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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
  • 2015 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “emmaly,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Fsp8w(Fsp8w)Adult (m)4,1372761
HzTi8(HzTi8)Adult (m)3,5902511
hqWAV(hqWAV)Adult (f)2,1045330
1ZI7M(1ZI7M)Adult (m)2,3606113
luppp(luppp)Adult (f)2,8286391
JKRyREmmalys Lucky BreedAdult (f)4,46890713
Sx0dB(Sx0dB)Adult (m)5,0141,1096
iBb1y(iBb1y)Adult (f)5,7088181
v4scs(v4scs)Adult (f)4,8111,0846
85rnk(85rnk)Adult (m)5,4179385
2U9CO(2U9CO)Adult (m)4,3379792
xFmGF(xFmGF)Adult (f)5,3958192
Rd6IGEmmalys Lumina CB M 1Adult (m)6,1684556
tdnDNEmmalys Lumina CB M 2Adult (m)4,4923149
YgH7ELumina Lumina CB F 1Adult (f)4,3873356
xLvmT(xLvmT)Adult (m)6,4984593
ugQVV(ugQVV)Adult (m)3,8227091
4BCxQ(4BCxQ)Adult (f)3,7246752
PiJ79(PiJ79)Adult (m)4,2047461
AJDs4(AJDs4)Adult (m)4,1647532
7qAGM(7qAGM)Adult (m)4,6947431
g5Qyt(g5Qyt)Adult (f)4,2518140
167Od(167Od)Adult (f)2,0076310
ChiCa(ChiCa)Adult (f)2,0726300
W2k2r(W2k2r)Adult (f)2,0686630
sUtE4(sUtE4)Adult (m)2,1766540
6Dxn3(6Dxn3)Adult (m)2,0476380
erelF(erelF)Adult (m)2,6075021
rRIsw(rRIsw)Adult (f)1,9215770
evtyE(evtyE)Adult (f)2,3196582
w2Lzy(w2Lzy)Adult (m)2,4266342
ApgdD(ApgdD)Adult (m)1,8346881
jg3T1(jg3T1)Adult (f)2,3195912
eOedO(eOedO)Adult (m)2,5394746
lRwkT(lRwkT)Adult (f)2,4666601
4NdSI(4NdSI)Adult (f)2,2916331
v5pbI(v5pbI)Adult (f)2,4625462
2O3n2(2O3n2)Adult (f)2,6245426
x1zUq(x1zUq)Adult (m)1,9575960
uNDrB(uNDrB)Adult (m)2,1086330
qX4fe(qX4fe)Adult (f)2,0696290
cCFWO(cCFWO)Adult (f)3,1135390
peVie(peVie)Adult (f)2,8025251
esz4P(esz4P)Adult (f)2,2475151
TWnje(TWnje)Adult (m)2,3415361
36qym(36qym)Adult (f)2,0936121
sbmo0(sbmo0)Adult (m)2,1836270
5HP2Emmalys first OrangeAdult (f)3,60469921
NK74Emmalys Orange Boy CBAdult (m)4,61678120
GDNNEmmalys Orange SunAdult (m)3,7651,14613
iieuEmmalys Sweet MagicAdult (f)1,3443589
ta6OEmmalys Magic Eye Female CBAdult (f)2,4701,01911
Pn1OEmmalys Magic Lava FemaleAdult (f)3,6273448
vMF2Emmalys Magic Magma Spot MaleAdult (m)2,3585277
dehIEmmalys Hot Magi FemaleAdult (f)3,6612456
2dc6d(2dc6d)Adult (f)3,9792661
i8Ljq(i8Ljq)Adult (m)3,3612393
dJrmS(dJrmS)Adult (f)3,4742344
HOFXT(HOFXT)Adult (m)2,8661923
R3Hkr(R3Hkr)Adult (m)3,1442115
0leqQ(0leqQ)Adult (m)3,0502064
FVpFE(FVpFE)Adult (f)2,9792003
24tbi(24tbi)Adult (f)3,2622212
BPP8E(BPP8E)Adult (f)3,0456383
g745Z(g745Z)Adult (m)3,2842197
AqzOP(AqzOP)Adult (f)2,3775542
G4LIr(G4LIr)Adult (m)3,8082552
CER4v(CER4v)Adult (f)4,2362834
6ogyy(6ogyy)Adult (f)2,7255293
YloOB(YloOB)Adult (m)2,2256425
4mYTz(4mYTz)Adult (f)2,3296400
h5P5L(h5P5L)Adult (m)2,1645531
aBcUl(aBcUl)Adult (m)1,7295750
ZxmVo(ZxmVo)Adult (m)1,8706521
AVUlW(AVUlW)Adult (f)2,0216062
bpOyU(bpOyU)Adult (m)2,4625171
FkVJ8(FkVJ8)Adult (f)2,8235261
hamF8(hamF8)Adult (f)2,3645991
1ioXN(1ioXN)Adult (m)2,6066353
90AbEmmalys Hot SpotAdult (m)3,2981,03424
jXcbEmmalys Lava FieldAdult (m)3,1861,27415
DKToEmmalys LavaAdult (m)4,0632748
mMC17(mMC17)Adult (m)2,5277343
ACOjK(ACOjK)Adult (f)1,7925711
1JpTZ(1JpTZ)Adult (f)1,9776341
W907K(W907K)Adult (f)2,3116021
70hOz(70hOz)Adult (f)2,3676052
ku2zP(ku2zP)Adult (f)2,1425893
qPPr4(qPPr4)Adult (f)2,3066070
m3SiA(m3SiA)Adult (m)2,0625910
iLqpH(iLqpH)Adult (m)2,2345760
QujCr(QujCr)Adult (m)2,2566612
FgAEM(FgAEM)Adult (f)2,3976701
4QQnj(4QQnj)Adult (f)2,3636790
mzJBg(mzJBg)Adult (m)2,4646420
mbqSq(mbqSq)Adult (m)2,4076560
L60nP(L60nP)Adult (f)2,4646220
4u2Po(4u2Po)Adult (m)2,0275780
aEiEA(aEiEA)Adult (m)2,1756381
12iXP(12iXP)Adult (m)2,1145723
p26nA(p26nA)Adult (f)2,6706630
UZ2t8Emmalys Moonstone F CB 1Adult (f)2,5859872
GDp5uEmmalys Moonstone M CB 1Adult (m)2,9371,0881
EqikkEmmalys Moonstone F CB 2Adult (f)3,0211,1212
N7uImEmmalys White Moonstone F 1Adult (f)2,4831,0362
nTBKQEmmalys White Moonstone M 1Adult (m)2,5011,0612
sVGc6Emmalys Moonstone F CB 5Adult (f)1,5337610
7MOHHEmmalys Moonstone F CB 4Adult (f)1,4897331
tallMEmmalys Moonstone M CB 2Adult (m)3,5612392
O3pptEmmalys Moonstone M CB 3Adult (m)3,4402303
ccBnvEmmalys Moonstone F CB 3Adult (f)3,5872414
euXGeEmmalys Moonstone M CB 4Adult (m)3,7442515
fevrAEmmalys Moonstone F CB  6Adult (f)2,1077000
gm8vdEmmalys Moonstone M CB 5Adult (m)2,2027571
sSDPrEmmalys Moonstone M CB  6Adult (m)2,1226850
X4SBWEmmalys Moonstone F CB 7Adult (f)4,2213561
dfm10Emmalys Moonstone M CB 8Adult (m)3,6122543
7aIrBEmmalys Moonstone M CB  7Adult (m)3,7002503
NvvHbEmmalys Royal Blue Moostone MAdult (m)3,6472464
cZTFhEmmalys Royal Blue Moostone FAdult (f)4,2923295
YlsmQ(YlsmQ)Adult (f)2,0234715
aPA9F(aPA9F)Adult (f)2,7641864
WTpeG(WTpeG)Adult (f)3,0012016
2oeBV(2oeBV)Adult (m)3,7932555
FqupO(FqupO)Adult (f)2,8417063
T4VjG(T4VjG)Adult (m)2,0056350
ijNJU(ijNJU)Adult (m)1,9355106
Bhlcb(Bhlcb)Adult (m)1,6666021
wQLHS(wQLHS)Adult (m)1,4625801
8EWDM(8EWDM)Adult (f)1,9296331
A3rsD(A3rsD)Adult (m)2,4056550
JYzq4(JYzq4)Adult (m)2,2665610
C34NF(C34NF)Adult (m)2,3515911
wUP3A(wUP3A)Adult (m)2,2786350
1C0Q4(1C0Q4)Adult (m)2,2785061
8uRon(8uRon)Adult (m)2,3907030
IEFAL(IEFAL)Adult (m)2,8527062
qErQEmmalys NabularAdult (f)1,29952910
ifYPEmmalys NightskyAdult (m)4,4232969
lokrEmmalys NightwindAdult (m)5,1514345
lNXdEmmalys NightbirdAdult (m)3,1384624
df4ncEmmalys NihgtfireAdult (m)2,0577533
RhhgZEmmalys NightglowAdult (f)3,3752254
07vUA(07vUA)Adult (f)1,8076364
FewE6(FewE6)Adult (m)2,0906662
uw59M(uw59M)Adult (m)3,6402442
n7Exf(n7Exf)Adult (m)2,9321982
WJ1bl(WJ1bl)Adult (f)3,2204773
9ggEG(9ggEG)Adult (f)3,9612653
WrAZR(WrAZR)Adult (f)2,2617143
yHP8J(yHP8J)Adult (f)1,8875861
wQnCw(wQnCw)Adult (m)2,0026221
AlY6T(AlY6T)Adult (f)2,1415780
AN8TF(AN8TF)Adult (m)2,1237723
xWvj7(xWvj7)Adult (f)2,2685181
0YaZj(0YaZj)Adult (f)2,0135358
Qghzj(Qghzj)Adult (m)2,1755401
CKvvJ(CKvvJ)Adult (m)1,9665680
dlWHa(dlWHa)Adult (m)2,1225352
pTTjz(pTTjz)Adult (m)1,9195501
IPHRrEmmalys Nebular BronxeAdult (f)3,5522807
ACMDAEmmalys Nebular Mix FAdult (f)3,4022277
yxhYf(yxhYf)Adult (f)4,2112813
QPfbv(QPfbv)Adult (f)2,6415942
9oZxX(9oZxX)Adult (f)3,5842404
kZyPe(kZyPe)Adult (f)1,6715710
x6Moc(x6Moc)Adult (m)2,5576062
CyPcm(CyPcm)Adult (f)2,2386221
XEIxn(XEIxn)Adult (f)2,4514973
LLMzt(LLMzt)Adult (m)2,1035032
QxW7k(QxW7k)Adult (f)2,3906531
W7GG6(W7GG6)Adult (f)2,4656391
XVRZK(XVRZK)Adult (m)2,5516481
yU6qN(yU6qN)Adult (m)2,2226521
fG3iw(fG3iw)Adult (f)2,3486422
B8n2X(B8n2X)Adult (f)2,2816131
2Ar7S(2Ar7S)Adult (m)2,4306531
Mhswo(Mhswo)Adult (m)2,2326091
N4ACe(N4ACe)Adult (m)3,2947030
T6Z5Emmalys GoliathAdult (m)1,69581511
WQi3Emmalys LexingtonAdult (m)2,3221,06621
q70kEmmalys BrooklynAdult (m)9,65083413
2D58Emmalys DemonaAdult (f)4,0613326
i9d0Emmalys Elisa MazaAdult (f)4,30236710
MNCCr(MNCCr)Adult (f)3,9082789
lYdgEmmalys Latte OneAdult (m)5,35698930
wJYFEmmalys Latte TwoAdult (m)2,82956517
r8j2Emmalys Latte ThreeAdult (f)3,79467425
X3coEmmalys Latte FourAdult (f)3,55166218
DFKgEmmalys Latte FiveAdult (f)3,62871420
e4Q5Emmalys Latte Hope 1Adult (m)3,5701,02215
uTlXEmmalys Latte Hope 2Adult (m)3,7751,04219
QOjnEmmalys Latte SixAdult (m)4,1451,38025
d9LGEmmalys Latte sevenAdult (m)4,9551,45625
glroEmmalys Latte eightAdult (m)4,6261,41721
ZNKvEmmalys Latte NineAdult (f)4,1891,40919
6ToCEmmalys Latte TenAdult (m)3,0731,15313
mDMoEmmalys Latte ElevenAdult (m)3,8351,16017
OMGuEmmalys Latte thirteenAdult (f)6644388
HjuvEmmalys Latte TwelveAdult (f)3,7741,25424
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