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You pick up the scroll labeled “dark_kitsune,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
GzKuOPrince frozen in timeHatchling (F)2,0846102
kUjlZOrthosia gothicaAdult (f)3,7137192
qYeIVHydriomena impluviataAdult (m)3,6417182
zRXnpPeribatodes rhomboidariaAdult (f)3,2907192
NIUT9Macroglossum stellatarumAdult (m)4,6077253
xQakPThaumetopoea processioneaAdult (f)5,2147233
4Q9jaCydia pomonellaAdult (m)2,3678165
KYV04Biston betulariaAdult (f)4,8467511
ATdXWCerapteryx graminisAdult (m)5,2927701
0VBFwOpisthograptis luteolataAdult (f)5,0977394
JAPtGLymantria disparAdult (m)2,8887824
oZFhiHello my name is MothraAdult (f)2,9257684
2O6wxItty Bitty Baby MothHatchling (f, F)2,3926974
jMjCWTiny MothHatchling (m, F)2,7116903
gGsa1Tiny Frozen MothHatchling (F)2,0984005
mjZGdSilver Tipped Tri-HornAdult (f)2,8798464
Uc7myI tucks in mah feetzAdult (m)2,8387995
KBkz2I'm firin mah LAZORAdult (f)2,7498082
YjufVI'ma fight uAdult (m)3,5764552
TIBdvLook into my bright blue MOUTHAdult (f)3,4984394
4eYtGLookit mah poseAdult (m)4,1844903
7gu2HMissing my feetzAdult (f)3,6494582
WnuUJMy feetz aren't touchingAdult (m)3,5444413
aSfc1Spilled paint on mah backAdult (f)3,7404653
OfwifThird Horn's a CharmAdult (m)2,2838477
ruOIeHorning in on ur BusinessAdult (f)3,6887753
P908IMEEP a SpiderAdult (m)3,2368033
0Cf99TriHorn PrizeAdult (f)4,0226643
DWLNQFrozen Fuzzy ButtHatchling (f, F)3,6604583
M0h2NI look like a commaHatchling (F)2,0093614
p1ypYKitsune's Briny DeepAdult (m)4,3157984
5YTcbBriny Lady LoveAdult (f)4,1068186
MjfR9Super Flexible SpineAdult (m)4,48180112
Y2tKnAwkward Pose for a Pretty BeastAdult (f)3,1578694
pSkJiBriny Cave Born DwellerAdult (m)2,8558355
JuRw9Sweetly BrinedAdult (f)3,3857644
PJ7iYPatriotic Ocean DwellerAdult (m)3,5669308
THMm4Kitsune's Briny GirlAdult (f)3,78973510
EERahKitsune's CB BrineAdult (m)5,4077004
osChkCreeper BlusangAdult (f)4,0277853
MLmFoSaline takes me awayAdult (m)4,0727844
BGD2VKitsune's SalineAdult (f)3,8157617
lCGauOcean Skimmer SangRealAdult (m)4,8868675
mBQK3Hopelessly below my feetzAdult (f)4,8398796
oiNS2Ever so delightfulAdult (m)5,29376612
0cmGBI'm super frilly and prettehAdult (f)5,8757758
KHG1NNot perfect but still prettyAdult (m)3,2668185
S0jBSValentine Sea FoamAdult (f)3,2438125
XpadIScary little BlusangAdult (m)4,5437723
XoYdXFrilly Little Curly QAdult (f)3,8567695
psRq8I gotz an itty bitty headAdult (m)5,2457383
dlIMaBriny LeviosaAdult (f)5,1436515
Dbm9cSilver SalineAdult (m)3,8117741
SCtn5Saltwater doesn't freeze wellHatchling (f, F)3,5747167
JTS0jEeensy Weeensy Salty PopHatchling (m, F)4,6747160
VLfGpFrozen Wave of DOOMHatchling (F)3,8805002
ljfbjTainted Olive JuiceAdult (f)3,4225199
Qpm2JA tiny bit evilAdult (m)3,9563081
97KMUJust a little creepyAdult (f)4,3053073
a7nenCB RottenAdult (m)5,9481,3261
cpq8TGRRRRRR ANGRYAdult (f)2,0686711
3LitNCB Stinky FeetAdult (m)2,1954855
86RtVCB StinkerAdult (f)2,8764515
btsWQTis only a flesh woundAdult (m)3,0568258
cFBdGHiding in ur leavesAdult (f)6,7628785
ZDRDNCamo is my favorite colorAdult (m)6,2138040
6qu63Tee hee ur arm fell offAdult (f)2,3788656
cK2qrCB Rotten EggsAdult (f)5,7841,3044
MqU9uItsy Bitsy EvilHatchling (m, F)4,1886551
UgH3MTeeny Tiny EvilHatchling (f, F)4,4986761
v8ia0Creepy Little ThangHatchling (F)3,6644870
sdmlcToenail FungusAdult (m)4,5713942
VVf4eWho let one ripAdult (f)5,1171,1944
eDqaLIt wasn't me it was the dogAdult (m)4,9711,0008
D06paSmelly BurpsAdult (f)4,5523812
0rFCQSteenki FeetzAdult (m)7,1638750
qJ4rJShiny stinky feetzAdult (f)4,8199212
o0UMiDirty DiapersAdult (f)7,1785438
6dcKXSteenky little dragonAdult (m)5,6446098
qWaJpI took forever to genderHatchling (f, F)7,0406872
oAguJBaby FartsHatchling (F)3,1072093
39520Godzilla got nothin on meAdult (m)4,2247310
FgncrI eeted MothraAdult (f)4,4617400
RrjIdChuck Norris of the seasAdult (m)4,4687511
S6JZuThat's MRS Norris to youAdult (f)4,2027281
TDdcbCaptain Morgan's BFFAdult (m)4,4048575
i7CdoGhostly TsunamiAdult (f)3,0027551
unpcOArctic TsunamiAdult (m)2,9126975
ASg0TSouth Pole TsunamiAdult (f)6,7127893
7hVkNI ate the KrakenAdult (m)4,3748963
57IqlValentine TsunamiAdult (f)5,8256105
pXsdxTidal Waves in ur TubAdult (m)3,7257574
LpwBRI'm making a Big SplashAdult (f)3,6577743
N4ARdTiny onscreen Huge in real lifeAdult (m)2,3727232
grMuNChristmas Clearance SaleAdult (f)2,6528086
ecAKNThe Tide is HiiiiiighHatchling (m, F)6,2617346
7ab6DKitsune's Titanic SinkerHatchling (f, F)7,8979172
Q5BbOMini WaverunnerHatchling (F)3,7262602
vJustSuper Scary looking Sand DragonAdult (m)3,9438324
tQPD9Reno Rodeo ClownAdult (f)6,6798002
Aop3ICurly Q WingsAdult (m)8,4621,0541
FGLVqWhoops I'm inbredAdult (f)8,6491,0771
M15S8Mah wings are HUGEAdult (m)3,6753832
YTjE7Kitsune's Friendly FireAdult (f)4,1277382
T80sHI only look scaryAdult (m)4,0443992
dZ6iZI have sand in my britchesAdult (f)3,3863561
32h5PI haz a shiny underbellyAdult (m)7,1088244
aKJNCLookit my pretty headdressAdult (f)3,6863751
lkKVWS'purple FireAdult (m)4,7081,0633
1XjmjI only look fluffyHatchling (m, F)6,1257546
q4XhONot very good camoHatchling (f, F)6,1457523
GwtAOA bit hard to come byAdult (f)5,0187004
jlnjII'm so super ravishingAdult (m)5,7748392
K5WiKD'aaaaaahlingAdult (f)4,9527690
eiAgjSuper Dee Duper ShinyAdult (m)8,3671,04610
49foaI'm kind of a snobAdult (f)2,9195964
CAacBSomething's stuck on my buttAdult (m)5,9989803
iR2COShiny NubbinsAdult (f)5,3108596
HDngrKinda Stuck UPAdult (m)5,6239763
K47KESparkle Fun TimeAdult (f)6,2659345
XWv6HHead in the air just don't careAdult (m)8,0319245
unMJhPrettyful Sparkle ButtAdult (f)4,6806083
VJZQsSo now I'm kinda commonAdult (m)3,2017873
U9J8nSparkle PotatoHatchling (m, F)5,3009343
HkXK2The grand glimmer pooterHatchling (f, F)5,5809372
nUlqRFrozen Sparkle BabyHatchling (F)2,0844280
asng8Golden 5thAdult (f)4,5501,0388
o6qmuCapitan Shiny ButtAdult (m)2,1056883
s4uj2Shiny McShinesterAdult (f)3,2097282
DLFE9I'm ever so shinyAdult (m)3,6841,0754
ZppiALook how SHINY I amAdult (f)4,3043383
HdcQEI like to shine shoesAdult (m)5,4609157
cXYRqMay the Shine be with youAdult (f)4,3001,0636
KYl3ZKitsune's Golden ValentineAdult (m)3,0349692
988YhGold Dipped Ribbon CandyAdult (f)3,0781,0111
RYfvjI has shiny shoesAdult (m)4,3271,1040
KNnnMI've take a shine to youAdult (f)4,6561,0387
25SXbShine on little diamondAdult (m)3,1911,0032
WMmEAShiny EmbersAdult (f)5,4138035
7TIZAGold dipped crystalsAdult (m)2,5787421
1xdErJust a bit of spit and polishAdult (f)3,0848432
1HJobSweet little golden dragonAdult (m)2,7687373
Ip2k0Purebred ShinyHatchling (m, F)3,0668322
m6pRIDecent from The ShineHatchling (f, F)2,0468827
u9sUJShiny Little NuggetHatchling (F)1,2184474
DTCjIDragon of Derp-stiniaAdult (m)3,3191,0812
BUMs0What a DerpAdult (f)5,9148367
kAK7ZTwinkle Twinkle lil DerpAdult (m)3,3171,0564
MSPPRA Derp by any other nameAdult (f)4,8647813
NrJZPDerped by the MoonlightAdult (m)2,7876315
8HbRqThe Dragon of DerpAdult (f)4,3601,1163
WMp97Derpy little DragonAdult (m)4,5901,0326
mo0CKThe Derp of DerpvilleAdult (f)5,4688196
FGk6YDeeeeeeerp Dee DerpAdult (m)5,2596914
5SpVCThe Star of DerpAdult (f)4,3371,0686
FUe1FDerp on the WaterAdult (m)4,3071,0674
SDfP5May the Derp be with youAdult (f)3,8941,0764
uH8cEFlurp A DerpAdult (m)3,3167314
17DDwStairstep RoyaltyAdult (f)2,5756223
aXCxJRoyal Blue Shimmer kinAdult (m)2,5566192
BDQ0M2013 Christmas ClearanceAdult (f)2,7858194
pGnI7Derp-sicleHatchling (m, F)2,7249033
NLDJlChibi DerpHatchling (f, F)2,7279162
aKOm8Deep Freeze DerpHatchling (F)2,8563465
gjffKStinky McStink PantsAdult (m)4,7684133
H3YaEJeeze what's that SMELLAdult (f)4,9974411
lnOEMPepe LePeeeeeeewAdult (m)4,9834362
cBQP7Something smells funkyAdult (f)4,5463471
QC6qaStinky Little PooterAdult (f)4,9374372
DraMYI need some Old SpiceAdult (m)4,6504251
PyiSg(PyiSg)Adult (f)1,8745870
FVfWVStinkee FeetzAdult (m)5,4408142
S5uqnI really need a bathAdult (f)4,8484323
L1GBrSulphur Birthday KakeAdult (f)3,2148582
nrZY8Prancing StenchAdult (f)2,7436500
9tNLNPrancing Stink BombAdult (m)5,2018105
q2ZrFStinky SunshineAdult (m)5,3518163
4ALm7Stinky Ice PopHatchling (f, F)2,8707581
c8DPkStinky StrutterHatchling (F)3,3692452
JsekvAwww Creep OUTAdult (m)7,9649574
SXOMkI'm creepin on youAdult (f)3,7801,0192
lGNunI'm creepin on you tooAdult (m)2,9137813
FMrpaCreeptasticAdult (f)4,3955043
d9Ij6Super CreepinAdult (f)4,5694242
EuZ19Cute but CreepyAdult (m)4,8154564
GqDuRDo tha creep Ya do the creepAdult (f)4,6683594
t751dShe's a super creepAdult (f)7,6689627
D2vOUMidnight Creeper StatusAdult (f)2,0706175
ZlUn1I'm a little creepyAdult (m)2,6528375
TnhgBTiny CreeperHatchling (m, F)6,0189145
d7muKTeeny Tiny CreeperHatchling (F)2,1304732
LKF8ZI'm tripping on my tailAdult (m)2,0966231
SEiSeDeliciously TangyAdult (f)3,9996500
mfrLbTangs for the memoriesAdult (m)3,5136651
jAWoTTangs-tasticAdult (f)4,4026422
BGi6YTang-a-rificAdult (m)2,7588060
pm922Tang you very muchAdult (f)4,7016744
eM6ggWell Tang's for nothingAdult (m)2,6967613
CEARsSuper Tangy and AmazingAdult (f)5,3048672
gTd8eTangy but SweetAdult (m)5,3758650
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