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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “snakehands,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
JWzgbI Left my Fashion Sense at HomeAdult (f)3,5497724
yeegcI'm Sure Chilly ChillyAdult (m)5,3297123
rauhCI'm a Fudge FiendAdult (m)3,6521,0221
QbUTYI Think I Love FudgeAdult (f)3,9591,0161
LSOfnWaffles Gummy Bears Turkey BaconAdult (f)7,0511,3585
r8QsCYou With the sad EyesAdult (m)3,4377973
gn1k1EasiIy AmusedAdult (f)4,02381214
Gg58kI Wish l was Like youAdult (m)4,55785416
lPdshFall on Your KneesAdult (m)4,8401,21512
T9w5rDon't be DiscouragedAdult (f)4,8461,1572
LbISYIt's Hard to Take CourageAdult (f)5,3741,1863
ZzJr8You can Lose Sight of it allAdult (m)4,3008055
vnGV7Flame-sanAdult (m)4,2158107
SdYfjI'm a Book WyrmAdult (m)3,5367774
OGBo3Santa-tizerAdult (f)2,9398022
BJMPhI'll Walk Through FireAdult (f)3,13684814
na9FCTo Save my Life andAdult (m)3,3568655
vRF1gWon't Close my EyesAdult (f)3,3908382
N4vCNI Don't Need Batteries to PlayAdult (m)2,9567713
3n12XIm Doing Everything I canAdult (m)3,1988513
2CDSxNo one and I Will Stay upAdult (f)2,7028242
hiGLTNow Another one Bites the DustAdult (f)2,6957323
VOTeDIt's Hard to Lose a Chosen oneAdult (m)2,9537971
CRJCyI Wanted it I Want it bad butAdult (f)2,9147413
w6CZVl'm Still Fighting for PeaceAdult (m)4,3847681
Cex9dWanted to Fight This warAdult (f)2,4918252
7MYMNAnd I Might Have ThoughtAdult (f)4,1497464
4dhHZAnd Another one  Bites the DustAdult (m)2,6888671
jbrPeElastic Heart but Your BladeAdult (m)2,5768412
TxaEhl'm Like a Rubber BandAdult (m)3,9166654
EFxcKI Might Snap When I Move CloseAdult (m)3,6088405
f0baOCuz I've got an Elastic HeartAdult (f)3,4378442
KFHvYYour True ColorsAdult (f)2,0177021
gUdAEDon't be Afraid to let Them ShowAdult (m)2,0257091
NnYdrYour True Colors are BeautifulAdult (m)4,4881,1781
iD66oShow me a Smile ThenAdult (f)5,3561,2674
80ZL0Don't be UnhappyAdult (f)9,2551,5523
QAkkyYou Know I'll be ThereAdult (m)7,7711,0083
pMZBKGyle and Gimble in the WabeAdult (f)6,3888592
MHmJlMimsy Were the BorogovesAdult (m)7,2481,0882
9xQt4Old Father WilliamAdult (f)6,5999223
QFkviYour Hair has Become Very WhiteAdult (m)6,5009751
LKOypIncessantly Stand on Your HeadAdult (f)6,8339853
W2HAITime can do so MuchAdult (m)8,8321,3632
rCUAzShining With all his MightAdult (f)8,4269473
MyfwYI Give Myself Very Good AdviceAdult (m)7,2208432
JgjRfBut I Very Seldom Follow itAdult (f)9,2491,5630
4e37QKhaz-sanAdult (f)7,3541,15516
NIqpPMan Walks Down the StreetAdult (m)7,1648923
acJfNWhy am I Soft in the MiddleAdult (m)8,5871,3064
WQxEwThe Rest of my Life is so HardAdult (f)7,2511,1355
K9S65I Need a Photo-opportunityAdult (f)8,6071,4763
qA7wuEyes perfect SS3 pink omenAdult (m)8,0239806
xphwROgnse-sama perfect C3 silver tinAdult (f)5,2879166
3ARMWI Want a Shot at RedemptionAdult (f)6,7865883
IUTmWBetty you can Call me AlAdult (f)5,7538884
TAW3ZMy Nights are so LongAdult (m)7,5499673
UolL0Incidents and AccidentsAdult (m)9,2541,5331
46WgwHints and AllegationsAdult (f)9,0381,3558
4Ay8fIt's a Street in a Strange WorldAdult (f)7,8508934
WfCxJMaybe it's the Third WorldAdult (m)6,5408977
Gs0u1Maybe it's his First Time AroundAdult (m)9,8311,3311
tAkEi(tAkEi)Adult (m)7,2397723
dbSFKDabuiHatchling (F)1,0483752
Dt9FcDosaHatchling (F)2,2535878
pJUdPajudiAdult (f)2,9069324
DBdeJDagakuAdult (f)4,3981,43412
obKEnObokenHatchling (F)480992
gtAlKGaitekuHatchling (F)2,5337524
msDLhMasudahiHatchling (F)1,0033342
ue9ENItawashiiHatchling (F)2,4287120
AHWYVawayuHatchling (F)1,4234277
lHpI5HitsuHatchling (F)2,4688091
uRZ72UruwashiidesuHatchling (F)3,72697311
uiC1CKugiHatchling (F)2,5938215
H8DSFHadagiHatchling (F)1,8206193
lOIJjFueHatchling (F)2,6841,0035
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