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You pick up the scroll labeled “dark_kitsune,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ayDXESwirly RibbonsHatchling (m, F)2,3044015
PMhebLittle Blue LadleHatchling (F)1,8714153
fMUJmBig Purple Dynamic DuoAdult (f)3,9743516
Cbx2mNature of DualityAdult (m)2,1807243
L62i7Cave Born Dual PriestessAdult (f)4,0831,1112
5UlWEBlue for TwoAdult (m)2,5766986
VI86lI'm just gonna take a napAdult (f)2,8777622
F0IWqBenjamin XanthisAdult (m)2,9937256
iY7XALovely DualityAdult (f)3,4537811
MFBkjKitsune's Double TroubleAdult (m)2,0166792
2TsHqDon't wake my other halfAdult (f)3,6388204
F6SYHThe Dual PrinceAdult (m)2,0096882
JqidRDoo Bee Doo Blue 4 UHatchling (f, F)2,2354342
i5WgaTiny Purple WormHatchling (F)7273150
ryC94I have a splitting headacheAdult (f)2,9266367
fk3QeWhat are U lookin atAdult (m)3,2537522
4BUC1Just takin my napAdult (f)2,9737292
XR2yaThe Green MachineAdult (m)2,6256963
ZjScaTwo Tails Two HeadsAdult (f)2,6727440
faYxRBig Green Dual MachineAdult (m)2,4264984
YMOdKTwo widdle tail tuftsAdult (f)2,9711,0124
3fv8dStop chasing our tailsAdult (m)3,9551,2612
FdAJtWe need a manicureAdult (f)2,31982311
s6wIrJust a little top heavyHatchling (m, F)1,9126790
ETSAwTiny Green WormHatchling (F)1,3395092
KhHMALOL oh second head u so funnyAdult (m)3,4021,1211
O8vctColorful BeastieAdult (f)2,2177702
rnxSlDual Tone Dual HeadAdult (m)3,0478014
vil8xTwin Mardi Gras DragonAdult (f)2,8788952
2HYzPHa Ha - JokesAdult (m)2,9441,0012
JoJg6What waz zatAdult (f)3,3827632
LHtNGLawl - Good one MartyAdult (m)3,4777645
jGGrcOh Gurl U see thatAdult (f)3,6387794
NTTKsBartelby FenriaAdult (m)3,4637526
HRUHDEpic Color SplitzAdult (f)2,5979641
8IFu3(8IFu3)Adult (m)3,9696980
PDrkZDouble Purple PrincessHatchling (f, F)2,2216172
q7XQZI can see my reflectionHatchling (m, F)2,7097053
G5F1vI'll get more colorfulHatchling (F)1,3295281
0Q0ZdSprinkles on my buttAdult (f)3,8109612
MrwwwSoft CrownAdult (f)2,5237953
haU7wI have a pretty crownAdult (m)3,1078331
CxO24I got freckles on my bumAdult (f)3,0571,0531
qojrYFreckle BunsAdult (m)3,2639074
z4HsbCheck out my cutie markAdult (f)3,0529004
wiEgiI haz a crownAdult (m)3,2109212
IkkDNSpotty RumpAdult (f)3,2509084
MLQ9pI Gotz SpotzAdult (m)2,2968002
9wINBSo Many FrillsAdult (f)3,0127995
sFV7lIn it for the FrillsAdult (m)2,4987933
mFKS0Frilling Frill BeastAdult (f)3,0747602
pvnTWTee Hee I gotz a crownHatchling (f, F)2,6777803
M66TGI'm scratchin an itchHatchling (F)7743341
fz1R9Full Moon ValentineAdult (f)5,4771,1502
oUqOnI painted my horns redAdult (m)3,6321,0492
r4BXGDeadly MoonbeamAdult (f)2,8258202
FM0FOPretty Colors - Scary PackageAdult (m)2,5528313
pL1fXWHOA a SpiderAdult (f)2,9051,0273
4SNciI only look menacingAdult (m)3,2779221
JzLTGSurprise JumpAdult (f)3,0638891
Q2gndIs my back bleedingAdult (m)3,1618983
dX8I5I hope it's not melanomaAdult (f)2,3338113
iWYjNMy Spots GrowAdult (m)2,5768482
8uopFMoonlight is my only friendAdult (f)2,5148162
PBlnGProject MoonbeamAdult (m)2,3747502
Da1JuMeeeeep a MOUSEAdult (f)2,9677933
UVt7GBegging Blue PuppyHatchling (f, F)2,1356382
ZuNCfCute Blue FerretHatchling (F)2,1073583
vp2zJBlack Capped AvengerAdult (m)3,5117112
yMV3kSleek Black Capped BeautyAdult (f)2,9277804
VXu5sBlack Capped Sea BiscuitAdult (m)3,5881,2022
cDeseGalloping Sea HorseAdult (f)3,5611,2164
elgIbBlack Capped Golden WingAdult (m)3,4431,1794
bUwGxKitsune's Sea HorseAdult (f)3,6761,2043
K7tiVGalloping Black CapAdult (m)2,9418422
gV3SXBlack Bathing CapAdult (f)3,1939603
rNQP5Shining Ocean WingsAdult (m)3,48882920
1jplZSea Biscuit Rides AgainAdult (f)2,8387822
VkyP5Silly Huge Wing SpanAdult (m)2,4159034
IRyIQPB Black Capped BeautyHatchling (m, F)2,3877584
AgIDGSalt Water PuppyHatchling (F)4,0106381
NPcpoGrilling Butterfly BurgersAdult (m)3,6091,0065
XLLXvMaking Butterfly SaladAdult (f)3,6181,0022
vq7MzI haz the butterfly effectAdult (m)3,0588393
tay2HButterfly MassacreAdult (f)3,2288235
JcgiYI'm on ur family crestAdult (m)2,7281,0992
TZdNEKitty noms butterfliesAdult (f)2,8531,0893
5Iex3I eeted all the butterfliesAdult (m)2,9051,1072
8xQgbHave you ever seen a butter flyAdult (f)2,9571,1003
pni0OI lost all my baby fatAdult (m)2,9738132
yR4xWButterflies are for GirlsAdult (f)2,8036271
IEV2hButterfly KeeeeesesAdult (m)2,1447573
z35GY(z35GY)Adult (f)2,7845184
Plpz6(Plpz6)Adult (m)4,1497483
IPay4(IPay4)Adult (f)2,3686211
PpQ7zPudgy Pink Bug EaterHatchling (f, F)4,3677022
R5QhyChubby Butterfly ChaserHatchling (F)3,1603182
E1Ol2I got my toes in the sandAdult (f)3,2431,0482
Ud8fxBeach CamoAdult (f)3,3047074
onl3eMiss Sandy BritchesAdult (f)4,0116442
QGdoQSand in my shortsAdult (m)2,5111,0950
3R6Q6I have a sandy bottomAdult (f)2,9948373
GmgpYSummer is too dang hotAdult (m)4,5365783
TQNHpMr Sandy BottomAdult (m)3,4269247
tJpLhI have sand in my toesAdult (m)4,0661,0364
GqX0OSweet Sandy PantsAdult (m)3,4827553
bp6yESandy RookAdult (f)2,5501,0791
WFlLmStinky Sand PirateHatchling (m, F)2,4387733
Kx8tyStinky Sea BabyHatchling (F)2,2784390
QV7dE(QV7dE)Adult (m)3,2517171
tDV74Double licorice dragonAdult (f)3,1977775
c0j7mRalph and RikkiAdult (m)2,0549580
ZbI8zI like to talk to myselfAdult (f)3,1851,1402
P8f0YEvil-dee and Evil-dumAdult (m)3,4541,1444
TE0qZEthyl and LucyAdult (f)2,0729490
p9BBTWe argue a lotAdult (m)3,3101,1535
WrUKPWe Analyze DataAdult (f)2,9098493
2F16jReviewing ur reportsAdult (m)4,2817865
J8H1PTwo Headed AristocratAdult (f)2,4418024
6wtEHPhilosophical DebateAdult (m)3,7197654
JqkpANew Year's Eve Dual DragonAdult (f)3,5448355
iLb3u(iLb3u)Adult (m)4,3117464
q5FTLBlack Double Mint TwinsHatchling (f, F)2,4257553
gigDwTwo Headed SalamanderHatchling (F)1,3414572
xHjG9(xHjG9)Adult (m)4,1487341
nIAlUI may be common but I'm coolAdult (f)2,3686272
eQaa6Feathered EvolutionAdult (m)3,4467716
13irTBrown Feathered FiendAdult (f)2,8178054
TvTuVSaurian in Appearance OnlyAdult (m)4,1006043
i4WztOh Rawr I'm a dragonAdult (f)2,7761,0422
ARjkdFuzzy VelociraptorAdult (m)2,8131,0332
zbrBGVicious Volcano DwellerAdult (f)2,8138682
M2YTzJumpin in ur poolAdult (m)3,0448014
dibK8Pouncing on your lapAdult (f)3,0687952
ag2ckKitsune's Sunset BellyAdult (m)2,6497621
fimcFRandom Tufts of FurAdult (f)2,5668391
UO3hWPlayin HoopsAdult (m)3,1407613
aImqbLittle Bitty Sharp ToothHatchling (m, F)2,5908364
2tJ4WBabeh VelociraptorHatchling (F)2,5437911
NGqY6Eatin all ur oatsAdult (m)3,2338843
EkE2aEvil Prancing PonyAdult (f)2,1438232
vSjO3Kicking over ur barrelsAdult (m)2,5879613
VFQdhRodeo NightmareAdult (f)2,5359491
jsWNkPrancing on your graveAdult (m)2,6771,0505
hqMmlLike a Horse outa HellAdult (f)2,7781,0343
G1DnESpurs not advisedAdult (m)2,9078414
9NrrkEvil Little HorsieAdult (f)2,8878604
xXZCqTake ur saddle and stuff itAdult (m)3,1198093
ynJooYour fingers taste like carrotsAdult (f)3,1709483
0QTdNBlazing the TrailsAdult (m)3,6315561
xCdLJSucka's tryin to ride meAdult (f)2,8698503
bLWu3This bell is tolling for youAdult (m)2,9158755
E1oJnKickin the Salt LickHatchling (f, F)3,5139315
FGUMjTossing ur oats on the groundHatchling (m, F)3,5638614
q4WpZNasty little Horse nuggetHatchling (F)1,5785892
kg0xdMaster of ExorcisimAdult (m)3,6134113
XbFekSparkling Blue DreamsAdult (f)3,0736042
TqfAGShiny Scaled ExorcistAdult (m)3,7268936
k7OmMSweet Faced ExorcistAdult (f)3,4581,0946
YSBv3Ghosting ExorcistAdult (m)3,5281,1145
Enq1bThuwed ExorcistAdult (f)3,4471,0537
1kgboPastel ExorcistAdult (m)3,4326929
EWwNGFluffball exorcistAdult (f)2,1658756
geRG4Feathery ExorcistAdult (m)3,2857276
0250HRainbow ExorcistAdult (f)3,2286949
0rmUPKitsune's Pastel ExorcistAdult (m)3,4478943
3Vx0SExorcist of RainbowsAdult (f)3,2328925
DTPwWWorld's Cutest ExorcistHatchling (m, F)2,3926432
iWQUR2nd Generation ExorcistHatchling (f, F)2,5737012
H1chUBaby Bunny ExorcistHatchling (F)1,8064401
3iZBDThe Queen of EnglandAdult (f)3,8039223
bo6TUKing of CrimsonAdult (m)2,7929374
DhaQUDuke Sparkle ScalesAdult (m)3,9518354
q5q47Mary Queen of ScottsAdult (f)3,7558682
hcQXACrimson Red QueenAdult (f)2,9579326
u1qWLSir Crimson of BurgandyAdult (m)3,0429442
Il6eLQueen of Crimson ColorsAdult (f)2,1629053
cRkrbCrimson Red KingAdult (m)2,9219283
xFZLBThe Duchess of WindsorAdult (f)3,2589714
MyRmJRoyal Red MajestyAdult (m)2,2716114
qCSB5The Duke of EarlAdult (m)3,3909574
hoqfEPrincess of WalesAdult (f)2,9609435
G6kE3King Henry the 8thAdult (m)3,0239423
RWCiHDuchess of RubyAdult (f)3,5957242
q0PveCrimson Queen of HeartsAdult (f)2,2088202
xW6N7King of Crimson BannersAdult (m)2,6328881
1hauNDuchess of BurgundyAdult (f)3,6188712
N7PPwKing of BurgandyAdult (m)3,1659223
bWN06Queen of the MotherlandAdult (f)5,8189195
TloU8Blood Red Queen of DragonsAdult (f)3,1887653
n2MaTCrimson and Bright PinkAdult (f)2,5118914
PvwCxThe King of CrimsonAdult (m)2,7959511
CQUHNThe Duke of WellingtonAdult (m)2,5058406
PFMcFDuchess of YorkAdult (f)4,5759323
hHbi4(hHbi4)Adult (m)3,7647484
D8ZCw(D8ZCw)Adult (f)3,7497484
44Mbc(44Mbc)Adult (f)3,8277625
QvR4J(QvR4J)Adult (f)3,8637583
Rgad9(Rgad9)Adult (f)3,8657465
Nyg0HHeir to the Crimson ThroneHatchling (m, F)3,6635962
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