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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “kitty123456,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
8XlZRakortaAdult (f)3,51327313
6KrOGift of Solemn WishesAdult (m)88257315
VoPbArctic SunsetAdult (m)1,3665426
YC8rDancer of the Purple MoonAdult (f)9625375
hE50Violet Star of the Night SkyAdult (m)1,5546294
YE6SSudden Outburst of BraveryAdult (f)1,2716213
tHDuBenner HennerAdult (m)4,93346622
3jKfSand Flight of the DesertAdult (f)1,3414732
ko63Jen's Star LightAdult (f)2,08488410
Hb12Tropicana Fruit TwistAdult (f)1,6136983
G8ZfBenner's Funny JokesAdult (m)4,4883352
YOmeNight Dancer of the Black IceAdult (f)1,4866676
uQ0KKinetic EnergyAdult (m)2,54340410
N8hENight Fire of FuryAdult (f)8855273
Ra6sFury of the Night WindsAdult (f)1,23249112
M5dBSky Blue BubbleAdult (m)3,43696414
LfZ1Black Wings of the Dreaded NightAdult (m)3,07365410
2p2uCall of the GrasslandsAdult (m)4,0961,7646
fie3Black Sea StallionAdult (m)2,93065619
ZtFcLeopard Wings of ShockAdult (f)1,48559910
4m7OSun Song of the Dawning SkyAdult (f)2,0046597
2YfQCheetah Hearts of LifeAdult (f)3,0051,3137
bYihMeadow BuckAdult (m)4,86434115
s75cGwenevereAdult (f)1,7848293
ib2YMarsh FireAdult (m)1,1105719
F0k7Swilring Vortex of VioletAdult (m)1,8176274
QSjQTurkey FeatherAdult (f)1,4155626
T43BRubies Among the RockAdult (f)2,8514136
h1o1JayhawkAdult (f)3,58998313
3FDdMagi's Gift of SunlightAdult (m)2,6455851
nB5hMagma Pooling in the NightAdult (f)3,3707223
trHBDried Grass of the SavannahAdult (m)3,9588897
abOoSmoke of the Mountain FireAdult (m)4,4511,1354
8pacStorm Shield of StoneAdult (m)4,0766952
NGdJPuddle after RainAdult (f)4,2386404
QgSQBlue Flames of Winter FrostAdult (f)4,1175783
PIdpReflection of Sunset on WaterAdult (m)4,1795513
mEV9Voltage of the Electric StormAdult (f)4,1025382
mFTvWhispers of the Night ForestAdult (f)3,16872611
GYUkNight of the Blood Red MoonAdult (m)3,7285117
rBTBSun Setting in the HorizonAdult (f)4,1475742
a6r2Night of No MoonAdult (m)4,1375653
FQD3Final TearAdult (f)4,1703848
rVCULeaves of the EvergreenAdult (m)4,4765422
1mRjFlowers of the Twilight MeadowAdult (f)4,5025192
09XTBeach of TwilightAdult (f)4,5175171
ca3ZDay of the Blood Red SunAdult (m)4,5505243
WnmURocks of the Forgotten ShoreAdult (m)4,5275222
qcWZBurning Sky of SunsetAdult (f)4,8205723
quu9Firey Heart of a LionessAdult (f)5,3656110
RnpfTongue of the CobraAdult (m)5,3906183
ovJmWing of Summer's GlowAdult (f)6,7371,0654
tNneLight of the Star of BethlehemAdult (f)5,5906934
gGicShadow on the Petal of VioletAdult (f)1,0484072
XGSiSanta StripesAdult (m)4,4136603
7LgWGlimmer of TinselAdult (f)4,6158147
Mb7gFrost Clinging to Holly LeavesAdult (m)3,7985541
oCdlStreams of LavaAdult (m)3,9605753
15JfBlood Drops on RosesAdult (f)4,5716183
HTnZCobalt Blazing in the SunsetAdult (m)6,8966764
sjGMRed Glow of Sunset FlowerAdult (f)9,5937656
92Y4Silence of Moving ShadowsAdult (m)6,6936182
RMVKA Dream Lost in SunsetAdult (f)8,9686553
VcsKLeaf Dappled with SunlightAdult (m)6,4105536
YJXXSky Reflecting on WaterAdult (f)5,4975702
NDvlDawn Battle of Early MorningAdult (m)5,5065743
dcp2Jet Stream of Sky LightAdult (f)5,4965640
IWigMorning BloodshedAdult (m)5,4795583
OvCNSky of the Dreamer's ParadiseAdult (f)14,9859994
pTBWPale Anatomy of SilenceAdult (f)5,3425003
PpGiSteady Hum of High VoltageAdult (f)5,8775473
2PK0Twilight's Light on Forest PoolAdult (f)5,3808734
5WFdDeath by UltravioletAdult (m)9,1036371
QWt9Shock's Erie GlowAdult (f)5,6344484
pecSSea of SandAdult (f)6,5055492
948rLeap of the Pond FishAdult (m)6,1465221
l1PUFire of the Lava SoulAdult (m)6,1455172
GIAcFeather of the Pink FlamingoAdult (m)6,1485233
9Y2qWhisper of the Stone's NightAdult (f)6,1545261
muDNBlack Whispers of Fading EchoesAdult (f)5,3775955
v8vWBlack of the Night ClawAdult (m)5,3875972
BgpfErosion of the Deadly MountainAdult (m)5,3895964
4K26Molten Flames of Broken DreamsAdult (m)5,3925984
r88eGlow of the Jungle LeafAdult (f)3,6074295
gOlPRain Creating Mud on the GroundAdult (m)5,9569483
gjTEPurple Diamond of the GalaxyAdult (f)3,2154712
ZkIIFrost that Killed the FlowersAdult (f)3,6665332
Pe8POrange ScarAdult (m)4,2715394
H9mtDrops of the Shooting StarAdult (f)3,3714012
LiO4Flames of the Sky Light TearsAdult (f)3,6194511
W5rvMolten TeardropsAdult (m)5,1295333
p5HYShadows that Cover the SunlightAdult (f)6,5656436
HvvGCrystals Encrusted in the RockAdult (m)5,7215561
YGgHGalaxy's TearsAdult (m)6,6766735
QTQbThorn Growing with the RosesAdult (m)5,7429982
E7gLGhost of the Blue OasisAdult (f)6,5066814
EVKHStarlight of the Electric FieldAdult (f)10,3766923
iJfiDiamond EmberAdult (f)5,2724907
vFSQGolden Shock WavesAdult (f)6,2016261
ofBvBlue Diamond of the Super NovaAdult (f)7,0395951
MRPTRed FawnAdult (m)5,6795771
8BqgSoft Blanket of SnowAdult (f)5,6735502
oAZaEclipse of the Hidden ForestAdult (m)5,6395513
44UjCrystal of the Star StreamAdult (f)6,3425644
n60oSecrets of the Black NightAdult (m)9,6411,5386
Y45RJewel Covered by Desert SandAdult (f)6,6845471
6IViMango that Grows in the TreeAdult (m)7,1145801
9SGEWish of the Stone Cold SoulAdult (m)8,1896174
KD5HTear of the Sky BirdAdult (f)7,5345646
9g4LBloodshed at the Call of SunsetAdult (m)9,2516202
GgXHTears of Blood Shed by the StarsAdult (f)7,5865282
o6ZkWhispers of the Shy AngelAdult (f)5,5234336
UoaOPath Constructed by DarknessAdult (m)6,7725783
FORpTears of the Electric DawnAdult (f)6,8265802
WYpoWings Kissed by AngelsAdult (f)6,8535853
JEGuLandscape of SpringAdult (m)5,9005403
taSdDew Falling from Lilac PetalsAdult (f)4,6345011
Q4QnSun that Sinks into the OceanAdult (m)5,3104001
cETkRocks that Bring DisasterAdult (f)3,9984771
eqbDNight of Breaking StonesAdult (f)3,9954760
ZQ7DFeather of the Humming BirdAdult (m)3,7434442
DYi9Blood-Stained FangsAdult (m)4,4153904
pJkAFlight of the Loyal FlamingoAdult (f)5,4725231
D9gmThorns of the Pink RoseAdult (m)5,4045433
sq0BGlow of the Red TwilightAdult (f)7,3977620
uKBUStar that Guides the Night SkyAdult (f)6,8385573
U1K9River that Laps at the RiverbankAdult (f)4,6184086
4eIEBorn of the Sun's FireAdult (m)5,2454113
9VIWScale of the Venomous SnakeAdult (m)6,1935092
6joaStar Covered by Night CloudsAdult (f)6,1865052
nG9URoar of the Tawny LionAdult (m)5,9344912
TcvMFlames that Burn the Soul WithinAdult (m)3,3377863
7T0IElectric MindAdult (m)5,2814024
1J1XBlood that Spills into the SnowAdult (m)5,4024551
vSbmWishes of the Captured SoulAdult (f)7,1145080
s7N8Splash of the Raging WatersAdult (f)7,0545070
o9DHTear that Electrifies the SoulAdult (f)6,1355732
6GU0Stone that Shields the FlowerAdult (f)5,6334491
0G26Songs that Echo in the MountainsAdult (f)5,1654431
c6ZoStrike of the Briar LeafAdult (f)4,4565552
eveGLeaf that Bring Spring BlissAdult (f)5,5365313
PLNjStardust that Litters the NightAdult (m)5,1306383
llrbBirds that take Flight at SunsetAdult (f)7,9576225
UEbkBShock of Echoing ThunderAdult (m)4,7004243
AGJlTFeather of the MacawAdult (f)4,7534312
K6PA0The Pink Rose of DawnAdult (f)3,5554761
R2XOBPetal of the Fallen RoseAdult (m)4,2355100
pcRLOBlazing Turquoise in the SandAdult (m)4,2215633
dvHOFOasis of Promise in the DesertAdult (m)3,8685222
IWIiZFalcon that Displays the ColorsAdult (m)3,8555141
Z7SHlStrike of the Morning PythonAdult (m)3,8705161
pCbf5Crystal of Yellow and BlackAdult (f)3,8705170
oDgAWShadows Created by Jungle VinesAdult (m)3,9324624
ntjjvSky Melting into the SandAdult (f)3,8105282
95EbbEchos of the AvanlancheAdult (m)3,8065242
eCbX2Dappled Leaf of the ForestAdult (f)5,3195245
oR8ZUElectric Field of ThunderbirdAdult (m)4,2065230
8g820Rains that Bring Promise of LifeAdult (m)4,0795221
OdFBNWishes of Ancient LoversAdult (f)3,1404850
BqaEmDeep Scar Across the HeartAdult (m)3,1184770
n9mOAThorns that Protect BeautyAdult (m)5,5625040
pXPAHEchoing Calls of the Lost TearsAdult (f)3,1164800
soKLGThe Point Guards JumpshotAdult (m)3,2326996
0Dt4PClaws of the SeaAdult (m)9,7506501
cblJbFallen Feather of the DoveAdult (f)4,4484922
4EoAGEdge of Sea that Gnaws at ShoreAdult (f)3,6564790
oncn9Heart of Twister that DestroysAdult (m)3,0074831
UJO7LWind that Shakes the TreesAdult (m)12,0758051
EjQikSun that Rises over the SeaAdult (m)3,5935140
AABb8Attack of High VoltageAdult (m)3,3854970
6g6dKPawsteps of the Jungle PantherAdult (m)3,5065011
tD1WKSun that Shines in the ValleyAdult (m)3,5375020
VZV7uJagged Rocks that Build the PathAdult (f)3,2854550
MP7R3Electric that Flashes in the SkyAdult (f)2,9775048
n2FQUSun that Shines in the MorningAdult (m)2,9384840
ZRRGrWhispers of the WillowAdult (f)3,3404691
VlvQiDelicate Balance of LifeAdult (f)4,3394670
E8nmdCloud that Releases LightningAdult (f)3,0784480
N9kF2Wrath of the Rogue WaveAdult (m)3,4244620
P9nO1Heat that Hangs in the BreezeAdult (m)3,0564500
lqFg8Twisted Breeze Whistling in SkyAdult (m)4,0674611
K03h2Twilight Battle of Purple BloodAdult (m)9,9316630
kM1lQGrowl of the Furious LionAdult (m)3,7904620
GRt9bStreaks of ElectricAdult (m)3,9663540
hIdbaBlasts of Electric FuryAdult (m)3,7854430
lUu3hPetals of the Blue Moon RoseAdult (f)4,0104381
pgCNrGlimmer of the Ruby Sun SkyAdult (f)3,9664321
TBP0MEnchanted Stone in a ForestAdult (f)4,5774730
ZNJjkBlades of Grass Slanting in WindAdult (f)3,3864550
upudCChasing StormAdult (m)2,7044831
McEm8Hostile Stone ColdAdult (m)3,6404800
T1gmLClaws of the Snagging ThornAdult (m)6,2615420
rScRUDazzling Shine of Voltage CharmAdult (m)4,1164900
VEFeHChilling Hum of Electric FateAdult (m)3,1494810
mQ6SaYellow Glow of Fire TopazAdult (f)3,6394591
j0k17Bite of the Great White SharkAdult (m)3,9828021
s0VcYGlowing Truth Behind the BloodAdult (f)3,7604580
KsbrFSilent Journey of Jungle CobraAdult (m)3,7194401
jt0N3Wind that Gives Rise to JungleAdult (f)4,5714411
GYvjBLava Shimmering in SunAdult (m)4,7604511
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