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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “emmaly,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
n3DCEmmalys red DiamondAdult (m)3,3811,15820
lg04Emmalys Bonnie RedAdult (f)2,75793420
hgdCEmmalys Red KeipiAdult (f)2,90394222
8S7tk(8S7tk)Adult (f)2,1184603
XBCa1(XBCa1)Adult (f)1,7726000
i57lN(i57lN)Adult (m)2,2275012
pA74Emmalys stripy GreenAdult (f)4,4431,06625
ia3VEmmalys green KeipiAdult (f)4,31372416
iFMiEmmalys second GreenAdult (f)6,5591,07527
eEvVEmmalys SmaragdAdult (m)3,9731,03727
NdDMEmmalys green MeadowsAdult (f)2,94976118
WE8lEmmalys sweet GreenAdult (f)3,11269317
SZdZEmmalys Nice KeipiAdult (f)3,2691,12013
BuunM(BuunM)Adult (m)3,1962144
X9SH(X9SH)Adult (m)2,77743410
9QFZEEmmalys Black Striped MAdult (m)2,8058234
JeXyhEmmalys Black Striped FAdult (f)2,5304634
7UwV5(7UwV5)Adult (f)2,0604344
zo37V(zo37V)Adult (f)1,8434163
U6mCU(U6mCU)Adult (m)2,3096653
1j2eu(1j2eu)Adult (m)1,8166041
j8nFQ(j8nFQ)Adult (m)2,1715236
l8mFy(l8mFy)Adult (m)2,4315801
f3HVm(f3HVm)Adult (m)1,9185993
rALTL(rALTL)Adult (m)1,9706010
APxvn(APxvn)Adult (f)1,7935851
wRSOp(wRSOp)Adult (f)2,0225672
HOY8P(HOY8P)Adult (f)3,5261,1521
PNGYv(PNGYv)Adult (f)1,6854311
VZJQb(VZJQb)Adult (f)2,3495028
Hly1a(Hly1a)Adult (f)2,6536260
8jvO5(8jvO5)Adult (f)1,8985641
6xCUu(6xCUu)Adult (m)1,6046180
ug15m(ug15m)Adult (m)1,7235322
Eu2fq(Eu2fq)Adult (f)2,5495091
0ODU4(0ODU4)Adult (m)2,7406102
cg9sh(cg9sh)Adult (f)2,6065820
F4qlr(F4qlr)Adult (m)2,4135245
dOzLP(dOzLP)Adult (m)2,4124891
hgLtc(hgLtc)Adult (m)2,0865670
QOzGw(QOzGw)Adult (f)3,7782534
Qy9Rq(Qy9Rq)Adult (f)2,3115201
iwWX9(iwWX9)Adult (f)3,6345063
HOKaEmmalys first SundownerAdult (f)3,75475419
tXW4Emmalys SunsongAdult (f)1,7814637
9DKoEmmalys SuntuneAdult (m)4,7813525
Se7LQ(Se7LQ)Adult (m)1,9675650
g6TMMEmmalys Sunstone F CB 1Adult (f)2,6009653
EWl5HEmmalys Sunstone M CB 1Adult (m)2,5769382
m9U3nEmmalys White Sunstone M1Adult (m)2,1028873
9O1v2Emmalys White Sunstone F1Adult (f)2,1065082
gks2qEmmalys Sunstone F CB 2Adult (f)1,4927180
jInLeEmmalys Sunstone F CB 3Adult (f)4,0662726
U320EEmmalys Sunstone M CB 2Adult (m)3,7832583
AsH0rEmmalys Sunstone F CB 4Adult (f)2,2457261
AmVFtEmmalys Sunstone M CB  4Adult (m)2,1707020
7WvhDEmmalys Sunstone M CB 3Adult (m)2,1877271
RuoSQEmmalys Sunstone M CB  6Adult (m)4,0403451
A6OS0Emmalys Sunstone M CB  5Adult (m)3,6212573
EqIKCEmmalys Sunstone M CB 7Adult (m)3,4202296
pIJfhEmmalys Sunstone Fem CBAdult (m)3,9912672
ghT2Emmalys Swallowtail Female CB 1Adult (f)2,5804969
e3aJEmmalys Swallowtail Male CB 1Adult (m)4,0842736
LDmnEmmalys Swallowtail Female CB 2Adult (f)3,3212378
b3RFEmmalys Swallowtail Dream Male 1Adult (m)3,2194707
qusBEmmalys Swallowtail Male CB 2Adult (m)3,8257175
sYs8SEmmalys Gold-horned Tangar M CB1Adult (m)3,3968764
IGbrdEmmalys Gold-horned Tangar M CB2Adult (m)3,6772462
1sAHeEmmalys Gold-horned Tangar F CB1Adult (f)3,7312701
Qafr1(Qafr1)Adult (m)4,0552725
Dm8NI(Dm8NI)Adult (m)1,7357443
oVDMQ(oVDMQ)Adult (f)2,9667333
kaSJ5(kaSJ5)Adult (m)2,2887941
W50Oa(W50Oa)Adult (m)1,5067363
7AWhW(7AWhW)Adult (m)3,3143421
D2BDi(D2BDi)Adult (f)3,1141,0290
hIWSV(hIWSV)Adult (f)2,3256382
PXsyn(PXsyn)Adult (m)2,3205881
6VOgEmmalys Terra'e DragonAdult (m)2,1276666
vhauEmmalys Terra'e  VhauAdult (m)4,6033088
itmmEmmalys Terra'e I'tmmAdult (m)5,2063476
wxAd5(wxAd5)Adult (m)3,7217251
IyyuK(IyyuK)Adult (f)4,4758372
RK4Yk(RK4Yk)Adult (f)4,5227981
kPnYp(kPnYp)Adult (m)4,6507431
Z3aorEmmalys T H Male CBAdult (m)1,7715860
wGgMi(wGgMi)Adult (f)1,9555670
m9J4b(m9J4b)Adult (f)2,6715031
PV1Wx(PV1Wx)Adult (m)2,3736321
Q9brs(Q9brs)Adult (f)2,1286000
c72bEmmalys little SparkyAdult (m)5,15479214
XWKEEmmalys Little GlimmerAdult (f)3,8681,19625
C0mvEmmalys little FlashAdult (f)2,83494817
BwGs7(BwGs7)Adult (f)2,7525034
QtRtg(QtRtg)Adult (m)2,1385501
6Luk6(6Luk6)Adult (m)3,0521,0314
RFRyz(RFRyz)Adult (f)3,0641,0161
1ojCW(1ojCW)Adult (f)2,9871,0142
j8ga9(j8ga9)Adult (f)2,3515201
4z2TJ(4z2TJ)Adult (m)3,0384943
b77Bl(b77Bl)Adult (m)2,67523616
qO498(qO498)Adult (m)1,8905434
6FM4Y(6FM4Y)Adult (f)1,9175353
IWYF6(IWYF6)Adult (f)3,3432243
JlAa5(JlAa5)Adult (f)2,4885251
QfE9Y(QfE9Y)Adult (f)1,6176291
qjkGB(qjkGB)Adult (m)3,0757020
1YW85Emmalys Tsunami Wyverns CB MaleAdult (m)1,7736591
dVxjw(dVxjw)Adult (f)2,4696441
QKoab(QKoab)Adult (m)2,3536511
FNQEa(FNQEa)Adult (m)2,4136052
u52PD(u52PD)Adult (f)1,8994575
5KbUH(5KbUH)Adult (m)1,8934631
XWWPZ(XWWPZ)Adult (m)2,6644792
OSPhF(OSPhF)Adult (m)1,7034962
Gf8WX(Gf8WX)Adult (m)1,6984991
Q0hJ2(Q0hJ2)Adult (m)3,5622387
EEu1L(EEu1L)Adult (m)3,7172497
3Ul5S(3Ul5S)Adult (m)3,1832427
hWjNm(hWjNm)Adult (f)3,6692476
0X4Sf(0X4Sf)Adult (f)3,7062493
1JBnF(1JBnF)Adult (m)3,5312434
hlArs(hlArs)Adult (f)4,0592734
87fE0(87fE0)Adult (f)4,0602724
0XXO4(0XXO4)Adult (m)3,5272626
Vv7O6(Vv7O6)Adult (f)3,0252234
pr1tj(pr1tj)Adult (f)4,2552977
DhX48(DhX48)Adult (m)2,7133312
BdgHn(BdgHn)Adult (f)3,5612747
KEHXi(KEHXi)Adult (f)3,6992493
Dl0Lt(Dl0Lt)Adult (m)3,3714413
8t1l4(8t1l4)Adult (m)3,3612252
eOVAU(eOVAU)Adult (f)3,8422582
lsCfQ(lsCfQ)Adult (f)2,1255810
2vtyy(2vtyy)Adult (m)2,1137840
acseQ(acseQ)Adult (m)2,4838830
0VuzC(0VuzC)Adult (m)2,5667801
LZGaAEmmalys Nhiostrife wyverns CBFemAdult (f)3,5018504
5qeiW(5qeiW)Adult (m)3,1718079
wFFFX(wFFFX)Adult (f)3,3087920
fMnO6(fMnO6)Adult (m)4,1498552
rh5cf(rh5cf)Adult (f)2,1456802
oreaz(oreaz)Adult (f)2,0775470
pAnXY(pAnXY)Adult (m)1,9415710
3xnTU(3xnTU)Adult (f)1,6485385
No7dEmmalys Seven of OneAdult (f)2,26094039
WMHdEmmalys Valentine 09Adult (f)2,9721,1617
a9jwo(a9jwo)Adult (f)1,3766390
As9tEmmalys Knight of ValentineAdult (m)2,7771,12417
WXYfEmmalys Lord ValentinAdult (m)3,1661,26716
lVfQe(lVfQe)Adult (m)1,5175891
lfNhS(lfNhS)Adult (m)2,0026394
OTddK(OTddK)Adult (m)2,0786093
MUSDP(MUSDP)Adult (m)2,0316073
X6lBN(X6lBN)Adult (m)2,3577108
DM4aEmmalys Rosebud Valentine 2Adult (f)3,1605537
EiG9Emmalys Rosebud Valentine 1Adult (f)2,4855698
JizXs(JizXs)Adult (f)2,4347021
vhhRK(vhhRK)Adult (m)4,8893263
O4WoN(O4WoN)Adult (m)4,7863222
rCxBq(rCxBq)Adult (m)1,1825932
xL9Zu(xL9Zu)Adult (m)3,6298071
4SPUu(4SPUu)Adult (m)3,6877962
hEu6gEmmalys Second Valentine 13Adult (f)2,1104313
P26diEmmalys Valentine 13Adult (f)2,7934576
cpTwT(cpTwT)Adult (f)1,5316803
sTqEM(sTqEM)Adult (f)1,4246641
yDT1v(yDT1v)Adult (f)1,4246613
CCkzX(CCkzX)Adult (f)2,9049462
MvVLQEmmalys Valentin 14Adult (m)1,4336692
tyQPYEmmalys Valentin 2014Adult (m)1,5377071
K0pjF(K0pjF)Adult (m)3,7677820
DAYQ3(DAYQ3)Adult (m)1,8955871
FZ99Q(FZ99Q)Adult (f)2,9399563
wNzHU(wNzHU)Adult (f)2,9529620
f2bP8(f2bP8)Adult (m)1,9196600
Yo4oa(Yo4oa)Adult (m)1,9826331
Uj156(Uj156)Adult (m)2,0327050
Z8NDz(Z8NDz)Adult (m)2,0747080
Xa3rEmmalys VampiretteAdult (f)4,7731,38518
b07EEmmalys VampirlottaAdult (f)2,91698616
rQ7uEmmalys VampirRabanAdult (m)1,41961820
h32KEmmalys VamiprladyAdult (f)2,7971,08518
umlPEmmalys Vampire DiariesAdult (f)1,2745949
OHuVEmmalys Vampires Breath AwayAdult (f)1,08356615
3urmEmmalys Brightbud UrmiAdult (f)2,73292911
D1MSEmmalys Hexbo Nice GiftAdult (f)3,7211,20819
bsm4Emmalys Age of VampireAdult (m)4,2191,38216
MbYqEmmalys TutanchamunAdult (m)4,2311,38618
Gc5oEmmalys Graf DraculaAdult (m)1,46261514
j1qcEmmalys Jaques VampireAdult (m)1,36759612
MYnKEmmalys Mynk VampireAdult (m)1,52563616
bojuEmmalys Le JB BojuAdult (f)1,35961418
M21GEmmalys Dark DamianAdult (m)1,18554311
41enEmmalys Prince of VampireAdult (m)1,31362810
VkV0Emmalys Count of the NightAdult (m)2,5631,05319
Icg5Emmalys Lord BlanchardAdult (m)1,64875919
SChaEmmalys DesdemonaAdult (f)1,82674210
qXIHEmmalys Tom RiddleAdult (m)2,0978229
hKiDEmmalys Gabriel Van HelsingAdult (m)2,7349529
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