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You pick up the scroll labeled “dark_kitsune,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
qcSxL(qcSxL)Adult (m)3,8095913
rCxKF(rCxKF)Adult (f)2,8005911
LI09W(LI09W)Adult (m)2,6285720
QrqKt(QrqKt)Adult (m)3,2296092
JnhKV(JnhKV)Hatchling (f, F)4,1914902
klUuwLighting the way for youAdult (f)4,6288111
SgOWs(SgOWs)Adult (m)4,7875661
i4x1C(i4x1C)Adult (f)4,9276034
pPaa2Sweet glo sticks broAdult (f)4,5355961
wK9a1Edward Lightbulb FingersAdult (m)3,1719774
JDCOsWait this isn't ChristmasAdult (f)3,2196331
EcHC5I haz head lampsAdult (m)3,2626640
guGR8Teedle Lee Prancing MeAdult (m)3,2126291
VOalkAll these lights but still dimAdult (m)3,6278593
rfaXf(rfaXf)Hatchling (m, F)4,2455273
N6smqMy diet is gluten freeAdult (m)3,9697021
f57bBSpiders are crunchyAdult (f)3,6467733
fBwlEI eat your worst nightmaresAdult (f)3,9697142
ltxt6Spiders are best served rawAdult (f)3,3836671
XQPK1Eight legged kebabs on the grillAdult (m)4,6318131
CIe5P(CIe5P)Adult (f)3,5964912
OJ7N3Filet of TarantulaAdult (f)3,3609724
Bsygk(Bsygk)Hatchling (m, F)3,9104923
bXmvXGlitter is my fave colorAdult (f)3,2088296
5gHd8Dusty BunsAdult (m)3,4238485
6GWllSparkle poo dragon buttAdult (f)3,3248295
j2c7kGlorious Dust BinAdult (m)3,5228197
AEtcC(AEtcC)Adult (f)2,6137441
T40hV(T40hV)Adult (m)3,3825351
JTcYrShiny Sparkle BunsAdult (f)3,1335000
gPlyP(gPlyP)Adult (m)3,0806681
0C51J(0C51J)Adult (f)3,1556871
IgleA(IgleA)Adult (m)3,2356981
yFlqY(yFlqY)Adult (f)3,1676901
FcDAe(FcDAe)Adult (f)2,1145790
L1Ekl(L1Ekl)Adult (f)3,2066021
I5dgcWhere for art thouAdult (f)3,3958324
XoN0m(XoN0m)Adult (m)4,1987674
WuPZl(WuPZl)Adult (m)3,3035160
z5fXr(z5fXr)Adult (f)3,4565270
2YwZk(2YwZk)Adult (m)3,5395480
wddbD(wddbD)Adult (f)2,9115110
GKAktSapphire and Ruby RingAdult (m)2,6226193
dFyYK(dFyYK)Adult (f)3,0496271
mLxroAlas poor Yorick I knew him wellAdult (m)3,5258117
i9mj3Kitsune's Precious GemAdult (f)3,4438262
s9nefKitsune's Moon BeamAdult (f)3,8488331
OPqHBKitsune's Golden MoonAdult (m)4,3198433
BQOosLunar Harvest DragonAdult (f)4,4028434
4XP3fKitsune's Moon Beam WingsAdult (m)3,9888342
T2DtzGolden Moon GodessAdult (f)3,8959149
c4kSHKitsune's Stellar MoonAdult (m)3,7789013
wEJ09Kitsune's Metal MoonAdult (f)3,5287412
RM5BJ(RM5BJ)Adult (f)3,4376180
6OzjhHaunted Moon ShineAdult (f)4,7488552
YI0cW(YI0cW)Hatchling (m, F)3,9257402
qKUUbTiny Golden MoonbeamHatchling (F)1,8533462
h5GhQKitsune's Dark MoonAdult (f)4,0449441
yciNsKitsune's Amber MoonAdult (f)3,3078172
wkJm9Kitsune's Clouded MoonAdult (f)3,3018120
QC2kiKitsune's Bronze BeamsAdult (m)3,3358261
Fz8uLKitsune's Lunar SkyAdult (m)3,5538180
B7tSgMoon over my Hershey barAdult (m)4,5707664
8kLCLKitsune's Dark SkyAdult (f)3,4088272
YemLSKitsune's Bronze MoonAdult (m)4,0799664
mLV6c(mLV6c)Hatchling (m, F)3,5036541
7t5GYTiny Bronze MoonbeamHatchling (F)2,3104381
0TnOIKitsune's Bluebell MoonAdult (m)3,2989034
2XrKaKitsune's Blue Moon DragonAdult (m)3,3298703
1dUUyKitsune's Precious Moon StoneAdult (f)3,1478801
rIJFCJeweled Moon BeamAdult (m)3,0668831
QpEf7Azure Moon BeamsAdult (f)3,2238651
naFtNKitsune's Sapphire MoonAdult (m)3,4788763
CS1cy(CS1cy)Adult (f)4,0317555
HsN7ZSeptember Blue MoonAdult (f)3,4578611
84rPMKitsune's Silver MoonAdult (m)3,3406370
A5KTbKitsune's Prismatic WingsAdult (f)3,4026420
TeIurKitsune's Metallic MoonbeamsAdult (f)3,1296490
KKixJKitsune's Moon FeyAdult (m)3,5803523
3hWq5(3hWq5)Adult (m)4,9436141
EVIHPKitsune's Moon FairyAdult (f)3,1807321
Z4KBXKitsune's QuicksilverAdult (m)3,3146420
kRdfdKitsune's Silver SylphAdult (m)3,2986790
bG7EzKitsune's Moon JewelAdult (f)3,3796621
XQBVd(XQBVd)Hatchling (m, F)2,7335563
dpDueKitsune's Frozen Silver MoonHatchling (F)1,9014971
YHc6E(YHc6E)Adult (f)3,7665104
m2keZ(m2keZ)Adult (m)3,5305961
ufKfbTrippy GlowstickAdult (f)3,4196523
xOHHCI burn brightest on HalloweenAdult (m)4,2246241
bFbLlThrowin ShadeAdult (f)3,6068072
5yt5IBrighter at nightAdult (m)3,3838204
DhuV8Coming alive at nightAdult (f)3,5858263
TOEwKSorry you missed my goldAdult (m)3,4638102
BeIeuSpook StickAdult (f)3,4787682
rxGg4Chasin them demonsAdult (m)3,5127763
dOsGZI eated ur monstersAdult (f)3,5478244
J3Kk0(J3Kk0)Hatchling (m, F)2,7266782
OBxRZ(OBxRZ)Hatchling (F)2,5586102
mjo2s(mjo2s)Adult (f)3,6115220
Vr7iPI'm the top dawgAdult (f)2,9809425
tut09Hen pecked hubbyAdult (m)3,0599385
udA2TYou're not telling me somethingAdult (f)3,0727971
DpQdbDon't wanna talk about itAdult (m)3,0218141
GrhlDI'm a companion animalAdult (f)3,2848243
cpuArStabby WingsAdult (m)3,5248412
W7maMLookit mah legAdult (f)3,5948281
0P2FcYou best keep steppinAdult (m)3,4298214
3AyOmTellin inside jokesAdult (f)3,5598071
4HRTGRAWR I'ma 2 headed beastAdult (m)3,3567914
3JPpf(3JPpf)Adult (f)2,2176010
XkrTN(XkrTN)Adult (m)4,7386072
0oe1uBudding CerebusHatchling (m, F)3,5245094
zc5tTItty bitty 2 headed beastieHatchling (F)2,6472735
bcHbhWhat U say to meAdult (f)3,3148334
46HN2I've spotted youAdult (f)2,8878602
P8pSfHai my name is SpotAdult (f)2,9308622
IfIkeLets play spot the dragonAdult (f)3,1768183
wNkoQI'm in a spot of troubleAdult (m)2,8298242
7HkVhRosetta Stone DragonAdult (f)4,4291,0808
rXzua(rXzua)Adult (m)4,4668121
GcbkHPlague of BrownAdult (m)3,0669014
HWiZVPocket full of PosyAdult (f)2,9489044
SrK7DI laugh at u BAHAHAHAHatchling (f, F)3,6365267
FfSkCSpotted Moon HowlerHatchling (F)2,2317082
Wq3doCleopatra accessoriesAdult (f)2,7898431
zfCioRed faced with embarrasmentAdult (m)3,1258714
VeaquI is super prettyfullAdult (f)2,7648503
j1X2QSunbathing for the LOLZAdult (m)2,5767893
OSnk7Stealing ur sunshineAdult (f)2,8687991
VhrvxLaughing at ur sunburnAdult (m)3,0718283
osvKlAll ur sunshine are belong to usAdult (f)2,9597992
40LCdHAHA I have bested all of youAdult (m)2,9217854
4QBvoIndigo Winged SunstealerAdult (f)3,0398173
NpWaKI'm laughing cuz you're stoopidAdult (m)2,8057731
s1kWZI think I have sunstrokeAdult (f)3,1258482
iOLlmWhassssssupHatchling (f, F)3,45863410
ZsK92A bit drab but I'll color upHatchling (F)2,6462712
7hS0CI haz a cloud reclinerAdult (m)4,0218862
FDyJzSkip to mah looAdult (f)4,4288865
bvr7lTwirly HoopsAdult (m)2,8379604
1AF1HBlue Sapphire KittyAdult (f)3,3228127
eSDXISapphire Blue CouchAdult (m)2,8108295
8noSA2nd Gen SapphireAdult (f)2,8268691
uGqHWBlue Lay z Boy ReclinerAdult (m)3,1828105
VbGAUBlue Bayou DragonAdult (f)2,9058562
XD3MJSapphire FreezeHatchling (m, F)2,4497561
LrdZvSapphire Frozen ShardsHatchling (F)3,0432933
tYY4n(tYY4n)Adult (m)4,3706763
iLgDXDark Red Jump RopeAdult (f)4,75688810
av1oISpeak softly n carry a big tailAdult (m)2,6158103
PrqxsSkippin RopeAdult (f)2,7329041
sERGySurging through cloudsAdult (m)3,3999497
0EA8uPlayin HopscotchAdult (f)2,7128673
JGaZdSweet Sky SkipperAdult (m)4,0828509
sTBG1Red SlinkyAdult (f)3,5859055
fgGIXSuperbly AmusingAdult (m)2,6756672
wGKZaRuby SkipperAdult (f)4,1108936
MH25k(MH25k)Adult (m)4,2617803
cOMxp(cOMxp)Adult (f)4,0268663
Co3sdI'll never get the chanceHatchling (m, F)4,2295597
VehevI have a tuning fork for a tailAdult (m)3,5597527
7g4wNBright Green SkipperAdult (f)3,0789395
czUAUKitty ScritchesAdult (m)3,6408903
FZqzqEmerald Sassy CatAdult (f)3,2237963
jpxVBI have a sleep number bedAdult (m)2,7199182
HFbKlArching Kitty CatAdult (f)2,9798592
bGklELong BellyAdult (m)3,5868923
ass7DWalkin on suuuuunshineAdult (f)4,1299004
b4WqvLean Green Leaning MachineAdult (m)3,3929182
y5hMzFreezy Pop GemHatchling (f, F)2,9019296
iJexmNot a blue gemshardHatchling (F)3,34056911
3s3X1Kitsune's DanubeAdult (f)3,6538423
jnEFiKitsune's VolgaAdult (m)4,0238785
47vyOKitsune's Nile DragonAdult (m)2,8389340
Bg2JfKitsune's Mississippi DragonAdult (m)3,3178234
tabr8Kitsune's Mekong DragonAdult (f)2,7738052
hEt3zKitsune's Rio Grande DragonAdult (m)3,6015309
KiyLbKitsune's Amazon DragonAdult (f)2,7559060
MhEmLKitsune's ThamesAdult (m)3,9839372
NK1MXKitsune's YangtzeAdult (f)3,9379422
QLIHgFrozen WaterwayHatchling (f, F)2,3147511
XPO7pTeeny Tiny SpikesHatchling (F)2,1666815
WfniZC ya later AlligatorAdult (f)3,7071,0182
7yrLDBrutish BobAdult (m)4,8441,0257
PvcbXBrutish BettyAdult (f)4,7909965
k5uAxNasty NateAdult (m)2,3508361
R1WxcNasty NicholeAdult (f)3,3301,0475
GY49kBurly BruteAdult (m)4,3969114
gLjFAI love my attitude problemAdult (f)2,8779503
WQ19QScram kid you bother meAdult (m)2,8388984
XWykYMountain of a messAdult (f)4,9049024
iYJuTFrozen BeastyHatchling (m, F)3,9837858
W1MT7Kitsune's Tiny BruteHatchling (F)1,7724623
SrrWBPrancing GarnetsAdult (f)3,5429962
yRRdS(yRRdS)Adult (m)4,2548363
szofB(szofB)Adult (m)4,1096281
wsBGGHot Pink GarnetsAdult (f)4,9587912
8mAGZBright Garnet StonzAdult (m)3,3629842
QBdF4Maybe it's the wine talkinAdult (m)3,3719384
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