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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ahavah,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
F2vq(F2vq)Egg (F)
fRKU(fRKU)Hatchling (m, F)3,89657811
tXWkHaggis the FearsomeAdult (m)2,748782117
Y7vsAntera the FirstAdult (f)4,11575660
pOm5(pOm5)Adult (f)2,5801,1245
tsiBHollisaurusAdult (m)6,268943106
fsfMJollysaurusAdult (f)6,34196846
c8pA(c8pA)Adult (f)4,8749065
4QL6(4QL6)Adult (f)4,8819083
Xs1D(Xs1D)Adult (f)6,4821,1480
QbBv(QbBv)Adult (f)6,4771,1491
gAa4SBlack HaggisAdult (m)4,3734816
uJtTHaggis the MagnificentAdult (m)2,9606906
BrfOHaggis the Lost SailorAdult (m)3,1709528
EQVuHaggis the Dark StarAdult (f)3,3701,0096
sVMsHaggis the MagiAdult (m)1,6675042
3A2RAngel the Demonic HaggisAdult (f)3,4137873
ZNoCRidiculous Haggis JrAdult (m)5,6058109
a401Haggis the RidiculousAdult (m)2,69474510
VwG9LRidiculous Reluctant HaggisAdult (m)3,5943433
ZWLEHaggis the DorkfaceAdult (m)3,63472120
7ekEJolly Good FunAdult (f)4,8058085
LeN7Jollysaurus RexAdult (m)2,5981,1506
tCJpiRidiculous No One of ConsequenceAdult (f)2,0463774
lhbhYule von StoneyAdult (f)2,8639997
vNe4Holly-SkyAdult (f)1,7857624
lD34Tropical-HolidayAdult (m)1,9677356
j5H9(j5H9)Hatchling (f, F)1,5366689
E9NqPhedre no Delaunay de MontreveAdult (f)2,65044729
3u7gBrother JoscelinAdult (m)2,4608064
FNHsImriel no MontreveAdult (m)2,9146767
LfvhCassiel's ChoiceAdult (m)1,1124813
LibfAnielle no MontreveAdult (f)2,5255325
qhDUPrince ImriAdult (m)3,0846584
pGkYRahab Lord of the DeepAdult (m)4,4471,1503
8c3BBerengere of NamarreAdult (f)2,8159115
eK2YKushiels ChosenAdult (f)3,4576414
mbvBAlcuin no DorkfaceAdult (m)4,7781,3975
NqBLDuc Barquiel DorkfaceAdult (m)2,9477539
1RfqThe Lost Book of DorkfaceAdult (m)1,7637576
W4LuLucia Tadia de DorkfaceAdult (f)1,8257906
M4RVEvil Count DorkfaceAdult (m)4,0211,0259
QBqpThuwed's Lost DorkfaceAdult (m)11,82078812
ptPJI'm A Real DorkfaceAdult (m)3,6308838
Gq20Ivan the DorkfaceAdult (m)3,10996821
LRmOGuillermo DorkfaceAdult (m)1,2957266
unOgHanbi the DorkfaceAdult (m)1,9045195
LDK9Ridiculous Mr DorkfaceAdult (m)1,4795302
gUH5Sylvane the BlackAdult (m)2,0199785
6DeVSylvan BlackAdult (m)1,91987315
YtkNCurse the Sudden but InevitableAdult (f)4,23280974
NINrInara the AmbassadorAdult (f)3,13864931
AZEGOriginal Terrapin StationAdult (f)2,52645213
q8f4Original Wharf RatAdult (m)5,41485211
HGePBlack-Muddy-RiverAdult (f)6,34783810
F823Blues 4 AllahAdult (f)4,04373712
LB7ekAll I Know She Sang A LittleAdult (m)4,7274815
pYYuTaste EternityAdult (f)1,1094865
brcgRidiculous China Cat SunflowerAdult (f)2,25289810
CGphAesir the Ridiculous DaydreamAdult (f)1,9276212
TL33Ridiculously Late To The PartyAdult (m)4,6311,4256
v2GYRidiculous MargaritaAdult (f)1,2355366
pacYRidiculous Even BlackAdult (m)3,1349644
yHFQ(yHFQ)Hatchling (f, F)1,7937129
jQptRidiculous Count RugenAdult (m)3,4449317
sEFfRabasa the Demon ChildAdult (f)3,49292522
I4l8(I4l8)Adult (f)9,7987318
e9G2(e9G2)Adult (f)9,5856398
PdUI(PdUI)Adult (m)9,11963314
MR7u(MR7u)Adult (f)11,1917707
vtkA(vtkA)Adult (m)3,9646574
2GuiRidiculous Lightning SandAdult (f)3,0508748
CgUJ(CgUJ)Adult (m)3,8471,22212
bTn1(bTn1)Adult (f)2,2144562
HMvP(HMvP)Adult (m)4,2628554
675r(675r)Adult (f)4,3787724
EIaj(EIaj)Adult (m)9,5438017
Wk52A Sno WhiteAdult (m)10,4887329
Ive1(Ive1)Adult (f)3,8577784
LTsT(LTsT)Adult (m)2,4528433
hcBB(hcBB)Adult (f)1,8618898
iOBI(iOBI)Adult (m)2,5511,01915
Re0B(Re0B)Adult (f)3,45678311
YXkU(YXkU)Adult (f)1,8998852
GoLL(GoLL)Adult (m)3,5209288
FBhL(FBhL)Adult (f)1,4978404
09AS(09AS)Adult (m)1,7921,0068
jW84(jW84)Adult (f)3,4186313
q1bP(q1bP)Adult (m)1,90365011
9Vpa(9Vpa)Adult (f)2,59587211
cpOu(cpOu)Adult (m)1,7059468
W6Ir(W6Ir)Adult (m)3,6297436
XkFv(XkFv)Adult (f)2,4286585
LOgb(LOgb)Adult (m)1,8616411
8l4Y(8l4Y)Adult (f)7,8116314
JqrP(JqrP)Adult (m)2,11984711
tkNHRidiculous Bird SongAdult (f)3,33868437
EMJrRidiculous Uncle John's BandAdult (m)2,3091,33813
EV5b(EV5b)Adult (f)8,1075529
ZCbW(ZCbW)Adult (f)2,95964936
8qndRidiculous Queen of FilthAdult (f)3,18064826
hrcP(hrcP)Adult (f)5,23789517
1CQpRidiculous WestleyAdult (m)2,78047930
KD0A(KD0A)Adult (f)1,7027956
0xWx(0xWx)Adult (f)2,77645923
05cp(05cp)Adult (m)3,39970427
toETRidiculous Queen of PutrescenceAdult (f)2,33544016
1NETRidiculous AlbinoAdult (m)4,69780325
GJHNRidiculous FlorinAdult (f)2,29546928
8jd2Ridiculous 6-Fingered ManAdult (m)2,14237412
5iVHRidiculous True LoveAdult (f)1,28657510
uTNSRidiculous King in PatagoniaAdult (m)1,20846411
qv3MRidiculous As You WishAdult (f)3,23453745
lqcORidiculous Farm BoyAdult (m)1,6675313
BzmYLady NicolaAdult (f)2,76059021
NBFkLord ChildricAdult (m)2,17794018
nvWpRidiculous Queen of RefuseAdult (f)3,78299819
nfXuShrieking EelAdult (m)1,6187079
XXNM(XXNM)Adult (f)1,8257647
ywwK(ywwK)Adult (m)4,0731,44425
iQH4(iQH4)Adult (f)1,65555510
TeQGRidiculous ROUSAdult (m)2,27538716
lCIfOriginal Picasso MoonAdult (m)3,58662937
ynxDOriginal Eyes of the WorldAdult (f)3,04950441
N5aIOriginal Cream Puff WarAdult (f)2,82659130
s8BSThe Thousand StoriesAdult (m)3,23244226
KlrIAll I Know Is Something Like AAdult (m)1,6867613
ogEjBird Within Her SangAdult (f)8944825
tRhyOriginal Ripple in Still WaterAdult (m)3,26175862
dBUaOriginal Loose LucyAdult (f)2,08475721
iZtjRidiculous SugareeAdult (f)3,4551,09125
KiMCSnow And RainAdult (m)2,48987827
mCT6Original I Know You RiderAdult (m)1,7385424
POHDChina CatAdult (f)7,26275210
8ZIQOriginal Dark StarAdult (f)2,1096076
RrdUOriginal Friend of the DevilAdult (m)1,6616036
YLiqOriginal Estimated ProphetAdult (m)2,2016174
2crCDire-WolfAdult (f)3,3518057
jv5pSt StephenAdult (m)3,4828015
uaZKStella-BlueAdult (f)3,4766625
Ct0iTN JedAdult (m)2,17680313
iaZdRidiculous ValerieAdult (f)3,5446744
QVJVRidiculous Miracle MaxAdult (m)1,74062915
IUazNRidiculous MLTAdult (f)4,3724947
8HVJRidiculous Pit of DespairAdult (m)1,6344677
EtN8Doin' That RagAdult (f)2,81695121
f1qFThat Which YieldsAdult (m)1,7747775
yIpXAnd Then Flew OnAdult (f)3,9881,10623
vodxCamaeline SnowdropAdult (m)1,69966015
ZzOwRidiculous Illegitimate PrinceAdult (f)1,95694013
tlGTOriginal Stagger LeeAdult (m)1,3026235
hquIRidiculous Queen of SlimeAdult (f)2,36385227
YKNARidiculous VizziniAdult (m)3,4971,19519
MjQ9Ridiculous MawidgeAdult (f)1,4485304
XuNtRidiculous Dweam Wiffim A DweamAdult (m)1,87270010
12HQ(12HQ)Adult (f)3,4771,03725
eqL7(eqL7)Adult (m)1,4736713
nntf(nntf)Adult (f)1,6986848
Ijnh(Ijnh)Adult (m)2,02749111
0oXvIf I Had the World to GiveAdult (f)1,64161014
RQVPRidiculous In LoveAdult (m)1,79865413
f9OS(f9OS)Hatchling (f, F)3,1651,01412
jM5kStar is BornAdult (f)3,43379217
CL8URidiculous Stagger LeeAdult (m)1,9575185
GRfM(GRfM)Adult (f)3,34089115
ajf7(ajf7)Adult (m)3,49884917
qtnD(qtnD)Adult (f)2,94558317
XkntOriginal Leaf on the WindAdult (f)3,428908125
1lEcOriginal Watch How I SoarAdult (m)3,851854112
i3ZnEarth-That-WasAdult (m)3,83681666
jq3hYour GraveAdult (m)3,48071353
0nrtThis-LandAdult (f)2,13398025
IRl8ShepherdBookAdult (m)4,59392458
gEARSaffron ReynoldsAdult (f)1,92840220
BPXxOriginal InaraSerraAdult (f)4,18775145
0gDrKaywinnet-Lee FryeAdult (f)3,13849036
1o4fSimon-TamAdult (m)2,67658738
jX5xJayne-CobbAdult (m)3,17662943
iSj0Serenity Firefly-ClassAdult (m)3,6811,02252
bLoAOriginal YoSaffBridgeAdult (f)2,33444426
qn9sA Fertile LandAdult (m)4,83878145
89AeKaylee-TamAdult (f)2,33453831
fJH8Ridiculous Queen BlackAdult (f)2,75172750
DoaMRidiculous King BlackAdult (m)5,2981,02265
NysaRidiculous Prince Nysa BlackAdult (m)4,48380862
JbmERidiculous PrincessConsort BlackAdult (f)2,50660537
eO3TRidiculous Princess Alt BlackAdult (f)3,67763343
1CfGRidiculous Black Duke of AltAdult (m)2,78493023
C2ZgRidiculous Duchess BlackAdult (f)2,94679550
JNiYRidiculous Duke BlackAdult (m)5,3001,02362
8jP5Ridiculous Marchioness BlackAdult (f)4,24288057
ktdzRidiculous Count BlackAdult (m)2,95561639
X6XlRidiculous Black KnightAdult (m)5,4911,03451
HLpjHolyRidiculousBlackDragonBatmanAdult (f)5,7681,89145
wfiTRidiculous Queen wfiT the BlackAdult (f)3,09456936
YHkRRidiculous Black-The Dark KnightAdult (m)2,42739314
d8E6Ridiculous Black Lady of WayneAdult (f)2,39033020
JlvhRidiculous Black Lady O the LakeAdult (f)2,22580045
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