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You pick up the scroll labeled “dark_kitsune,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
OXJufPurple Posy FinsAdult (m)5,1519564
Ekanz(Ekanz)Adult (m)3,5276044
dEvNQSomeone gave me a purple nurpleAdult (m)5,6367623
sFFkI Got the TiVoAdult (m)1,7211,03316
HMMZLet's make LemonadeHatchling (m, F)1,23174317
3G6tPEELZ HEREHatchling (F)2,8193299
XOR0FKitsune's CB Red DorsalAdult (m)2,8528203
j13f5Lil Scarlet FinsAdult (f)4,6397517
ojBFFLookit mah Red FinzAdult (m)4,8305436
VSEURed Ridgeback RacerAdult (f)1,8331,33124
wS8btNifty little AP catchAdult (m)3,1907551
2nL1I'm actually a super heroAdult (m)1,40584413
Qf5VJane AustenAdult (f)3,58196123
3VVlNull -and- VoidAdult (m)2,7489729
11MhlLucky Red AP findAdult (f)2,5656811
77jsjRed Super MoonAdult (m)3,8504493
28WMkI'm the dude playing the dudeAdult (m)2,3157884
3XHWS'up Brian RAAAAAAAAAAAWRAdult (f)1,34592812
6algI'm a Rooster IllusionHatchling (f, F)2,3271,20223
uck5My head hertzAdult (m)1,94785718
etuegMy knee hertzAdult (f)4,7717892
0qH6My neck hertzAdult (m)2,6339636
JAp3Electric Shock ValentineAdult (f)2,9857674
WYGHSense of a SparkAdult (m)1,1435137
oF9IMy tummy hertzAdult (f)3,0865592
1KO6RMy back hertzAdult (m)4,8257812
OGQ9My toe hertzAdult (f)2,2669225
qQ0CPower GridAdult (m)3,1325843
BKAFI have high power billsAdult (f)2,08993616
zHf2DI'm Totally AMPedAdult (m)2,8628956
xv7esMy Tail HertzAdult (f)4,1748215
R4Nz8My Feet HertzAdult (m)2,7167501
MKRRZMy Tooth HertzAdult (f)2,8467391
uPPeFrozen BoltsHatchling (m, F)2,1367476
03d4BZZZZZZZZZZZTHatchling (f, F)1,5285685
BBPFLower Power BillsHatchling (F)1,8613431
2Bn1EStorm of the Far EastAdult (f)3,5887484
DakKiDakki the Demon BladeAdult (m)3,04091212
gYkULA yup Storm's a BrewinAdult (f)2,3076813
3Pj0Man that really blowsAdult (m)1,9768624
uavWiPassionate Rainbow StormAdult (f)4,0357994
x8cXAyup Storms a cominAdult (m)4,1801,55080
q8tQCLittle Miss Storm CloudAdult (f)4,6418325
CKUNBMidnight Smog BankAdult (m)4,8319231
a933ZRawr I'ma sprinkle dust on uAdult (f)4,8518943
X5UGFestival of BoltsAdult (m)2,4985833
ChEXPOujia Board of DOOOOOMAdult (m)4,4969123
pfuCIMy purse is shaped like a cloudAdult (f)5,0859232
7iHRRLookit mah cloudAdult (m)3,7965911
dPOpSkywarp's FollyAdult (f)2,7251,681100
9gUK2Kitsune's Storm WarningAdult (m)4,1148895
Db50Ghost Storm RiderAdult (f)4,87356612
ZlVPSo what's ur pointAdult (m)1,6847023
HOajA Perfect StormAdult (f)3,2011,48127
WUrjdStormy Skies over RenoAdult (m)4,9988203
2x3tXThe Cloud is holding me upAdult (f)3,7727232
pO1frLookit my crystal ballAdult (m)3,9307281
V8YZw(V8YZw)Adult (f)2,3766121
fJPGPrincess Poopy WeatherHatchling (f, F)2,2675356
7GgWFrozen Storm WindsHatchling (m, F)4,7261,30622
7MkVFrozen Static ChargeHatchling (F)8701232
gUkSGI've been ScroogedAdult (m)7,0011,3603
t5oeFraulein FaultlineAdult (f)1,3655314
RICrAbsinthe DragonAdult (m)5,0141,94419
0gfmAmilla's Cherished DaughterAdult (f)2,6017755
YXVnGreen Winged EmperorAdult (m)2,1451,17356
b8K5Don't call me KermitAdult (m)4,5811,14322
3OTdI haz ur pebblesAdult (m)3,0657215
osa2cCAN U HEER ME NAOAdult (f)4,8159242
uYI2SOH NO U DIDN'TAdult (f)9,0141,0632
fobOBig Green Screeching MachineAdult (m)3,81375211
IYAbmNasty little set o' pixelsAdult (f)3,9238794
7OTuBScreaming expletivesAdult (m)3,7817091
H9iZSO RONREYAdult (f)1,2576444
YAAJGRawr I'm a scary green dragonAdult (m)3,4708537
uEWFLaggy Leprechaun of 2009Adult (m)5,8678346
rbe2aWhy u no love meeeeeeAdult (m)2,9487903
mGCdfThe Squeel heard round the worldAdult (f)7,9551,0183
3qrAFSpiraling Silver PebbleAdult (f)3,7054613
5BJEAKitsune's Luck 'o the IrishAdult (m)2,2287806
uMEO8I haz a yawnAdult (f)4,8019042
ndZ48Kitsune's Golden PebbleAdult (f)4,9371,0847
R6U2pSpeak up I can't hear youAdult (f)4,7719012
nIviqHI I'M GUYAdult (m)4,6904441
UUTuHWELCOME TO DINERSAdult (m)4,1828732
JuDeeDRIVE INS AND DIVESAdult (f)5,2338131
8iXmgTHAT'S A JUICY BURGERAdult (f)5,0978211
KSRVjELBOWS UP DO THE HUNCHAdult (m)4,5061,0931
Cmav5THAT'S ON POINT BROTHERAdult (m)4,6779172
CcZ9fTHAT'S THE MONEY RIGHT THEREAdult (m)5,0231,1931
jM49NTHAT'S SLAMMA JAMMAAdult (m)4,8163222
1n2gI'ma steal your pebblesHatchling (m, F)18,3353,20316
YntbFrosted PebblesHatchling (F)9271233
pBQZGrey by DayAdult (f)2,4201,0563
f3beIt's still rock -n- roll to meAdult (m)1,7157712
qvifChild of LaRoccaAdult (f)4,0546186
odrbFreeze Right ThereAdult (m)4,0576335
IcgHTee Di Lee DeeAdult (f)2,9177224
CROcBlue by NightAdult (m)1,1005124
vAtvIWHAT YOU GONNA DO ABOUT ITAdult (f)3,8154441
Um2anETHEL GET OVER HEREAdult (m)4,2894641
3OPVDive bombing for great justiceHatchling (f, F)3,5197845
tcW1I'm the man of the hourHatchling (m, F)1,5076914
NOboGreystone LizardHatchling (F)3,0932275
RbnDTougher than John WayneAdult (m)3,1948713
n41dGuardian of the CornflowersAdult (f)2,1921,09173
ApWCJWell Howdy PardnerAdult (m)5,0159171
CfSMSteely Eyed ResolveAdult (m)3,2348935
hkVdXI'm part of an arranged marriageAdult (f)4,7427974
Pgs1eNew Year's GuardianAdult (f)3,4669063
Y9afKDis iz mah tailAdult (m)3,7438211
LWGPBCitrus Orchard GuardianAdult (m)6,2458730
JonpBI haz lots of tail spikesAdult (f)4,9039101
i4kCShielded EmpressAdult (f)3,2031,66261
eKgjhJohn Wayne's Big SisterAdult (f)4,9698691
At19VSpiraling into a dead endAdult (f)3,2017161
BsdQRGuarding ur Guard DogAdult (m)3,6708303
qTRWeGuarding ur GardenAdult (m)4,0888674
22tkB(22tkB)Adult (m)3,6347442
AcxyJGuardian Shimmer-kinAdult (f)4,1596572
CpafELook just LOOK at my tailAdult (f)3,7969690
7nuTcBumble BentonAdult (m)2,6557188
SV8di1st Place in giant tail divisionAdult (m)5,2379134
ZWlsTempered SteelAdult (m)3,3551,59744
Hqc0vYOU SHALL NOT PAAAAAAASSAdult (f)3,6908941
fD81JOrange Grove GuardianAdult (f)6,4999250
lHfnDo a barrel rollAdult (f)2,5284299
5gpFShielded EmperorHatchling (m, F)4,1781,81128
nDCtI haz a big tailHatchling (F)2,2203852
2hJSGS'PurpleAdult (m)5,0731,0914
sGWXMS Attack Survivor of 2009Adult (f)9417022
k60npCheck out my BrostacheAdult (m)6,0857322
Zf8vJQueen of the LilacsAdult (f)3,2847472
05gEA REAL man's colorAdult (m)2,6231,2084
u42FLady MegatronAdult (f)3,5801,448183
vkmBvKitsune's Firetail FalconAdult (m)5,4377686
jDTqBeautiful MurasakiAdult (f)1,9918344
Q7BgMYou're sooo vainAdult (m)7,9091,6653
50gbnKitsune's Purple RapunzelAdult (f)3,7819103
o7ASDeceptive DecepticonAdult (m)2,5611,18610
BYTYLady ShockwaveAdult (f)2,80177929
uvuIiI got swirly things on mah headAdult (m)3,8655963
ZJSpFaaaaaaabulousAdult (f)4,13495322
2rl0I Haz Noodly AppendagesAdult (m)3,2897363
oUMY5Purple Christmas CardAdult (f)4,6119934
n8ItKitsune's Purple RainAdult (m)3,2047323
T6UNImperial MurasakiAdult (f)3,1998566
a3uuI'm a BAMFAdult (m)2,5051,0927
ARXz2Purpleee Purple DragonAdult (f)2,6638022
pB9eLink mah BOIAdult (m)4,8931,0157
m3ArDPurple Lady in WaitingAdult (f)2,3297245
UXlQDKitsune's Purple DrankAdult (m)6,1229326
aQzBZI'ma Purty Purple GirlAdult (f)3,6688247
VKQqJOh ScandalousAdult (m)3,5906696
yEQ6Lavender HyssopHatchling (f, F)3,5731,61064
cd5vFrozen Grape koolaid popHatchling (m, F)3,0836504
21NhPurple Kitty KatHatchling (F)1,8453521
Uqm5vSweet and Spicy AltAdult (f)2,9379282
LVci4Alternate Cinnamon Red HotAdult (m)2,8909331
PEQQwCB Incubate FlameAdult (m)3,6418755
AlE1RRed Hot 4th of JulyAdult (m)5,1568081
LcEaiU can never have enough RedsAdult (f)3,8529105
dymxz(dymxz)Adult (m)4,4839030
RCRVhSparkling 4th of JulyAdult (f)3,7027723
WfyIqWhere Mah Peeps AtAdult (f)2,5636812
EhXFHolly Jolly HolidaysAdult (f)3,6916643
9mJXI have a cool lineageAdult (m)2,5558639
wUtaVLovely Cave Born RedAdult (f)3,2559465
ssDV8(ssDV8)Adult (f)4,8196002
IbSqKitsune's RedLadyAdult (f)5,4501,0387
piw2iLovely Even Gen RedAdult (m)2,9758462
foyiqWhat u know about incubationAdult (f)4,2341,0204
CRrdIKitsune's CB RedAdult (f)3,7919776
FBqcRHowdy my name's RedAdult (m)2,0426751
1ODe7Leetle Wisps of SmokeAdult (f)3,4761,0063
OqQcvKitsune's Stairstep DorkfaceAdult (f)4,6541,1775
84WaqShimmering Red DragonAdult (f)2,6067244
hjTCIPink and Red SwirlAdult (m)4,6278234
917DWill Incubate for FoodAdult (f)2,8669896
nAact2nd gen Red DevilAdult (f)4,4558981
81uN2Prize for last placeAdult (m)4,6339381
sR1G2Leetle Puff of SmokeAdult (m)3,9768923
lMY8jPurtyful RedAdult (f)3,2377723
2wJVqAlways in demandAdult (m)3,1528154
I57yYKitsune's Red TinselkinAdult (f)3,1967093
JVYZvKitsune's 3G NairnineAdult (f)2,6496276
1oC8tPatriotic IncubatorAdult (f)2,5199842
O3YFPuff the average dragonAdult (m)1,5025973
Xpq4pI'm really heated up over thisAdult (m)4,3477682
VRk6GKitsune's Sinister GrinAdult (f)4,6549363
tm4TxFlame Red Silver IngotAdult (m)1,9877743
1SkObRed Lego BrickAdult (f)3,8977633
6PY4XRed HaunterAdult (f)6,0881,0023
8LKQpI'm a little over heatedAdult (f)2,7386305
KvfsdHotter than the suuuuuuunAdult (f)6,0397662
D77inKitsune's Killer SmileAdult (m)5,3081,0694
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