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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “emmaly,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Ym4NEmmalys Latte FourteenAdult (f)3,6961,08412
Uu5cEmmalys lucky Latte FifteenAdult (f)3,8161,08719
UnYTEmmalys Latte SixteenAdult (f)4,0771,12117
L0U3Emmalys Latte SeventeenAdult (f)4,3681,25715
PAGgEmmalys Latte EighteenAdult (m)3,8771,20418
qQ6VEmmalys Latte NineteenAdult (m)5,0141,50124
8F1hEmmalys Latte TwentyAdult (m)3,4961,31325
fVaoEmmalys Twenty 1Adult (m)3,83194622
2JVIEmmalys Twenty 5Adult (f)1,7634424
U8pcEmmalys Twenty 2Adult (f)2,89797219
8N36Emmalys Twenty 3Adult (f)2,76391717
B8cbEmmalys Twenty 4Adult (f)2,39978713
kMDoEmmalys Latte Twenty 6Adult (f)10,7241,33723
DSncEmmalys Latte Twenty 7Adult (m)3,5201,21322
QgKpEmmalys Twenty 8Adult (m)4,60396515
3sVOEmmalys Latte Twenty 9Adult (m)3,1071,01016
g50LEmmalys Latte ThirtyAdult (m)3,06999517
RYmtEmmalys Latte Thirty 1Adult (m)3,4631,10022
lST3Emmalys Latte Thirty  4Adult (f)1,4295208
lZMWEmmalys Thirty 2Adult (f)3,6471,10622
CC6XEmmalys Latte Thirty 3Adult (m)1,4485416
38tZEmmalys Thirty 5Adult (m)3,51099311
mDM4Emmalys Latte Thirty 6Adult (m)2,92091811
skkOEmmalys Latte Thirty 8Adult (m)3,03395211
fsAJEmmalys Latte Thirty 7Adult (f)3,1651,00112
pYNcEmmalys Thirty 9Adult (f)1,36565316
kDfIEmmalys Latte FortyAdult (m)2,14897218
UW3DEmmalys Latte Forty 1Adult (f)8854959
grugEmmalys Latte Forty 2Adult (f)1,73470116
E3SREmmlays Latte Forty 3Adult (m)2,71391815
Sbg2Emmalys Latte Forty 4Adult (m)4,46155620
hZsQEmmalys Latte Forty 5Adult (m)4,53958121
kUAlEmmalys Latte Forty 6Adult (m)4,19153418
USd4Emmalys Latte Forty 7Adult (m)3,7923055
uer8Lionbonnies fabulous GiftAdult (f)4,32336713
Q2bGEmmalys Latte Forty 8Adult (f)4,87637610
QM95Emmalys Beautiful 5 GenAdult (m)2,42351913
l6P2Emmalys Latte Forty 9Adult (m)2,5194519
j4PVEmmalys Latte FiftyAdult (f)4,4942995
e4XEEmmalys Latte Fifty 1Adult (m)3,8982666
ledLEmmalys Baha LatteAdult (f)2,9646646
vU5YEmmalys Latte Fifty 2Adult (m)2,6854896
qMtMJEmmalys Latte CB Fifty 3Adult (m)2,2426085
26AA3Emmalys Latte CB Fifty 4Adult (f)3,3172274
CHjSY(CHjSY)Adult (f)3,0472985
1KohG(1KohG)Adult (m)3,9732655
IPHMe(IPHMe)Adult (m)3,3782604
MMcQU(MMcQU)Adult (f)3,0872073
XDdIs(XDdIs)Adult (f)3,2212183
5Wo2E(5Wo2E)Adult (f)2,8821932
0lCLV(0lCLV)Adult (f)3,7263187
hOS8c(hOS8c)Adult (m)3,3502246
RU2j8(RU2j8)Adult (f)2,9902007
lbhoh(lbhoh)Adult (f)2,1505834
HFCTL(HFCTL)Adult (m)3,8222559
i0tOiEmmalys CB OIOIAdult (f)1,9455461
hOCv6(hOCv6)Adult (f)3,1255063
WtF3pEmmalys Olive Dragon CB F 1Adult (f)2,2704775
RTE9s(RTE9s)Adult (m)2,4784842
gaJnn(gaJnn)Adult (m)3,28322011
YKc5Q(YKc5Q)Adult (f)3,2442177
GETyU(GETyU)Adult (m)3,4772342
J5KQw(J5KQw)Adult (m)4,2142902
iu42D(iu42D)Adult (f)1,6595740
v5CRe(v5CRe)Adult (f)2,4385111
lfyAE(lfyAE)Adult (m)2,4094721
KtlLZ(KtlLZ)Adult (f)2,1735402
S2lzD(S2lzD)Adult (m)2,1396232
K2VJEmmalys Pillow  Female CB 1Adult (f)3,2835167
4mBEEmmalys Pillow  Female CB 2Adult (f)4,4993048
5ZPfEmmalys Pillow ValAdult (f)2,2244549
NAB5Emmalys White Pillow Male 1Adult (m)4,2162827
IiN8Emmalys lucky PinkAdult (f)7,22490542
S2JmEmmalys Pink Female CB 1Adult (f)88549517
VTBpEmmalys Pink Female CB 2Adult (f)93850112
civqEmmalys Pink ValentinAdult (m)3,7232505
I5T7d(I5T7d)Adult (m)3,3682264
OPuQE(OPuQE)Adult (m)2,9982002
OQL82(OQL82)Adult (m)2,3765044
hDF1nFour GenAdult (m)1,6905471
TiAEuEmmalys Bronze Royal  Blue MAdult (m)9,41663414
lkBVNEmmalys Silver BlackAdult (f)6,6764468
QDoNI(QDoNI)Adult (m)4,5778824
Dyq8v(Dyq8v)Adult (m)6,2408492
qbTKa(qbTKa)Adult (m)6,6471,0293
elH20(elH20)Adult (m)2,9901,0533
uzI6Q(uzI6Q)Adult (m)4,3891,04210
QFw2a(QFw2a)Adult (m)3,90598510
UWlxEmmalys Mini Mouse M CB 1Adult (m)5,15594827
jR9lAkiras Mini- Mouse  F CB 1Adult (f)4,3051,24912
CuP3Emmalys Mini Mouse F Gen 2Adult (f)3,1861,11614
kZogEmmalys Mini Mouse M 2 Gen 2Adult (m)2,23386514
tI8DEmmalys Mini Mouse F CB 2Adult (f)1,12535440
8bmEEmmalys Pumpkin Mini MaleAdult (m)1,9465377
C97fEmmalys Pumpkin Mini Males BoyAdult (m)2,92739710
MpQGEmmalys Mini Pumpkin Gen 3Adult (f)4,2642867
s34HEmmalys Mini Mouse F CB 4Adult (f)3,9292673
JoTePEmmalys Mini Mouse F 2 Gen 2Adult (f)3,5802414
4WUePEmmalys Mini Mouse M Gen 2Adult (m)3,3792333
Ibe2LEmmalys Mini Mouse F CB 3Adult (f)3,3762293
HZUOXEmmalys Mini Seawyrm M 1Adult (m)3,5322376
WKnjSEmmalys Mini Mouse F Gen 3Adult (f)2,1995671
hZSogEmmalys Mini Mouse M 2 Gen  3Adult (m)2,6095962
8vIV2Emmalys Mini Mouse M CB 2Adult (m)1,7326021
MoEIMEmmalys Mini Mouse F CB 5Adult (f)1,5585871
qnJrOEmmalys Mini Mouse F Gen 4Adult (f)3,1841,0752
OrF3oEmmalys Mini Mouse F CB 6Adult (f)2,2196644
ZO8REmmalys Crimson F CB1Adult (f)3,4104914
hRCuEmmalys Crimson M CB1Adult (m)2,7015635
qSmNEmmalys Crimson F CB 2Adult (f)4,0132764
9WSPEmmalys Crimson M CB 2Adult (m)3,9442644
HOCduEmmalys Crimson F CB 3Adult (f)1,8976092
j5UDjEmmalys Crimson M CB 3Adult (m)4,6124102
F2XLa(F2XLa)Adult (f)4,9119132
41Ovn(41Ovn)Adult (m)2,1165980
2iNsC(2iNsC)Adult (f)2,1535850
4kLlEmmalys Dark Myst M CB 1Adult (m)3,3984894
4cFQEmmalys Dark Myst  F CB 1Adult (f)4,4543997
QEhHEmmalys Dark Myst M CB 2Adult (m)4,3202884
CtaJkEmmalys Dark Mitfits F 1Adult (f)1,6166751
44ueYEmmalys Dark Myst M CB 3Adult (m)2,9895092
8dOeREmmalys Dark Myst  F CB2Adult (f)1,8257071
XgaYCEmmalys Dark Myst  F CB 3Adult (f)1,8557042
oANkOEmmalys Dark Myst M CB3Adult (m)3,2272174
qPv7CEmmalys Dark Mitfits M 1Adult (m)3,1861,0772
EiIof(EiIof)Adult (f)3,7142486
TsA3m(TsA3m)Adult (m)2,3306480
HyfIk(HyfIk)Adult (f)2,0887030
d24yj(d24yj)Adult (m)2,4727040
CdBa2(CdBa2)Adult (f)1,5775870
7F5kV(7F5kV)Adult (m)1,7486000
NptSQ(NptSQ)Adult (f)1,6836281
Yhb2P(Yhb2P)Adult (f)1,8055911
udYYC(udYYC)Adult (f)1,7846270
HuvAA(HuvAA)Adult (m)2,4586892
fbUPEmmalys Misfit F CB 2Adult (f)4,0442744
g4vMEmmalys Misfit F CB 1Adult (f)4,1723023
rQP2Emmalys Misfit F CB 3Adult (f)3,7522883
JC6KnEmmalys Misfit M CB 1Adult (m)1,8187632
N4YrQEmmalys Misfit M CB 2Adult (m)2,0426142
beEW6Emmalys Misfit F CB 4Adult (f)2,3734752
Hai4fEmmalys Misfit F CB 5Adult (f)2,7005571
LeIGD(LeIGD)Adult (f)2,0925238
ubR6Emmalys Nilia Pygm  F CB 1Adult (f)3,6044925
k8WmEmmalys Nilia Pygm M CB 1Adult (m)3,5602464
JOZPEmmalys Seawyrm F CB 1Adult (f)2,8155054
EhVFuEmmalys Seawyrm F CB 3Adult (f)1,6786623
2TL1XEmmalys Seawyrm F CB 2Adult (f)2,8775883
fhmXvEmmalys Seawyrm M CB 1Adult (m)1,9067782
DoR1lEmmalys Seawyrm M CB  2Adult (m)1,8157282
KrLHz(KrLHz)Adult (f)2,7906663
x8v4R(x8v4R)Adult (m)2,8537076
kwoFa(kwoFa)Adult (f)3,3936668
j0xQx(j0xQx)Adult (f)2,8737003
ftHPE(ftHPE)Adult (m)3,8987731
jikUY(jikUY)Adult (f)2,9327340
4NzbD(4NzbD)Adult (f)3,0837310
LXlac(LXlac)Adult (f)2,9377191
5EycX(5EycX)Adult (m)4,4005136
mDBOa(mDBOa)Adult (m)3,07770014
M8Goy(M8Goy)Adult (f)2,7406521
AdVnJ(AdVnJ)Adult (f)2,7116760
hbCyI(hbCyI)Adult (m)2,4766621
x38ta(x38ta)Adult (f)3,0786541
3rPG1(3rPG1)Adult (f)2,9747051
kX1mD(kX1mD)Adult (f)2,6126978
E1bJv(E1bJv)Adult (f)2,9626883
8BMJn(8BMJn)Adult (f)2,2407923
S2AIS(S2AIS)Adult (m)3,4246352
hPCRX(hPCRX)Adult (f)3,4536583
IvkLV(IvkLV)Adult (m)3,0525889
xVYK7(xVYK7)Adult (m)2,73079629
GSJ8l(GSJ8l)Adult (m)3,1306576
xFqCEmmalys first RedAdult (f)2,96364512
2YPkEmmalys Red WandererAdult (m)2,70985711
5RJIEmmalys Red WizardAdult (m)4,3491,34018
WoVJEmmalys Red RebelAdult (m)1,80876420
pGNsEmmalys Red BondAdult (m)1,2015729
S4qGEmmalys Red CB 1Adult (f)4,8746299
eYv8Emmalys Red CB 2Adult (f)2,29690911
ZdtuEmmalys Red ButtAdult (f)4,0483239
Za0CEmmalys Red MagmaAdult (f)3,5852397
0teLEmmalys Red Magma MaleAdult (m)2,7534595
DbuEEmmalys Red Magma FemaleAdult (f)2,9854554
agccEmmalys Red Magma Third GenAdult (f)3,4382308
qlASpEmmalys Chillsoul's FireAdult (f)3,5172354
eE52u(eE52u)Adult (m)3,4812515
qESN3(qESN3)Adult (f)3,1052086
haB7V(haB7V)Adult (m)3,8643981
maWEe(maWEe)Adult (f)1,7396281
tv9A2(tv9A2)Adult (f)1,7496421
MwP8u(MwP8u)Adult (m)1,9935951
9Iicp(9Iicp)Adult (m)1,8405570
OJ4rQ(OJ4rQ)Adult (f)2,2225363
JqruH(JqruH)Adult (f)2,1117011
b0usU(b0usU)Adult (f)1,8375551
fRSHW(fRSHW)Adult (m)2,6195832
gpA4F(gpA4F)Adult (f)2,2335471
j8ZrEmmalys Ridgewing Lilac Femal 1Adult (f)3,5905034
c18UEmmalys Ridgewing Lilac Female 2Adult (f)3,5982418
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