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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “snakehands,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
0hzA5Shaya-sanAdult (m)3,5581,1923
VnpZ5Orange you Glad it's HalloweenAdult (m)3,0889504
5SRuZTrick or Treat YourselfAdult (f)2,6328692
vwJmQIt's Great to LearnAdult (f)3,2238660
PSEJYUnpacked Your AdjectivesAdult (m)3,2308740
E4NebI'm not a Real DoctorAdult (f)3,7277193
ZYEIdI am an Actual WormAdult (m)2,5376982
CnT60Immortal-sanAdult (f)4,5137695
sonuI Live Like a WormAdult (f)1,1835894
D3q7I'm Interested in ThingsAdult (m)1,1986550
LlsUDDoing the Things a Particle canAdult (m)5,0131,1002
DAwy1What's he like - not ImportantAdult (f)5,4231,2131
JAMY5Jammi G2 blue femaleAdult (f)1,9117051
AHgAeAhage G2 green maleAdult (m)1,9807021
n2rrgNagi G2 red femaleAdult (f)1,8937022
0FIBhOffu G2 green maleAdult (m)2,7647611
kUtO0I Got a Watch With a Minute HandAdult (m)2,4436971
xSBEZWhen we Meet it's a Happy LandAdult (f)2,4946942
kdBOcTriangle winsAdult (f)5,4061,3173
z4CmGWhy They Changed it I Can't sayAdult (m)5,2161,2004
mINXv(mINXv)Adult (f)3,9654057
dSgJBA Rock to Wind a String AroundAdult (m)2,5316751
3bKvdMy Best Friend is a SparrowAdult (f)2,3796960
MHfkIA lot of Eyes on the Other SideAdult (f)4,3449724
OoikXRun Around in the RainAdult (f)9,0701,5402
1YY8AYou Hear a Door SlamAdult (m)1,4667633
FDT6eHope This is Your ImaginationAdult (f)1,4637671
fPam0It's Tooth-Hurty SomewhereAdult (m)2,8958972
17waPGhoul-aidAdult (m)3,1138963
TEEQjBoo-yahAdult (m)3,2069583
RUMklGhoulietAdult (f)2,2318931
J0eYQ(J0eYQ)Adult (f)4,0158794
xBleD(xBleD)Adult (f)2,2538986
WKqBYYou Tell me That it's redAdult (m)4,7871,12920
IVyuGWhat Color is the sky a mi AmourAdult (f)6,1809767
oreHTWhere Should I put my ShoesAdult (f)2,4916711
6mCWdFamily but so Much MoreAdult (m)2,9475423
zUWm3I'm Dragon a SleighAdult (m)3,5748922
OXni9Christopher SittinAdult (f)2,9538382
InGSDMadeleine AldarkAdult (m)1,9026712
F6eVFSitting PhoenixAdult (m)5,0361,0183
zOoVFThe Interrupting cowAdult (f)2,1786522
S5uxvAdore is Between you and meAdult (f)4,3568714
KihTSCargos Beep BeepAdult (f)3,1728133
eK7pI Blew out Your Pilot LightAdult1,20775020
ug5OvSlowly Twisting in the WindAdult3,5329933
YPOr7I've Turned off my Hearing aidHatchling (F)6,7731,2428
08KjsMore Coffee for meHatchling (F)5,9239403
Fya5XBaby BIue CheeseHatchling (F)1,3502964
0my7ZLiI' StinkerHatchling (F)1,6276264
a9DaI'm Having a Wonderful TimeAdult (m)1,7198454
UuqDBe Like YourselfAdult (f)2,0789782
OcmPIDo What you LikeAdult (f)4,4181,1525
3mLXNI am not UnkindAdult (m)5,4491,1811
RE4bI hit my Head on the WallAdult (f)2,1279692
Ox35uI Can't see why I Miss you soAdult (f)5,1491,1342
HpCxRFondue Forks for EverybodyAdult (m)3,5289680
lDeNALive Without the SunlightAdult (m)2,9248521
mU6HKWhen the Ship Runs out of OceanAdult (m)2,6881,1593
IJ9GPThe Vessel Runs AgroundAdult (f)3,2851,3483
xIG5qOut the Boat and up the ShoreAdult (m)7,0911,3037
2eONORiver Becomes an OceanAdult (f)6,0381,27111
GmEvOO-San2 neat C3 brown sweety SWAdult (f)4,4067802
Xwg5wTime Won't Find the LostAdult (m)5,2191,09522
HpjL7A Sleighing SongAdult (f)2,4688008
d8opASweep up our Skeleton BonesAdult (m)6,1981,2234
JSGizTake the WheelAdult (f)7,0001,0915
WjWrRI Will Take the PedalsAdult (m)2,5441,20676
AZI19Can't go out the way we Came inAdult (f)3,2731,2365
CDQ2ZI'm in a Road MovieAdult (f)6,8111,1686
sfQaXSome Things Can't be Taken BackAdult (m)6,7029763
FCZL2Peace is NiceAdult (m)2,6287861
jxjWQMy Belly Belly ButtonAdult (f)2,8478230
cfK8wHe Turns the Seasons AroundAdult (f)2,6627520
vwrvoAnd so she Changes her GownAdult (m)2,9798200
n4GoDon't do it - oh no you didAdult (m)1,3094515
LKl1vDon't Spill ink on the rugAdult (f)8,4332,0513
xZ2uQMy Sparrow-chute Didn't OpenAdult (m)6,8091,3065
c9rP1I Hate OwlgebraAdult (f)6,7501,2275
WAWqJDon't Hammer the wallAdult (f)8,2141,5032
KRp4kDid you Just eat a NapkinAdult (m)4,6549212
NtBJDCheese and Chalk do not TalkAdult (f)2,81093511
CQa9LTuhb clean SS3 frilled ThuwedAdult (m)7,0821,8593
3UlqjTrouble Awful Devil EvilAdult (m)5,2481,2622
TXleHWhood clean C3 frill ThuwedAdult (f)2,0352774
X1awaA hat Made of PaperAdult (f)5,8221,1843
HF4hdA Boat made of MetalAdult (m)4,3881,0041
SLUg4(SLUg4)Adult (m)4,3588404
7fvPiShokubu G2 PBAdult (f)2,1053398
Q2lsLTeiboku G2 PBAdult (m)2,5403258
iMJLMMimu G2 gold maleAdult (f)3,7689307
bPPqMy Life is Pretty PlainAdult (f)1,2164154
MO3VWatching Puddles Gather RainAdult (m)5,3807943
ZsYyOPour Some tea for twoAdult (m)3,6749941
gfG18I'll Speak my Point of ViewAdult (f)4,2761,0270
JpXqBe With me and I'll Have it MadeAdult (f)4,1611,3085
0UJVfI Complain When There's no RainAdult (m)3,1925931
EPjzRTu0thoum perf SS3 sunrise ThuwedAdult (m)3,0051,0081
lBLOYLet's Float AroundAdult (f)4,1419374
BPVQbLet's Hang out on CloudsAdult (m)5,5861,2790
Ci1INHides the Face - Lies the SnakeAdult (f)3,8407752
zCJKRBlack Hole sun Won't you ComeAdult (f)3,7567740
6ThoI Wrote a Song for youAdult (m)2,6449984
CUItBWashes Away the RainAdult (f)4,2921,35012
GZ4hfSteal the Warm Wind Tired FriendAdult (m)3,6908163
g4lumNo one Sings Like you AnymoreAdult (f)2,8908902
SUM6C(SUM6C)Adult (f)2,9038421
j6pkXYou're out of TimeAdult (m)3,4701,1041
spaWgYou Feel a Cold HandAdult (f)3,6431,0914
B0OVKClawed her way to the topAdult (f)5,1059453
BTBzSFreddy's Comin for youAdult (m)3,3619702
dgZw6Kyllion-samaAdult (f)4,3107116
H6ivnBetter Lock the DoorAdult (f)3,2879223
2h8oDStarsong-samaAdult (f)2,2446646
VPsmxRwwrscary-sanAdult (f)2,3046482
PAg67Demise-sanAdult (m)2,6446443
wKHbWDracula's Pain in the NeckAdult (m)2,8187864
jbb5SFrankenwienerAdult (m)3,4839277
KnPoyErmegourdAdult (f)2,9408804
2NR1SI'm Boo-tifulAdult (f)2,5438884
Y0bBWHallo-wienerAdult (m)2,5418952
SicajFeel the Rhythm With Your HandsAdult (f)4,4674751
Xi1OrSteal the Rhythm While you canAdult (f)4,0424713
FbRcWSpeak the Rhythm on Your ownAdult (m)4,2854661
0SBfjAll my Friends are Brown and redAdult (m)3,1968742
BTMFHKathi's UnderneathAdult (m)2,3528192
eUPMcAll my Friends are SkeletonsAdult (m)5,0341,0452
NQ44XBeat the Rhythm with Your BonesAdult (f)4,1761,2802
uyPnjNxafkuac-sanAdult (m)2,5656927
e4I7PIt's fun to Lose and to PretendAdult (m)4,2469684
pN3mlOver-Bored and Self-AssuredAdult (f)5,2871,1783
q4MbI got Bells that Jingle JangleAdult (f)2,1207877
gr1jOHere we are now Entertain usAdult (m)4,9401,3505
ZqOnHI Feel Stupid and ContagiousAdult (f)4,8261,2963
HXTc0Come as you are as you WereAdult (m)5,2671,2182
jWIduUwaki MagomagoAdult (f)3,5051,0452
xqKbkTekigou KaeAdult (m)3,9861,0382
QifW4Ookami KofuAdult (m)5,0051,1994
qZ0rWKor ZowAdult (f)2,7748252
zvkx0Z'Zuko G2 nilia maleAdult (f)3,4776974
V8tiVVeto G2 nilia femaleAdult (m)3,3537183
bBDHDBadaba G2 crimson femaleAdult (f)4,5968094
ZtB0dZ'Zibochi G2 crimson maleAdult (m)3,2837632
aVgATake your Time - Hurry upAdult (f)1,8008305
BMk4I'm not Like Them I can PretendAdult (m)1,98550915
zciJMThe sun is Gone I Have a LightAdult (m)4,2581,1250
51V4gThe day is Done I'm Having funAdult (f)4,9191,0913
ANNYUZowwyAdult (m)2,2976611
0ldvI'm Dumb or Maybe Just HappyAdult (f)1,6797171
uF0FMy Heart is Broke I Have GlueAdult (m)1,6686914
WHfG5Omroh perfect C3 marrow ThuwedAdult (f)2,0487001
Y9sZBIn my Eyes IndisposedAdult (m)4,8141,2611
opBj8Disguises no one KnowsAdult (f)2,3917071
kJ7uySoothe the Burn Wake me upAdult (f)1,9987051
pr8pXWhat Else Should I sayAdult (m)1,5966810
YtHAGSuch a Feelin's Comin' Over meAdult (f)5,1881,0501
hHG1LWonder in Most Everything I seeAdult (m)3,4808692
TZsr9Got the sun in my eyeAdult (f)2,7466572
W6NBYWon't be Surprised it's a DreamAdult (m)2,8276840
mEdNeThe Wind has Learned my NameAdult (m)2,7887291
Csjs6Things are not the SameAdult (f)2,8997272
TcGa8My Prescription is More CowbellAdult (f)2,6831,0142
pO48bWhy do Birds Suddenly AppearAdult (m)2,7691,0301
sDIzdJust like me They Long to beAdult (f)5,3661,3073
fJHy5Mondays Always get me DownAdult (m)5,2261,1760
fYUKrWe Know That it's Probably MagicAdult (f)3,8908821
WaiVcI've Heard it too Many TimesAdult (m)3,7508652
d0NYxLovers Dreamers and meAdult (f)4,6349302
pmqS8I Sway With the WindAdult (m)4,3928791
qvGoBHell-sanAdult (m)3,6268765
roainHorror-sanAdult (f)4,4788876
758MAHellhorror-sanAdult (f)6,6148546
01ZiyResolution Slips Away AgainAdult (m)4,4598817
yka70Right Through my FingersAdult (f)4,4668732
qdPvlBack Into my HeartAdult (m)5,0378510
NuVY3It's out of ReachAdult (f)4,7138340
765wyTorch2 messy C3 omenAdult (m)4,7861,06714
EEfQrIt's in the DarkAdult (m)3,6308651
0VA0sSometimes I Think I'm BlindAdult (f)4,5309132
PVGwnThe Plot Thickens Every dayAdult (m)4,5628872
zoAJlThere's a Picture BeneathAdult (f)3,7387493
T4MiNo one ListensAdult (m)1,4706973
nHdKIn Between my Love and my AgonyAdult (f)1,8717160
nMf2mSomebody put me TogetherAdult (f)5,4991,2804
nkgk2Layin' Face Down on the GroundAdult (m)5,6241,1612
xfLvMMy Algebra Equals youAdult (m)2,7007571
CO0v0Starfish Really Love meAdult (m)7,5571,2424
y6KiNThe Best Chemistry Puns ArgonAdult (m)4,5838757
30M73Sir Cumference and Sir ValenceAdult (m)4,3518767
lImIDAll that Glitters is notAdult (m)3,5998812
Eft3yMy Fingers in my EarsAdult (m)8,6151,5002
jB49lEyes Shut Tight Avoid the SightAdult (f)2,9837230
g922IDroplets of yes and noAdult (m)3,5068131
ouwGQAn Ocean of MaybeAdult (f)3,4577933
EtFYbThe Equilibrium's ThereAdult (f)8,4391,4593
aDYbMHere's to you Mrs RobinsonAdult (m)3,1767641
JfvSxAll you see are Sympathetic EyesAdult (m)3,3567752
3F350Stroll Around the GroundsAdult (f)3,5658331
KKOkYTwo Great-Grandparents are ZombsAdult (f)4,8131,1614
Zi1N4In the Pantry With Your CupcakesAdult (m)2,9757460
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