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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “snakehands,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
gnlF5I Heard the Bells on ChristmasAdult (m)4,8361,4425
sbmpHI Threw a Pebble in a BrookAdult (f)3,9699813
s9oRfNever Made a SoundAdult (m)3,8368761
TvIyzThe Last Train is Nearly dueAdult (f)5,5581,0781
Rbc8ZThe Underground is Closing SoonAdult (m)4,3838471
dAzbKA Dark Deserted StationAdult (f)3,2078021
23q3KRestless AnticipationAdult (m)5,2496983
ksTdyRestless Eyes Leap and ScratchAdult (f)4,7258340
qIW4dUlyei perfect C3 black arsaniAdult (m)7,7912,1455
ExoIlLeo is a HallelujahAdult (m)2,9748793
0Yeea(0Yeea)Adult (f)4,0627712
yCfJEChiquitita Tell me the TruthAdult (m)4,1377182
KiLKUThis Girl Means BusinessAdult (f)4,3837150
D3OQzForever Trust in who we areAdult (m)4,3527301
0IzYsNever Care for Games They PlayAdult (f)4,0397050
alhRNInbred sunAdult (m)4,4146243
0Dc0KGlory to the new-born KingAdult (m)6,8961,2995
G53VeIt's Christmas Time in the CityAdult (f)6,9231,3153
pYs3fShe Once was a True Love of MineAdult (f)7,9891,4094
JDfVNMake me a Cambric ShirtAdult (m)8,8321,4615
B5fMTBafa perfect C3 snowAdult (f)2,7957303
XykTFWithout no Seam nor NeedleworkAdult (m)3,0797522
BeDnbA Lovely Little SparrowAdult (f)3,0237480
NvCxGTravelled far and Cries for RestAdult (m)3,0837580
HmYW0And Children ListenAdult (f)3,0197590
vMwaVEulalia-sanAdult (m)2,4427424
z3KRBNot I Said the oak TreeAdult (f)8,8841,7036
Ytp1lWill no one Speak a Kindly WordAdult (f)5,6871,1522
4j4fhNot I Said the SwanAdult (m)5,6691,1403
9rnPBLaughed at and ScornedAdult (m)6,0101,2303
jozE9Veggietales are Theme SongAdult (m)3,8538607
XkaR4Ding Dong That is Their SongAdult (m)6,8821,00212
VjS8bWho Will Feed a Starving SparrowAdult (m)7,0369784
2DhjnNot I Said the Golden WheatAdult (f)6,9071,0024
xKyVbI Would if I Could but I CannotAdult (f)3,3688193
QdmRpMissing perfect C3 yellow mistleAdult (m)2,2913383
ZQjw1I Need all my Grain to ProsperAdult (m)4,8651,1923
QZQitWill no one Write her EulogyAdult (f)2,9181,0251
XS5kxI Will Said the EarthAdult (f)2,9699702
yAkOSAll I Created Returns Unto meAdult (m)2,8019583
9IbwlKing perfect C3 pumpkinAdult (f)4,0617864
Xw0QaCan't see me - in Da-skiesAdult (f)3,6617901
EGaZJ(EGaZJ)Adult (m)4,7037725
v2YbBaya BSAAdult (f)1,8846513
QogrKogaru BSAAdult (m)1,7156892
AHctSAhachi BSAAdult (m)2,0556392
RGcFWFrom Dust Were ye MadeAdult (f)2,0535632
15rhXDust ye Shall beAdult (f)2,7485303
pUdurSlow Down you Move too FastAdult (m)5,7851,3852
UU0pkUupoku BSAAdult (f)4,8501,3134
8f3MFGot to Make the Moment LastAdult (m)7,1161,3367
jDL4jDijai BSAAdult (m)4,2718888
ztRYcZ'Atarayu BSAAdult (m)2,8751,0462
wgRxgWagaru BSAAdult (m)2,0776912
HJviIHajji BSAAdult (m)2,0426791
tfftuTaffu BSAAdult (f)2,2856151
OaVvHOhaku BSAAdult (f)1,8025771
DvXGsDogu BSAAdult (f)1,7325641
5ik0OKiko BASAdult (f)1,8115921
BcCrfBakko BSAAdult (f)2,8515843
m8TGlChloe-sanAdult (m)3,6787434
A9calKaru BSAAdult (f)3,6348112
ZJSLUSulu BSAAdult (f)2,8555592
1VUzhUza BSAAdult (f)6,6178932
iAVJoIajo BSAAdult (f)6,7018943
vnW1rKickin Down CobblestonesAdult (f)8,6501,95414
jUVhqFeeIing GroovyAdult (m)2,1545525
lIBgZEmperor MagamaAdult (m)4,3298818
nhXIKWhat ya KnowinAdult (f)7,3691,5031
YQ7koAli-sanAdult (m)4,7411,0524
i2bIIA Time for Every PurposeAdult (m)3,4928442
ED1IQA Time to be Born a Time to dieAdult (f)3,6438384
FF7ZhA Time to Dance a Time to MournAdult (f)3,5348503
FqDYjThose Ocean EyesAdult (m)3,4308292
Xw0ckAin't you got no Rhymes for meAdult (f)2,6437902
qnChTI got no Deeds to doAdult (m)2,6528043
sT64bNo Promises to KeepAdult (f)2,5948211
9lyRSI'm Dappled and DrowsyAdult (m)2,8768120
36432(36432)Adult (f)2,7648402
Je68TI'm Ready to SleepAdult (m)2,9758010
pUrltLife I Love you all is GroovyAdult (f)3,0808172
sMfmJFrosty the SupervisorAdult (m)3,0148042
un9H8Lives by HimselfAdult (f)3,0378040
ZITAf(ZITAf)Adult (f)2,7587713
ljKiAll  CarolingAdult (f)1,8228570
Y8r9hI Returned a bag of GroceriesAdult (m)5,8751,5211
p6YpiMr HorribleAdult (m)5,1351,0301
5TcTkAre you Tough EnoughAdult (f)3,9089653
6NW1EI Have a Different PerspectiveAdult (m)2,8497365
6WgpYWe're Mint to be TogetherAdult (f)2,7538695
erhqJFun-sanAdult (f)3,9118943
yAGCDAnd Round and RoundAdult (m)3,7127073
WpBpkI'm Topsy TurvyAdult (f)3,1028304
5o0bBAn Inbred PrincessAdult (f)4,8691,1438
glaDu(glaDu)Adult (f)4,0696599
DdPoo(DdPoo)Adult (m)2,96181611
tcte0Upside-Down  ConfusedAdult (f)2,7877172
vngBeFall-sanAdult (f)2,4388366
Cfeu3Crest-sanAdult (m)2,5148477
KLQIHangin' ToughAdult (f)1,2954437
jl6KPlease Don't go GirlAdult (m)5,4797601
ZGhPoIt'll Ruin my Whole WorldAdult (m)5,9651,2265
6CuVITell me You'll StayAdult (f)3,2547624
4jL7YNever Ever go AwayAdult (m)4,3934840
5LoXfYou can Blame it on the RainAdult (f)3,9984971
OBIRGThe Rain Don't MindAdult (m)3,9734821
vmglhThe Rain Don't CareAdult (f)4,1094760
OVgNDAdam perfect C3 graveAdult (f)4,1348005
J8LJvYou got to Blame it on SomethingAdult (m)4,1535360
SkltiChristmas Brings CheerAdult (f)3,9285441
1MQNhNo one Remembers Your NameAdult (m)4,7361,2122
jUG4XInside my skinAdult (f)4,8919391
5s28TBJ-sanAdult (f)7,0511,0313
DTaKt(DTaKt)Adult (f)7,5408176
vs2Z6There is This SpaceAdult (f)2,3808291
2Twq7Twists Turns Bleeds and AchesAdult (m)3,3878421
JWyF4Inside my Heart is an Empty RoomAdult (f)3,7127133
MZYlMMuscle and SinewAdult (m)3,7246921
DhONpWhite Lace and PromisesAdult (m)2,7228451
SaUtZLay a Whisper on my PillowAdult (m)2,7618532
c0yMtI Want my MilkybarAdult (m)3,4427103
wt154A-cute TriangleAdult (m)2,8657113
uZz3zAvo-cuddleAdult (m)2,6517921
tY8YnThe Present is a GiftAdult (m)3,3238902
jJmpTmama-say-mama-sa-mama- coosaAdult (m)3,3558252
EpH7Velvet and StoneAdult (m)1,47772912
FS3CtThis Vessel is HauntedAdult (m)4,07098612
UCavgIt Creaks and MoansAdult (f)6,6341,6395
uFq9pMy Bones Call to youAdult (f)4,3971,2773
hmX4WI Make Myself TranslucentAdult (m)7,0041,2039
o4dkfI am WantingAdult (f)7,3647767
AcArJI am Needing you HereAdult (m)6,7341,4357
18WS7The Absence of FearAdult (f)5,7881,6305
acMJ9You're my GravityAdult (f)3,98785116
knkXUI was Thinking That I Might flyAdult (m)3,78580616
vKRJESo Please be Careful With meAdult5,58388516
uKY0I'm SensitiveAdult (m)2,1038596
Utp7MWhat's Simple is True I Love youAdult (f)5,9661,4331
WsOUaI won't be Made UselessAdult (m)5,0471,0953
XKoFbI Won't be Idle With DespairAdult (f)4,7149900
f6gTBFessu TaboAdult (f)3,4738431
0bwaXOba WakuAdult (m)3,1935261
EJm9mEja MameAdult (m)2,6226910
NnMKXNama KusakuAdult (f)2,3406341
GbEK7Light the Darkness Most FearsAdult (f)2,9318820
nXAk8My Hands are SmallAdult (m)2,6988360
QwKVQTeeth-sanAdult (f)3,2018241
rvuAJI am Never BrokenAdult (f)4,2721,1803
hhUAVStand up for What's RightAdult (m)6,6849663
Vw8nLEulaliapop-sanAdult (m)4,9338697
ykkqbFelicity-sanAdult (m)6,8848137
3iLMjConflict of InterestsAdult (m)4,6518816
m5AlIOnly Kindness Matters in the endAdult (m)3,1777701
B3sbDBreak the YolksAdult (m)3,5017760
jBQ7MMake a Smiley FaceAdult (f)4,4478281
lWbdJDreams Last so LongAdult (f)3,6318132
79pYEven After You're GoneAdult (f)1,8738655
X1GgDon't Worry MotherAdult (m)1,9138281
fMSFqDon't Worry SisterAdult (m)5,7621,1774
JMnYRIt'll be Fine Lover of MineAdult (f)4,0081,0000
DoSWyShel's Follow me HomeAdult (m)2,9047163
paGolLead a Life UncommonAdult (f)3,1517631
sYDBDSet Down Your ChainsAdult (m)5,8961,4192
OfW6aLive with Love and BraveryAdult (m)4,8611,0592
H8QK2Let Your Words Enslave no oneAdult (f)4,6949332
7udMKVoices Ring out ClearAdult (m)2,6659361
oVQcZSounds of FreedomAdult (f)2,7239662
e1x4fNight With its Shattered TeethAdult (f)5,5491,3321
5gy8BCourage Left via the SinkAdult (m)5,3619560
I7mmZI'm a TenebraeAdult (m)2,3626672
3lZofNo One is Gonna Save youAdult (m)3,2079350
n9XJxYou Know it's Thriller NightAdult (f)3,0257041
EQ928Clever-sanAdult (m)2,2776606
MjBt6Bodecia-samaAdult (m)2,4948116
V9EH6Trick or Treat Yo'selfAdult (m)2,2878414
EyasFPhiladelphia Scream CheeseAdult (f)2,1378773
cU3DMMeme-sanAdult (m)6,4421,4973
ER1JPGimme all the BoosAdult (f)2,4378945
swA47Putting the boo in BootyAdult (m)2,2748674
VetIqSkeletor-sanAdult (f)2,7908693
iGF8DClever-san iiAdult (m)2,9029053
P7SanPun Pun Laugh LaughAdult (f)2,3048331
YeYcNot all My Love Letters RhymedAdult1,2225595
0NLvbMy Swerve Tempted you to SwayAdult2,1085488
xtFOhSometimes it be That wayHatchling (F)5,9281,3378
K1I1II got Nothing Left to SellHatchling (F)4,7788958
Il2kDLikaduHatchling (F)1,6593545
IB0MG(IB0MG)Hatchling (F)3,44534711
tDPiA Bell Rang Unheard in the airAdult (f)1,8036411
ZEp5I'm Glue and it Bounces offAdult (m)1,7866133
eitpVHe's Pieces of youAdult (m)5,4531,2212
EixoCThings I Don't Want to LearnAdult (f)3,2388781
TqMoToko BSAAdult (m)2,1799423
v5dPBadapo BSAAdult (m)2,0957685
rOGjRoho BSAAdult (f)1,4436225
8ULvlHachiura BSAAdult (m)2,7968633
7fBdeNanabedume BSAAdult (f)2,8238600
GVWHJGabawa BSAAdult (f)2,6804422
aU4VtAubeme BSAAdult (m)2,0956740
Qto8oKotohachio BSAAdult (m)4,4934151
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