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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “emmaly,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9LGK8Emmalys Leight ToblerAdult (m)2,2015053
abd1qEmmalys Beelzebub BaxterAdult (f)2,3765190
uw17OEmmalys Momo EndeAdult (m)2,1595672
nLHeqEmmalys Maurizio MauroAdult (f)2,1975581
2CCvyEmmalys Big ToothAdult (m)2,0375431
gInEpEmmalys Mister JohnesAdult (m)1,6416320
Hc4x7Emmalys This Witch KillsAdult (f)2,5195301
ewhYKEmmalys Answer of EastwickAdult (f)2,2624931
HJkHGEmmalys Nora HeartAdult (f)2,1686241
a72JQEmmalys Noah GreyAdult (m)1,8096040
dLQzLEmmalys Dame LizzyAdult (f)2,0595714
SERDUEmmalys Vampyyr MursAdult (m)2,0025661
mHseTEmmalys Miracle DysAdult (f)1,7946293
EHfnFEmmalys Elfie BlixAdult (f)1,7747090
hEvKkEmmalys Horatio CaineAdult (m)3,8187878
vCp7AEmmalys Carper CombsAdult (m)2,3006011
XJqIbEmmalys Quibble MionAdult (m)1,9615400
uZd6JEmmalys Saxx JayAdult (m)2,0345501
lIRU4Emmalys You FourAdult (m)2,4096383
zDfztEmmalys Dizzy DaxterAdult (f)2,5546252
AQPQbEmmalys Apophis GateAdult (m)2,4946061
4xs7kEmmalys Mortimer TayAdult (m)2,0165705
EtJ0aEmmalys Etjota BurgAdult (m)2,6235574
HD6UgEmmalys Monica MuchAdult (f)2,4386211
oxo70Emmalys Oxoni SeventyAdult (f)2,7655510
keaBkEmmalys Keea BilkAdult (m)3,0015422
wSgtxEmmalys Sergeant SixAdult (m)2,3526340
fBVQUEmmalys Boffo BeutlinAdult (m)2,4066151
BsA26Emmaly Mousy MickAdult (f)2,2966831
vWB4cEmmalys Woulf GougnAdult (m)2,5125477
tugGNEmmalys Thougy NiceAdult (f)1,5875781
JQWw0Emmalys Jocaste ConstantinAdult (f)1,9706751
uxYqvEmmalys Ulixa PondAdult (f)5,5998344
KA1w3Emmalys Karla TringAdult (f)1,8936702
BRzYiEmmalys Brazzi BurgAdult (m)1,8946572
RLuE6Emmalys Relu JuxAdult (m)1,9816302
Q0CKBEmmalys Quock BeehAdult (f)1,8886392
0fZpLEmmalys Orphelius LeafsAdult (m)2,17660111
HIQT5Emmalys Hiro TisAdult (m)2,5246462
iQj8FEmmalys Troy TopsAdult (m)2,4436320
D0GltEmmalys Dougal FreezeAdult (m)2,5566282
LGUwrEmmalys Lugwar PertAdult (m)1,9375482
gcfDVEmmalys Loiren KleenAdult (f)1,9375650
jSgwAEmmalys Buz CorAdult (m)2,4305240
0BaKAEmmalys Hulda HutzAdult (f)2,5075196
YFhyLEmmalys Anita SpringAdult (f)2,8555541
7lYqnEmmalys Emma RussellAdult (f)2,5524821
Du16fEmmalys Baghira CollieAdult (m)2,1485490
411pTEmmalys Nice BubbleAdult (f)2,5335752
aiihUEmmalys Breeze UijaAdult (m)2,4434978
u2WB1Emmalys Oliver OnionAdult (m)1,9646000
r55HQEmmalys Weeze MirryAdult (f)2,2915620
VXXfiEmmalys Vero NadaAdult (f)1,4805830
sfzurEmmalys SusafurAdult (f)2,4395172
1DpEfEmmalys Doriane BlueAdult (m)3,0554791
7bl0rEmmalys Seven BurrAdult (m)2,0576074
9Bg4oEmmalys Forty BugAdult (m)1,9565822
p5po6Emmalys Five-Six PoosAdult (f)2,2335833
kF35eEmmalys Coffee ReardenAdult (f)1,8445906
c0JksEmmalys Sky JacksAdult (f)1,9545654
p4MlKEmmalys Pete MiksAdult (f)2,0126174
sDMNzEmmalys Deniz GikAdult (m)2,0276324
SyUsPEmmalys Sly MoltAdult (m)1,9125614
K05cXEmmalys 5 Hands OverAdult (m)2,0325953
WKtB4Emmalys Tronald DrurumpAdult (f)2,3625872
wkFzvEmmalys Niki MoulderAdult (m)2,1024953
sxPsWEmmalys Fenja WollAdult (f)2,2496081
xfdrFEmmalys Dana CullenAdult (m)2,6775921
k4LPfEmmalys Ollie MaceAdult (f)2,6115172
1Pa6kEmmalys Philly HenshawAdult (m)2,4275524
stWxKEmmalys Waxon HighAdult (m)2,2455501
TSfHP(TSfHP)Adult (m)2,55053320
pI6MzEmmalys Loiren KleenerAdult (m)2,2235372
2P0Jy(2P0Jy)Adult (f)2,3066721
EMDeA(EMDeA)Adult (m)3,4795232
FNpGH(FNpGH)Adult (f)1,7517512
O6ChtEmmalys Bad Hair DayAdult (m)2,2965991
lE4AvEmmalys Nice ThingAdult (m)2,1295990
WGsREmmalys WaterworldAdult (m)4,2811,33423
ZbuNEmmalys WaterdropAdult (m)3,9521,20910
m0C6Emmalys WaterfrontAdult (f)4,9541,31210
dKToEmmalys Pond SkaterAdult (f)2,0809666
71vgEmmalys Dorkface PendragonAdult (f)3,5301,00116
t0APLegend of Black and WhiteAdult (f)3,13291228
j8GaEmmalys Silver in the SnowAdult (m)2,07381817
SUZ2Emmalys Dorkface of FawnhillAdult (m)3,14197026
3DdMEmmalys Golden WhiteAdult (m)1,48742512
b8PPEmmalys White Dorkface GirlAdult (m)2,91392617
96fmEmmalys Gift of FawnhillAdult (f)2,73490017
3a8BEmmalys White SmellAdult (f)1,31359413
I4lIEmmalys Bright GoldAdult (f)96350916
efXOEmmalys CB Female White 1Adult (f)1,84855420
hoaAEmmalys White Male CB 1Adult (m)1,7407349
hAA1Emmalys CB Female White 2Adult (f)3,2354869
fOJvEmmalys CB Female White 3Adult (f)2,26850712
ChA6Emmalys White ValentinaAdult (m)3,8592586
AV7iEmmalys White Valentin MaleAdult (m)3,1374965
RQ3dEmmalys White Valentin FemaleAdult (f)2,7675036
6VlhEmmalys Valentin GrandchildAdult (f)3,28049014
1iVpEmmalys White Valentin Female 2Adult (f)3,4172359
JTqJEmmalys Valentin Grandchild 2Adult (m)3,0892077
Zo7qEmmalys Valentine WhiteAdult (m)3,35741110
3Uf8Emmalys  Valentine Stripe MixAdult (m)3,6144378
Da45Emmalys White Male CB 2Adult (m)2,4504304
jd3PEmmalys White Male CB 3Adult (m)4,4653006
AIkJEmmalys White Male CB 4Adult (m)4,0612716
ld5qEmmalys CB Female White 4Adult (f)3,6236346
NPafEmmalys White Christmas MaleAdult (m)4,41029411
FnLAEmmalys Christmas White MaleAdult (m)4,2612857
3s39gEmmalys CB Female White 5Adult (f)1,4446115
mNFUrEmmalys White Bronze MaleAdult (m)3,4662371
VQZGIEmmalys White Bronze FemaleAdult (f)3,2351,2793
n42IHEmmalys White Christmas 11 FAdult (f)3,0422103
9ZaiYEmmalys White Christmas 11 MAdult (m)3,0242042
6NpT8Emmalys White Christmas 09 FAdult (f)2,8511913
Cs0ePEmmalys White Christmas 09 F 2Adult (f)3,0322044
FWjeOEmmalys Pink White FemaleAdult (f)3,5912407
PjX8SEmmalys C-W11 3 Gen  FAdult (f)4,0252705
tsc3OEmmalys White Christmas 3 Gen MAdult (m)3,4652322
QFe8YEmmalys Silver White FAdult (f)3,0722104
J3K43Emmalys White BronxeAdult (m)4,0783094
WGj6YEmmalys SilverWhite BronzeMAdult (m)3,0512274
11rU8Emmalys WhiteBronzeM2Adult (m)2,8522174
UXW0vEmmalys Pink White MAdult (m)3,1362106
cJvTWEmmalys W - C 11 FAdult (f)3,4433488
YiqfGEmmalys White Halloween F 1Adult (f)2,5224002
NjAPsEmmalys White Halloween M 1Adult (m)2,5123923
Ajg46Emmalys Brightbud W-H M 2Adult (m)3,3024014
88DQZEmmalys White Halloween M 3Adult (m)2,5464072
ERJnaEmmalys White Halloween M 4Adult (m)1,8934053
GdYBZEmmalys White Halloween F 3Adult (f)2,4074221
aR3AkEmmalys White Halloween F 2Adult (f)2,5424291
CJpPC(CJpPC)Adult (f)2,4504573
WbkC7(WbkC7)Adult (m)2,4034374
7fZNT(7fZNT)Adult (f)2,4304234
sfIUS(sfIUS)Adult (m)2,5675027
G1fDK(G1fDK)Adult (m)2,5704005
SlTS0(SlTS0)Adult (m)3,0762067
uTJb3Emmalys CB White Male 5Adult (m)1,9955714
fwyn2Emmalys CB Female White 6Adult (f)2,2336054
STGY3(STGY3)Adult (m)1,7546142
s3vgr(s3vgr)Adult (f)1,5295753
CY8SN(CY8SN)Adult (m)4,1562791
33zG4Emmalys white Male CB 7Adult (m)2,3455963
U3nNLEmmaly white Male CB 6Adult (m)4,0302703
BwqueEmmalys white Female CB 7Adult (f)3,9432634
oleNs(oleNs)Adult (f)3,1323702
Axh8R(Axh8R)Adult (f)1,7236383
IMdpt(IMdpt)Adult (f)3,4972342
h3EBm(h3EBm)Adult (f)4,1762902
iF4dN(iF4dN)Adult (m)1,7086064
Dv2JN(Dv2JN)Adult (m)3,8132563
1oSG5(1oSG5)Adult (f)3,8682653
bf2Bp(bf2Bp)Adult (m)3,8302574
Th65L(Th65L)Adult (f)3,2792202
gmYyd(gmYyd)Adult (m)3,7052471
BvsR0(BvsR0)Adult (f)3,6002412
sFQLb(sFQLb)Adult (m)4,4493231
KqCJz(KqCJz)Adult (f)3,4993821
NkeAw(NkeAw)Adult (f)3,8924223
Lj3aT(Lj3aT)Adult (m)3,8424351
6YZin(6YZin)Adult (m)2,1106234
Hy1ox(Hy1ox)Adult (m)3,4332331
QHyUF(QHyUF)Adult (f)3,0125573
i7nbm(i7nbm)Adult (f)3,2462182
VzQ9l(VzQ9l)Adult (m)3,6762464
pWqAl(pWqAl)Adult (m)3,8562585
IhLIy(IhLIy)Adult (m)1,9373829
afT0xEmmalys White Female CBAdult (f)1,8338291
tD7IxEmmalys Wihite Gold MAdult (m)1,5405682
sWrtKEmmalys white Female CB 8Adult (f)2,33154110
SqkKZ(SqkKZ)Adult (m)1,6345653
BkfdE(BkfdE)Adult (m)1,7925610
AuYWc(AuYWc)Adult (f)1,8995941
XuyQJ(XuyQJ)Adult (m)1,3306090
ScjJi(ScjJi)Adult (m)2,1796152
82dRxEmmalys White Christmas HollyAdult (m)1,9625116
tTUbQEmmalys White Christmas Male 14Adult (m)1,4976663
nsAeJ(nsAeJ)Adult (m)1,7046971
O6MVD(O6MVD)Adult (f)1,7745422
6mQifEmmalys White Male CBAdult (m)2,4046551
3uQ5n(3uQ5n)Adult (f)1,6945731
1M0SKEmmalys White Christmas Fem 14Adult (f)1,7305251
d0inG(d0inG)Adult (f)2,0875850
fUe2dEmmalys White Femal CB 9Adult (f)2,5645885
EembC(EembC)Adult (f)2,2665663
oWrBx(oWrBx)Adult (f)2,3785674
abNRR(abNRR)Adult (f)2,4555704
Vq7Ng(Vq7Ng)Adult (m)1,9026345
q96I1(q96I1)Adult (f)1,7665455
CpuIx(CpuIx)Adult (f)1,5685851
o4TkW(o4TkW)Adult (m)2,2349240
hPLyr(hPLyr)Adult (m)1,8615840
1wFXQ(1wFXQ)Adult (m)1,6875681
lg4fX(lg4fX)Adult (f)2,0536143
owwtV(owwtV)Adult (m)1,7975760
55wmI(55wmI)Adult (m)1,5536651
DukQV(DukQV)Adult (f)2,6865782
sHeJ2(sHeJ2)Adult (m)2,2286261
6rbBg(6rbBg)Adult (f)2,1555840
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