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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Moon11wolf,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
MWjSGQueen of Forest WalksAdult (f)3,7156914
4giJPQueen of Vital ForestsAdult (f)6,9659640
xseTdQueen of Fertile WoodsAdult (f)4,3807843
W8h5D(W8h5D)Adult (m)3,0673291
mQcBX(mQcBX)Adult (m)4,1478281
WfqeU(WfqeU)Adult (f)3,3064902
hdmFnTerry EarthAdult (m)5,1451,0113
MTPTw(MTPTw)Adult (m)5,2128901
skX5u(skX5u)Adult (m)4,2308465
TgN7w(TgN7w)Adult (m)3,2368381
zI9Jd(zI9Jd)Adult (m)7,7461,0213
m8d3m(m8d3m)Adult (f)3,9854833
uivqtKing of TetrisAdult (m)4,0357794
QA5YGQueen of TetrisAdult (f)3,7307602
N7VJPQueen of Complementary ColorsAdult (f)3,8937890
Pj3gpKing of Complementary ColorsAdult (m)4,3608312
IAbtiQueen of Tetra ScalesAdult (f)7,7871,0821
NTBuaQueen of Tetra DragsAdult (f)5,9621,0472
myoWZKing of Tetra ScalesAdult (m)4,5574762
pMvu3King of Tetra DragsAdult (m)6,4067023
xQk5q(xQk5q)Adult (m)4,2428861
EgeuD(EgeuD)Adult (m)4,1507830
pZ26p(pZ26p)Adult (m)7,8671,0355
ha53K(ha53K)Adult (m)4,4298481
Mw5xx(Mw5xx)Adult (f)3,7639152
R39su(R39su)Adult (m)4,7718451
6ugMbSandasutomuAdult (f)3,54949718
0hUVYThundera SpellsAdult (m)2,5878753
1es4eQueen of ThundaraAdult (f)4,2877733
u6AMc(u6AMc)Adult (f)5,5951,0184
Uj5Cj(Uj5Cj)Adult (m)5,8038513
9XZTCTri-Horns of Winged LoveAdult (m)2,3093355
mL6dNTro-Horned Beast of HateAdult (f)2,0443177
agFO9Supaiku AkumaAdult (m)4,2209605
e3PvaTri-Angel of FlamesAdult (f)3,9958705
6JKXBQueen of Tri-StabbysAdult (f)3,7497541
Vs8AnKing of Tri-StabbysAdult (m)4,8216582
9OW3oQueen of TryingAdult (f)6,8608140
PoioWKing of TryingAdult (m)4,9976351
UXKBJ(UXKBJ)Adult (f)7,0821,1442
Nh8gL(Nh8gL)Adult (m)5,0751,1831
fmvgZ(fmvgZ)Adult (f)4,4468860
g0kwt(g0kwt)Adult (m)4,7768192
ZCXnf(ZCXnf)Adult (m)3,5568014
06q4DRolling Waves of a TsunamiAdult (m)1,6323494
w143HKagayaku NamiAdult (m)5,4951,1714
8GXPPWaves of GlitterAdult (m)3,1888454
zjYK9Crystal WavishAdult (f)5,3471,1213
t1pHeSansanmaru TsunamiAdult (m)3,8988252
hXAuIGlittering Waves of SnowdinAdult (f)4,8399222
2B4ZpGlitter Waves of the QueenAdult (f)4,5069531
odln3Tsunami of XenosAdult (f)1,7062924
T9AEOHectic Waves of GoldAdult (m)4,8801,0083
JS99qShining Waves of BeautyAdult (f)4,6658063
0OQEgGlittering Waves of BeautyAdult (m)3,9516391
xcLXXSo Many Glittering WavesAdult (f)3,9596833
t5LiqPrincess of TsunamiAdult (f)3,5556212
Evd7xQueen of Flailing OceansAdult (f)3,3706251
T6XQophat tsunamiAdult (f)3,4687932
hhraNQueen of Dangerous OceansAdult (f)6,9731,1211
hUKhV(hUKhV)Adult (f)4,8137951
rXzs1(rXzs1)Adult (f)3,5347900
HV7NqDeahtly Sickness of TurpentineAdult (f)1,9622933
rsUlWTurpentine SicknessAdult (f)4,1919922
dET6PSickened ScalesAdult (m)6,1201,2501
kiuaGKing of Sickly TurpentineAdult (m)3,3766790
jbcmgKing of SerpentineAdult (m)4,3647964
Zm3MG(Zm3MG)Adult (f)5,8649220
oC07O(oC07O)Adult (f)6,5591,0301
FAY1G(FAY1G)Adult (m)4,2966742
DAV9w(DAV9w)Adult (f)4,1458591
p0RzQ(p0RzQ)Adult (f)5,5738764
9z3zb(9z3zb)Adult (m)2,9778241
vK0hA(vK0hA)Adult (f)2,7856570
C0uct(C0uct)Adult (f)4,6688762
vIWXqAquarius's Twin Fins of HopeAdult (m)1,8093667
aUaEEJuvia's Lovely Twin FinsAdult (f)1,8723728
k800bSuizokukan FinnyAdult (f)3,7548976
3reA2Icy Twin TailsAdult (f)2,4067562
voxbNPrincess of the Bleu FinsAdult (f)3,0477013
X0hU3Wisdom Comes in TwosAdult (m)2,1582486
5bXc0Athena's Wise DragonAdult (m)5,5261,1857
izrfyKing of Twin WyrmsAdult (m)4,1008352
OrKbk(OrKbk)Adult (m)7,9619463
s2x2D(s2x2D)Adult (f)3,6297020
rRSKC(rRSKC)Adult (f)5,9158584
rIlNx(rIlNx)Adult (m)3,6477261
Ysku1Blue Rays of the Fading SunAdult (f)2,0922658
ATe67Violet UltimateAdult (m)1,5223235
ajZ2DQueen Violet RayAdult (f)3,9128423
9VJMdAsuna's Mighty Dragon SteedAdult (m)2,2012724
cF94TKirito's SteedAdult (m)3,1298163
1EHB7Kotaku ArimasuAdult (m)3,4807881
HmobuBreathing UnderwaterAdult (f)5,4161,0646
t53x4Queen Undying UndineAdult (f)5,2527784
myc9JQueen of the UndyneAdult (f)4,5208952
aEflVQueen of Mountain SpringsAdult (f)3,7427711
ii8ZDPrince Undying UndineAdult (m)6,6037991
Z2uwePrince of UndyneAdult (m)6,6077813
Qm05U(Qm05U)Adult (f)5,4309061
VLmNE(VLmNE)Adult (m)5,2678960
EoQA1(EoQA1)Adult (f)6,2369841
L3SJP(L3SJP)Adult (f)4,7126943
PgNpV(PgNpV)Adult (f)4,3629341
d3v8oAssez AmourAdult (f)3,4941,0832
Qmf0hPrincess of the Golden ValentineAdult (f)3,9909111
Fev74Black Rose's ValentineAdult (f)3,9779111
3r5p1Be my lovely ValentineAdult (f)2,0416231
txnnYIll be your valentineAdult (f)1,9676041
VcQwu(VcQwu)Adult (f)5,6321,1082
5P64r(5P64r)Adult (f)6,7311,3103
4UOIQueen of the Dark VampsAdult (f)4,2961,09715
I3u1Princess of Her Majesty's VampsAdult (f)4,1511,09816
pVTBHidden Daughter of ThanatosAdult (f)1,4264128
FuE9Guard of the Queen of VampsAdult (m)10,4691,55614
eK9m8Prince of the Dark AngelsAdult (m)2,1322975
iFjQWGoddess of Death - LilithAdult (f)1,4423465
lAnJWPrince of the Blood MoonAdult (m)3,7488121
h8YsAQueen of Death - LilianaAdult (f)3,7536875
JkK5EPrince of Death - YurioAdult (m)3,1364745
zCNeeGuard of the Dead - SobekAdult (f)3,5866012
qRoWWGod of Violence - SetAdult (m)4,2977824
yxdWrDuke of Darkness - DarickAdult (m)8,1746671
sSAsM(sSAsM)Adult (f)3,5658412
LiaCH(LiaCH)Adult (m)3,8458372
Qn5Z3(Qn5Z3)Adult (f)3,3798250
38s69(38s69)Adult (m)3,3216061
hH4oH(hH4oH)Adult (f)3,7737110
jcIoPrincess of the Oceans and SeasAdult (f)2,1445939
cUjjOGourdy the Lake MonsterAdult (m)3,3158101
SPOjlMizu DrakonAdult (f)4,0419404
NYDumQueen of Cool WatersAdult (f)4,1199662
eQ0APPrince of Cool WatersAdult (m)4,2018751
mYdXgTreasure Keeper of the SeaAdult (m)3,4946490
xHyf8Look more water wyrmsAdult (f)3,4728062
ZLVzEMonster of the Ocean LagoonAdult (m)2,9766180
j7ErDQueen of the Ocean LagoonsAdult (f)6,7668272
c7c99(c7c99)Adult (f)7,4237370
ExgIj(ExgIj)Adult (m)7,0931,1241
5aUGe(5aUGe)Adult (m)3,7799311
GIwNp(GIwNp)Adult (f)2,7912865
4YyxS(4YyxS)Adult (m)2,8737942
WDr7o(WDr7o)Hatchling (f, F)3,4438231
l5WanFloating on a Lake of DespairAdult (f)5,5889833
VNC6gGrace of a Water LilyAdult (m)3,9029084
bnrUhPrince of the Despairing LilyAdult (m)3,7316780
epuQUQueen of JesusAdult (f)4,8857083
0zJVNKing of JesusAdult (m)5,2657130
ObXtDQueen of Water-RepellingAdult (f)6,8148352
CsxUu(CsxUu)Adult (m)6,7991,0730
5gt4w(5gt4w)Adult (m)7,0601,1081
P9Nv3(P9Nv3)Adult (f)2,4523024
LkvbJ(LkvbJ)Adult (f)4,2748343
3EDHp(3EDHp)Adult (m)4,9507323
RL6fu(RL6fu)Adult (m)5,2259172
NKdf3(NKdf3)Adult (m)5,6391,0061
wlGPk(wlGPk)Hatchling (f, F)3,2858012
dSCtQMoon's Lily PadAdult (f)2,0883144
Ku5nDMoon's Water PonyAdult (f)3,9129063
CJpuZSlimy TunaAdult (m)4,7421,0282
HdiTMMoon Crowned WaterhorseAdult (m)4,3926000
ywmUtKing of Cappal UisceAdult (m)3,3546943
k3mCiU ded m8Adult (m)2,8505991
ZRCnt(ZRCnt)Adult (f)4,1328430
4yfe3(4yfe3)Adult (m)4,1208047
0KbVF(0KbVF)Adult (f)3,9068630
gOLkWhip of the Angel's FireAdult (f)2,27362912
6ZZpdWhip of Hell's FireAdult (m)5,2189387
jWYnIKing of HyperactivityAdult (m)3,9176630
75gBSQueen of HyperactivityAdult (f)4,5987581
Vqc6xKing of NyoomAdult (m)3,7487790
eeL7I(eeL7I)Adult (f)9,1729912
ctNl0(ctNl0)Adult (m)4,9651,1410
1qOOy(1qOOy)Adult (m)3,2465834
YGdgz(YGdgz)Adult (f)4,0148981
8wJ76(8wJ76)Adult (f)3,0417891
NEN9sWhite Buttercream IcingAdult (m)2,1722816
3EUAGSpotless FrostingAdult (m)2,8022293
1WdLqMagiked ScalesAdult (f)2,0173243
n48rMCleanliness is a VirtueAdult (m)3,7679571
CvXmySpotless FeathersAdult (m)6,0811,2471
B2P4JQueen of CleaningAdult (f)2,5486710
g5ijBKing of all that is holy or someAdult (m)4,9418951
7Zr9vShining Shiro ScalesAdult (f)4,8989242
k7Nmqstriahg tup unurrssderrrrrAdult (f)3,2697411
vc0hJKing of Spotless MagickAdult (m)3,2595651
dGnto(dGnto)Adult (f)4,0878460
o6DJq(o6DJq)Adult (m)3,5557330
a6poWWitchlight Queen - MiraAdult (f)2,2287382
fSJroQueen of Haunted WitchlightsAdult (f)2,2457411
8T87tWicked Wizard of the WestAdult (m)2,1656923
PCDOfKing of Haunted WitchlightsAdult (m)2,3137162
zFvCWWicked Witchlight of the WestAdult (f)2,2377213
mgWP3Haunted Witch QueenAdult (f)2,3267441
H09SmHaunted Wizard KingAdult (m)2,2087071
Z0vu7Queen of Witch MotesAdult (f)5,7551,2503
h3UaUKing of FoxfiresAdult (m)7,9441,5661
jSnEv(jSnEv)Adult (f)5,5306895
qFnA8(qFnA8)Adult (m)4,0468283
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