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You pick up the scroll labeled “dark_kitsune,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
L9FdWilted LettuceAdult (f)3,2255467
AfJYYI'm destined for greatnessAdult (f)3,6289472
S5rHOYep Thyme is on my sideAdult (f)3,0779332
2ad19Evil HollyAdult (f)3,8271,0543
634htThe Vines of Mah WrathAdult (m)5,5796973
Kco2Immortal Romaine LettuceAdult (f)1,3185628
gn7iYKitsune's Lovely 3rd Gen VineAdult (f)4,1224403
X5tjSilver Tipped LeavesAdult (m)3,1976259
C3l9X2g Flowering VineAdult (m)3,3578024
eERNtMysterious Viney VineAdult (m)2,7358352
HkNyH2g Evil VineAdult (m)2,8087585
ZtN3vPB Vine of destinyAdult (f)5,4339854
2YiCv2g Sweetest VineAdult (f)2,5927601
fWtF02g Killer VineAdult (m)2,4457305
cgked2g Wicked VineAdult (m)2,5737693
F4MuFake MistletoeAdult (f)1,3865338
DhE9Rannhyn's ChildAdult (f)4,4954755
4aOOFOR EVER ALONEAdult (m)4,2838589
WhfJBouquet GarniAdult (m)3,8831,66874
1Ww3HRemember when I was kinda rareAdult (m)2,6037210
sH8sPOops I forgot to name this oneAdult (m)2,8414413
1OoDBotanical NightmareAdult (f)2,91693319
NNgKXDon't breed me plzAdult (m)1,8945215
UzaBP(UzaBP)Adult (f)4,4327923
t6SnP2g Destiny VineAdult (m)2,6947513
JuS38Double Stairstep all the WAYAdult (m)4,9918885
XzdbHound's follyAdult (m)3,3451,285189
azX4Fruit on the VineHatchling (m, F)5,8322,26456
e6CFPermafrost SproutHatchling (F)1,1092783
yv83O(yv83O)Adult (f)4,7727353
O1qwG12 Men couldn't take me downAdult (m)3,3828594
xg222Kitsune's Black BeautyAdult (f)2,2287713
aaAsNJimmy Jumped UpAdult (m)3,2868745
ZMRIEI look good with everythingAdult (f)2,3237212
MiuzaMiuzaAdult (m)2,6868772
id7SSSurly without coffeeAdult (f)2,8037533
Spa4dLovely Black and Pink GiftAdult (m)3,9459225
eZ5fWBlack IncubatorAdult (f)3,6019754
RTKeEKitsune's Black PearlAdult (m)2,9249462
dQI0LI'm scared of the darkAdult (f)3,1898213
Cf4iCThe hero Gotham deservesAdult (m)3,7337815
EeLlBlack Beauty's SurpriseAdult (f)3,0371,349108
KeN2uHow I love thee CB BlackAdult (m)3,1101,0153
grgraTrollin your caveAdult (f)3,6531,0422
Mi1mtGimme a high fiveAdult (m)3,5367314
Ekc6TBeautiful CB BlackAdult (f)2,7271,11211
avOpALadies - control yourselvesAdult (m)5,0721,0826
3lAhaKitsune's Sparkle ToesAdult (f)3,7648524
qADV--Midnight Storm--Adult (m)1,27790741
ZnIOQSilver Lined Black BeautyAdult (f)3,5087654
3iCeGold and Silver PedigreeAdult (m)3,15482813
Nccao2nd gen mystery machineAdult (f)1,3705603
2YcLCrazy EyeAdult (m)3,42347413
SiYCJSilly Cave 2nd gens are for KidsAdult (f)4,1455045
eZ53Kitsune's Ridiculous RiddleAdult (m)3,97160310
UbQFqDark Chocolate Strawberry CremeAdult (f)3,6594716
F04iFool's Kept SteppinAdult (m)5,4507473
jabgThe Dreaded Black LagAdult (m)8384893
T5DeJ4th Gen Black and SilverAdult (f)3,9409103
ZFnJToshihiro GawainAdult (m)4,2011,0247
2Wo8Dark Child of the MoonAdult (f)4,9895166
NhhDBright Eyed Moon ChildAdult (m)4,7324944
KKmHBlack Hearted ValentineAdult (f)4,41137010
mCFu3Kitsune's Christmas CoalAdult (m)4,2824445
FnldKitsune's PB Black BeautyAdult (f)3,9234287
ZpaMACB Black McBlackersonAdult (m)3,8439182
TeSNPromised at birthAdult (f)2,9225264
sNgOD2nd Gen after MidnightAdult (m)4,6245287
T3WEBorn of HeraAdult (f)1,8051,00260
erW5pSpark of IronhideAdult (m)2,9218922
WvDUuSybriel's DaughterAdult (f)3,1405834
GZOsbKitsune's Lovely Silver BlackAdult (m)5,8527934
suspBeltza D'KaylaAdult (f)3,6045856
keCTrSay NOPA to SOPAAdult (m)3,8967308
b0PP9Gift of the Black HeartAdult (f)2,6958065
H8SgxBrazen BlackAdult (m)2,5568886
Xo9sfHolly WaifuAdult (f)3,4819358
ONLTZKitsune's Black GoldAdult (m)3,5168404
PTOHjKitsune's Alt Base BlackAdult (f)3,0279693
TxlWVI dun growed up on Christmas eveAdult (m)2,3354975
V9H2Frozen Black LicoriceHatchling (f, F)2,3527894
TcMxLittle Black JellybeanHatchling (m, F)2,53247545
KH2PFrozen CoalHatchling (F)3,20821410
8qR0JCheesy Tuna CasseroleAdult (m)3,0338462
JeV6GSimmered Tuna FinsAdult (f)2,5577925
OEJ3Tuna CasseroleAdult (m)1,8208966
I7qgTuna MeltAdult (f)1,6357969
QdqVTuna SaladAdult (m)1,5145246
59XLITuna AppetizerAdult (f)4,5478951
TR4UTuna and CrackersAdult (m)1,4926905
sAlKFried Tuna CakesAdult (f)1,7767003
dttaCheezy Tuna MeltAdult (f)1,88687314
oKhKsTuna SushiAdult (m)4,6038821
3rroTuna NigiriHatchling (m, F)1,5086853
gfOcSeared Ahi TunaAdult (f)1,5076688
1BqXTuna Noodle CasseroleHatchling (f, F)1,9448332
ARRXRare Tuna SteakAdult (m)3,1821,02425
NnuCTuna NibbletHatchling (F)2,1833781
nn9DHoly  DiverAdult (m)3,15621115
gMa4Wicked CoolAdult (f)2,1857765
mW0FXI go great in lineagesAdult (f)4,2337343
P6oKDeep Sea RoyaltyAdult (m)2,3007435
WAhMaSir Swims-a-lotAdult (m)3,5277292
pPL5MToo many fish in the oceanAdult (f)4,3181,0162
oqlRI'm allergic to seafoodAdult (f)1,80345512
L07j8Kitsune's Deep Sea DiverAdult (f)4,9888681
mE5mDCheck out my FinzAdult (m)4,0748122
o0HupBarnaby DeepseaAdult (m)5,1149606
zq1QPZ'Deepsea DiverAdult (m)4,2327952
woNuEI haz a lure on my headAdult (f)2,9256934
HOha4Regal LeviathanAdult (m)4,6777668
MepXVLord of the High SeasAdult (m)3,0489666
54fEuKitsune's Deep Blue SeaAdult (f)4,0918072
EjgLRKraaaaaaackenAdult (f)3,9179016
QOOdsHigh Sea ProtectorAdult (m)2,9097322
nQCtLGoing DeeeeeeepAdult (f)4,9376912
qnE7kKitsune's Water RoyaltyAdult (m)3,3267302
oojm2Orange you glad you went divingAdult (f)3,8758172
lxgJSGuardian of the MoatAdult (m)3,4227923
N85vTI must be too scary for uAdult (m)3,2968032
fK9FfI'm goin deeeeeepAdult (f)3,7556942
PsVDDavy Jones' Lap DogAdult (m)2,4967967
nMkxYKiller Clown of the OceanAdult (f)3,3357182
OWMDyRoyal Blue DiverAdult (f)3,8246964
aOemc(aOemc)Adult (m)3,6697594
Fiy14(Fiy14)Adult (m)3,8587554
NHC9V(NHC9V)Adult (m)3,6787596
mqFKAWWWWWW YEAHHatchling (f, F)2,0746732
R07IKitsune's Bitty KrakenHatchling (F)2,4521785
Cvv2tWater logged Shimmer kinAdult (f)4,4328201
UNldXDark KitsuneAdult (m)3,4129834
0riT0Alias Sabrina BanchsAdult (f)4,1798101
jrJ2ZI'm on a Seafood DietAdult (m)4,2827931
24mHpKitsune's Crystal PondAdult (f)2,5447444
6LcePKitsune's Pristine WatersAdult (m)2,6637426
C6QFKitsune's ScyllaAdult (f)4,7969803
G4r1Kitsune's CharybdisAdult (m)4,7699817
fvmlQKitsune's Elemental WaterAdult (f)3,6086182
as81mAquatic AvengerAdult (m)2,2466309
bgSbMaybe it's LupusAdult (f)3,5058931
acHCIt's water weightAdult (m)1,6571,04112
imDSXWhale of a TailAdult (f)3,9687870
FcgkSCaptain Jack's nemesisAdult (m)3,9627781
N0DWDr Wilson's WaterbedAdult (f)3,9131,01111
usGsSwirling Blue WatersAdult (m)6,1921,03272
UPKMSea BeastAdult (f)2,7381,5719
UiNJsKitsune's CB Water SnakeAdult (m)6,2551,1002
OVPBBlue Water TsunamiAdult (f)4,0661,68747
NmGpkNeedz my water wingsAdult (m)4,9208897
WgkII hate wet socks tooAdult (f)4,6465016
0WSmDorkface of the DeepAdult (m)2,8541,0489
NTqc0Kitsune's Water SnakeAdult (f)2,1746601
gk6sQI've got my sea legsAdult (m)3,6987320
Nfe0PDon't wee in the waterAdult (f)3,5737942
a2ErKitsune's Frozen WatersHatchling (f, F)2,3561,51232
PfAiItty bitty sea serpentHatchling (m, F)2,2204285
QaQDItty Bitty Sea SnakeHatchling (F)1,0131363
904QChristmas MisfitAdult (m)5,9611,29923
kQBAhJiant Purple Peeple EaterAdult (f)3,0297233
kHTqRI'm a lead farmerAdult (m)4,6701,0835
A5ZXhWhat's so great about RedAdult (f)4,3527674
GWWUcI haz a thorn in my footzAdult (f)5,6957584
9KbjAnd so it beginsAdult (f)3,9915968
eiEaFNo one loves me cuz I'm purpleAdult (f)4,3799396
PhoRNever go full retardAdult (m)1,66592123
J4rHFaux Dimetrodon grandisAdult (f)1,4719509
GCG5Paddle faster I hear banjosAdult (m)1,7501,1503
fnBKnI'm super fin-tasticAdult (f)5,6737693
OXJufPurple Posy FinsAdult (m)5,1519564
Ekanz(Ekanz)Adult (m)3,5276044
dEvNQSomeone gave me a purple nurpleAdult (m)5,6367623
sFFkI Got the TiVoAdult (m)1,7211,03316
HMMZLet's make LemonadeHatchling (m, F)1,23174317
3G6tPEELZ HEREHatchling (F)2,8193299
XOR0FKitsune's CB Red DorsalAdult (m)2,8528203
j13f5Lil Scarlet FinsAdult (f)4,6397517
ojBFFLookit mah Red FinzAdult (m)4,8305436
VSEURed Ridgeback RacerAdult (f)1,8331,33124
wS8btNifty little AP catchAdult (m)3,1907551
2nL1I'm actually a super heroAdult (m)1,40584413
Qf5VJane AustenAdult (f)3,58196123
3VVlNull -and- VoidAdult (m)2,7489729
11MhlLucky Red AP findAdult (f)2,5656811
77jsjRed Super MoonAdult (m)3,8504493
28WMkI'm the dude playing the dudeAdult (m)2,3157884
3XHWS'up Brian RAAAAAAAAAAAWRAdult (f)1,34592812
6algI'm a Rooster IllusionHatchling (f, F)2,3271,20223
uck5My head hertzAdult (m)1,94785718
etuegMy knee hertzAdult (f)4,7717892
0qH6My neck hertzAdult (m)2,6339636
JAp3Electric Shock ValentineAdult (f)2,9857674
WYGHSense of a SparkAdult (m)1,1435137
oF9IMy tummy hertzAdult (f)3,0865592
1KO6RMy back hertzAdult (m)4,8257812
OGQ9My toe hertzAdult (f)2,2669225
qQ0CPower GridAdult (m)3,1325843
BKAFI have high power billsAdult (f)2,08993616
zHf2DI'm Totally AMPedAdult (m)2,8628956
xv7esMy Tail HertzAdult (f)4,1748215
R4Nz8My Feet HertzAdult (m)2,7167501
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