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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “snakehands,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
1polcLiquid Silver DropsAdult (m)3,7467794
qpQ8sMusical Glow WormAdult (f)4,5548027
5NFVvSilver but Still MagneticAdult (m)3,8327304
K46eLPun-sanAdult (m)3,6098149
7OXKWBalmung-samaAdult (f)4,0157546
V1sOJElement-sanAdult (m)3,9448224
y779SLarka-sanAdult (m)3,2417692
aaaYuStand Heart to HeartAdult (f)3,5757824
vkltsHoward Easy GoingAdult (f)4,2207754
faotfClaus for CelebrationAdult (m)4,2677743
C16ZGLuke SkybarkerAdult (m)3,1568572
rDaRLAdobe Wan KenobiAdult (f)3,5278662
HtvsDStand Hand in HandAdult (m)3,7148877
vqrDwElizabeth AnthonyAdult (f)3,3828294
f5UwEFeathered QuacksAdult (f)3,1897923
iehAaDuskwed-sanAdult (f)7,5441,1805
bGW3GThrow 'em back 'til I lose CountAdult (f)4,7888676
Z4eZnI Push it Down I Push it DownAdult (m)2,9378235
5Dl5aGotta get up nowAdult (f)4,3298977
PAiIcParty GirlsAdult (m)4,42690711
KslmcKasema G2 omenAdult (f)4,4298216
WrJvcWaru-san G2 lurkerAdult (f)4,0857057
qgrZAMay-beeAdult (m)2,8768152
wg6JSElijah Wouldn'tAdult (m)3,5848237
yoUGzArcana ArcaranaAdult (m)3,0338644
7uX6OI'm not Very ScaryAdult (f)3,7384006
abpNNDon't Look at my Boo-gersAdult (m)4,1524157
H5IYfResting Grinch  FaceAdult (f)3,5838933
kx2MzI'm Going to SwingAdult (m)2,7978800
IDl1EFeeI my Tears as They dryAdult (f)2,9728753
hjr62Hi ho me AwayAdult (f)3,6939461
NPsJBI'm Gonna fly  Like a BirdAdult (f)2,7218422
1zg6jI'm Holding on for Dear LifeAdult (m)2,6848473
dVDu0I'm the LiningAdult (m)4,1209465
kI0seSeradurAdult (f)2,8718365
yMTAJI Sail on byAdult (f)5,5117474
0IrM5Keep the oldAdult (m)4,1928523
diwqC(diwqC)Adult (m)2,8326643
UWwGgSiIver StreakAdult (m)2,8648142
xdVBbShiny foxAdult (f)2,8058093
HdsIQI'm Gonna LiveAdult (m)3,6518052
Q8wgaTargenser-samaAdult (m)3,7398102
TTv9KHeavenIy LoveAdult (f)2,3788031
mSfsrSilver punAdult (m)3,6357211
GRJveKeep my GIass FullAdult (f)2,3056732
VX5ODDid you Read the News TodayAdult (m)2,0367401
kPqNFBurning Into the NightAdult (m)2,1317371
icF8kThere's too Many PeopleAdult (f)2,1917491
SZYb4Making too Many ProblemsAdult (f)7,1961,4464
uX0ZDNot Much Love to go AroundAdult (f)
n53fwThis is a Land of ConfusionAdult (m)
HNm6UMy Generation Will put it RightAdult (f)
odALzThis is the World we Live inAdult (m)
yqYYdThese are the Hands We're GivenAdult (m)3,3948134
q3iTJWhen you try your BestAdult (f)3,5018343
FSvexWhen you Don't SucceedAdult (m)3,8868273
dSYe1When you get What you WantAdult (f)3,3658292
zGbXUYou Don't get What you NeedAdult (f)3,0518223
vwMEkSo Tired but Can't SleepAdult (m)2,9387923
wESgLStuck in ReverseAdult (f)2,8588141
GQO1LLight Will Ignite Your BonesAdult (m)6,8501,24110
IbAmVI'm Just a Normal boyAdult (m)3,3658332
wo0XhI Sank When I Fell OverboardAdult (f)2,8808461
emyreI'd Rather Swim AshoreAdult (m)6,1819861
eglkvMaybe I Could Learn to SwimAdult (f)6,4091,0122
d0OlSTo Everything Turn Turn TurnAdult (f)3,5568485
lAPbwThere is a Season Turn Turn TurnAdult (m)3,5728572
j1YVFA Time to Plant a Time to ReapAdult (f)3,3457753
dYoKlA Time to Laugh a Time to WeepAdult (m)3,5917965
zANSd(zANSd)Adult (m)4,5788401
ZgcueWish I was Much More MasculinAdult (m)2,1575288
ehMNNNow Floating up and DownAdult (f)6,4441,4813
c4cVMI Spin Colliding Into SoundAdult (m)2,3437091
EZ2gjWhales Beneath meAdult (f)5,3089541
BOoYA(BOoYA)Adult (m)2,7686194
4hf3mHoppusuteppu G2 white maleAdult (f)1,7737705
6g2AkJoukiba G2 white femaleAdult (m)2,8421,0456
mqAo5My Stairs are up to SomethingAdult (m)3,9393897
sXBX3Whales Like the Orca-straAdult (f)3,6628083
WB9MCWabuko G2 white maleAdult (f)4,0858004
HTFNwHaofu G2 white maleAdult (m)4,9671,0423
KQFAvKafua G2 white maleAdult (m)3,8547714
uO15MUoichi perfect C3 white maleAdult (m)3,4577862
OIycfOruya perfect C3 white maleAdult (f)2,6807373
5A1iRI've Hungered for Your TouchAdult (f)2,1917252
6ODWpGod Speed Your Love to meAdult (f)2,0257450
BbNUmSausage Puns are the WurstAdult (f)8,9001,3994
X3puVMrs IppiAdult (f)8,8211,7036
aqV4aI'm Sinking to the BottomAdult (m)2,4709420
utMcREverything Freaks me outAdult (f)2,6939632
5BdMBI'm Cold as Cold can beAdult (m)4,0159802
xIxVZFalling in the OceanAdult (f)4,7231,0813
s1m6bLet the Waves up Take me DownAdult (f)5,4138082
fqqw7Let the Hurricane set in MotionAdult (m)5,0897902
GPwcZI Scream Aloud Begin to SinkAdult (m)5,4137911
PamqGReaching for the Life Within meAdult (f)5,0258052
7b0mB(7b0mB)Adult (m)3,2916882
47V1pBapo G2 gold maleAdult (f)4,5758495
8LQjuLakuju G2 gold maleAdult (m)4,8738816
nx1mHNaku G2 gold femaleAdult (f)4,4638573
o9j8MOji G2 gold femaleAdult (m)3,6234323
z1eXeHow can one man Stop his EndingAdult (m)3,9058013
Cg9DrI Thought of Just your FaceAdult (f)3,7858002
MuCIuEmpress StarlightAdult (f)3,1207780
q2ox8Now Waking to the sunAdult (m)2,9407930
g2mOtJecht-sanAdult (m)6,8271,0954
4ZMoRVexxana-sanAdult (f)5,3559706
SIA07(SIA07)Adult (f)3,5128422
GGN7There's a Burning in my PrideAdult (f)1,6758412
EHXJVNervous Bleeding in my BrainAdult (m)5,9051,5222
ZTZgxHate me TomorrowAdult (f)3,3351,0283
0FYekHate me TodayAdult (m)4,6861,0661
C2qYiHitotsu IppenAdult (f)3,3396352
QXvckSuihou KanrakuAdult (f)5,1161,3333
fke4EIchi NiiAdult (m)5,6201,2863
K1VA4Kiba ShibaAdult (m)2,7348801
pmeHVHate me in Ways Hard to swallowAdult (m)4,3077762
ilN8BFrom EverywhereAdult (f)6,0031,6455
Srx8NYou can Finally see What's GoodAdult (f)5,3538361
1WUk2Kicking Shadows on the StreetAdult (m)2,9078261
B6VrZI saw Your Blue Eyes cryAdult (f)3,7251,1243
ys091Just Make a Smile Come BackAdult (m)2,1607142
7RK2VLife it Seems Will Fade AwayAdult (f)4,2149203
NpVEGDrifting Farther Every dayAdult (m)4,2041,0060
h8YhGetting Lost Within MyselfAdult (m)1,3924215
maGOhAll That is was and Will beAdult (f)1,9747133
CSmK7Universe Much too big to seeAdult (f)4,6221,0742
Pubi2Time and Space never EndingAdult (m)5,5261,2061
yItCh(yItCh)Adult (m)3,7903953
fIA0mFiamo G2 electric maleAdult (m)3,5427163
CObxKKobamu G2 electric femaleAdult (f)3,5427434
fFCXiFuhaku G2 waverunner femaleAdult (m)2,6224577
4mku4Muku G2 waverunner maleAdult (f)3,3614977
nfWusQuestions PendingAdult (m)6,7831,46314
TngCCAkachan G2 PBAdult (m)5,3231,3869
JTZdBJunjou G2 PBAdult (f)7,9101,7114
E5G3NI've Been Talking in my SleepAdult (f)7,4841,7542
jQw7pToo Quick to CriticizeAdult (m)3,5808562
RSADNI Must be Strong and Carry onAdult (f)4,0569941
yYDEbDebu G2 goldAdult (f)4,7509811
DdCd8Aoiro G2 PBAdult (m)6,0771,2335
qPk19Suji G2 PBAdult (f)5,4901,2846
eQR7Akaishima G2 PBAdult (f)2,27681310
sYMSVKasshoku G2 PBAdult (m)3,4488577
lDjC1Sourui G2 PBAdult (f)3,6938983
D5vSYNiwa G2 PBAdult (m)5,51392816
MIspbOpalescent-sanAdult (m)2,8678414
cKtugSemai G2 PBAdult (f)4,9381,1912
pFnGIHane G2 PBAdult (m)4,4331,2864
iM3UUWah-san perfect S3 nebula ThuwedAdult (f)3,9671,1383
oNTUhObligation to SurviveAdult (f)6,1101,5996
v1WBUWe Hunger to be AliveAdult (m)5,9991,6363
lQ5cQIn the Dark see Past our EyesAdult (m)4,3121,1062
TQNyeCuriosity Teasing EveryoneAdult (f)4,9941,0020
Zfy4kBy4 clean C4 blue yellow mistleAdult (f)4,4288163
UiqcTUka perfect C3 snowAdult (f)2,7477294
44218(44218)Adult (m)6,5471,2298
Jkm4vNoctis-sanAdult (m)3,0696683
gF4OjOur Home Third Star From the sunAdult (f)8,7332,0584
oFosgHoney oh Sugar SugarAdult (m)7,3931,7352
YmWs0You've got me Wanting youAdult (m)6,4171,2731
5iuDwI Wanna be Your SledgehammerAdult (f)3,7989061
Bfvn5You Could Have a Steam TrainAdult (f)3,2125870
YK6HVBring Your Blue sky BackAdult (m)6,8821,8170
O1JRRXehjo perfect C3 horse ThuwedAdult (m)7,1591,1821
ZKZnwYou Could Have a big DipperAdult (f)2,6677341
TG8NAUp and Down all AroundAdult (m)4,5019891
RH0hWhy Don't you Call my NameAdult (f)1,2877018
RQgdOI Brought Corn for PoppinAdult (m)7,5671,6052
JqKbUI'm Your SledgehammerAdult (m)4,7709861
riwEfI Kicked the HabitAdult (f)4,3807890
PCEnCI go Dancing inAdult (f)3,7808153
pD439I'm on my way I'm Making itAdult (f)3,1847631
7asQWI've got to Make it ShowAdult (m)3,5147592
HeZHsSo Much Larger Than LifeAdult (m)3,4357570
UNqiLA Pillow for my big fat HeadAdult (f)3,8605482
7IYEKMy Belly is Getting BiggerAdult (m)4,7085260
UeqOpI Will Walk Beside youAdult (m)5,2401,1403
QX0ayI Will Make it up to youAdult (f)8,3291,5047
gO0fM(gO0fM)Adult (f)2,9326222
iggn9(iggn9)Adult (m)2,1876003
l8tXYou're the Meaning in my LifeAdult (m)1,4376192
oVqkYou can Dance you can JiveAdult (f)1,4985792
m56MGDigging the Dancing QueenAdult (m)6,2221,1551
OcKCLChiquitita Tell me What's WrongAdult (f)4,5429380
xMO7hYou're Soda-lightfulAdult (m)5,8611,6827
eGqkKI've got my ion youAdult (m)2,9268504
gyJwRDinosaurs Still ExistAdult (m)2,3227942
tqoP8I Like you a LatteAdult (m)5,0651,3448
HeUiBOh my Love my DarlingAdult (m)7,0091,2953
oIftIYou're a Cute-cumberAdult (m)6,9661,2635
APiXTYou Know I Love ya soAdult (m)9,2971,3595
8ggaYLove to all my PeepsAdult (m)3,2688764
efLABGhost-sanAdult (m)3,35786910
fmMr8I'm a Shoulder you can cry onAdult (f)3,2248591
O3EGaYou Were Always sure of YourselfAdult (m)3,2688780
esJHrI see You've Broken a FeatherAdult (f)3,6167091
IBu2XCan you Hear the Drums FernandoAdult (m)3,5977080
7hwUsThe Stars Were Bright FernandoAdult (f)3,2447771
pk8RtI'm a bit of a BoreAdult (m)3,2647892
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