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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Moon11wolf,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
WrVByPumprince of the PumpkinAdult (m)3,2856851
6ZOfSPrince of GourdsAdult (m)3,3707101
LrHpeQueen of the Circle of LifeAdult (f)2,0147126
syulmPrince of the Circle of LifeAdult (m)1,9224213
p29SzBonnie the Violet DragonAdult (m)3,0917604
Ty5P8Hiyokuna DoragguAdult (m)4,1039122
vTUBXRoyalty Purple AlphysAdult (m)5,3218384
vLPfCPurple Dragon whoda thoughtAdult (m)3,2686210
2kKmrFertility King - JohnnyAdult (m)3,3676630
MYPD6Fertility KingAdult (m)4,5579141
y9ZERQueen of Fertility - PurpellaAdult (f)5,4397121
n5Nf5(n5Nf5)Adult (m)5,1339362
W00MO(W00MO)Adult (m)5,1759280
BLDpT(BLDpT)Adult (m)4,7727232
BxXcW(BxXcW)Adult (f)5,5139871
niWr5(niWr5)Adult (f)7,8051,2503
YD4DO(YD4DO)Adult (f)5,3657704
f6Ifi(f6Ifi)Adult (m)5,8219923
oaj1F(oaj1F)Adult (f)6,8901,1241
m62c5Burning Spirals of FlamesAdult (m)4,2619973
Vvg0EKazan SukeruAdult (f)4,0888712
2dnWUPyromancer HokamaAdult (m)4,0169026
ykoLwPyromaniac JulianAdult (m)3,8628742
oMEfqPyromaniac JubyAdult (f)4,1189113
IosQTQueen of PyromaniacsAdult (f)4,2208151
r7BCUQueen of PyrestoneAdult (f)4,7326664
9jw2pQueen of Shiny StonesAdult (f)4,4238351
ACgAwKing Crimson PyroAdult (m)4,6568085
Aj3KL(Aj3KL)Adult (f)4,8567832
0vwhw(0vwhw)Adult (m)6,7311,0723
qRxCW(qRxCW)Adult (f)3,4998040
YZklU(YZklU)Adult (f)3,3557762
5OKH3(5OKH3)Adult (f)5,5871,1203
MrcBgPyromaniacs' MascotAdult (f)3,4493134
P1ZixHono ChaneraAdult (m)4,1521,0053
nCCCoMoesashi the PyroAdult (m)4,51182510
IauX6Queen Orange PyroAdult (f)3,8827042
BlnjR(BlnjR)Adult (m)4,2869002
IncBi(IncBi)Adult (m)4,3709363
NErEi(NErEi)Adult (f)4,3459323
rmiVr(rmiVr)Adult (f)4,2998923
Uqq00(Uqq00)Adult (m)5,7451,0675
zFjby(zFjby)Adult (f)5,7441,0611
GOe8P(GOe8P)Adult (m)4,7576901
D2mT6(D2mT6)Adult (m)7,7511,1260
MyBUH(MyBUH)Adult (m)9,4231,0984
T4elV(T4elV)Adult (m)2,1773022
A3qxe(A3qxe)Adult (f)5,0749391
6EvUr(6EvUr)Adult (f)3,6636520
tW4ED(tW4ED)Adult (f)3,4187982
T7zGe(T7zGe)Adult (f)4,3059591
gMRSA(gMRSA)Adult (m)4,0228871
Qeh8L(Qeh8L)Adult (f)2,9826472
2CNaLAnge EclatantAdult (m)3,4751,0972
gI3k8Radiant Angel - TimAdult (m)3,1727291
DpTNKElegant Angel - LucasAdult (m)3,2047652
Cvb60King of an Angel's LoveAdult (m)5,3081,0443
dQzRQKing of Angel's DesireAdult (m)5,5571,0660
FtT6B(FtT6B)Adult (f)3,5339444
lJbXG(lJbXG)Adult (m)4,3561,0462
0nGZb(0nGZb)Adult (m)4,3481,0201
yDImy(yDImy)Adult (f)4,4441,0391
pMabc(pMabc)Adult (f)4,6519390
AVpjm(AVpjm)Adult (f)4,4668190
wfPoP(wfPoP)Adult (m)5,7771,0604
p0pyr(p0pyr)Adult (f)4,7158092
Ge6oa(Ge6oa)Adult (f)3,3327801
P70S1(P70S1)Adult (m)3,2537581
S5flUCommander  of Hell's KnightsAdult (f)2,1338847
dkFyEColonel of Hell's KnightsAdult (m)3,4898463
qHLO7Simple Hell's KnightAdult (m)3,2789600
6820AKing of Red RedAdult (m)3,2616782
i7eqoKing of the Hells' KnightsAdult (m)3,0195320
VM8e2Queen of Red RedAdult (f)4,5007501
E3spOKing of the Hells' GuardsAdult (m)5,1396804
DBbc5(DBbc5)Adult (f)6,4359933
S3kVF(S3kVF)Adult (m)8,1096841
Q7qNK(Q7qNK)Adult (f)5,7411,0243
yFLpl(yFLpl)Adult (f)3,8488620
s0oV2(s0oV2)Adult (m)3,3077921
uApQsWaves of RedAdult (f)1,8783104
nj98pBeast of the Red WaveAdult (f)2,0902944
PW12fTidal Red StreamsAdult (f)3,0437843
Koru9Scarlet Fins of WaterAdult (f)3,3587041
BolPlKing of the Crimson TideAdult (m)3,3706562
Ysnr1(Ysnr1)Adult (f)4,7956141
SbKrP(SbKrP)Adult (m)11,3041,0514
qCUyv(qCUyv)Adult (m)6,4048260
1FmNv(1FmNv)Adult (m)6,6048690
diBCA(diBCA)Adult (m)6,4588581
5xjyV(5xjyV)Adult (f)5,1571,0012
Vmw2V(Vmw2V)Adult (m)2,1443102
BAnLo(BAnLo)Adult (f)7,8091,0253
dISqg(dISqg)Adult (m)2,0443131
wBJQo(wBJQo)Adult (f)4,2858012
dQBMo(dQBMo)Adult (m)4,3658940
InB4j(InB4j)Adult (m)3,1847421
b5fASFlight of GloryAdult (m)1,7903356
reU1nUingu OneAdult (f)3,7088242
ivLzjYama no GuraidaAdult (m)5,7241,1985
wC5LWQueen Purple RidgeAdult (f)3,1958264
PDbWiMurasakiiro no RijjichirashiAdult (f)2,8914166
zrhcqRidgewing'd DrakonAdult (f)5,7649893
QZFBDRidge Glider SansyAdult (f)4,8059202
g4A9HQueen of the Mountain RidgesAdult (f)3,7317020
TBJH3GET REKT BOISAdult (m)4,2258002
313pTI'M A GYMNASTAdult (m)3,0865741
y9UlZQueen of GymnastsAdult (f)3,8708412
zUj33King oF GymnastsAdult (m)4,8617861
OXqSA(OXqSA)Adult (m)6,0359983
HIu23(HIu23)Adult (m)6,1369173
qo2ul(qo2ul)Adult (f)5,5158981
FIGNCKing of Tan GymnastsAdult (m)7,7896682
D4LheQueen of Tan GymnastsAdult (f)6,3057710
3dzQH(3dzQH)Adult (f)5,4239484
qRUcf(qRUcf)Adult (m)5,9979581
6KRV4(6KRV4)Adult (m)6,1239681
ms7Rt(ms7Rt)Adult (m)3,6986732
uK5js(uK5js)Adult (m)5,4421,0124
TsHs2(TsHs2)Adult (m)4,2668891
9BCG2Prince of the SunsongAdult (m)5,7688865
0wwPZPrince of the Sunrise's SongAdult (m)5,6408794
QjLOQPrince of Magenta ScalesAdult (m)5,5318643
kecOZPrince of Brilliant Pink ScalesAdult (m)4,1046791
EppfV(EppfV)Adult (f)5,4208322
bIJJMRose CoulissesAdult (f)3,4121,1113
9rmbXValentine TearoseAdult (f)3,3669443
lERRMRadiant Rosebud RosalinaAdult (f)3,0618754
a4wZnBrilliant Rose of the MoonAdult (f)3,8989021
6NGiR(6NGiR)Adult (f)6,1641,0873
NfCTI(NfCTI)Adult (f)6,4871,0925
BzTWUQueen's Guard Drag - CielAdult (m)1,4833275
baHqqLizzy - Ciels FriendAdult (f)1,7013137
doWVYDemon Hound PlutoAdult (m)1,87631111
ngS8mAdopted Son - Alois TrancyAdult (f)1,9623145
5yIyPTsuki TsunamiAdult (m)4,0798535
NLeHORoyal Queen of the MountainsAdult (f)4,0488213
EbNj0Queen of the Blue MoonAdult (f)5,5429053
4f0BdKing of Royal Blue ScalesAdult (m)4,3357920
ZtGBi(ZtGBi)Adult (f)7,5121,1905
NoF5h(NoF5h)Adult (m)4,3708263
6NIok(6NIok)Adult (m)3,3117420
aIrMh(aIrMh)Adult (f)3,9529212
VBxjx(VBxjx)Adult (m)3,0988090
cm4dWDemonic Butler - SebastianAdult (m)1,8223335
iUCZhDemonic Butler - ClaudeAdult (m)1,4983246
E0IxYRed Queen's Royal Knight - MarkAdult (m)3,3158531
iewM7Inbreeding EverywhereeeAdult (m)3,6746354
XhFxVThe Red Queen - MaryAdult (f)3,9228320
rH2KDRoyal Crimson Queen - MissyAdult (f)3,7528032
fXJbI(fXJbI)Adult (f)5,5409274
3zXr4(3zXr4)Adult (m)3,4278323
zYAjv(zYAjv)Adult (f)4,1199471
XM7lhQueen of Sapphire GemsAdult (f)4,6859502
azIQoGuardians of the Sapphire GemsAdult (f)4,4979426
zUU5iRoyal Knight of the Sapphire KinAdult (f)4,4249261
XT7gYKing of Sapphire GemsAdult (m)3,6957390
rfIAxKing of Blue GemsAdult (m)4,6598332
dptAxQueen of Sapphires SophiaAdult (f)4,5928571
mGlIRKing of Sapphire StonesAdult (m)4,7078751
HpOcLQueen of Sapphire StonesAdult (f)4,7267332
WJgUEAWWW SNAP SONAdult (m)5,4088961
qmnwsLOOK AT THESE SAPHIRREESAdult (f)2,9646724
bWh8mVERY MUCH SAPPHIRESAdult (f)3,4105391
Hjzzg(Hjzzg)Adult (f)3,5126590
VzMEM(VzMEM)Adult (f)3,1628241
T2XX4(T2XX4)Adult (m)4,2289131
oT4N4Queen of Deadly ScimitarsAdult (f)4,8667883
AQ1MV(AQ1MV)Adult (f)4,8407590
VWMljKing of Deadly ScimitarsAdult (m)4,2867682
XbFm3(XbFm3)Adult (m)4,4338220
YbynN(YbynN)Adult (m)5,7099431
sTWNe(sTWNe)Adult (f)7,7061,1593
vkPoZ(vkPoZ)Adult (f)5,7871,0233
gnkC8(gnkC8)Adult (m)4,5706563
ASKb0(ASKb0)Adult (m)2,2733274
gtzjh(gtzjh)Adult (m)7,7851,2194
SW43f(SW43f)Adult (f)5,3079162
Zj8rM(Zj8rM)Adult (m)2,8892692
L7fAJ(L7fAJ)Adult (m)4,2829801
fc9wS(fc9wS)Adult (f)4,1878961
KEdDKKing of Majestic ScriptureAdult (m)5,3498601
f0voQQueen of Majestic ScriptureAdult (f)5,2828651
VBIGSQueen of ScriptureAdult (f)5,1568411
q728DCalligraphic QueenAdult (f)3,7557290
OquixKing of ScriptureAdult (m)3,9627391
fVtb3Scripture QueenAdult (f)3,9107570
BTLhTQueen of Flowing ScriptsAdult (f)3,3666491
4SA1LQueen of Shiny ScriptAdult (f)4,1957025
9jQSsAutumn TreatAdult (m)1,0913322
FYpzLFall AffectionsAdult (f)1,9123707
QP5XPFalling Peak of DespairAdult (f)3,7988201
0RY5bKing of the FallAdult (m)3,9858320
3AVdKQueen of the FallAdult (f)3,9428261
rm872Queen of Leaf RufflesAdult (f)3,8157934
ZVbWmCooling of SummerAdult (f)5,6291,0431
P70U3King of Autumn LeavesAdult (m)3,9371,0614
Q6deCLong Live King FallAdult (m)3,9979352
ePlFxLong Live Queen FallAdult (f)4,0078930
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