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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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  • Platinum Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
  • 2015 Halloween Event
  • 2014 Valentine’s Day
  • 2013 Holiday Event
  • 2013 Valentine’s Day
  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
  • 2011 Holiday Event
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
  • Beat the Heat Summer
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You pick up the scroll labeled “emmaly,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
m1LAm(m1LAm)Adult (m)1,6795740
17iNA(17iNA)Adult (f)1,7986271
PHaeU(PHaeU)Adult (m)1,9375730
jbC7m(jbC7m)Adult (m)1,9475730
f3Kzl(f3Kzl)Adult (m)1,9765481
KhUwh(KhUwh)Adult (m)2,2954752
79kJU(79kJU)Adult (m)2,2876131
7TOwf(7TOwf)Adult (f)2,4625053
BBlrV(BBlrV)Adult (f)3,3674964
mcg5p(mcg5p)Adult (m)2,0515772
BW2xEmmalys first GreenAdult (f)3,42569523
raKEEmmalys green BoyAdult (m)3,95573926
S7F3Qmmalys Spotted Greenwing M CB 1Adult (m)3,2438643
HO6kiEmmalys Spotted Greenwing F CB 4Adult (f)2,4338032
F5JvXEmmalys Spotted Greenwing F CB 3Adult (f)3,4418883
0qbKPEmmalys Spotted Greenwing F CB 1Adult (f)3,6908892
au0foEmmalys Spotted Greenwing F CB 2Adult (f)2,9346092
HJEET(HJEET)Adult (f)3,5665151
lWk75Emmalys Golden Wyvern FAdult (f)3,5772857
Es29E(Es29E)Adult (m)3,7812544
P6pYP(P6pYP)Adult (m)4,5103222
CMWeU(CMWeU)Adult (m)3,5392392
wMfRv(wMfRv)Adult (m)4,1542772
JyAyz(JyAyz)Adult (f)1,9526305
jucoH(jucoH)Adult (m)1,9495650
hfpcd(hfpcd)Adult (f)1,2685760
hPwV4(hPwV4)Adult (m)2,2135373
dXyKX(dXyKX)Adult (f)2,1065671
sqUtD(sqUtD)Adult (m)2,0105971
Hd7EEmmalys Pumpkin FrogAdult (m)4,4091,44019
o66vEmmalys Pnumpkin JuiceAdult (m)4,5111,47017
B2eUEmmalys Pumpkin PollyAdult (f)2,6295288
2QWIEmmalys Pumpkin FroggyAdult (m)2,6005136
alrTr(alrTr)Adult (f)2,3634683
IMqY0Emmalys Black MarrowAdult (f)3,4414124
2BSWoEmmalys Black Marrows M 2Adult (m)2,6594252
tSc9K(tSc9K)Adult (m)2,3406433
MlxdJ(MlxdJ)Adult (f)2,0496153
cU2l0(cU2l0)Adult (f)3,0821,0982
CzMNn(CzMNn)Adult (m)2,1025350
sXl48Emmalys Shadow Walker MAdult (m)2,4615153
hAm0IEmmalys Shadow Walkers M 3Adult (m)1,9974534
FG2KREmmalys Shadow Walkers M 2Adult (m)2,0444192
Iqn0S(Iqn0S)Adult (m)2,1896441
5wM4S(5wM4S)Adult (m)1,7996041
aXRTn(aXRTn)Adult (f)2,1926551
zYic1(zYic1)Adult (m)3,1291,1210
9Y9p3(9Y9p3)Adult (f)3,1461,0921
sHCtE(sHCtE)Adult (f)3,0251,0840
FvT2dEmmalys Cavern Lurker  F 2Adult (f)2,6634252
Hg8vkEmmalys Cavern Lurker  F 1Adult (f)2,9684407
VkLCgEmmalys Cavern Lurker  F 3Adult (f)3,1804431
kZTl1Emmalys Cavern Lurker  F 4Adult (f)2,2244402
VkUO6Emmalys Cavern Lurker  F 5Adult (f)2,0624202
t5aUjEmmalys Cavern Lurker  F 6Adult (f)2,8104463
AXIOsEmmalys Cavern Lurker  M 1Adult (m)2,1334243
43W9u(43W9u)Adult (f)1,8658131
gcwbB(gcwbB)Adult (f)3,1081,0783
UsxPi(UsxPi)Adult (f)1,6448051
Hjq3W(Hjq3W)Adult (f)1,6848150
nRSy1(nRSy1)Adult (m)1,7458360
1VXkV(1VXkV)Adult (f)1,6747940
h3nzf(h3nzf)Adult (f)1,6808010
lqrj5(lqrj5)Adult (m)1,6968001
z64U4(z64U4)Adult (m)1,7427890
SXabV(SXabV)Adult (m)3,0591,0721
FgeCV(FgeCV)Adult (f)3,0731,1261
RXuiT(RXuiT)Adult (f)2,2576432
j9lvF(j9lvF)Adult (f)2,0326331
rrHOr(rrHOr)Adult (f)2,1446122
x6iki(x6iki)Adult (f)2,4956503
UhFgL(UhFgL)Adult (m)2,3966763
GA1PM(GA1PM)Adult (f)1,9035702
XOihx(XOihx)Adult (m)2,4546473
k2CgW(k2CgW)Adult (f)1,7017110
dO2h4(dO2h4)Adult (m)1,8107202
mycDP(mycDP)Adult (f)1,8697420
WLoQB(WLoQB)Adult (f)1,5947042
ZICSmEmmalys Halloween 2015Adult (m)1,5395660
s0NYx(s0NYx)Adult (f)1,6147181
JeyAY(JeyAY)Adult (m)1,6547371
7W1e2(7W1e2)Adult (m)1,5806301
c2feb(c2feb)Adult (m)2,0166791
Dw4QH(Dw4QH)Adult (m)1,2816700
DjiK3(DjiK3)Adult (m)1,6746330
86Xv4(86Xv4)Adult (m)1,3086250
Ai7r8(Ai7r8)Adult (f)1,9576340
Gg5nq(Gg5nq)Adult (f)1,5745970
36PlEmmalys Harvest  Male CB 1Adult (m)3,5784315
eeGjEmmalys Harvest Lady CB 1Adult (f)3,9314196
BQtdEmmalys Harvest Male CB 3Adult (m)3,6044066
UiXOEmmalys Harvest Male 2Adult (m)3,0344006
leQREmmalys Harvest White MaleAdult (m)3,2453577
x6Kv7(x6Kv7)Adult (f)3,4332592
leoKb(leoKb)Adult (m)2,8137464
194Di(194Di)Adult (m)3,6822483
jyZBV(jyZBV)Adult (f)2,1185321
MBMXuHungry 1Adult (f)1,9845571
9q5xFHunger 2Adult (m)2,7196061
DPEWEmmalys Hellfire WyvernAdult (f)6,23367012
s925Emmalys Hellfire WandaAdult (f)4,1322965
O4VSEmmalys Hellfire IdunaAdult (f)7,4836441
11gVEmmalys Hellfire SlypnirAdult (f)5,0133367
PtFgEmmalys Hellfire LokyAdult (m)4,1592896
soOlV(soOlV)Adult (m)4,7559576
WuC0j(WuC0j)Adult (m)2,3907062
9jEhA(9jEhA)Adult (m)1,7027692
owKIT(owKIT)Adult (f)2,7566312
MCAUa(MCAUa)Adult (m)2,4975443
n0LuZ(n0LuZ)Adult (f)2,7245282
hZH0g(hZH0g)Adult (m)2,4485913
nqQqT(nqQqT)Adult (f)3,3996382
0FeVQ(0FeVQ)Adult (m)2,2726480
6M6NU(6M6NU)Adult (f)1,9536550
PDAwD(PDAwD)Adult (f)1,7866060
8sYlu(8sYlu)Adult (f)1,6606260
ojuPW(ojuPW)Adult (f)1,4565700
eWrZA(eWrZA)Adult (m)1,8926250
68mO2(68mO2)Adult (m)1,8226060
gbLpf(gbLpf)Adult (f)1,7686030
7vaET(7vaET)Adult (f)1,7606070
e0wYE(e0wYE)Adult (m)1,7836052
rDVCw(rDVCw)Adult (f)2,0696080
sh6ho(sh6ho)Adult (m)1,8875830
LjxFm(LjxFm)Adult (m)1,9286960
xm1rF(xm1rF)Adult (m)1,5756380
r0ENE(r0ENE)Adult (f)1,8876592
5AAIg(5AAIg)Adult (f)1,5756270
r6V2F(r6V2F)Adult (f)1,8286610
LvHtj(LvHtj)Adult (m)1,6016490
Qu5UC(Qu5UC)Adult (m)1,4576361
eXoDt(eXoDt)Adult (m)1,6056241
4kf2t(4kf2t)Adult (f)1,6846110
3Na0w(3Na0w)Adult (m)1,8666270
jf0Ph(jf0Ph)Adult (f)1,9875461
jHGIY(jHGIY)Adult (f)1,6685920
y9tQ3(y9tQ3)Adult (m)1,7875911
BkxS8(BkxS8)Adult (m)1,8965156
8301X(8301X)Adult (f)1,8786052
Rtnbr(Rtnbr)Adult (f)2,6695432
stlJo(stlJo)Adult (m)1,7356481
LfyFG(LfyFG)Adult (m)2,7595871
AL4B7(AL4B7)Adult (m)3,2845162
Ekeg0(Ekeg0)Adult (m)2,8634831
0IbGEmmalys purple RainAdult (f)3,8981,35915
rGu7Emmalys Purple HazeAdult (f)3,5591,15319
nXgCEmmalys Purple HeartAdult (f)3,6631,15120
OO7WEmmalys James BondAdult (m)3,9711,10414
1o74Emmalys Purple RoseAdult (m)2,93997716
ematiEmmalys Horse DragonAdult (m)3,6573856
PdlrV(PdlrV)Adult (m)1,5425980
3Fdgv(3Fdgv)Adult (f)1,8896440
Oe8b3(Oe8b3)Adult (f)1,5625890
3eFdK(3eFdK)Adult (f)2,1235490
hEVt0(hEVt0)Adult (m)1,9146160
8cVg8(8cVg8)Adult (f)1,5535700
AIkkH(AIkkH)Adult (f)1,5866030
8jW4V(8jW4V)Adult (m)1,5965880
lpXwX(lpXwX)Adult (m)1,6585750
BpDYk(BpDYk)Adult (m)1,9096180
iEtOz(iEtOz)Adult (f)2,0196020
D9zcm(D9zcm)Adult (m)1,7865861
ljgFy(ljgFy)Adult (f)2,3196071
B2tL1(B2tL1)Adult (m)1,7206770
Yz777(Yz777)Adult (f)1,4386300
4eWlv(4eWlv)Adult (m)2,33151511
WZITs(WZITs)Adult (m)1,9886080
CVIyH(CVIyH)Adult (m)1,8595410
g90uy(g90uy)Adult (f)2,3825970
U4i92(U4i92)Adult (f)2,0225460
RkTOL(RkTOL)Adult (m)2,2175690
NhBQq(NhBQq)Adult (m)2,1965720
kh2Ax(kh2Ax)Adult (m)2,4115978
xiUtZ(xiUtZ)Adult (m)3,2016124
gYNZEmmalys IcewindAdult (m)1,34349410
36FEBrightbuds Frosty GiftAdult (f)1,1726569
PVelEmmalys Ice Ice BabyAdult (m)1,40764916
FXNwv(FXNwv)Adult (m)2,7386342
GKugd(GKugd)Adult (f)2,1165381
xyU6p(xyU6p)Adult (f)3,2455584
qZtYA(qZtYA)Adult (m)2,3977070
tg276(tg276)Adult (f)2,7817052
emcDT(emcDT)Adult (m)2,7547032
HJRR9(HJRR9)Adult (f)2,7397010
Js7e2(Js7e2)Adult (f)2,6417041
lQ4gO(lQ4gO)Adult (m)2,8257002
ZrE8q(ZrE8q)Adult (m)3,2387110
Ma0Oc(Ma0Oc)Adult (f)2,4727021
atF7o(atF7o)Adult (f)2,8926942
9jF8(9jF8)Egg (F)
3YLwEmmalys first BlueAdult (m)3,76375916
S40OEmmalys second BlueAdult (f)3,84572018
TeRqEmmalys Pretty HuAdult (f)4,66978418
B5BqEmmalys blue StarAdult (m)3,5271,03515
frO7Emmalys Orange Blue AsyAdult (m)1,0544657
h6WREmmalys CB Blue FemaleAdult (f)4,2862866
fXTgEmmalys Blue CB Male 1Adult (f)2,95639110
m2O6Emmalys CB Blue Male 2Adult (m)4,2382835
VaupEmmalys CB Blue Female 2Adult (f)4,3742946
BlEdEmmalys CB Blue Female 3Adult (f)4,05027010
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