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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “snakehands,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
BBUdmJoe MommaAdult (m)2,7317601
EXyxdIckydoodooAdult (f)3,1907648
Ce2RADarkendwoodAdult (f)3,5247607
dj0NqHatch LightAdult (m)3,9367642
JudpGDergitydooAdult (m)2,6517165
4Yy7gGood ol' JackseptabenedictAdult (f)2,5196185
9qzoiWhen in Doubt Choose a LlamaAdult (f)2,5208432
AUg47Life is Like a HurricaneAdult (f)2,3908092
WbLxaAutoxorrecrAdult (m)2,5918291
xLHPXYou're Gross and Smell badAdult (m)2,5768001
Vp2faHungry for Your TouchAdult (m)2,3388230
rm5AK0h  noAdult (f)2,2968251
egI7Vl'm DeadAdult (f)2,4058220
E4r6yI am Just a Poor boyAdult (m)2,4467930
HXXE0Dream-sanAdult (m)3,7847388
mm4jhI'm a RainfurAdult (f)4,9787211
8zZOtVhaaella-sanAdult (m)3,2118115
VN4qHammie BearAdult (m)2,1146635
sp0xzSnakehandsAdult (f)2,6879582
MP9EqWeird Al is White and NerdyAdult (m)3,6447711
NrOraAngiAdult (f)3,7428242
JaAuNPuppy JoeyAdult (m)3,9578091
rDTDr(rDTDr)Adult (f)3,2857911
is1VhRex-samaAdult (f)3,7387565
4dQd6Troll the Yuletide CarolAdult (f)2,5977441
so0on(so0on)Adult (m)2,6767180
31zPiI Have Squandered my ResistanceAdult (f)3,1407522
cAzYEA Pocket Full of MumblesAdult (m)3,5057621
4VwDUNethzarius-sanAdult (f)4,3867597
LqfwEI'm Talkin' PuppiesAdult (m)4,3209291
hTSmrSky-sanAdult (m)3,6694026
5HnOwI'm not From Around HereAdult (f)4,0308482
XKpDWI'm From Another WoohooAdult (m)3,4988692
SPG43I'm Talkin' RainbowsAdult (m)4,5618693
yABgEKlint WestwoodAdult (f)3,0218002
YGOvYI'm Feline FineAdult (m)2,9568461
GSuBYA Little old Lady whoAdult (m)2,8417821
tP9UmI'm Robin youAdult (f)2,8057701
TqOxrAnita Drink of WaterAdult (m)3,2438133
E00q2RibbitingAdult (m)2,2067922
iyQdaDon't Take it for GraniteAdult (m)3,2357352
GYf5BHow do you Drive This ThingAdult (f)2,9137582
XV962I Left my Home and my FamilyAdult (f)4,6441,2253
fpRkzI Hear What I Want to HearAdult (m)4,4711,1954
Ly6ErDisregard the RestAdult (m)4,0959641
YFPvdWorkman's WagesAdult (f)4,1639400
SoOoe(SoOoe)Adult (f)2,9056891
4e8C9Hello Darkness - my old FriendAdult (m)2,8017381
Swlb7Touch The Sound of SilenceAdult (f)2,7747500
7iNsFPeople Talking Without SpeakingAdult (m)2,3046282
NGGXCPeople Hearing Without ListeningAdult (f)2,5856961
59wDsAnd I SurvivedAdult (f)3,3978624
iZmBVI Played on my ownAdult (m)3,5428482
fBUEFI Wore Envy and I Hated ThatAdult (m)3,0078233
qboOyI Wanted Everything I Never hadAdult (f)2,6098443
pKQCnNo Body Spits like GastonAdult (f)5,2467155
arNlmI'm Roughly the Size of a BargeAdult (m)3,7817212
jG5mIYou Never Know What's NextAdult (f)3,7407662
4DzljOne Thing Will Lead to AnotherAdult (m)2,8487372
s3KREWonder if You'll Ever see AgainAdult (f)2,3509092
6f1CaSearching for BloodAdult (m)2,4359060
FnIZ3Hale-samaAdult (m)3,0159509
TXS1NAnyponyAdult (m)2,9999356
98sNsI'm Haunting my ExesAdult (f)3,4369176
J6XiXNapoleon Bone-a-partAdult (f)2,7638768
rnopvA Wash and Wear-wolfAdult (f)2,7288814
3UCWhI'm ExorcisingAdult (m)2,3248945
EHe05Poultry GeistAdult (m)2,1888894
Zcf1GProtector-sanAdult (f)2,8108763
UP6ffStaring at the CeiIingAdult (f)2,8128924
kHYiZWords Like Silent Raindrops FellAdult (m)3,3308510
IvFdkThe Only Living boy in New YorkAdult (f)3,4208530
hp9RfTom get Your Plane Ride on TimeAdult (m)3,5587000
8EsalI Know Your Part'll go FineAdult (f)3,6726982
5TSHpLonely Rivers Sigh Wait for meAdult (f)3,4211,1670
HW45tLonely Rivers Flow to the seaAdult (f)3,3531,1100
0mmLfWanna Taste the RainbowAdult (f)4,7521,2932
YwAyULoco MotivesAdult (f)4,5371,2893
aZ0nTAn Impasta NoodleAdult (f)2,8398941
B23WYMy Daddy was the Family BassmanAdult (m)3,4078630
kOFHBMy Mamma was an EngineerAdult (f)3,3078570
II2IUI was Born one Dark Gray MornAdult (f)3,6818710
9aAPaYou Starve and Near Exhaust meAdult (m)3,0028431
M97AZWhat Does the fax sayAdult (m)3,1288363
1BP8FDennis Rodman Doesn't KnowAdult (m)2,8448312
4gwRRMu-ha-haAdult (f)3,1748332
5RgeCNo one Else can Make a SwordAdult (f)2,9988301
SqprnMusic Thumping in my EarsAdult (f)2,8996712
GMZNUThey call me Baby DriverAdult (m)2,6976761
NblzGOnce Upon a Pair of WheelsAdult (m)2,8605832
dahHBI've Been RenamedAdult (f)2,8497391
E7cDnEnana DanaAdult (f)3,0087631
Bbfe3Befu FanuAdult (m)2,9487391
dNZLRNazu ReraAdult (m)3,9168972
ywELzOn Board I'm the CaptainAdult (f)2,5388504
80g1VHachio BegaAdult (m)4,7378492
79C7kNanyo KasoAdult (f)3,1627612
hsG4eHasha GenoAdult (m)3,3507480
CZ747Kaza ShinaAdult (f)4,2618340
efXKbAlas I Only Finished HalfAdult (m)6,3251,3921
3udHgIs it a Kind of a DreamAdult (f)6,4871,4120
WHqNYFloating out on the TideAdult (f)5,7421,1675
MW51BThere's a fog Along the HorizonAdult (m)2,8437842
MxXU1Chuu KoKuAdult (f)5,4117872
8nFDpHando FupaAdult (m)5,2017972
uWKHqUwa HakukoAdult (m)5,4498021
slYEVSeyo EboAdult (f)5,2067893
XOqQ8A Strange Glow in the skyAdult (m)6,8971,9454
HVBkJHow can you Close and FailAdult (m)4,8709332
BQSHIThe Light That Burned so BrightAdult (f)4,4351,0230
ZEDx6Suddenly Burns so PaleAdult (f)8,8601,5424
75SuM(75SuM)Adult (m)4,1564135
JWTAZHear Sleigh Bells in the SnowAdult (f)5,0431,2964
PWXUyCarols Silver BellAdult (m)3,7651,0663
sswlqOverdrawn at the Blood BankAdult (m)3,4948705
BJaWQYou Threw Your Arms upAdult (m)6,2121,1652
FbtElMateus-sanAdult (m)3,4488684
mWuwsTortured-sanAdult (f)3,3127694
uuSCJMy Food Puns are Egg-scelentAdult (f)3,5367823
bYFZYYou Popped my Heart SeamsAdult (f)3,0298333
frSmbRooster SedanAdult (m)5,0691,3526
6HMCNChicken CoupeAdult (f)4,1361,1224
wyN3TYoda one for meAdult (f)2,2295923
WMxLeMacauliflower CulkinAdult (m)3,0407347
LFAdhFrom my Head Down TomatoesAdult (f)3,85482212
cVNtBring it TonightAdult (f)1,3327197
WaohbLet's Creep it RealAdult (m)5,2141,5673
fkpGXLet's Taco-bout itAdult (f)3,4469793
GC1WZHey Boo-tifulAdult (f)3,0709671
k6Si5I'm Sodium FunnyAdult (m)3,7159086
lZOdKInside a Killer Thriller TonightAdult (m)3,7678732
jh52zIt's SpooktacularAdult (f)3,3058143
MkjptCan't run From my Skele-punsAdult (m)3,3568083
58M5uAll my Bubble DreamsAdult (m)5,7081,9381
5mQ2UCould we fix you if you BrokeAdult (f)4,9111,7731
4XAejIs Your Punch Line Just a JokeAdult (m)5,3601,2614
vme92Oh boy You've Left me SpeechlessAdult (f)5,0111,1865
AsMRW(AsMRW)Adult (m)5,3941,2318
0rAwS(0rAwS)Adult (f)7,3129521
p0boDNo he Can't Read my Poker FaceAdult (m)3,4998042
jXOQKTough Girl in the Fast LaneAdult (f)3,4918000
obnmqNo Time for HateAdult (m)3,6908002
SLDUaTough Girl Whose Soul AchesAdult (f)3,6508060
jO2D0I may cry Ruinin' my MakeupAdult (f)2,7761,1460
sPXdCOne Breath Leads to AnotherAdult (m)2,8431,1592
Y2ggqLook Within for Strength TodayAdult (m)5,0751,1372
q9K0MFigure it out Don't Stop MovingAdult (f)4,8971,0883
UysPRPenk-san clean C3 blue arsaniAdult (f)4,1037842
38Psi(38Psi)Adult (f)3,9614265
gFadE(gFadE)Adult (m)5,6081,06010
PrkUFParuku Ofu CBAdult (m)3,0288422
Hm6tVHamo Tabo CBAdult (f)3,0748513
W9kNPWako Nappa CBAdult (f)3,1197511
eJhSQJesso Saka CBAdult (m)2,7988202
Ev0NVSo my Love Keep on RunningAdult (m)1,9807751
T81UkYou Gotta get Through TodayAdult (f)1,8557730
dsmfXIt's Easy Come Easy GoAdult (f)3,3151,0022
YGF1iSend Shivers Down my SpineAdult (m)3,8999693
aHEyU(aHEyU)Adult (m)3,2585971
nxozwOh Mama Mia let me goAdult (m)2,5407031
b8UWeGet Right out of HereAdult (f)2,4456851
JQ46cMr Morton Walked Down the StreetAdult (m)4,8021,0742
FdvkdMr Morton WalkedAdult (f)5,1831,0462
GQejvMr Morton Talked to his catAdult (m)2,8799451
fXEr7Mr Morton TalkedAdult (f)3,0569775
Xcoq6Mr Morton is the SubjectAdult (f)4,0557476
sbtgjWhat the Predicate Says he DoesAdult (m)6,9121,39711
2d2DeNidoni perfect C3 SWAdult (m)4,2267273
uYxHtMr Morton Grew Flowers for PearlAdult (m)3,6737521
lBBxrMr Morton Knew Just one GirlAdult (m)3,5457471
tsII6Mr Morton GrewAdult (f)3,4897050
1R36iMr Morton KnewAdult (f)3,9987150
z5PMyZ'saki2 perfect C3 black mutaAdult (f)7,1951,8238
vPouPPuupu G2 mutamore poop codeAdult (f)3,8067821
VCDJ0Mr Morton was Very shyAdult (f)3,1968442
sUnTgFa la la la la la la la laaAdult (f)3,2368660
VH7F2Mr Morton wasAdult (m)3,3138660
F4dGxMr Morton WroteAdult (m)3,4488620
RzR9XBot-sanAdult (f)7,3819854
1C4VoCarol of the  BellsAdult (f)1,8815740
Xt99sMr Morton RhymedAdult (m)4,7831,1197
7q9GvMr Morton is HappyAdult (m)4,2159974
FcNDNMr Morton LovesAdult (f)4,5031,0371
XslaVShibadibaAdult (f)3,4481,0351
USvipSeanSepticEyeAdult (m)3,6881,0121
NpJ5ULolly Get Your Adverbs HereAdult (f)4,0259364
JEZdSEvery Triangle has Three CornersAdult (m)4,7749110
BeBYu(BeBYu)Adult (f)5,1378123
k7gir(k7gir)Adult (m)3,9227731
JJOE0(JJOE0)Adult (f)3,6298342
8jTgKEvery Triangle has Three SidesAdult (m)2,8551,0081
Hdv1HThree - It's a Magic NumberAdult (f)2,7681,0610
5rL4lAs Your Body Grows BiggerAdult (m)4,4721,1201
z2EqEYour Mind Grows FloweredAdult (f)5,0119662
shwj8You Hear a Creature Creeping upAdult (f)2,4728751
33KaRJust Shut Your EyesAdult (m)2,6919391
fgxnxHappy Howl-oweenAdult (m)4,8959995
tvyjiTrick or Treat Smell my FeetAdult (f)4,8969742
nTSSkI'm a Goblin - my CandyAdult (m)4,0451,1951
0hzA5Shaya-sanAdult (m)3,5581,1923
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