)5,4159552
AFg0oRed-Dorsalled BeautyAdult (f)2,1812994
d3zzmQueen of the Blood DorsalsAdult (f)5,3648951
LOkc9Blood DorsalsAdult (f)4,7098883
6dDq3(6dDq3)Adult (f)6,4408372
stRG1Twin Headed HydraAdult (m)2,3223863
HaZcnTwin Heads of WisdomAdult (f)3,3918144
ceHzlTsuin ChieAdult (m)3,3367986
PZqnLRyan HydraliscAdult (m)4,1579192
s3gzzDualist BeautyAdult (f)3,8148371
Bk4FnWisdom of TwinsAdult (f)4,3018731
4LsvrTwinColored DragonAdult (f)3,4946851
YAUNQDoubley ColoryAdult (f)4,0106052
U1aLt(U1aLt)Adult (f)5,1348324
UvtRv(UvtRv)Adult (m)6,1249742
zmvnI(zmvnI)Adult (f)3,6977021
y9kco(y9kco)Adult (m)5,1589952
mryah(mryah)Adult (m)9,2641,4571
ohTB8(ohTB8)Adult (m)6,1421,0643
y5KoB(y5KoB)Adult (m)4,3879620
tEsHtPrince of Male SinAdult (m)5,6758841
EAlTlPrince of Purple ScalesAdult (m)5,7068623
IInwvPrince of Violet ScalesAdult (m)4,8835651
Wo7vtPrincess of Female SinAdult (f)6,3397795
f3OAElectricity of ManAdult (f)2,92464113
LR9rEMoon's ElectricityAdult (f)1,9292961
5JDFVShocking Nightime NightmaresAdult (f)2,3423265
joXxTDendo GenzaiAdult (m)4,1089554
dHmdIDendo UingusuAdult (f)5,4561,2123
EpB3pDendo MizuAdult (f)3,1958358
Z9pMiDendo KukiAdult (f)4,0338646
WpVBXDragon God ZephyrusAdult (m)3,2008182
wCv7BZephyrus ElectrizAdult (m)5,1981,1351
1IEPzDendo ElrektrizAdult (m)3,7038041
pV69cPrince of ZapdosAdult (f)3,8157065
sl4N3Queen of Static ElectricityAdult (f)3,1736923
LoDWxKing of Static ElectricityAdult (m)4,4488273
DqdkKKing of ShockyAdult (m)7,7591,1233
bJ8KBQueen of ShockyAdult (f)4,9457092
IXUzi(IXUzi)Adult (m)4,8577351
TjF7P(TjF7P)Adult (f)3,9286671
iEgW9(iEgW9)Adult (f)3,1917541
fnu0O(fnu0O)Adult (m)3,8998700
YEnxk(YEnxk)Hatchling (f, F)3,4677973
rRT0yEmbers of Thanto's FireAdult (f)2,1002803
aFYUSMoesashi TamashiAdult (m)3,1978299
t8nDrMoe MoesashiAdult (f)4,3908283
8QlCESmoldering Ember of the KilnAdult (m)6,5161,0591
VI8ljKing of Volcanic EmbersAdult (m)5,4898715
LhbrWThen There Was OneAdult (f)3,9118161
DymjJKing of Dying EmbersAdult (m)3,7657811
3dVyo(3dVyo)Adult (m)4,4156860
ZOKsS(ZOKsS)Adult (m)4,1676582
IAN7u(IAN7u)Adult (m)5,3608990
oYrVX(oYrVX)Adult (m)3,4576790
MquuL(MquuL)Adult (f)7,7171,0302
MZiVb(MZiVb)Adult (f)2,9322941
TNhnT(TNhnT)Adult (m)4,2749805
Zvdfb(Zvdfb)Adult (f)4,3829513
2hzxq(2hzxq)Adult (f)2,6186210
EApAjA Blazing Falcon's FormAdult (m)1,5013421
sFM85Burning Falcon ScalesAdult (m)1,6212823
IcXEhCold Flames of FalconsAdult (f)3,5968104
jlqY2Farukon KasaiAdult (m)3,2558263
bgTnOKasai HayabusaAdult (f)2,9387552
kZwz4(kZwz4)Adult (f)5,2469311
70rKGQueen of Armor - YuukoAdult (f)2,7315175
1Vr3ZQueen of Primal DinosAdult (f)2,7795735
NAEOyFallen First QueenAdult (f)2,5455095
DKm3IFallen Second QueenAdult (f)2,7836231
hcqeFFallen Third QueenAdult (f)3,0906311
GB8P7(GB8P7)Adult (m)4,3639272
lxfjtThe One Who Spreads SicknessAdult (f)1,9423353
3Rn3FThe One Who Causes Feverish DoomAdult (f)2,1602927
Ns2sNKomodo Dragon of DiseaseAdult (m)3,5277632
Sw0ZwKing of FeverAdult (m)4,5697361
sEIC6Queen of FeverAdult (f)2,0972905
RFdRY(RFdRY)Adult (m)5,3358931
r5DJR(r5DJR)Adult (m)3,8048743
Ps1zb(Ps1zb)Adult (f)5,6021,0945
agkF7Queen of Firey SapphiresAdult (f)5,1737386
oAEBO(oAEBO)Adult (m)4,3538753
iNP5MKing of Red GemsAdult (m)3,7727403
dq19fQueen of Red GemsAdult (f)4,0797852
9j8me(9j8me)Adult (m)3,6498072
8DoO8Queen of Emerald FlamesAdult (f)6,6277555
fJqN5(fJqN5)Adult (m)7,8001,0376
0IihPThe Grand FlamingoAdult (f)1,83935614
VvKJVDreaming in PinkAdult (f)1,8672993
K1jLKWilliam the FlamingoAdult (f)3,2677031
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