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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “emmaly,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
yvQdEmmalys first red DorsalAdult (f)3,96574420
6o5NEmmalys CB Red DorsalAdult (f)2,66046615
oEUtEmmalys CB Red Dorsal 2Adult (m)4,0306492
5B8zc(5B8zc)Adult (m)3,7211,0833
powJh(powJh)Adult (f)3,8271,1473
hu7Wz(hu7Wz)Adult (f)3,9084743
8Q3ne(8Q3ne)Adult (m)3,1356674
2bHsk(2bHsk)Adult (f)3,0871,0712
HgECk(HgECk)Adult (f)1,9747000
66XRb(66XRb)Adult (f)2,2988230
OMG2A(OMG2A)Adult (f)3,2537002
tOaCV(tOaCV)Adult (f)2,9747341
kbeNM(kbeNM)Adult (f)2,8086223
ZEVth(ZEVth)Adult (f)4,3956151
q8eUR(q8eUR)Adult (f)3,3207521
pFa2Emmalys  Electric AvenueAdult (f)1,15160610
LHcEEmmalys Electric MusicAdult (f)2,9151,0436
0QdZEmmalys Electric Light OrchestraAdult (f)5,09482411
ZbkCEmmalys Electric BallroomAdult (m)97455618
jRklEmmalys Free Electric BandAdult (m)1,87479912
la5NEmmalys Electric SnugglesAdult (m)97053110
abCvEmmalys Electric CityAdult (f)2,34487414
ShM3Emmalys Electric MaidenAdult (f)4,9563567
atrQh(atrQh)Adult (m)4,1614145
mKcB9(mKcB9)Adult (f)4,0142712
a5blEmmalys Ember Dragon Male CB 2Adult (m)2,9164069
rRueEmmalys Ember Dragon Male CB 1Adult (m)1,7715569
SSqdEmmalys Ember Dragon Male CB 3Adult (m)2,9303657
tb8HEmmalys Ember Dragon Female CB 1Adult (f)3,2553848
QeAiEmmalys Ember Dragon Male CB 4Adult (m)4,20728211
XPs8Emmalys Ember Dragon Female CB 2Adult (f)3,7152495
2V491Emmalys Ember Halloween FAdult (f)2,9132012
vHrd2Emmalys Ember Shadow FAdult (f)3,3652253
ABMpCEmmalys Ember Dragon Female CB 3Adult (f)2,7296875
P0RkhEmmalys Vukano Halloween MaleAdult (m)4,0092695
vSrfH(vSrfH)Adult (m)2,8255924
spVFR(spVFR)Adult (f)3,4962347
t3gWS(t3gWS)Adult (m)2,7394081
0e9Zf(0e9Zf)Adult (f)2,1596642
vGpZF(vGpZF)Adult (m)3,5902403
m6diu(m6diu)Adult (f)4,1242772
l6fXE(l6fXE)Adult (f)2,2446601
MG7M6(MG7M6)Adult (f)2,1216022
Suywu(Suywu)Adult (f)3,5162365
LVyZi(LVyZi)Adult (m)3,5452382
C3HKf(C3HKf)Adult (m)3,5342393
cEyvK(cEyvK)Adult (f)4,0064442
aVplO(aVplO)Adult (f)2,5254554
wafJd(wafJd)Adult (m)2,0496681
C3IXQ(C3IXQ)Adult (m)1,9645362
psPfN(psPfN)Adult (f)2,3265560
bmVot(bmVot)Adult (f)1,9386142
9Ft5p(9Ft5p)Adult (m)2,0955271
dcR5E(dcR5E)Adult (f)1,8355681
x1j9o(x1j9o)Adult (f)2,0865121
xCTUF(xCTUF)Adult (m)2,5404923
ifTx1(ifTx1)Adult (f)1,8575591
hID9A(hID9A)Adult (m)2,5736391
n5jNk(n5jNk)Adult (f)2,1185072
ei0AM(ei0AM)Adult (m)2,4845563
y7VPR(y7VPR)Adult (f)2,2015323
ARly2(ARly2)Adult (f)2,6815080
ALvgL(ALvgL)Adult (m)1,9175510
CdtyKEmmalys Falconiform 5 GenAdult (f)2,2335711
KcXKg(KcXKg)Adult (f)2,6695212
6ScsQEmmalys Falconiform Gen 2Adult (f)2,6455034
DY1mPEmmalys Falconiform Gen3 MAdult (m)2,5444903
BDOyVEmmalys Falconiform Gen3Adult (m)2,6805274
1RvPvEmmalys Falconiform Gen 5Adult (f)2,3024892
HkzSk(HkzSk)Adult (m)3,3016491
fe3iW(fe3iW)Adult (m)3,3236200
aZSLw(aZSLw)Adult (m)2,7137011
ZRy1W(ZRy1W)Adult (m)1,3705930
Xg0XY(Xg0XY)Adult (f)1,4496420
gWdGx(gWdGx)Adult (m)1,8766581
krIDa(krIDa)Adult (m)1,9256620
GdhlB(GdhlB)Adult (f)2,1295360
IPhu9(IPhu9)Adult (f)2,3346171
TLsgV(TLsgV)Adult (m)2,0065340
gfiP1(gfiP1)Adult (f)2,5925111
9pHsL(9pHsL)Adult (m)2,8135483
qwKy8(qwKy8)Adult (m)1,8705851
frHzs(frHzs)Adult (m)1,8346030
leF46(leF46)Adult (m)2,0995551
HCP9g(HCP9g)Adult (m)1,2286060
NA4VX(NA4VX)Adult (m)1,8046370
TKmKD(TKmKD)Adult (f)1,6816660
ASlC5(ASlC5)Adult (f)1,8486230
me20Emmalys Flamingo Wyv Male 1Adult (m)4,6153115
ZToXEmmalys Flamingo Wyv Female 1Adult (f)4,1042768
E2MgEmmalys WyvWhite Female 1Adult (f)2,6414736
NEecEmmalys WyvWhite Female  2Adult (f)3,2902206
rBYNEmmalys WyvWhite Male 1Adult (m)3,4602417
bCVPEmmalys Flamingo Wyv Female  2Adult (f)4,1962836
orLsEmmalys Flamingo Wyv Male 2Adult (m)2,1307715
JUD1C(JUD1C)Adult (f)3,6872472
C4rou(C4rou)Adult (m)3,0692083
u11YK(u11YK)Adult (m)3,5862402
RYTlt(RYTlt)Adult (f)3,5722402
ddHxd(ddHxd)Adult (f)1,7116501
tDdE9(tDdE9)Adult (m)1,8165760
M3r0t(M3r0t)Adult (f)2,2365322
H7qBDrosa m1Adult (m)2,7926340
w759rrosa m2Adult (m)2,4876051
bCKMKrosa f1Adult (f)2,5166111
bsDSerosa f2Adult (f)2,4296402
NU1Bz(NU1Bz)Adult (f)2,0195174
1vNNT(1vNNT)Adult (m)2,0466863
V62Hx(V62Hx)Adult (f)1,7506301
B7Gzp(B7Gzp)Adult (f)2,7695311
549p9(549p9)Adult (f)2,2346131
jMYUt(jMYUt)Adult (m)3,4544563
Nr1FK(Nr1FK)Adult (f)1,7665341
EHxgh(EHxgh)Adult (f)2,38052011
K4LxA(K4LxA)Adult (f)2,4965359
7ZaEl(7ZaEl)Adult (f)2,2976101
lJS4i(lJS4i)Adult (f)1,9046800
x113x(x113x)Adult (f)2,7944903
Vcsa5(Vcsa5)Adult (m)2,3266371
3tdsh(3tdsh)Adult (f)2,4315481
NBon5(NBon5)Adult (f)1,5706522
n2T8I(n2T8I)Adult (f)2,5536642
sesjS(sesjS)Adult (m)2,6566290
U3yJn(U3yJn)Adult (f)2,9255644
9Pggh(9Pggh)Adult (f)2,0996331
3ZQWl(3ZQWl)Adult (f)3,1646460
hQkA8Emmalys Gemshard M CB 1Adult (m)2,0866340
zC2jR(zC2jR)Adult (m)2,1165321
8jvDv(8jvDv)Adult (m)2,0325811
gCfWX(gCfWX)Adult (f)2,5165692
iPNJh(iPNJh)Adult (f)2,6706241
4bsBEmmalys first DrusillaAdult (f)4,62176714
h6QlEmmalys Fabulous GiftAdult (f)3,8122697
H5kk3(H5kk3)Adult (f)1,9476012
OfO9T(OfO9T)Adult (f)2,7032184
XjWLL(XjWLL)Adult (m)3,2002316
RFSX7(RFSX7)Adult (m)3,1702167
AL4Bc(AL4Bc)Adult (f)2,8891957
AsZYW(AsZYW)Adult (m)2,4545292
WYpyO(WYpyO)Adult (m)1,5815910
gXw4i(gXw4i)Adult (m)1,8396460
u9AhW(u9AhW)Adult (f)1,8316330
se7GJ(se7GJ)Adult (m)1,6216011
lmyaW(lmyaW)Adult (m)2,0835428
q8xMz(q8xMz)Adult (m)2,4065110
arIQM(arIQM)Adult (m)1,9795660
kaITM(kaITM)Adult (f)2,0375802
ZTUcY(ZTUcY)Adult (m)2,5745502
aTJaC(aTJaC)Adult (f)2,5445643
nbWtEmmalys BahamaraAdult (f)3,5234896
1P5XEmmalys BahamyAdult (m)3,4754917
QhCVEmmalys BahamarlaAdult (f)3,5015307
QCeoEmmalys Baha'NalaAdult (f)3,6394825
i9gcEmmalys BahatoroAdult (m)4,1972816
Y2AiEmmalys BahanotiAdult (m)2,8863818
ZfOXEmmalys BahatonaroAdult (m)3,1574527
YB0REmmalys Bahanaro LatteAdult (m)3,56624313
TJjDIEmmalys Day Glory F CBAdult (f)2,1537101
97l6Emmalys BahanatiAdult (f)2,9354616
Ep3gEmmalys Baha Of The NorthAdult (m)5,20268011
hBvbEmmalys BahataroAdult (m)2,5964837
CZa7Emmalys Golden of FawnhillAdult (m)3,82371021
wAn5Emmalys Golden of BlackhilllifeAdult (m)4,19596125
tQb4Emmalys Golden BonnieAdult (m)3,8651,28424
LMLbEmmalys Birthday DorkfaceAdult (f)3,8961,15628
9XEHEmmalys Golden BrightbudAdult (f)3,1041,13822
iIKGBrightbud's blessing GiftAdult (f)11,3511,34624
hQhIEmmalys Sweet BrightbudAdult (m)3,09794116
3tPREmmalys Nice BrightbudAdult (f)3,7061,09919
PRM3Emmalys Golden FoxyAdult (f)3,1911,04613
ROq2Emmalys Golden Bonnie BelzebubinAdult (f)3,0745749
xtYYYEmmalys Golden SurpriseAdult (f)1,8796973
q6MWMEmmalys Gold and Black FemaleAdult (f)2,8955823
zRRok(zRRok)Adult (m)3,1986658
q59rEmmalys Splash GirlAdult (f)3,4607425
qMaTEmmalys Splash BoyAdult (m)4,6917294
mv20Emmalys Splash BlueAdult (m)1,6376733
q6ORa(q6ORa)Adult (m)3,6562667
doZ3Emmalys TroubadixAdult (f)3,3691,08517
YjAAEmmalys OliverixAdult (f)4,7531,32219
7OEgEmmalys Funny BlackAdult (f)3,6111,14013
ddl5Emmalys  Lady Jammie StormAdult (f)3,81546713
A7qiEmmalys Storm Male CBAdult (m)4,1813167
m943Emmalys Storm Female CBAdult (f)3,97826710
Cp03Emmalys Storm Male CB 2Adult (m)3,0464398
qvmnEmmalys Storm CieloAdult (m)4,3052889
YbUvEmmalys Strom GirlAdult (f)3,7142486
F4v1Emmalys Storm Female CB 2Adult (f)3,5822623
K8prEmmalys Storm Male CB 3Adult (m)4,4503043
gkmf4(gkmf4)Adult (m)4,0253008
OjNnc(OjNnc)Adult (f)3,5782738
4O2AH(4O2AH)Adult (m)3,3902584
UcME2(UcME2)Adult (m)4,1322846
RODcN(RODcN)Adult (f)4,0972754
YUQh8(YUQh8)Adult (f)3,0742295
8fheK(8fheK)Adult (f)4,18830311
0EvEP(0EvEP)Adult (m)3,3062595
XF9l1(XF9l1)Adult (f)3,7692572
0TZnc(0TZnc)Adult (f)1,6045930
N7PWj(N7PWj)Adult (m)1,5705850
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