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You pick up the scroll labeled “dark_kitsune,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
e4XO8Let's all slug it outAdult (f)3,4878876
5AQZkPuff out mah chest liek disAdult (m)3,3568733
E3Q27Mistress of Moisturizer CreamAdult (f)3,2868931
vkKZyThe man from MoistAdult (m)4,0998324
FtnsqMoisty McMoistAdult (f)4,0558557
qvtwgI use wrinkle creamAdult (m)4,4088694
9PipHSweet little sea slugAdult (f)3,4498454
QhgF2Royal Blue Sea SlugAdult (m)3,5129024
nV0RZLady of Moisturizer CreamAdult (f)3,2048344
zamvGMister Moisty PantsAdult (m)3,3618664
iKfcqAge Defying Wrinkle CreamAdult (f)3,3068485
BK1J8Sluggin it out in RenoAdult (m)2,8848485
vWgiyDuchess of MoistAdult (f)3,4121,0202
OvHarDuke of MoistnessAdult (m)3,4351,0292
7TuifMoist Birthday CakeAdult (f)3,7368524
zKxiEBlue Moist ToweletteAdult (m)3,1359383
5ltRVI use age defying creamAdult (f)3,3518783
jxDfnKitsune's Moist ToweletteAdult (m)3,4898872
C3ohyMistress of MoistAdult (f)5,0769603
yT6MBKing of MoistAdult (m)4,4079626
lhcog3rd gen of perfectionAdult (f)2,5788382
rm8KfI need some body lotionAdult (m)2,5268802
jsZniMoisturize me pleaseAdult (f)2,3578762
xlO5dBut deadly and beautifulAdult (m)2,7978592
ixB2LMy inspiration is tinyAdult (f)2,8728492
qXRUDRoamin without a homeAdult (m)3,1899031
ekJRDJust a snail without it's shellAdult (f)2,7318660
tYbh3Fleshy Frilled SlugAdult (m)2,5907502
tyzz8Kitsune's Sea BeautyAdult (f)2,5967411
7ZVPrRegal SlugAdult (m)2,5047251
VxAmKBlue Sea WormAdult (f)2,4327161
6yhf7Regal Sea SlugAdult (m)2,6437093
GkR6COcean's Treasure HuntAdult (f)2,9027553
Mtgh3Regal Moist ToweletteAdult (m)3,5528806
SqOG1Blue Leopard SlugAdult (f)2,7628903
IMByxVibrant Sea SlugAdult (m)2,7838642
cqqhPNifty Moist CupcakeAdult (f)3,1968852
SHGJ0True MoistAdult (m)3,4858733
lu3Mh(lu3Mh)Adult (f)5,6568274
6nmal(6nmal)Adult (m)5,7738133
RfDmfSluggin it outHatchling (f, F)2,1068262
HPuAiLeetle Frozen SlugHatchling (F)1,1324801
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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