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You pick up the scroll labeled “dark_kitsune,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
MazxJ(MazxJ)Adult (m)5,5578840
0Uaht(0Uaht)Adult (f)4,1329480
GdKHL(GdKHL)Adult (m)4,2959490
R2dtm(R2dtm)Adult (f)4,3179471
Cr2Ze(Cr2Ze)Adult (m)4,1789491
V56ex(V56ex)Adult (m)4,2169121
NjbJv(NjbJv)Adult (f)4,3479030
o9GV7(o9GV7)Adult (f)7,3358874
2prIJ(2prIJ)Adult (m)4,0589230
uP5Dz(uP5Dz)Adult (f)4,3149650
itVxW(itVxW)Adult (m)5,5668481
5BgtI(5BgtI)Adult (f)5,8678691
nkuJ6(nkuJ6)Adult (m)5,6999133
xcWmE(xcWmE)Adult (f)3,9459631
7gUk9Kitsune's Blue GemAdult (f)4,2139531
KJItO(KJItO)Adult (m)4,4649251
73Lj2(73Lj2)Adult (f)5,7531,0024
Y9yfC(Y9yfC)Adult (m)5,5918932
c1yXE(c1yXE)Adult (f)7,3809535
BLipt(BLipt)Adult (f)7,3701,1433
7HBWE(7HBWE)Adult (m)5,6171,1154
DP7Uq(DP7Uq)Adult (f)4,4939040
jH34l(jH34l)Adult (m)4,7279181
PYS9q(PYS9q)Adult (f)5,8118741
dNdXg(dNdXg)Adult (m)5,8169212
jYkVM(jYkVM)Adult (m)4,9327270
552xJ(552xJ)Adult (f)3,8805355
qQ2qC(qQ2qC)Adult (m)2,7156804
NaRWU(NaRWU)Adult (f)2,1535841
UR59H(UR59H)Adult (m)5,0707792
ZHXiz(ZHXiz)Adult (f)5,8721,1042
BEMya(BEMya)Adult (f)4,7677451
f9Uw8(f9Uw8)Adult (m)2,8566161
cISMR(cISMR)Adult (f)2,2355760
TlELC(TlELC)Adult (m)2,1725911
uBK4L(uBK4L)Adult (f)2,5715271
j5hX7(j5hX7)Adult (m)3,1327082
fQVFU(fQVFU)Adult (f)3,1276830
vGsHk(vGsHk)Adult (f)2,1285810
pp7T2(pp7T2)Adult (m)3,0366780
Ovo8l(Ovo8l)Adult (m)3,2367221
G2aqe(G2aqe)Adult (m)4,9757390
VmubY(VmubY)Adult (m)2,2175671
eeJkl(eeJkl)Adult (f)1,9785391
DlhHr(DlhHr)Adult (f)4,5356862
80mRf(80mRf)Adult (m)2,6085661
tXXNX(tXXNX)Adult (f)3,4828165
ywcyX(ywcyX)Adult (m)3,6458185
A353H(A353H)Adult (f)3,6838105
dPkDR(dPkDR)Adult (m)3,8087182
mSgvT(mSgvT)Adult (f)3,8267660
z3lmI(z3lmI)Adult (m)3,9557503
cuDgP(cuDgP)Adult (f)4,1177471
XBQsb(XBQsb)Adult (m)2,4765841
GuCdd(GuCdd)Adult (f)2,5626091
6LO2h(6LO2h)Adult (m)2,7096201
NQmIS(NQmIS)Hatchling (F)2,9242734
hiwpJ(hiwpJ)Adult (f)2,7826460
vgLg3(vgLg3)Adult (f)3,7178254
MYol7(MYol7)Adult (m)2,5035981
CceUc(CceUc)Adult (f)3,5138184
opGZs(opGZs)Adult (m)3,8148345
mBB0R(mBB0R)Adult (m)3,8268394
2uYHe(2uYHe)Adult (f)4,0167463
evdLp(evdLp)Adult (m)4,0687632
vpEIS(vpEIS)Adult (f)4,0177270
frjYz(frjYz)Adult (f)4,2546791
FPZs7(FPZs7)Hatchling (F)2,2832041
2GcnZ(2GcnZ)Adult (f)3,8277632
8GRPn(8GRPn)Adult (m)3,3887611
9DwvY(9DwvY)Adult (f)3,9945622
3WhS1(3WhS1)Adult (m)4,2075851
RnVQZ(RnVQZ)Adult (f)3,9568993
BOQz0(BOQz0)Adult (m)3,7709110
ORtIR(ORtIR)Hatchling (F)2,0342001
6x1Hq(6x1Hq)Adult (m)4,9408030
LHJpY(LHJpY)Adult (f)4,7908090
4nj43(4nj43)Adult (m)4,9887954
MhVmZ(MhVmZ)Adult (f)5,3479693
0xSu6(0xSu6)Adult (m)5,1329761
n1SEy(n1SEy)Adult (f)5,4087414
QYTBz(QYTBz)Adult (m)4,2449341
bjAaE(bjAaE)Adult (f)4,4189332
1oYCz(1oYCz)Adult (m)4,2759321
h5WdD(h5WdD)Adult (f)4,2299630
pmw4G(pmw4G)Adult (m)4,3049590
LF85S(LF85S)Hatchling (F)3,3916542
unmDA(unmDA)Adult (m)3,8799311
GLbrH(GLbrH)Adult (f)4,4418071
Qh9zS(Qh9zS)Adult (m)4,1175703
dzE54(dzE54)Adult (m)2,7875740
vBsM3(vBsM3)Adult (m)2,5726002
tpmpe(tpmpe)Adult (f)3,9815441
xrMfq(xrMfq)Adult (f)4,5317970
gP9un(gP9un)Adult (f)3,5837691
utxJC(utxJC)Adult (m)3,1228221
WPw9i(WPw9i)Adult (m)3,7418811
9Klyz(9Klyz)Adult (m)3,1315841
lExh1(lExh1)Hatchling (F)1,9991491
0D3bg(0D3bg)Adult (m)2,4866122
f9Eh3(f9Eh3)Adult (m)4,0088912
PtRIU(PtRIU)Adult (m)4,0049014
5s2lJ(5s2lJ)Adult (m)3,9765572
AynZY(AynZY)Adult (f)2,7615702
gd9wL(gd9wL)Adult (m)2,6495570
Mhbp9(Mhbp9)Adult (f)4,3237961
gI2Lo(gI2Lo)Adult (f)4,1445883
7DGd0(7DGd0)Adult (f)3,8039020
RVIhFConstellation ConsternationAdult (m)3,8198431
JR5oaLol I'm the Big DipperAdult (f)3,8488761
pmL8aThe missing ChinAdult (m)5,4177442
xE6xUWe are all made of starzAdult (f)5,8807841
PVOD3Hai my name is Jay LenoAdult (m)5,4847801
UmRQzThe Chin GalaxyAdult (f)5,5317651
8PBERChin Chin DaisukeAdult (m)3,1135606
IqEAIThe Chin in our StarsAdult (f)3,4935503
IIhYcThe Chin's have itAdult (m)3,3635681
dKoEbI'm Chin-tasticAdult (f)3,8495761
cReDhCelestial Chin ChanAdult (m)3,9016073
4LD1pStarry Starry ChinAdult (f)3,2745642
6xQITChristmas ChinHatchling (f, F)3,3555555
nujreSacrificial ChinHatchling (F)3,0514331
7yE2y(7yE2y)Adult (m)4,6525033
LvYHR(LvYHR)Adult (f)5,1405791
PSLPSStunning Pink LadAdult (m)3,3615503
F4MCZStunning Pink LassAdult (f)5,7027535
nI9NwKitsune's Pink Bad BoyAdult (m)4,5705522
FiqVdKitsune's Pink PrincessAdult (f)4,3875783
WuZ8vKitsune's King of PinkAdult (m)5,0705752
jDn1EPrincess of Pink RosesAdult (f)4,1186300
M9sSNNo actually I'm not a strawberryAdult (m)3,2366171
C6MrxSummer Sun DressAdult (f)3,5518484
gEq3CPink NecktieAdult (m)3,2217573
4QwmFaux ValentineAdult (f)3,5591,55415
MeoJgBright Pink Manly ManAdult (m)4,1597851
yBcvYou'll miss me when I'm goneAdult (f)2,2111,1933
kmr1aHooray for Bright PinksAdult (m)3,1789683
TxBZBubblegum with wingsAdult (f)3,3221,273191
kssItStrike a pose in pinkAdult (m)4,8395701
fq0zGilded Pink LadyAdult (f)9366992
WIHwwKiller Pink SuitAdult (m)4,4938321
ll7DNot really a Love DragonAdult (f)2,7811,2677
s2mM5Kitsune's Strike a PoseAdult (m)3,3035251
pfrqe(pfrqe)Adult (f)4,7995713
madCF(madCF)Adult (m)3,9339260
ptPABaby BubblegumHatchling (f, F)2,25760430
4DpxVWiddle Pink RatHatchling (F)2,9775221
jGloL(jGloL)Adult (m)5,4657623
lwb1e(lwb1e)Adult (f)4,2046430
Au8aV(Au8aV)Adult (m)4,1206381
6vnIMy Little Green ValentineAdult (f)4,5411,51021
INqxVFrilled 2b backAdult (m)3,3049593
JguR3Frills are the BESTAdult (f)2,5604931
ED3UIFrilled to be back in actionAdult (m)4,3798300
t7ElyKitsune's Jurassic SporkAdult (f)4,4255701
yv7ihI spit venom lolAdult (m)4,7035980
1ConI'm outiesAdult (f)2,0719505
1ztSMy Frills - Let Me Show You ThemAdult (m)4,7371,07756
kKdaFrilly MrFrillertonAdult (f)3,8031,3219
6JGNJurassic SporkAdult (m)1,79997415
PYpkI Like Frill RidesAdult (f)3,92555624
GEdhkKitsune's killer kiteAdult (m)3,3296441
HiuqvRawr I haz venom spitAdult (f)3,2257941
KRyg1(KRyg1)Adult (m)2,9715910
l7LBChilly FrillsHatchling (f, F)1,7988354
fK6gfTeh babeh frillHatchling (F)3,0095161
zXXiy(zXXiy)Adult (f)4,4905073
L1KAq(L1KAq)Adult (m)4,3876921
ixkYo(ixkYo)Adult (f)4,1126780
Htksr(Htksr)Adult (m)4,2796331
ljg3U(ljg3U)Adult (f)4,0236521
fJs8e(fJs8e)Adult (m)4,3777112
ZuOx4(ZuOx4)Adult (f)4,6047111
nBJKY(nBJKY)Adult (f)4,9117524
wYL9Y(wYL9Y)Adult (m)3,5125880
qrQDD(qrQDD)Adult (f)3,5285680
dqyhx(dqyhx)Adult (f)3,0495710
Iiqqh(Iiqqh)Adult (f)3,9766503
9VZja(9VZja)Adult (f)3,0095161
RpYC6(RpYC6)Adult (f)3,1005051
JPtVE(JPtVE)Adult (f)3,2395282
NY2vR(NY2vR)Adult (m)3,1975060
jtW4aIt's Mighty Morphin TimeAdult (m)4,7138200
2FnoS(2FnoS)Adult (m)5,2507684
NH5ZX(NH5ZX)Adult (m)4,0476471
35OWT(35OWT)Adult (f)5,7047843
BDGzGLemme morph into something comfyAdult (f)4,6066061
9pF5DBork the MorphAdult (f)3,2126482
l2oJkI haz twigs for hornsAdult (m)4,5875611
E8bnCSailing away from it allAdult (f)3,9387182
xSGq9Kitsune's Summertime BluesAdult (m)3,9037320
5QdjxWhy do I have back hairAdult (f)3,2799913
5HPVi(5HPVi)Hatchling (m, F)4,0545142
vF1tB(vF1tB)Adult (m)4,8157494
kzavFSo I guess I'm rareAdult (f)3,2059584
GN2xmKinda sorta hard to findAdult (m)3,1699643
DYyPNPesky Birthday releaseAdult (f)4,6404873
zrKDuPerpetually Angry at the WorldAdult (m)4,5964762
cLvyx(cLvyx)Adult (f)4,0226191
qcSxL(qcSxL)Adult (m)3,8095913
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