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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “emmaly,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
haGeEmmalys Ridgewing Femal 1Adult (m)3,4684975
4tmkTEmmalys Royal Blue F CB 3Adult (f)3,2652189
NFf3kEmmalys Royal Blue F CB 2Adult (f)3,4282298
t2QJfEmmalys Royal Blue F CB 1Adult (f)3,3452239
RvQ1i(RvQ1i)Adult (m)4,0942753
qHjAb(qHjAb)Adult (f)3,5282493
9jTqm(9jTqm)Adult (m)3,2112154
aRuxW(aRuxW)Adult (f)2,0756094
5Neer(5Neer)Adult (m)3,1914628
hPzMK(hPzMK)Adult (f)2,1735481
UNAQB(UNAQB)Adult (m)2,9099670
FYSU7(FYSU7)Adult (f)1,3505993
p3Mqx(p3Mqx)Adult (m)2,2916222
EfFxL(EfFxL)Adult (f)2,0855582
qb5jF(qb5jF)Adult (f)2,5026221
1OkIF(1OkIF)Adult (m)2,6376122
oOB1o(oOB1o)Adult (m)2,0535361
uEurFRoyal Crimson 3GenAdult (m)2,4996032
LIXNr(LIXNr)Adult (f)2,3736611
WmzfqEmmalys 3Gen TwoAdult (f)1,4475311
McQIV(McQIV)Adult (f)1,9606051
oqyQW(oqyQW)Adult (f)2,1335831
rj1Ot(rj1Ot)Adult (m)1,9465681
UhFKq(UhFKq)Adult (m)2,1296031
cMCng(cMCng)Adult (f)2,3415425
yAW6I(yAW6I)Adult (m)2,4235417
OZNLj(OZNLj)Adult (f)2,0414685
ql2Fr(ql2Fr)Adult (m)2,5686153
Ww1ew(Ww1ew)Adult (f)1,9665802
GUygF(GUygF)Adult (f)2,0506723
IWQo3(IWQo3)Adult (m)1,9146326
iyUbl(iyUbl)Adult (f)2,3545530
exiBl(exiBl)Adult (m)2,0656681
A2lxA(A2lxA)Adult (f)1,7876210
0wIac(0wIac)Adult (m)1,7785940
UdDUm(UdDUm)Adult (m)1,7856200
ZkXBN(ZkXBN)Adult (m)1,8497010
xszpd(xszpd)Adult (m)1,6645475
M1zoX(M1zoX)Adult (f)1,9536901
W20Xo(W20Xo)Adult (f)2,2506701
hDTJw(hDTJw)Adult (f)2,2076351
C4NtC(C4NtC)Adult (f)2,1136120
KyqtK(KyqtK)Adult (m)2,2156401
MA9V2(MA9V2)Adult (m)2,0145140
YqrT2(YqrT2)Adult (f)2,2916541
wxZz2(wxZz2)Adult (m)2,8525710
7gpRZ(7gpRZ)Adult (m)1,8835790
p902n(p902n)Adult (f)1,9576051
EFlBu(EFlBu)Adult (f)1,8305970
ccM9Z(ccM9Z)Adult (f)1,8775810
kfYJs(kfYJs)Adult (m)2,5805952
UZltu(UZltu)Adult (m)2,4694880
UwL5u(UwL5u)Adult (f)2,1705460
zIwI9(zIwI9)Adult (m)2,4505761
LuaPS(LuaPS)Adult (m)1,8715863
otdMr(otdMr)Adult (m)2,0376090
drYX3(drYX3)Adult (f)2,3905092
7uFfw(7uFfw)Adult (f)2,4275052
PHwKH(PHwKH)Adult (m)2,4827060
CxwUh(CxwUh)Adult (m)2,3757050
agr9M(agr9M)Adult (m)2,4707050
R8RxZ(R8RxZ)Adult (f)3,2697070
7anXx(7anXx)Adult (m)3,2487090
pnzU7(pnzU7)Adult (m)2,5397021
RcaZI(RcaZI)Adult (m)3,3195754
8TH2Emmalys first SpringAdult (f)3,45770414
vhGIEmmalys second SpringAdult (m)2,94456919
0pKnEmmalys Golden SpringAdult (m)4,3502909
AIF0Emmalys Spring Female CBAdult (f)3,17922410
P5sLU(P5sLU)Adult (m)2,5056352
39sDEmmalys little SummerAdult (f)2,90159715
GttEEmmalys first Summer of FawnhillAdult (m)5,8481,53626
QCyoEmmalys SummersmellAdult (f)5,52183022
sHIBEmmalys SummerleafAdult (m)5,76685523
1AHlEmmalys SummercloverAdult (f)4,77771417
13agEmmalys Summer of LoveAdult (m)4,57180120
7ozqEmmalys Summer of Love llAdult (m)5,28197224
nStGEmmalys CB SummerAdult (f)3,4555437
gh1OEmmalys  CB Summer MaleAdult (m)3,9092819
gllbEmmalys Summer CB Male 3Adult (m)2,8964226
j3WvEmmalys Summer CB Male 2Adult (m)3,2493465
cfkIEmmalys Summer CB Male 1Adult (m)3,3803765
GXKTEmmalys CB Summer FemaleAdult (f)3,8553046
A5QKEmmalys Summer Male CB 2Adult (m)4,0093215
67CSEmmalys AutumnblazeAdult (m)4,2361,23918
m83PEmmalys Autumn LeavesAdult (m)3,4661,10210
YK1eEmmalys Autumn in a TreeAdult (f)4,7411,32912
efiEEmmalys Autumn TintsAdult (m)3,8191,0228
LdVREmmalys Autumn RainstormAdult (m)3,7981,0727
utu8Emmalys Autumn of SephtinaAdult (m)3,57691314
BKKFEmmalys Autumn SunAdult (m)3,37587514
XQpeEmmalys Autumn in the SkyAdult (f)3,9391,14512
GnnYEmmalys Autumn HolidaysAdult (m)2,96898917
T99VEmmalys Autumn CandyAdult (m)99555312
ZauVEmmalys Autumn in my HeartAdult (f)1,19152320
cvVcEmmalys Bright AutumnAdult (m)1,84245215
99tCEmmalys Autumn Female 1Adult (f)2,7755987
3VbaEmmalys Autumn Female  2Adult (f)2,9869448
bHiAL(bHiAL)Adult (f)2,2025290
2Km6AEmmalys Autunm4GenAdult (f)2,7705283
Wuu9Emmalys WinterkingAdult (m)1,80859616
ZbM6Emmalys Roots of the SaisonAdult (f)3,3961,14023
RZnaEmmalys Winter AsagoAdult (m)1,22855614
JpQOEmmalys Winter SeasonAdult (m)1,24554614
Jc1JEmmalys CB Winter MaleAdult (m)1,7744908
ccWfEmmalys CB Winter FemaleAdult (f)4,0502716
iruvEmmalys Winter Male CBAdult (m)3,7304904
GrGkdEmmalys Winter Male CB1Adult (m)4,6648642
6llOC(6llOC)Adult (f)1,7075580
y1PG5(y1PG5)Adult (m)2,4171,2682
bhS3n(bhS3n)Adult (m)2,3921,0463
ZXy6T(ZXy6T)Adult (f)3,8052563
um43R(um43R)Adult (f)2,0737024
DUIXi(DUIXi)Adult (f)3,0522062
yFtMZ(yFtMZ)Adult (f)2,0464473
uEtH1(uEtH1)Adult (m)4,2122824
5nRfa(5nRfa)Adult (f)1,4535971
RyIuX(RyIuX)Adult (f)2,1975323
1YA0L(1YA0L)Adult (m)3,7107062
FFftEmmalys silver of Fairy FlakeAdult (m)4,2261,27226
6DNYEmmalys Silver of FawnhillAdult (m)4,08776016
6eQvEmmalys Lady O' StirlingAdult (f)4,0891,24528
Q4lHp(Q4lHp)Adult (m)3,4952336
nCATA(nCATA)Adult (m)2,7226754
VVtIEmmalys Skywing CB MaleAdult (m)2,4995208
8fv8C(8fv8C)Adult (f)3,6542552
T0YnF(T0YnF)Adult (f)3,3652264
Ru45L(Ru45L)Adult (m)3,2242213
hT9pZ(hT9pZ)Adult (m)2,0507020
FA6U9(FA6U9)Adult (m)3,1414392
5HX3R(5HX3R)Adult (m)3,9184312
oWoiB(oWoiB)Adult (f)3,0085652
j7k2B(j7k2B)Adult (m)2,6425401
frgmM(frgmM)Adult (f)2,7025222
tJ184(tJ184)Adult (m)2,4095091
p2roTEmmalys SpeckleT MCB1Adult (m)3,0275423
QkG7m(QkG7m)Adult (f)2,4224602
hcwh3(hcwh3)Adult (m)3,8332634
FXlOG(FXlOG)Adult (f)2,6653835
eJGwM(eJGwM)Adult (m)2,4994351
fVXsy(fVXsy)Adult (f)2,0885616
ZOwkr(ZOwkr)Adult (f)2,5337011
NRgPr(NRgPr)Adult (m)2,4537062
GN14J(GN14J)Adult (m)1,8976330
0aenb(0aenb)Adult (m)2,0856821
KTTPf(KTTPf)Adult (m)1,8496160
Up0xW(Up0xW)Adult (m)1,8426620
MOdcb(MOdcb)Adult (f)1,8805672
pUTUg(pUTUg)Adult (f)2,2155981
vXdea(vXdea)Adult (m)1,9965921
bER1n(bER1n)Adult (f)2,0455710
N55az(N55az)Adult (m)1,9975444
0S0XC(0S0XC)Adult (f)2,4404982
Wd9Eb(Wd9Eb)Adult (f)2,6595361
jDCMQ(jDCMQ)Adult (f)2,6135502
TfJE4(TfJE4)Adult (f)2,7755482
a8eIH(a8eIH)Adult (f)2,3666733
cuCO0(cuCO0)Adult (f)2,8215494
ZKKb1(ZKKb1)Adult (f)2,2416262
UCJwC(UCJwC)Adult (m)1,9865343
9pbyu(9pbyu)Adult (f)1,7166311
1IhsX(1IhsX)Adult (m)2,6614954
vlqym(vlqym)Adult (f)2,7685332
KwZuu(KwZuu)Adult (m)1,9515930
RSrIh(RSrIh)Adult (f)2,1117060
245pd(245pd)Adult (m)3,3895002
OHTNEmmalys Angry SpitfireAdult (m)5,4193584
mjtrEmmalys Bad SpitfireAdult (m)4,1683873
eXejEmmalys Lady SpitfireAdult (m)4,1323106
1sW5Emmalys Spitfire LightAdult (m)3,6382837
7LR8Emmalys first StoneAdult (m)3,49571518
AWe3REmmalys Stone Dragon M  CB1Adult (m)2,5946051
UP62REmmalys Stone Dragon F CB 1Adult (f)2,0176621
2CvhL(2CvhL)Adult (f)3,4642354
rsKeL(rsKeL)Adult (m)3,2702229
hjSBv(hjSBv)Adult (f)2,8061884
7kvnb(7kvnb)Adult (m)3,0032033
4rugo(4rugo)Adult (f)2,7807031
mBIqZ(mBIqZ)Adult (f)2,8407051
kHVmEmmalys stripy WhiteAdult (m)4,44878518
nr2YEmmalys stripy BoyAdult (m)4,53079929
TYaAEmmalys stripy SnowAdult (m)3,97070523
CNUMEmmalys stripy IceAdult (m)3,84870626
pgpFEmmalys stripy LightAdult (f)3,21676622
2Va9nEmmalys Stripe BronxeAdult (f)3,4022474
Hj06JEmmalys Striped  Dragon CB 1Adult (f)3,4652324
46Vm4(46Vm4)Adult (m)3,5662652
Wyi1q(Wyi1q)Adult (m)3,6204963
jSAsA(jSAsA)Adult (f)2,6196191
cbIlfEmmalys White Stripe Male CBAdult (m)2,4555566
qIwp2Emmalys White Stripe Male 2GenAdult (m)2,2365214
xWWqx(xWWqx)Adult (m)1,9055983
PAF2w(PAF2w)Adult (f)2,8475722
Emlar(Emlar)Adult (m)1,8305752
Rr0ub(Rr0ub)Adult (f)2,0505701
D5rnEmmalys Bonnie BlueAdult (f)4,19968116
xqH2K(xqH2K)Adult (f)2,5485311
7NCQk(7NCQk)Adult (f)2,3114812
eJHAEmmalys stripy RedAdult (f)4,08874623
oiFFEmmalys stripy red BoyAdult (m)2,98560818
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