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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Moon11wolf,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
BnFZPKing of Time - LinkAdult (m)2,2677061
Vt1mmPrincess of Time - ShielaAdult (f)3,5986821
lYea9Princess of Time - LizzaAdult (f)4,7698704
9ElLEPrincess of Time - AkaAdult (f)9,2549145
Bbh21Duke of Time - WatcherAdult (m)6,4948454
dUnH6Baron of Time - LookerAdult (m)5,2887857
JX5KXBaroness of Time - TinaAdult (f)5,6329594
W0PzpDuchess of Time - TianaAdult (f)7,3547341
H5yYgPrincess of PremonitionAdult (f)3,7651,1580
KC9ch(KC9ch)Adult (m)2,2206162
Z3c6F(Z3c6F)Adult (f)4,2439621
gYku1(gYku1)Adult (f)2,9537762
cpORG(cpORG)Adult (m)4,5341,0092
jJXVx(jJXVx)Adult (f)4,4471,0070
LKBpV(LKBpV)Adult (m)4,3671,0130
evBTh(evBTh)Adult (f)4,5941,0382
8yNIV(8yNIV)Adult (m)5,0859461
IeAVF(IeAVF)Adult (f)4,9569530
7bgz5(7bgz5)Adult (f)3,4628041
IrYJG(IrYJG)Adult (m)3,1678151
RM2wZ(RM2wZ)Adult (m)5,1588813
bqts8(bqts8)Adult (m)4,2838302
7A87D(7A87D)Adult (f)5,2468213
QC7Vs(QC7Vs)Adult (m)2,9712852
kEczv(kEczv)Adult (f)4,3481,0162
6JuC2(6JuC2)Adult (f)2,9457713
8CZz7(8CZz7)Adult (f)3,3868090
TPI92(TPI92)Adult (m)3,3776301
REGCK(REGCK)Adult (f)2,0104424
L8rIiPaled DreamsAdult (f)1,5673245
ehD88Slender-DragAdult (m)3,3398163
lyTjoSurenda SukeruAdult (m)3,8988393
UfZHiQueen of the Pale OnesAdult (f)4,1926134
ZF7KHThe Palest of DreamsAdult (f)3,0895362
rZrzIFilthy AlbinoAdult (m)7,7641,15212
nJ4QKKing of Filthy AlbinosAdult (m)4,6106252
FspUY(FspUY)Adult (m)3,8807750
hfGF7King of Emerald ScalesAdult (m)2,7666613
n36h4The Green King - GodIsRealAdult (m)3,8478135
xsBPrQueen of Emerald ScalesAdult (f)4,6427168
zySL0EmeraldeldaAdult (f)2,1876931
aCVQqEmerld QueenAdult (f)1,9666212
uPyoi(uPyoi)Adult (f)5,4079091
LkyQk(LkyQk)Adult (m)3,9627931
e65tb(e65tb)Adult (f)3,3886401
nPoH9Dragon of Peace - EireneAdult (m)6,5641,2442
kQsZ4The Goddess KiranicoAdult (f)6,1811,1001
NdObTConsort of the Xeno QueenAdult (m)3,8998361
2rGfvDemigod of PeaceAdult (m)4,8799133
I6OtHBaby XenoAdult (f)5,3548154
Ne8onKing of Lazy DaysAdult (m)4,6266273
XDVZn(XDVZn)Adult (f)7,7211,2143
Sy9Y6(Sy9Y6)Adult (f)3,2757612
CVu7CQueen of Desert AliensAdult (f)3,3727174
rPvYtGuardian of the Desert Alien KinAdult (f)3,1897155
KsiI0King of Desert AliensAdult (m)3,3007191
bmHaaKnight of the Desert Alien KingAdult (f)3,6877400
q2eDiKnight of the Desert Alien QueenAdult (f)3,6487832
zjgIcKing of the Desert AliensAdult (m)3,5706721
SJdkeAlien Desert Resident - ArimaAdult (m)4,2046193
eEPQTAlien Desert Resident - ShinoharAdult (m)5,3859133
Mss7j(Mss7j)Adult (m)2,9657690
zhZ7e(zhZ7e)Adult (m)4,1639131
mXlgX(mXlgX)Adult (m)2,9932803
XJNyi(XJNyi)Adult (m)2,9202714
W5mPN(W5mPN)Adult (f)2,2043012
BkegV(BkegV)Adult (f)2,2612691
nVzyh(nVzyh)Adult (f)3,6208901
6QgEZ(6QgEZ)Adult (f)3,5408512
WN0hF(WN0hF)Adult (f)2,7777572
bJOM9(bJOM9)Adult (f)4,2229293
wioG6(wioG6)Adult (f)4,1538741
IDkjr(IDkjr)Adult (f)3,3308343
YElYz(YElYz)Adult (f)3,5258161
IeGxX(IeGxX)Adult (m)3,3047581
KVVzq(KVVzq)Adult (f)3,4121,0601
dLSSk(dLSSk)Adult (m)3,2991,0582
zTVME(zTVME)Adult (f)3,4121,0760
fuNRj(fuNRj)Adult (f)3,5321,1060
jVEOBQueen Aria - CelineAdult (f)4,2279381
n0AYEKing Aria - JustinAdult (m)4,1687413
FvVEEQueen's Guardian ArianAdult (f)4,2577594
sw5AcKing's Guardian AdrianAdult (m)5,2128133
fOpG4Queen's Counsel ArleenAdult (f)4,2186171
Zam84Queen of Neon ScalesAdult (f)4,6838642
hLiKiOceanic OperettaAdult (m)3,1746343
qvpZg(qvpZg)Adult (f)5,0809803
yRCVpCommunaute LienAdult (f)3,4461,0963
JzEwiGift of a Raptor's FlightAdult (f)3,2597611
2GteZArtisanal Ice Cold ValentineAdult (f)3,9618792
pvFHrArsani Love 3Adult (f)1,9836201
d39nbQueen of AmourAdult (f)5,6281,0784
l2jNjQueen of HeartzAdult (f)8,2051,4584
Q8l4z(Q8l4z)Adult (f)4,7598141
c2gWk(c2gWk)Adult (m)4,6398081
RvpZh(RvpZh)Adult (m)2,9737693
IuDoj(IuDoj)Adult (f)3,0172655
05gCT(05gCT)Adult (f)4,2739610
3bhgh(3bhgh)Adult (m)3,5137590
AxFfd(AxFfd)Adult (f)4,1809182
n8Di9(n8Di9)Adult (m)4,1879011
m4v1m(m4v1m)Adult (m)3,8127102
EsHWg(EsHWg)Adult (f)2,2736291
ADGs9(ADGs9)Adult (f)2,3676494
U5qH6(U5qH6)Adult (m)2,6186252
yPed5(yPed5)Adult (f)2,7776481
n9cdK(n9cdK)Adult (f)4,1807220
Qh422Azure Scales of JusticeAdult (m)2,6715375
gMxuWQueen of Azure ScalesAdult (f)2,6295075
JZlSOGlacial WingspanAdult (f)3,3135102
GPMxwIceburgh LettuceAdult (f)3,6235512
0H9iuIceburgh ScalesAdult (m)2,9807572
fy3rgScales of GlaciersAdult (m)3,1216281
dDfZRGlacey ScalesAdult (m)7,8411,0731
kl5Uy(kl5Uy)Adult (m)7,1451,1505
vfWcv(vfWcv)Adult (m)7,0901,1596
nnSE8(nnSE8)Adult (m)3,3149162
5PsjvTwin Headed Serpent GrnAdult (m)5,1698251
GkIDoQueen of Murky LakesAdult (f)5,3428583
mVkc3King of Murky LakesAdult (m)3,6907612
viJPm(viJPm)Adult (m)3,8249691
ifcTxQueen of Clear LakesAdult (f)5,7569221
n84viTwin Headed Serpent BluAdult (m)3,8807590
IQ3p3Twin Queen of Clear LakesAdult (f)3,7907181
gauyr(gauyr)Adult (f)5,5399993
4Pl92(4Pl92)Adult (f)5,5159682
QqGMJoie des enfantsAdult (f)2,2554962
o6nybBalloon DraggiesAdult (f)4,1449808
Gso5BPafuuinguAdult (m)3,9899173
xl01ABalloon for FunnsiesAdult (f)4,66069510
1hJzbQueen of HeliumAdult (f)5,1407552
1iArH(1iArH)Adult (m)5,3409154
vVgB0(vVgB0)Adult (m)3,5908072
QSiFiTwin-Headed Crowned King of GoldAdult (m)4,7926153
mGpaOKing of Brilliant CrownsAdult (m)5,6746881
t8sdZQueen of Brilliant CrownsAdult (f)6,3757643
GPu8UFishing for FishAdult (m)1,5603924
cK5KpMoon's FisherAdult (f)4,2699006
00HflTeimarr TurquoiseAdult (f)4,4668767
QIVYo(QIVYo)Adult (m)11,3661,0833
aLxVB(aLxVB)Adult (m)7,6111,2395
qT4zs(qT4zs)Adult (f)5,3728993
xxo1r(xxo1r)Adult (m)3,4708010
ol2QlBlack Winged DeathAdult (f)1,7723061
x3kBoDarkness In the SummerAdult (f)1,0434154
mUPb8Kuro DrakonAdult (m)3,0427304
iwuJPTsubasa KuroAdult (m)3,5738332
8c3XZDark King ErebusAdult (m)3,5437801
Va6AHQueen of the KuroAdult (f)4,1618001
GVrSZDark Child of ErebusAdult (m)5,2297984
ufoVvPrince of HelAdult (m)4,0419162
TYqOUPrincess KuronaAdult (f)4,7301,0146
EMKUxHeir to the Dark ThroneAdult (m)3,6096272
n9kbRGuardian of the Dark KingAdult (m)5,0729183
uaO4RGuardian of the Dark QueenAdult (m)4,3368763
biuz0Princess of Darkness LokaAdult (f)4,7007616
QW6jqPrincess of the Shadows SeleneAdult (f)3,9965604
0v8CIKing of the Dark KuroAdult (m)4,2278141
V8FTZThe Secondary Queen of KuroAdult (f)5,0919093
vnyGEThe Second King of KuroAdult (m)3,2106702
s2q33Darkened Queen KuroAdult (f)3,3286521
v5Z38(v5Z38)Adult (m)4,3429250
5FfFC(5FfFC)Adult (f)5,0857242
VEunG(VEunG)Adult (m)4,4229730
mYacU(mYacU)Adult (m)3,7687611
vYa6gRare Dark Prince LokiAdult (m)2,7948275
yWLVTBlackened Blood MarrowAdult (m)1,5643852
rHDtPVeins Filled with DarknessAdult (f)1,4523179
3xRiiBloodwing DragonAdult (f)3,9479872
wIkfxDark BloodiAdult (f)4,3781,0495
7JkerBlack Marrow VeinsAdult (f)3,3057820
1yet2King of Dark MarrowAdult (m)1,9656242
TiErEDark Queen YurioAdult (f)1,9466043
0aCyZDark Queen MarrowAdult (f)1,8695831
sLkXFPrincess of Dark MarrowAdult (f)10,3441,5285
FML0NPrincess of OccultAdult (f)10,4781,5235
5Vg2kPrincess of Blood RitesAdult (f)3,3108213
z6euHPrincess of MarroAdult (f)3,3548302
g845ZKing of Blood RitualsAdult (m)6,8251,4891
FVxfkQueen of Blood RitualsAdult (f)7,0291,5272
fnRPCPrince of Blood RitesAdult (m)3,4437121
wS06PPrincess of Black MarrowAdult (f)4,1827472
yWnzh(yWnzh)Adult (f)3,9241,1812
S6ny5A False Valentine DragAdult (f)1,9013015
2IsNJChai DragonAdult (m)3,4008353
UM1NSDark Tea QueenAdult (f)3,7617311
FslBLKing of Herbal TeaAdult (m)6,4541,0741
GGQtdKing of Silver TeaAdult (m)6,5391,0815
PuJqvQueen of Herbal TeaAdult (f)4,6387592
tEWi3(tEWi3)Adult (f)6,9971,0712
DRcfD(DRcfD)Adult (m)6,1921,0052
WCEni(WCEni)Adult (m)6,9701,1902
RTRep(RTRep)Adult (f)4,2928652
LnJ9T(LnJ9T)Adult (f)4,8657673
ySG47(ySG47)Adult (f)3,7547021
71tbN(71tbN)Adult (m)4,3889243
5ADqq(5ADqq)Adult (f)4,3899006
mxK2o(mxK2o)Adult (m)4,3499283
xOaqa(xOaqa)Adult (m)5,8031,0762
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