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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “snakehands,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
gBf5fI'm Pieces of youAdult (m)4,8801,4106
Kt1jNKatanji BSAAdult (f)7,2671,6494
UkmAlUkamiko BSAAdult (f)8,0081,7094
tcQl3Tako BSAAdult (f)3,3531,0243
3vGmEBSA Dorkface messy clean EG4 NBAdult (m)4,3631,3693
vHegWThuwed BSAAdult (m)4,6341,1467
nOAgLAnjeruko BSAAdult (f)2,1546059
h2JJWHaji BSAAdult (f)3,0271,0991
poBOXPobokuso BSAAdult (m)4,3141,2323
DTpB9This Mood is a PaintingAdult (f)4,3599772
IziK9We'll Never Find the Same ThingAdult (m)5,2971,2121
n05WOWaso BSAAdult (f)3,9668171
q0MzLKoko BSAAdult (m)3,8258152
qlPYoLove do not Make a SoundAdult (f)3,3897620
GkXAJGaya BSAAdult (m)3,5457700
YojAsMarrionetta-sanAdult (m)13,3901,5066
y0dovFairy2 perfect C3 grey SWAdult (m)11,6793,0126
CBEm0Kiiba BSAAdult (f)3,8277225
dYfmnYada BSAAdult (m)3,2717186
CVcywHope-sanAdult (f)3,4408692
pcVuOPaku BSAAdult (m)3,8095144
yJyHYHiya BSAAdult (m)2,9998591
mcnuTMeku BSAAdult (m)2,9268543
UvFnwUbu BSAAdult (f)2,9278593
BLnQ6Hershel-sanAdult (f)3,4038694
8Tmh1Tamo BSAAdult (m)3,9866562
eL2mPHersheletta-sanAdult (f)5,5478183
zvFE4I Been Down so LongAdult (f)2,3807940
mvjYdIt Can't be Longer StillAdult (m)2,3918171
7cXfPThe end Must be Drawin' NearAdult (m)2,3328190
WdnAUI Like me This wayAdult (f)2,8928501
7e6xuYou're Always Crazy Like ThatAdult (m)6,2211,6313
qnNQYAlways Felt I was OutsideAdult (f)6,3751,4855
lhOriA Lonely Street LampAdult (m)5,2031,0622
ZIIqHOut on the Street Walking HomeAdult (f)4,8981,0574
8vrlZIzaya-sama perfect SS5 goldAdult (m)5,7791,26010
oOmamSugoroku-sama perfect S5 tsunamiAdult (m)4,7221,0295
ut7UxKia-samaAdult (m)6,63486211
ijlM3Ninja-sama perfect SS3 blackAdult (m)10,3051,11710
BMgqIToy-sama perfect SS3 silverAdult (m)5,3468958
tXcR6Crystal-samaAdult (f)10,8401,5386
m7mzyHorus-samaAdult (m)5,1331,0068
OQSysKhyriana-samaAdult (f)6,3829705
shPOMDiva Horse-samaAdult (f)5,1851,13932
KxxizVincent-samaAdult (m)6,7661,0793
Ski8FCyrus-sama perfect SS4 trihornAdult (m)4,8531,0681
MzopHShao-samaAdult (f)4,6949573
UDFBgMancy-samaAdult (f)4,8839575
yOaVtXiaon-sama perfect SS3 sunsongAdult (f)6,4777524
eNeVrJew-sama perf SS3 lum never codeAdult (f)8,6161,4337
2YszoNatto-samaAdult (m)5,5428464
u6zfNJewel-sama perfect SS3 balloonAdult (f)12,0181,46910
bBzfBSpiritual-samaAdult (m)7,4969426
mvcxrDiva-samaAdult (f)7,1281,0617
KNZxBLibra-samaAdult (m)4,7401,0822
Tyxe2Smile-samaAdult (f)6,1631,1934
RGtp9Shiny-samaAdult (m)5,4871,0054
KmLvJSmilibra-samaAdult (m)6,8229225
9R1swQueen-samaAdult (f)4,9319486
JPBr4Zelda-samaAdult (f)5,6769604
FZDblPixie-samaAdult (m)9,8461,2318
aKINhNat-samaAdult (m)8,7571,0827
w6vO6Jewel-samaAdult (f)8,2408377
cznbwManic Princess-samaAdult (f)8,1038628
aG6XtQueenat-samaAdult (m)9,8361,2687
eL5KKJevin-samaAdult (f)5,6549107
A5YzIPrizey McPrizefaceAdult (f)9,05093811
WDScaPrizey's McMateAdult (m)8,3138444
G6IWZSnakey-samaAdult (f)5,58093716
RQUUPPrizey's McKidAdult (m)5,8029897
WvgK6Estoy un Poco LocaAdult (f)4,9699033
umZgNMustika-sama perfect S3 whiteAdult (f)4,1461,03419
ERKeEAquila-sama interrupted SS5 redAdult (m)5,2361,2866
n6Mdq7-sama perfect SS4 goldAdult (f)5,1879973
OA09zSatan-sama perfect SS3 purpleAdult (f)4,4921,0715
aSn13Satan-sama perfect SS4 lurkerAdult (f)5,6701,0203
gT2H6Schim-sama perfect SS4 speckleAdult (m)4,2981,0503
dxSvuPleiades-samaAdult (f)4,5261,2809
9fn3GGlory-sama perfect SS3 daydreamAdult (f)8,0041,2014
dZkBULuffydah-samaAdult (f)6,4121,2089
T9WDMMocus-samaAdult (m)7,2608134
DLFK3Roar-sama perfect SS3 brown copAdult (m)6,6221,2106
mZsHtRiosyn-sama  perfect EG3 copperAdult (f)6,4089993
nR4YBObiugo-san perfecct SS3 daydreamAdult (m)7,17990510
vQremIconic cat-samaAdult (m)8,6028465
yxkuPShim-samaAdult (m)7,6789624
7N01MAurelix-sama perfect SS4 terraeAdult (f)4,5781,13911
4fni8Apolloepica-sama perfect A6Adult (m)4,5241,1276
o4c7XApollo-sama perfect SS3 w-stripeAdult (m)5,9591,60510
IWTh7Agyi-sama perfect SS4 iceAdult (f)4,5421,2645
Fj30iApollo-sama perfect S5 w-stripeAdult (m)4,1179723
zNCoYZ'Apollo-sama perfect S4 sunsongAdult (f)5,3301,0383
UkjgASin-sama perfect SS4 royal blueAdult (f)3,8601,0293
5KPEZEpic-sama perfect C3 winter majiAdult (f)5,9061,30110
nOL6wNoruko-samaAdult (m)6,8727779
8sZmSXenos-samaAdult (f)7,2496748
RmAi2Polak-sama perfect S4 marowAdult (m)5,0341,18910
8Ptji11 PB-sama perfect G12 waveAdult (f)6,4741,42612
VGJTVArtemis-sama perfect SS4 h-fireAdult (f)6,4141,11010
i9BPIErno-sama perfect SS4 pinkAdult (m)4,0881,0294
HaedEDawn-sama perfect S5 terraeAdult (m)3,39890910
FPOQMMorchaint-samaAdult (m)6,9328135
4i0ZiPenk-sama perfect S4 whiteAdult (m)5,0019724
wweDzKitty-sama perfect SS3 pebbleAdult (f)6,91283120
tuUXzFezalion-sama perfect SS3 haraldAdult (m)6,7419386
1m5ZjPenk-sama perfect S3 blackAdult (f)9,6891,3057
YWqwAPenk-samaAdult (f)7,1618383
txskXSilver-samaAdult (m)5,6649723
5RmJqArgen-samaAdult (f)7,1031,0066
EZvP7Lurem-samaAdult (f)5,8239856
SQwmCIsabel-samaAdult (f)6,5929337
kjKEUGalletia-sama perfect SS4 h-fireAdult (m)5,8301,4456
763lrF-sama perfect S4 h-fireAdult (f)5,70285216
iZbWfHypnotrexica-sama perfect A5Adult (f)5,8291,0696
PSsUvDarkrose-sama perfect SS3 whiteAdult (f)6,1641,4098
AUR7uAlco-sama perfect SS4 w-stripeAdult (m)6,7841,06110
W6sDGGalletian-sama perfect EG4 h-fAdult (m)6,1931,0327
MPoVhCiela-sama perfect SS3 alt nebAdult (f)4,5381,20015
H9obsCayvyn-sama perfect SS5 magmaAdult (m)4,3281,3504
bQqPuArmy-sama perfect SS4 blusangAdult (m)4,9221,1805
ZPuGVZ'ARMY-sama perfect SS5 marrowAdult (m)5,3681,1355
PRwvfWaffle-sama perfect SS3 blusangAdult (f)4,8201,07212
gBpyLARMY-sama perfect SS5 emberAdult (m)5,1111,0204
c9J1TAht-sama perfect S4 goldAdult (m)4,8091,1842
SqOPpRaito-sama perfect EG3 vineAdult (m)5,0501,0016
ygoCqDalek-sama perfect SS3 goldAdult (m)6,1808803
CM5koLow-samaAdult (f)7,6611,0005
LAzYt(LAzYt)Adult (f)5,5291,0144
vGiuRot Inside a Corpse's ShellAdult (f)2,2339125
yke9NGive 'em Pumpkin to Talk AboutAdult (m)3,4811,0222
lUxFDOh my Gourd Autumn is hereAdult (f)2,9229145
5FQ48Darkness Falls Across the  LandAdult (m)4,1838673
0qYuSmall Pale BlurAdult (f)2,2631,0271
OMLQOmaru BSAAdult (m)3,0701,0384
2glkSNika BSAAdult (m)3,5121,2585
tUlrnLeaves Trails Like a SnailAdult (m)5,6081,4581
5IWylGowa BSAAdult (f)2,3799123
rrwHqIriyou BSAAdult (m)3,0251,1242
2MSN0Nimoso BSAAdult (m)2,0646871
QYCkyNinin-san G2 silverAdult (f)2,6745971
OCGwDOkogo-san G2 silverAdult (f)2,1536212
ZTiWNZ'Ichi-san G2 silverAdult (f)2,0776893
I1QqVMitsu-san peftect C3 silverAdult (f)2,2457262
Rfso2Aite-san G2 silverAdult (m)2,7197183
9a1zmNichima-san perfect C3 silverAdult (m)5,1231,0974
W51KPI Move so SlowAdult (f)4,7581,0053
qJLHFTime Can Bruise Violet IndigoAdult (m)5,6301,2461
yaz4hYazu BSAAdult (m)3,6027304
hlZyXRad-sanAdult (m)4,4368503
eQSGQEkasa BSAAdult (f)2,3795352
d696nDanna BSAAdult (f)3,5278131
6SluoSaruo BSAAdult (m)3,2838993
X4FMlFamurai BSAAdult (m)6,1291,0844
b9VleNaino BSAAdult (m)5,5389413
SJ2BSRush Home to Your ArmsAdult (m)3,0297661
qUrCUBreaking us DownAdult (f)2,5667061
apkPQYou Soothe my Weary SoulAdult (f)4,1935325
IRQg0Wrong or Right be Mine TonightAdult (m)3,9586484
RBHdIToe perfect C3 mistletoe yellowAdult (m)8,0941,1917
ObsBDA Dyslexic man Walks Into a braAdult (m)7,3331,9574
eUoxqLove can Bind but Mine is BlindAdult (m)2,9007430
U7aZPSo Don't you WorryAdult (f)2,5857090
H3wJGI'm Your Angel Standing byAdult (m)5,4241,2442
WB8RrI Have a Tale to TellAdult (f)5,1251,2392
RwPFcI was not Ready for the FallAdult (m)2,8886902
8T69LToo Blind to see the WritingAdult (f)2,7847050
gIn7HHope I Live to Tell the SecretAdult (f)7,6171,3694
LaknHI Know Where Beauty LivesAdult (m)5,7117205
39IqvLight That you Could Never seeAdult (f)3,7678191
SGUJjThe Light Shines InsideAdult (m)3,7468150
hSPxnWill I Grow oldAdult (m)1,9477061
GtWUuHow Will They HearAdult (f)2,0047031
bWorF(bWorF)Adult (m)3,6586423
P4ZvHKeep me Warm in Your LoveAdult (m)1,7887211
64K5IWe're Living in a World of FoolsAdult (m)1,9227381
foLNmThere's no Otter Like youAdult (m)5,3111,43610
rDmhFImpeccable ChickenAdult (m)4,8761,3233
owGnsMetalzoe-samaAdult (m)4,1038715
NiAZnDogs Can't Ride BikesAdult (m)3,2358904
pAQY9SephieteorAdult (m)2,6578922
AqJ1jMeteor-chanAdult (m)2,5628403
Dgc0PRad RadianceAdult (m)2,9505572
iMbjaYou Give my Life PorpoiseAdult (m)3,5068181
avknKHow Will They KnowAdult (m)2,6837950
V97qVFinish What you StartAdult (f)2,5257931
po3DSPut Your Hands Into the FireAdult (f)2,4228121
Jh771(Jh771)Adult (m)2,6038631
LXTtFrom one Extreme to AnotherAdult (m)1,3394710
ucT1Ubachi BSAAdult (m)2,6651,0222
CJ39Kajo BSAAdult (f)2,2608082
TgXELTagokuso BSAAdult (m)3,0624180
KJ9H8A Merry Little Xmas NowAdult (f)3,7131,2852
d2QUNFadb perfect S3 pink ThuwedAdult (f)4,2161,1999
YigGXSecond Gen Red BSAAdult (f)4,2361,0441
meeUFMiifu BSAAdult (m)2,8608902
hhlN7Hanna BSAAdult (m)2,9919622
RpucrSoon it will be Xmas dayAdult (f)1,5427174
3G0qFFrom the Summer to the SpringAdult (m)2,7379913
NmqMINomami BSAAdult (m)2,7821,0751
14x0EKinda Messy BSAAdult (f)2,7319251
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